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No problem. I really liked the stories. When I have more free time I will probably check some of the others you have too. I also may go back and comment on the ones I have already read, I just have not had the time yet. Keep up the good stories.

Thanks for the favs!

No problem, I will do my best to enjoy it. I may not be able to comment on every chapter due to the shear number of them but I will do my best to balance reading and commenting. Really from what I have seen so far this is truly impressive. Have a great day and thanks for all the stories you have provided, you have certainly given me a lot of reading material for the future.

I really, really, REALLY HOPE you continue to enjoy the pony pov series. I'll admit it went all over the place and literally went through a dark age, but I hope that you're able to enjoy the ponies' overcoming struggles both personal and at large.

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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