• Published 16th Jul 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Three: Butterflies - Alex Warlorn

Discord beaten. Reality restored. But invisible wounds must heal too. Time for butterflies to fly.

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Pony POV Series Episode 33: "Butterflies Little Guy"

Hi. So what do you guys want? You want to interview me? Whao! Cool! I figured nopony would ever bother to want to talk to me other than my friends.

Ya know it's nice to know some ponies actually think about me. We may not look it, but my family's got a long and proud history behind it! I know my family doesn't have lots and lots of bits to our names, and we don't have any sport stars (that's gonna change with me, believe it!), but we've got plenty of interesting stories to tell!

We've got stories that go all the way back before the time of chaos, before the time of the three tribes, back when there were five. Yeah yeah look at me weird, I swear its true! Great-granny said her great-granny told her how there were a lot of other sapenant, shapepent, sharpient, er, creatures who could think and speak than just the ones today. And humans, -humans- visited from the other side of the rainbow!

My name? Oh I know a lot say it's puny or weird but I don't mind it. It's actually a family name. It goes all the way back to when all these stories came from in the first place! Ya know I don't know how much of 'em are true or not, great-granny was kinda, kinda not all there at the end. What number am I? Erm, I don't know. Grandma said it was triple digits, while great-grandma said it was more in the double number range.

Ya see, the name's been past down from the first born girl, mother to daughter and, well, erm, they had me instead. Grandma tells me mom was kinda surprised that she got a colt instead of a filly, she said it was first time it happened or somethin', and well, tradition's tradition.

Those stories? Well there was one about a witch from the other side of the rainbow who stole youth from ponies using illusions, penguins who tried to freeze the world, the creation of the first diamond dog, oh and a brave warrior from the other side of the rainbow who used all six Elements of Harmony to fight and defeated an evil centaur who was turning ponies into dragons.

Everyone says they're just pony tales now, but I know they happened! Because my family doesn't lie to each other, and we've been passing down these stories since they happened! We've written them down too, its not that hard to read up on them.

Seaponies, flutterponies, they all really existed once I swear! Seaponies were the best singers in Equestria! There were even ponies whose eyes gleamed like gems, they weren't creepy, they were beautiful.

But the one everyone asks about is the Smooze: a giant purple blob created by a trio of wicked witches. It wanted to cover everything and it made anypony who touched it, well, kinda, okay, imagine the expression a raincloud over your head, and multiply it by a million, and you get the idea. Kinda like what Discord did, sorta. But it was my ancestor, the first Lickety-Split who stopped it dead in its tracks! She was a hero and everyone knew it! Even the warrior from the other side of the rainbow thanked her! And she was just an Earth Pony! Not an Alicorn, not a Unicorn, not a Pegasus, an Earth Pony! Ha! Beat that! Pegasi aren't the only ponies who have ancestral heroes.

Huh? Pipsqueak? He lives right across the street. Wait, you wanted to talk to him? Why do you want to interview that runt? I swear he tries to squeeze his way into everything. It's so annoying having to hear ponies say how he's Princess Luna's favorite. If not for her he'd be a nobody. He doesn't -do- anything, he's just Princess Luna's accessory. He should just stay in the background until he actually gets a personality.

If Princess Luna wants to stop being creepy she really needs to find a new chariot, I swear that chariot of hers looks like Tirak's!

That was right up there with her eternal night, Discord making me mindlessly eat ice cream like a pig, and the dragonzilla attack!

Spike? Barely know'em, but I did give'em my ball for his birthday after he asked. You think a dragon at least would be interested in this stuff.

No, wait, please! Don't go! Please . . . nobody ever wants to listen to great-grandma's stories anymore, nobody seems to even care. Like what happened before doesn't matter, like the ponies who were here before don't matter, what they did doesn't matter . . . None of us would be here, none of us would even exist if not for them.

All those ponies, all their stories, nopony seems to care. Wind Whistler, Shady, Posey, Megan, Firefly, Surprise, Applejack I, Moon Dancer, doesn't anypony care?

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Pony POV Series Butterflies Prt 5
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