• Published 17th Jun 2017
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Canterlot High Has A New What?! - Enclave2277

Sweetie Belle uses her newfound lifestyle to help rescue a transfer student trapped behind a mask.

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Problems Facing What?!

Chapter 4: Problems facing WHAT?!

That encounter with Breezy left Sweetie in a funk for the rest of the afternoon. Even when she finally got home and tossed her clothes aside, it didn’t bring the same enjoyment or relief it usually did. A glum expression was written all over Sweetie’s face as she spent the rest of the afternoon thinking. And this was something not lost on Rarity.

However bringing something like this up to Sweetie was delicate, for a very good reason. Sweetie had gotten pretty good at weaseling her way out of conversations, even after the duo put their differences to rest.

“Sweetie Belle,” Rarity called from the kitchen, “Dinner’s ready.”

Sweetie didn’t answer; she just came down and sat at the dinner table awaiting her food. She looked down at the table, Breezy’s words still ringing in her ears. She wondered if the way she found her was the cause of Breezy’s coldness as Sweetie did catch her at a vulnerable moment.

But then again, how was she to know that it was a vulnerable moment? Why was Breezy so terrified about hiding her appearance? Also, what was she doing hiding away from everyone behind the bleachers in the gym?

Rarity put the dinner plate down in front of Sweetie Belle with a thud. It was just loud enough to snap Sweetie out of her train of thought yet soft enough to not send the dinner splattering all over the table.

“Agh, I’m here I’m here!” Sweetie jumped.

“Excellent. Dig in before your food gets cold.” Rarity responded evenly.

Meekly, Sweetie began to eat her dinner as Rarity dug into her own. This was the scene that had played out most nights since last May; one fully clothed sister and one naked sister eating dinner at the dinner table. To the outside world, it would’ve been the textbook definition of weird. Yet for these sisters, it was normal.

What was weird was the fact that neither of them said anything for a good few minutes. But this was a carefully employed tactic Rarity loved using. She would wait until Sweetie Belle was halfway through dinner and starting to feel relaxed before she pounced. And Sweetie knew this all too well, as after a few bites of her food, to nothing but silence, she was now eager to speak about anything.

“So... how was school today?” Rarity asked.

Here it is, Sweetie Belle thought to herself. She waited a slight moment before responding, “Not bad really.”

“You managed to spend any time working on the club?” Rarity asked.

“Only during my free period, but no one was there to join me.” Sweetie answered.

Rarity nodded, “Oh dear I’m so sorry, but I guess that’s what you get when you try your luck with the free period draw.”

Sweetie chuckled, “Yeah, I guess.” She paused for a moment, “Did you know that we got a new student today?”

“I heard that her name’s Breezy Kite, right?” Rarity asked.

Sweetie nodded but remained quiet for a moment.

“Did you meet her?” Rarity asked to which Sweetie nodded. There was another awkward pause before Rarity asked, “Well, out with it! What is she like?”

“Um…” Sweetie started, unsure of how to put the words together. Finally she just decided to be honest, “She’s a... burn victim.”

The expression on Rarity’s face went from curious to horrified in a flash. She recoiled back in her seat, sorrow now filling her eyes, “That's terrible! How bad are her burns?”

“Bad enough to wear a mask and cover herself head to toe.” Sweetie responded.

“I can't say I blame her. Particularly, if she's been through that much trauma.” Rarity whispered.

“There was something else too,” Sweetie said and explained the circumstances of the meet up in the gym.

After a moment Rarity sighed, “I’m not surprised. She probably has just as many scars inside as out.”

"I really don’t want her to become alienated at CHS,” Sweetie answered, “And after hearing how she sang, I wouldn’t mind trying to be her friend. I just don’t know how to... approach someone like that.”

Rarity sighed, “Unfortunately, people like her are not easy to get along with because they tend to build a nigh impregnable wall around themselves. My advice: be careful as to how you approach her.”

Damn her! Breezy thought as she lay in her bed, That little prying Pandora! Curse her that little peeping Tom!

Her encounter with that girl in the gym had left her in a horrid mood all day. She had been so very close to getting through the first day unnoticed and now it had all fallen apart. Sure, there was the high school standard of introducing a new student to the class, especially one of her caliber but most times students learned then to stay away. Once they learned to stay away, they would never see her.

But now that was no longer possible. How could she have been so careless? It was her dumb habit, her irresistible urge to sing that had gotten her into this situation. The one talent that was spared from the flames, and her eternal punishment, had done her in.

While she could sing with the mask, it was hard to properly belt out a tune due to the chin being inhibited by the lower part of the mask. Therefore, it was easier for her to just remove the mask, so her mouth could move freely. The only problem was: it gave people the chance to see her deformed, hideous face.

Now you can never be free, her mind told her.

That girl hadn’t seen her face, but she might as well have. Now everyone would be nipping at the bit to see what the mysterious transfer student looked like underneath her mask. It was going to become a game for the bullies to yank it off in crowded rooms. Students would taunt her mercilessly like some caged freak at the circus. It had happened before, it would happen again. And this time, she didn't have the option of transferring out.

“Breezy!” Her aunt called from the living room.

The sound of her aunt’s voice snapped Breezy out of her loathing. After taking a deep breath to solidify her nerves, she turned towards her bedroom door, “Yes Auntie?”

“Can you come downstairs please?” Her aunt responded.

“Coming,” Breezy responded.

Grabbing her walking cane, she began her trip downstairs. Stairs were not a major problem for Breezy even with the limp in her leg. The only problem was she was a slow climber. She tired her best not to put too much weight on either leg. Whether it was habit, or her trying to keep her balance, was up to the outside world to decide as Breezy gave up figuring out the reason years ago.

Regardless, her crippled leg was also the reason why it took forever for her to get anywhere when called. It was something her aunt and uncle were used to, but she was sure it was going to be an issue when it came to CHS. Most of her classes were on the first floor of the school, but a token few had been placed on the second.

And while CHS did happen have an elevator, it wasn’t clearly marked unless someone was already savvy with the school’s layout. It had, in fact, almost made her late to several classes before she finally located the stupid thing.It was the reason why she was so late to Algebra class earlier.

The teacher, Miss Cheerilee, had intended to speak with Breezy before class. The talk had begun as it did with most of the other CHS professors. It was nothing more than a few questions: “Are you okay? Will you be alright handling a large class?” those sorts of things. Problem was, Miss Cheerilee probably hadn’t intended to wait five extra minutes for Breezy to lumber in like what happened today.

Maybe that led to the girl seeking Breezy out in the gymnasium. Regardless when she reached the main level of her new house, she found her aunt and uncle sitting at the table in the kitchen. Their faces had warm, inviting smiles that brought some level of comfort to Breezy. Even still she had to force a smile on her face as she sat down at the table with them.

“How was your first day sweetie?” Her aunt asked.

Breezy stammered for a moment, “It was... fine.”

“What about your classes? They any good?” her uncle asked.

“It’s only the first day Uncle, I can’t really tell yet.” Breezy answered.

“Nah, you can always tell what something’s gonna be like on the first day. That’s how I always knew what classes were going to be fun and the ones I was going to be bored in.” her uncle laughed.

Though Breezy wasn’t really having much of it, “But you were never bored in class, Uncle.”

“Oh don’t mind him, Breezy. He’s just being silly.” Her aunt smiled, “What kind of classes do you have?”

“Nothing really special right now,” Breezy answered.

“You taking them music classes again?” her uncle asked her.

Breezy shook her head, “No, not this year.”

Her uncle nodded, “Well no need to rush it just yet. Besides I’m sure the glee club will have plenty of space available for a mezzo like you.”

Breezy squirmed but said nothing. She hadn’t really thought about clubs at all up until this point.

“Well she’ll have plenty of time to think about that. Anyway, did you make any friends yet?”

Breezy didn’t answer then again she didn’t really need to. Her silence was answer enough. The once friendly and welcoming atmosphere slowly faded to a cold and somber tone. Her guardians tried to hide their disappointment, but even Breezy was aware of their feeling.

Her uncle coughed, “Well anyway, dinner shall be ready in a moment of two. Why don’t you head back upstairs and wash up.”

Sensing the end of the conversation, Breezy nodded and got up. Slowly she made her way out of the kitchen, but when she got out of sight of the room she heard her aunt sniffle.

“It’s happening again…” she whimpered.

“Nonsense, Whistler,” her uncle spoke back, “It’s still only the first day.”

“Doesn’t matter Skyrocket, she’s shutting herself down again. Just once I would like her to actually make friends so she doesn’t have to be alone.” Her aunt cried.

Those words stung Breezy in a way she had never thought of. For years she had pushed herself to avoid being seen, for very good reason. Yet she didn’t realize her actions were hurting the only two people left who actually loved her.

How can anyone be friends with you? Her mind spoke.

“But… they want me….” Breezy whispered back.

It doesn’t matter… her mind continued.

However the sound of her aunt continuing to whimper, while her uncle consoled her, doused Breezy’s thoughts. Like it or not, she was going to have to make a friend if not for herself, then for her guardians. And she had an interesting idea on what route to go.