• Published 16th Jul 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Three: Butterflies - Alex Warlorn

Discord beaten. Reality restored. But invisible wounds must heal too. Time for butterflies to fly.

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Pony POV Series Episode 39: "Butterflies Friend Of A . . ."

Finally wanna hear what I wanna say? Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Whose the man? Whose the man? Whose the raddest, baddest, and all around best dragon around? Yours truly! Number One Assistant to the one and only Twilight Sparkle, who happens to be the student of Princess Celestia Herself, not to mention savior of the whole wide world! Oh yeah! That's me!

Seriously! What kept you guys so long? Don't you guys know I'm a major part of this group? I mean have you tried to keep things organized up to Twilight's level? It's practically impossible! But the impossible is what I do! And those letters to Celestia don't write and send themselves! Even when Dash wrote her own I was still the one to send it!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series Butterflies Part 11

I mean, all this stuff has been going on, and I've been left out, ignored, pushed aside, left to hold down the fort, and all that other jazz! I'm happy to see you guys have finally come to your senses and finally had the common sense to interview yours truly! I mean, you gotta realize my adoring fans are all demanding you give my point of view on things! You interviewed the owl before me!

Really, come on, you guys have been doing this for months, interviewing every pony every which way. But you don't interview Ponyville's one resident dragon? For shame!

I did NOT stuff your PO Box with letters asking for an interview with me! Ponies just want to hear my side of things! Jeeze you guys have some nerve!

I've bore witness to a lot in Ponyville, and I mean a lot. Who you think takes care of Twilight? You think -she- cooks and cleans and does the groceries? Twilight? Sorry, nope, Twilight's best pony, well, a really really really great pony, but once she starts a study session, she forgets the rest of the world even exists! Why do you think she needs another assistant JUST for the nighttime?

Waddaya mean you think I'm boring?! Oh that is it! Put'em up! Put'em up right now! Humph! Don't wanna huh? Then keep yer trap shut and . . . oh right, you're doing the interview. My mistake. Well how about you ask some questions that -don't- interfere with my integrity as a dragon? Hm?

I hope you get it already that yeah, a bunch of ponies DO want to hear what I have to say, I am the only male point of view in the whole group! Hey! You! Will you stop falling asleep already? You do that again and I'm gonna breath fire on ya! Geeze, I get the feeling you didn't treat the others you interviewed like this.

Yeah yeah, I got left behind a lot lately, I get it. No, I wasn't happy about that.

What was it like being Princess Gaia's knight? It was so cool! I finally got wings like I'm supposed to have! Gaudy butterfly wings, but still wings! I mean come on, dragons are -supposed- to have wings!

I felt so big, so important, I was sure Rarity would think I was great like that.

I was sad to see'em go. I asked Fluttershy if she could give them to me again so Rarity could see them, and she switched places with Cruelly on the spot and told me to beat it before she hoofed me in the face. Turns out there was this pink pegasus at the loony bin, er, mental hospital Twilight volunteers at begging Fluttershy for the same thing. So yeah, I learned my lesson.

Yeah I didn't think to ask Twilight, she's always saying no when I asked for any spell that'll help Rarity notice me.

Me and the day of Discord? You really pretty much know all the details already. I stayed in town while the others went to check out the freaky weather. What? Somebody had to send them a letter if the situation back home changed you know! I-I did not just make that up.

The sun and moon went crazy like Luna and Celestia had been scarfing down rock salt like it was rock candy. I decided to get some sleep, only to get woken up by Fluttercruel (and yes, it was her, she told me it was her and not Fluttershy) dumping a bucket of water on my head. Dash was missing, everyone but Twilight was acting completely out of their gourd and they treated Twilight like they were bullies from Magic Kindergarden. I ended up having to face-off against Rarity and the rest of the team just to give Twilight some breathing room.

All I knew was that Rarity wasn't acting like Rarity. It was like some awful parody of her had slipped into her hooves.

I got my first look at the new source of all our troubles, the really UGLY source of all our troubles. Twilight had to explain things to me later.

I sucked eggs at being a substitute Element of Loyalty.

I ran off with my tail between my legs, I can kinda guess why the Element of Loyalty didn't like me.

I hid upstairs, like that was going to do anything, considering the world was ending. I left Twilight.

No. Discord didn't come for me. He didn't taunt me, I didn't start turning gray and then tell him to shut it showing just how tough I am at heart. I just began puking letters left and right. I have never been in so much pain in my life!

Far too much later Twilight came up, now looking as gray as the rest. She said something or other about leaving and no clue to where. I was in too much agony to really hear her. Seriously you guys already know all this or you wouldn't be asking these questions to begin with! Twilight reads her own letters to Princess Celestia, Twilight breaks out of her funk, and goes off to snap our friends out of it, and after too many letters it finally stops. And the big giant rainbow doom, and everything was sane again. I do kind of wish that I'd been well enough to see the look on Discord's face when he realized he was done for, Dash said it was priceless.

Yeah I know it's so sweetly preserved forever in the statue garden, but I wish I had had front row seat!

I got to be there when we celebrated in Canterlot for saving the world, again. Twilight didn't even blame little me for running. The Princess couldn't have a better student.

Twilight's wondered why Discord didn't target me. Maybe he wasn't interested in breaking anyone but ponies. Maybe he had a soft spot for dragons, yeah I know, haha. Maybe he wanted a straight man to look on in horror at his show. Maybe he just wanted to let me break on my own like Twilight did. The reason that bites at me however, is that he just didn't think me being worth his time, I was too small, too tiny, and too worthless for him to bother with.

No, that's NOT why I was ticked off when the pony Twilight turned out to be helping was Trixie! Oh come off it! Jealous of Trixie being worth Discord torturing but not me? Dudes, I'm a lotta things, but dumb isn't one of them. I was angry because Twilight was throwing away her effort on a pony who was the opposite of her in every way! Twilight's a great pony, I didn't want to see Trixie just use her. . .

No, I didn't go to that 'happy you're better' party Pinkie unwittingly threw for Trixie. I didn't want anything to do with her! She was just bad news. And -then- she has to go and steal Twilight's place from her by being another Element of Magic? Oh come on! A snotty, lying, cruel, narcissistic, nose in the air nag like her? Sounds more like a bad dream to me!

. . . Yeah I get it. Twilight drilled into her that 'Me!Me!Me!' is no way to live. Yeah I get that the others accepted her. It's just, HOW CAN YOU JERKS FIXATE SO MUCH ON HER-?! I've been here since the beginning! She showed up in town once before, caused trouble, left, and came back because life handed her what she deserved and suddenly everypony feels SORRY for her-?! I've always been here, I've always done my best and been here for Twilight and Rarity! And suddenly everypony's eyes are on her. What about me? When do they think about me? She was the world's biggest jerk and started acting nice and everypony was happy for her?

I've always been nice, I'm not perfect I know, but what about me? I sent the message to Princess Celestia and saved Twilight from going bonkers and Ponyville from throttling itself. I've been besides Rarity, always doing what she asked. Why am I always left out? Why am I always pushed aside? You have any idea how much it hurt that I wasn't at Twilight's birthday in Canterlot? Our home? In particular when we were moving it so Rarity could be there? She was facing up against those snobs and I wasn't there for her.

"I'm sorry Spike, I, with everything that was happening, and everything that did happen, I, I just forgot about you." Twilight told me the next morning. Yeah I could tell she was sorry. But that didn't make it hurt less. Dangit, got some dust in my eye.

Is it 'cause I'm not a pony?

The only real times I've thought of myself as a dragon was that time I tried to use it as a shield when it accidentally stumbled on that adult dragon's hoard, and my birthday.

That was the worst and best day of my life. Worst because I ruined Ponyville, nearly killed Rarity, hurt my friends, and all around realized just how -different- I am from all of them. Taking stuff? It felt as natural as breathing. I hurt my friends and just saw them as threats to my turf! Like I was some big ugly parody of myself.

I still think Twilight's magic she says she used on me when I first hatched had something to do with it. There's no way I should have shrunk back down just because I remembered myself, after all, I still had the most valuable part of my hoard still in my claws.

And that's why it was the best. Because it showed deep down, even when my brain was swimming in hormones and I was running off instinct, that Rarity was still the greatest treasure in the world to me. I tried to tell Rarity what I thought about her, and it turns out she knew. And she kissed me again. This time I had it framed and photographed before Twilight had it cleaned off in my sleep (cheater).

You have no idea how scared I was at myself when I looked at the claw print I had left in the ground. And how light I felt when Rarity was willing to be there besides me right after.

She even told a couple of her gossip circles how I saved her from the dragon that ripped through Ponyville!

"It's not a lie Spike. You did save me from a horrid beast." She told me. Yeah, that made me feel great. Yeah I'm smiling here! Hehe.

"You know Spike. I think you might be stronger than me."

Now where did that come from? "Huh?"

"Twilight had to use magic to get me to remember myself. You remembered yourself without Twilight's horn. I believe that says greatly about you. And little of me." Rarity lowered her head.

"Now come on! That's not fair!"

"You beat the monster inside you. I couldn't."

Since when did we all become such a bunch of depressed ponies, people? What happened to the thick as thieves herd that took on every day with a smile rain or shine?

"Oh come on!" I hopped onto her table. "There's no way I could have gotten free if you hadn't been there! You -reminded me- what it felt like to give you something! You were MY memory spell!"

Rarity looked at me blankly for half a second, burst out laughing like a hundred sleigh bells, and hugged and kissed me on the lips. After I came to she assured me it wasn't a dream.

And she's not scared around me, not in the least. Anyone who says Rarity's real beauty isn't on the inside is blind in the worst possible way.

That all the dragons I've heard about seemed intelligent and rational to me again says I think Twilight's magic fluke might have something to do with it. Do I blame her? Get real. She had no more control over what was happening to her than I did. Next subject.

How did the legal aftermath go and everything after I went nuts and destroyed half the town? Well, Pinkie didn't tell the Cakes I was the dragon who destroyed their house. Mrs. Cake didn't need the stress given she was pregnant.

So yeah, Princess Celestia pulled strings again to get Ponyville the repairs funds it needed (though her saying she was running the royal coffers dry didn't help), and for me to be off the hook so the town didn't know I was the dragon who had ruined their homes, threatened their lives, and destroyed their businesses. She also handed me over to a slew of dracologists sworn to secrecy (I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure Princess Luna held the Element of Honesty when the two brought down Discord). I had never been magically poked and probed in more places in my life. Then The Princess commissioned Zecora to give me the once over just for good measure. They promised I didn't show any signs of having another 'greed attack' any time soon and I was given back to Twilight with Celestia's blessings. To be honest, as unpleasant as that was, it's a relief to know I'm not turning back into 'Spikezilla' soon.

Hey, I'm a baby dragon, what did you expect, a trial?

Alright next question. NO, I WAS NOT A ROCK BEFORE TWILIGHT USED HER SPELL! Twilight's the most powerful unicorn there is, but she's no Alicorn, she can't make life out of nothing.

I asked around, and it turns out most unicorns aren't given a dragon egg to hatch as their test. No, I didn't tell Twilight. I don't want to upset the applecart.

So where did my egg come from in the first place? Hee-hee, well, I actually asked Princess Celestia a bit before she sent Twilight to 'make some friends.'

Well, kinda sorta, what? No! She didn't steal it! Celestia's not a thief! Sorry, it's kinda private.

What do I do in my spare time? Are you kidding? What spare time? Between cooking, cleaning, organizing things for Twilight, and of course helping Rarity any chance I get, what you makes think I -have- spare time? Slave? Gag me! Slaves are owned. I know how Twilight goes on about how I'm her responsibility, but I'm NOT her property!

Yeah, Twilight used to have bad dreams 'bout what'll, ya know, happen when I'm big and take off, but I always figured she'd be, ya know, had her run by then and . . . c-can we please not talk about that one? Please? Thanks.

Fluttershy? Well Fluttershy thinks I'm too cute for words (duh), which is kinda weird given how she's scared to death of the big boys. And she trusts me enough to look after her animals. Yeah, Angel doesn't like me elbowing in on his territory, but I can appreciate that.

The other Flutter? I haven't forgotten how she treated Twilight--okay, okay, yeah, no need to go off like that, you're as bad as Twilight sometimes you know? I know she's done a lot of growing up. First impression are hard to shake off.

How well do I get along with the others? Rainbow? Applejack? Pinkie?

Dash is, fine. Applejack is, fine. Pinkie Pie is, fine. See? All fine. How am I with Sweetie Belle? What kind of question is that? Okay she's Rarity's sister so she's gonna be my sister-in-law someday so, we're fine.

Seeing a pattern? Okay, maybe I do.

Huh? Wadda ya mean shallow? Where do you come off saying- Oh. Not me, just my connection with the others? You're saying that's the real reason why Loyalty wouldn't recognize me? Because I don't connect with the others as much as I should?

Yes they're my friends. . . . They're just friends of friends? Now hold on that's not . . . alright fine.

Maybe I am kinda sorta fixated on Rarity and ignore everypony else except Twilight and maybe Fluttershy. Twilight never had any friends besides me and Smarty Pants, and she kinda stopped hanging out with Smarty Pants. And I kinda learned from example from her.

. . . Okay, I get it. I'm ignored because half the time I don't even want to do what all the GIRLS around me are doing. You don't need to so rude about it. Alright fine. So . . . you're saying what I need to do, if I want to get more noticed is that I have to try to be there with them -personally- rather than just us as a herd?

Ya know, thanks. I think I needed to hear that, you're not so bad after all. Maybe it's about time I did start making friends of my own.

"Spike? I'm sorry Rarity isn't here right now, she's visiting the spa with the Flutters."

"Erm, that's okay...Say Sweetie, you doin' anything with your friends today?"

"Uh, not for a bit, Scootaloo is having lessons with Rainbow Dash, and Applebloom says she's having trouble finding the fireworks for our next Cutie Mark Crusader project."

"Eh, I won't ask."

"Really? We actually put a lot of thought into this one. Applebloom remembered how Applejack is always saying how we can't -force- our Cutie Marks to appear 'before their time' so Scootaloo thought-"

"Ya know, on second thought, I think I would like to hear it. Ya got any gems Rarity was just gonna throw out?"

"She's put some aside for you in the cupboard over there, don't tell her I said so, but she picks some out for you every time she get a new bundle."

"Heh, I won't, so tell me more about this idea of yours?"

"Well it's not really my idea, I wanted to use the fireworks for a concert, but ya know, if you're interested we could really use a dragon I think for this."

"Tell me more."

By the time the most beautiful mare on the planet had walked in the door, I saw I had spent a whole hour, just talking with the little filly. No, I don't think she's cute. But it felt so, don't go telling Twilight this, nice just to talk with someone.

Yah now, I was one of the people telling Twilight she should've followed Celestia's advice back when all this stuff with the Elements Of Harmony started...Maybe I should've taken my own.

Dear Princess Celestia

Today, I learned a lesson that's been staring me in the face all this time, I just never saw it. I was with you all the way when you told Twilight to get out and make some friends, but I didn't realize I needed that advice as much as she did. I've been upset lately that no pony seemed to be paying attention to me, but now I know why. If you want your friends to pay attention to you, you've got to be more than just a 'friend of their friend' or part of the herd, you've got to try be their friend. And it turns out that's not so hard, you've just got to take the time to try. Sometimes it's as easy as sitting down and listening to what they have to say. Now if you excuse me, some friends invited me for something they've promised will be the time of my life! Don't worry! They're just fillies!

Your Faithful Servant And Messenger And Eyes On Twilight Sparkle, Kenbroth Gilspotten Heathspike "Spike" The Seventh

Interviewer's Notes: "I'm happy for you Spike."