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Pony POV Series Season Three: Butterflies - Alex Warlorn

Discord beaten. Reality restored. But invisible wounds must heal too. Time for butterflies to fly.

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Pony POV Series Episode 37: "Butterflies Rainbow Dash"

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Fanfiction
Pony POV Series Butterflies Part 9
"Rainbow Dash" Side-Story?

I was awake. There was no denying it now. I kept wanting to return to dreamland, away from cold harsh reality and everything in it. More adventures with Daring-Do at my side was better than learning if it was all gone. Sleeping in is easy for me. Besides Tank, I had no one to look out for. And I was so fast at my job that it didn't matter I was late and I spent as much time napping as working. No one to worry about who couldn't look out for themselves. The six of us were A-Okay. Okay maybe Fluttershy, but she had Angel to look after her. Just the six of us, always has been, always will be. No more, no less, right?

The Super-Ultra-Extreme-Awesomazing Rainbow Dash is never scared. But I am. I don't want to open my eyes. I don't want it to be just a pillow next to me. I don't want it to be over! There was so much more to do! I want the headaches, I want her saying how great I am until even I get sick of it. I want the choir of having to carrying her up and down because her wings refused to grow. I want her to complain about being scared at night and wanting my protection. I want to tell the silly filly her nightmare of freezing to death in the clubhouse was just a nightmare.

I want to hear what crazy stunt she and her friends did today. I want her to blaspheme, er argue that SuperStallion beats Daring-Do! I want to tell those foals that if they call her chicken again I'll make them eat their rollerblades then made to talk with Cheerilee about threatening other ponies' brats! I want us to yell at each other, and me to later kiss her on the forehead and say she wasn't a bad kid.

She's a light that doesn't fade like fame, she's as precious as all my friends. No, she's not a friend, she's not a pet, she's my responsibility. I don't want her to simply fly away.

"Hey Dash, you awake?"

I opened my eyes. I saw a small orange filly with stunted wings and a violet mane. She looked at me with concern and maybe something a little deeper.

My mouth whispered, "You're still here."

"Well," Scoots looked embarrassed, "Tank's being stubborn this morning and doesn't want to give me a ride to the ground so if its not too much trouble-"

I hugged her, pulling her into my cloud bed with me.

"Whao! Dash!"

I stroked her little mane, "You're still here."

"Uh, Dash, this is kinda-"

I gentle, and kinda reluctantly put 'er down. "Alright squirt. Just-just give me a minute."

I can't believe just how long I've been looking after the little half-pint now. Helping her keep up her little act of her family being with her. Never mind how I helped with her lie that they had moved back to Cloudsdale and she should forward their mail to me and Scoots would be sticking around in Ponyville so she wouldn't have to switch schools. Heh.

Never mind Twilight saying how responsible and considerate I was being to Scootaloo's folks. Pinkie broke into a musical number. Fluttershy said how nice I was being to Scootaloo. Rarity liked I was finally acting like an adult.

I'm pretty sure AJ knows the truth, but if she does, she doesn't seem to think I'm telling one of the hurtful kinds of lies she hates so much. And she knows that kind of thing better than anypony else. I don't feel scared looking into her eyes anymore.

I noticed Scoots is just sitting there letting the gears turn in her head. Well not right now girl!

"Hey Squirt! Stare into space later! Get ready for school now! I'm due at weather control this morning too!"

"Oh! Right Dash! Got it!" She gave a tiny salute and got to work at light speed.

Heh. I'll admit it was fun having her around when I was holed up in that hospital and learned reading wasn't all that bad after all. Wait. She hadn't been there. Had she? I shook my head trying to unclog my memories. I remember our cover was almost blown and I remember Scoots saying she and Tank spent a few days with Rarity (she said Rarity was too neat for her). Well, she was there for me now. And I was here for her!

But the memories were . . . it was like they were fighting each other, the comfortable with here there, and another . . . I didn't want to think about it. It was awful, it wasn't dark, it wasn't twisted, but . . . it was an inescapable truth I felt that was bleeding off the edge of my being, ready to hammer down at any moment, any second, any heart beat. And it would all be over.

The image of a clock flashed in my head, a stop watch running backwards, no, not going backwards, counting down. And yeah, I knew to what. Dangit! I HATE these stupid metaphors!

Getting Scoots to accept I hadn't been discorded again when she found I had picked up a habit for reading was something else. And-

"No Scoots I promise! I'm not Twilight in my body! I'm me!"

Then came protecting the Daring-Do books I had borrowed when Scoots tried to get rid them convinced they were cursed and had brainwashed me to read them till the end which would unleash Daring-Do into the real world when finished.

I picture Daring-Do facing against the impossible odds and winning, I picture Spitfire refusing to give up even when she was questioning if she was really the hero others pictured her as. And with them both, Rainbow Dash, I, go forward.

I walk into the living room, squirt left her stuff out again, ugh. I'll have her clean it up when she gets back. Or maybe I'll just dump it all on her bed and cover it with a sheet, tee-hee, see how she likes it. Yeah, that would be fun.

Funny, I never cared how messed up this place was before, even when I had friends over. Not until she came in.

It's funny how things change when it's not just for yerself huh?

I don't know if she'll be with me tomorrow morning, or this evening. But as long as she is, I'll be here for her.

"Dash! I'm ready."

'I may not be. But that's never stopped be before.' "Comin' Scoots! Right with ya." 'Until you find your own wings,' I promised.