• Published 17th Jun 2017
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Canterlot High Has A New What?! - Enclave2277

Sweetie Belle uses her newfound lifestyle to help rescue a transfer student trapped behind a mask.

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The First Proper What?!

Chapter 5: The First proper WHAT?!

The next day brought a gentle rain storm that cooled down the city of Canterlot. Most welcomed the rain, but not Breezy Kite. She rather preferred the warmer air rather than the cold water slamming against her clothing. Regardless of how hard she tried, her clothes always felt heavier when they were wet.

Still, the rain wasn’t too heavy and she managed to get into Canterlot High without incident. And this day she came to CHS with a mission, find the girl who walked in on her. It was a crazy notion to be sure, but better to go to her first than some random person she had zero interaction with.

Sweetie Belle, meanwhile, had recovered from her disastrous meeting with Breezy the day before. Rarity’s words of letting Breezy come to her had struck a chord and she was determined to at least let that happen.

Upon walking into the school, she happened upon Silver Spoon and Dinky.

“Hey you two, what do you need?” Sweetie greeted as she walked in-between them.

“Paperwork’s cleared,” Silver reported in as she and Dinky fell in step with Sweetie.

“Oh it did, that’s great news.” Sweetie smiled.

“Yeah but now we got another issue, we’re gonna have to appear for the club fair.” Dinky responded.

Sweetie giggled, “Afraid we’re gonna have to skimp down on our attire?”

“Apple Bloom beat you to that,” Dinky responded, “And kind of. We’re gonna need to come up with something that won't arouse Principal Celestia's suspicion…”

“And in turn, the school board.” Silver Spoon added.

Sweetie had to concede that point, “Alright, I’m open to suggestions.”

“Well, we had one that AB came up with.” Dinky responded, “Botany.”

Sweetie stopped slightly ahead of Dinky and Silver, who also came to a halt. She looked back at them with a confused and shocked expression.

“Please say no,” Silver muttered.

Sweetie didn’t need to answer, as an awkward silence took over the trio, confirming that indeed it was a bad idea. Still she shook her head for good measure while Silver and Dinky looked at each other with slight concern on their faces.

Sweetie read the situation well, “Have a few suggestions ready for our first club hour.”

“You know that doesn’t start till next week, right?” Silver asked.

“Yes, but officers are allowed to meet this week during the designated times.” Sweetie responded, “We’ll meet then.”

“Alright. We’ll have something for ya boss!” Dinky responded as Sweetie walked off to homeroom.

As she got there, she spotted Apple Bloom waiting outside, “Howdy, Sweetie Belle!”

“Botany,” Sweetie asked, “You know there's club for that already.”

“Hey, they put me on the spot and that happened to be the first thing that came to mind.” Apple Bloom grimaced, “Sue me.”

“Gladly! For how much?” Sweetie smirked to which Apple Bloom just stuck her tongue out at her. Sweetie faked a scowl, “Oh very mature AB, I told Dinky and Silver to come up with an idea before club hour. Do you have Miss Cheerilee before that time cuz I don’t?”

“Yeah I think I got her for Algebra II,” Apple Bloom answered, “You want me to tip her?”

“Yeah and just text me her response, hopefully with her help we’ll figure out something.” Sweetie agreed.

Apple Bloom nodded and walked off towards her own homeroom while Sweetie walked into the classroom.

Breezy Kite witnessed the entire ordeal but was unable to even approach the girl, whom she now learned the name of. At first, the concept of her just going up to Sweetie Belle and saying hello was scary enough for Breezy. Then after she forced herself to try, she realized that she had no way to approach Sweetie Belle. Just going up to Sweetie would’ve been extremely awkward and a waste of time.

Then again, hoping for her to come to Breezy was going to be a poor idea as well, especially after their meeting in the gym. Besides what reason would Sweetie have for seeking Breezy out?

Why would she talk with a ghoul? Her mind asked her.

Breezy had to concede that point, as redundant as it was. But before she could dwell on the subject more the warning bell rang and she had to make her way to homeroom. As she walked, Breezy tried her best to come up with ways to meet Sweetie Belle. However little came her way.

Then, just as she walked into her homeroom class, the sight of her homeroom teacher made her realize a way. Her homeroom teacher was Miss Cheerilee, the same professor she had for Algebra and was the same class she shared with Sweetie Belle. Slowly, Breezy put a plan together.

For Sweetie Belle, the hours leading up to club hour went by rather uneventfully. The school year was still young and many were attempting to settle into the monotonous routine that would become normal for this time of year. Sweetie herself was slowly adjusting as well, but that meant that any excitement that could’ve been had would be a long ways away.

Still, club hour couldn’t come any sooner. Unlike the previous Monday, as well as every odd day of the week, CHS had its club hours today. That meant that most classes would not convene so that students taking part in clubs could meet up and take part in club related activities. For those who weren’t affiliated with any clubs, it was a nice time to socialize, so either way it was a win for the school’s atmosphere.

Officially however club hour wasn’t supposed to start until week two, so the current hour was nothing more than an over glorified free period. Regardless most clubs used this time to finalize any plans or upcoming event schedules. For the NLAC however, that meant figuring out what to do for Club Day.

Club Day, or the club fair to every student, was the day where the Clubs of CHS would hold a giant fair in the gymnasium to attract new members from the freshmen or any transfers. Essentially, it was one giant advertisement. Not entirely dissimilar from the Battle of the Bands two years prior. Yet, there was one gigantic problem for the NLAC: what they were about.

“How do we advertise the club when what we do is basically taboo?” Apple Bloom asked as she and Sweetie Belle made their way to the club room.

“If I knew that AB, I wouldn’t be holding this meeting,” Sweetie answered dryly, “Miss Cheerilee couldn’t come up with anything?”

“She’d said she was coming, beyond that she just said ‘We’ll take care of it at the meeting.’” Apple Bloom answered.

Rolling her eyes, Sweetie sighed, “That’s not much help.”

“Tell me about it! I asked AJ for advice, but she couldn’t come up with anything.” Apple Bloom responded.

“Rarity was pretty miffed as well.” Sweetie piped in as the duo descended the staircase.

“We could just not show up.” Apple Bloom remarked.

Sweetie gave her longtime friend a look, “I don’t think that’ll work.”

Before Apple Bloom could ask why, the duo arrived at the doors to the CHS Student Union Center. Sweetie gave the secret knock and was given the all clear to enter in. Upon entering, they saw the officers and members for this year’s Natural Living Appreciation Club (all in the buff of course). Pinkie Pie and Sunset were playing a game of cards, which Pinkie was actually losing. Silver Spoon and Dinky were sitting around chatting with each other.

And club supervisors Sunset Shimmer and Miss Cheerilee were talking to a new comer: Vice Principal Luna.

“Greetings, Sweetie Belle,” the Vice Principal shouted.

Both Apple Bloom and Sweetie were shocked to see Vice Principal Luna present, but Sweetie recovered quickly, “Um, hello Miss Luna what brings you here?”

Vice Principal Luna chuckled, “Just taking some time off to relax from the hectic few weeks we’ve had. Miss Cheerilee invited me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” Sweetie answered, “But we are holding a very important meeting at the moment and I’m not sure what the rules are regarding principals attending club meetings.”

“Just think of me as just another attendee. I'll do my best remain as quiet and unobtrusive as possible.” The Vice Principal chuckled.

Re-assured, somewhat, that they weren’t breaking any rules, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle discarded their clothes and the meeting began. True to her word, the Vice Principal did remain silent as she observed the entire proceeding: but Sweetie secretly admitted to herself that she wished she did speak up. Everyone had ideas ranging from the mundane to the downright impossible. Yet each idea was simply impractical within relations to what the club was all about.

After about ten minutes of round about discussions, the officers were nowhere.

Sweetie lay back letting out a deep sigh, “I've got nothing.”

“Me neither,” Apple Bloom sighed.

“Gosh, I didn’t think coming up with ideas would be so tough,” Pinkie mused.

“Indeed, especially when it comes to our club,” Miss Cheerilee replied.

Finally Silver got an idea, “Why don’t we just advertise the club the way it is?”

Silence took over as everyone looked at Silver.

“You do realize that’ll mean we’ll have to be naked right?” Dinky started.

“And that’s... not something we should be advertising openly.” Sunset finished.

“I know. But instead of attending the fair naked, we could go in our normal clothes and casually mention that this is a nudist club.” Silver responded, “Since Diamond’s not around anymore, I don’t really see the need to keep it that muchof a secret anymore.”

“Still, the PTA and the Board of Executives would have a stroke if they even caught wind of what the NLAC really is. Let’s be fair and remember the taboo that is carried with nudism. We wouldn’t want any bad reputation with the school.” Miss Cheerilee responded for everyone else.

“Dinky’s still got her network up,” Silver tried again.

“Then that would defeat the purpose of being open,” Sweetie responded.

Silver rubbed her chin, “It’s not a bad idea.”

“I agree.” Apple Bloom piped in, “We’re just not thinking about this properly…how about instead of going in our
normal clothes we just paint them on!”

Pinkie perked up, “OH THAT SOUNDS FUN!”

“That’s even worse!” Sweetie exclaimed.

“Well,” Dinky responded, “If the paint’s good enough…”

“Are you both crazy?!” Sunset put in.

“We can be both naked and clothed at the same time!” Pinkie giggled.

Sweetie cut in, “What if we need to get close to people? "Paint can't hide the shape of certain body parts...”

“Why not,” Dinky asked, “I mean how close are we going to get to people anyway? If the paint’s good enough, we can easily fool anyone and everyone here.”

Miss Cheerilee and Vice Principal Luna remained quiet, so Sweetie interjected, “What about the school decency laws? Hell, what about decency laws in general?”

“Sweetie, I think you kinda lost that argument when you agreed to found this club.” Apple Bloom smirked.

“Point taken but still…” Sweetie conceded. Secretly, she did agree that the idea of actually being naked in school openly was an appealing one. Common sense and decency, unfortunately, were holding her back from outright agreeing.

Vice Principal Luna finally spoke up, “In the absence of any better ideas, let me at least interject some sense into this. Painting your bodies still counts as public nudity, therefore it violates school policy. There is also the argument that you are advertising a product and using your bodies to do so, which is also a violation. That being said: violations are only violations if you get caught.”

A long awkward silence took over the room.

“Vice Principal Luna, are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?” Miss Cheerilee piped up, now showing a smirk of interest.

“Think about it this way: during the summer, this club had free rein of the school as well as its outside amenities. The fact that we haven’t been noticed now is a testament to the fact that our community either is non-observant or just doesn’t care. Plus, my sister and I will be moderating the events and I can guarantee you that she’s not the most observant of us.” Vice Principal Luna explained, “Besides, it might actually be fun.”

Sweetie’s eye twitched but she really couldn’t say anything, primarily because she was also sold on the idea. It was crazy yes, but the Vice Principal had a point. With Diamond gone the primary threat to the club was practically eradicated and all Principal Celestia could do was to focus on the fact that her students had painted on clothing.

Plus Dinky had a point, if the art was good enough even the most trained eye would struggle to spot the difference. If they kept moving or held flyers in specific locations they could easily trick the population at large. Even better, these were freshmen and transfers who probably didn’t have that good of a trained eye.

Conceding the point Sweetie looked around, “Any objections then?”

If anyone had any, they didn’t raise it.

Sweetie sighed, “Pinkie, see if you can find a decent enough artist who's willing to paint us.”

“No problem!” Pinkie responded.

“I’ll get the flyers together,” Apple Bloom offered.

“Alrighty then, let’s dismiss for now.” Sweetie smiled.

And with that the club dispersed and after putting her clothes on, Sweetie made her way over to Algebra. Miss Cheerilee followed her but the duo said nothing to each other.

Breezy was already in the classroom waiting for Sweetie. When she finally entered, Breezy began steeling herself for the eventual encounter. But much to her shock, Sweetie barely registered Breezy’s existence. At first, this both mortified and angered Breezy especially after yesterday when Sweetie sought out Breezy in the gym.

Then again Breezy slowly understood why. Much like she didn’t have a reason to approach Sweetie earlier, Sweetie had no reason to approach Breezy. Breezy’s response to the other’s offering of friendship was a good enough reason in and of itself so bringing the conversation back up might be risky.

As the class progressed, Breezy bid her time. Math wasn’t the hardest subject for her, she was actually not bad in it but she had no real interest. Still the class was interesting enough and Miss Cheerilee disseminated the information well. All the while, Breezy kept checking over by Sweetie Belle.

She was paying attention to the class as best she could but Breezy could tell her mind was someplace else. Breezy wondered what could be rattling around within Belle’s head. From what she could tell, Sweetie seemed honest and somewhat determined should she put her mind to something. She also had an incredible fashion sense when it came to her attire, though nothing spectacular seemed very bright and open thus matching her well.

A far cry from the dark and wrapped up Breezy Kite. In a way, Breezy envied Sweetie Belle. She was beautiful, open, and very much within the world. Breezy was scarred, enclosed, and an outsider shunned by the day. Briefly, Breezy wondered what life would be like for her if she was like Sweetie Belle.

Finally the class ended and Breezy’s plan commenced. After Miss Cheerilee handed out the homework assignments Breezy turned to Sweetie Belle.

“Um….excuse me, Sweetie Belle.” Breezy spoke, her voice barely speaking volume.

Sweetie looked at Breezy, slightly shocked that she was talking to her, “Oh um yes, what can I do for you Breezy?”

“Um…” Breezy started, “I-I was wondering if I could ask for your help with the homework after school. Would…would that be okay?”

Breezy swallowed hard as she awaited Sweetie’s answer.

Of course she’ll say no, her mind told her.

But for the first time in a while, Breezy didn’t listen to the voice. And much to her shock, Sweetie’s expression brightened up.

“Sure thing, I’d be happy to help.” Sweetie smiled.