• Published 17th Jun 2017
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Canterlot High Has A New What?! - Enclave2277

Sweetie Belle uses her newfound lifestyle to help rescue a transfer student trapped behind a mask.

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Getting Ready For What?!

Chapter One: Getting ready for WHAT?!

Sweetie Belle drummed her fingers against the desk in frustration. She looked down upon the piece of paper before her, the pencil she had been working with now grinding against her teeth. This was one of the downsides of running a successful club in High School: paperwork.

August was coming to an end, despite the weather outside being unbearably hot, and Canterlot High was only a few weeks away from reopening its doors to welcome a new semester of students. But with new beginnings came headaches as every single club in CHS had to renew its membership for the new year. It meant filling out the annual renewal forms for club room usage, membership requirements, the club charter, and worst of all: the budget.

Sweetie was never good at finance, a far cry from her older sister. She managed to scrape by in her accounting class yet when it came to having to handle the budget for the club she was up a creek with no paddle. But that wasn’t the worst of her current situation.

Despite the air conditioning’s best efforts, her living room was still warm and uncomfortable even to her naked body. It made the atmosphere in the room unbearable for the poor high schooler, not helped by the room’s grandfather clock loudly ticking away each second of every minute of the day.

Simply put it was maddening. Finally Sweetie lost patience and spit out the pencil, “Urgh I’m so fed up!!!!!”

“Calm down Sweetie Belle I’m trying to work here.” Rarity shouted from the next room.

Sweetie slumped down on the table, “Rarity!! I’ve had it with the heat and paperwork...and heat!”

“I can tell Sweetie,” Rarity shouted back, “But I’m not joking when I said I was very busy, can you please lower your volume?”

Begrudgingly Sweetie agreed. She rolled her face over the table for a moment while trying to not get any saliva on the paper before picking herself up and walked over to Rarity’s design studio. Rarity was deep in her work tailoring a new dress for Countess Coloratura while also battling the same humidity Sweetie was. Though unlike Sweetie Belle, Rarity wasn’t naked.

True to her form, Rarity stuck to her promise she had made three months ago not following Sweetie down the same road to naturism. However that never stopped Rarity from accepting Sweetie walking around the house naked when it was just the two of them. Once she walked in, Sweetie rested leaning against the wall furthest from her sister and surveyed the room. On the mannequin was a very gaudy dress that Rarity was working on. It was a mixture of blacks, teal, blue, and aqua that did not mix well, and the look on Rarity’s face showed Sweetie that she knew it too.

Quietly Sweetie walked up towards the dress and reached out to touch one of the fabrics. But like a lightning strike, Rarity grabbed Sweetie’s wrist and forced it back.

“Now Sweetie Belle,” Rarity said looking at Sweetie with concerned eyes, “You know how I don’t like anyone touching the dress while it’s still in the design phase.”

Sweetie gave Rarity a questioning look, for her act was not done nonchalantly. Sweetie understood that Rarity’s superstition about anyone other than the designer touching a dress still in development, as well as acting on such would be the only thing to help Rarity see she made a dud.

“Rarity?” Sweetie questioned looking at her sister.

Rarity bit her lower lip and quivered for a moment before conceding, “It is terrible isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Sweetie nodded.

Rarity relented and let go of Sweetie Belle with a groan before slamming her head onto her work table. Sweetie, knowing she had won, withdrew her hand away from the dress and started walking to her left towards a nearby stool to sit down.

“Oh woe is me!” Rarity moaned as she rolled her head, “What am I going to do, there’s just no way to make those colors fit and make them appealing!”

“I don’t know have you tried accenting them with purple?” Sweetie asked as she sat down.

“I don’t know,” Rarity retorted, “Did you wipe your backside before you sat down on that stool?”

“Rarity,” Sweetie snapped, her face reddening.

Slowly Rarity raised her head and gave Sweetie a mischievous look which instantly calmed Sweetie’s nerves. After a moment Sweetie smiled, “Same boat huh?”

“No,” Rarity sighed as she straightened out, “My boat is a submarine at periscope depth. How goes the form signing?”

Sweetie groaned, “Miserable, I never thought reapplying for a club membership would be so tedious. First there are forms to submit for the idea of the club, then to state that we existed last year, and then we have to go through the rigmarole of signing forms to figure out who’s going to be the officers.”

“Well that’s the thing with running anything these days; you have to cut through so much red tape, it’ll make your eyes bleed. Even more so when you’re trying to keep your club’s true nature off the books,” Rarity giggled.

“Meh, Vice-Principal Luna has helped tremendously in that regard, if last summer was any indication. But still I get your point. Right now I’ve been working on the club’s budget and that’s been giving me all sorts of troubles,” Sweetie mused.

Rarity sighed with a soft chuckle, “Oh I can relate to that, trust me Sweetie it isn’t any easier when you try to start your own business.”

“I don’t even want to imagine.” Sweetie laughed.

“Why not ask one of your friends to help you out?” Rarity asked.

“I would love to, but they’d rather be doing other things than helping me with paperwork, especially on a day like today.” Sweetie answered.

But Rarity noticed something, “Did you actually tell them or are you just assuming.”

Instead of dodging the question, Sweetie just raised her hand, “Rarity I didn’t need to ask. I mean, have you even been outside?”

“I guess I see your point, but I still think you should ask them.” Rarity responded.

“Yeah but I don’t feel like submerging my friends in this nightmare right now.” Sweetie answered.

“Well what do you feel like doing?” Rarity asked.

Sweetie swung her legs for a moment before looking at Rarity, “Ice cream?”

Rarity pondered for a moment before leaning back and smiling, “I’ll get my keys.”

Sweetie jumped off the stool with a squeal and raced out of the room, but before she got to the stairs she heard Rarity shout, “Make sure you put some clothes on Sweetie!”

“I know Rarity don’t worry!” Sweetie smiled as she raced up stairs.

It had been a bit weird at first getting used to being naked all the time while Rarity remained mostly clothed. But like all things with regards to this lifestyle Sweetie got used to it. Soon enough Sweetie was back in her room and pulled on a tube top and hot pants before slipping on sandals and heading back down. Rarity was waiting for her in the living room, having quickly changed into a sundress and large sunhat.

“Ready sis,” Sweetie asked.

“Ready and waiting. To the ice cream parlor we go.” Rarity cheered.

And with that they were off. As Rarity slowly began her drive towards the ice cream parlor near Canterlot’s skate park, Sweetie Belle looked out at the town. Despite the high humidity, the residents were outside enjoying the sunshine and clear blue skies. All of them had smiles on their faces as they played or did yard work. This made Sweetie Belle smile, but in more ways than just enjoying the day.

Summer was coming to an end, and while that was a sad fact, it also meant a new school year with new adventures to behold. Last semester seemed to have ended on such a wacky note that nothing could possibly compare to it.

Silver Spoon broke all ties with Diamond Tiara, the NLAC had become the fourth most popular club in Canterlot High, and Sweetie had begun her relationship with Button Mash. And above all of that Sweetie, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Dinky furthered their involvement in the Nudist lifestyle.

But the summer parties and the various insane themes she and her friends came up with had topped the crazy shenanigans of the semester before. From a magical adventure to a horror themed party, so many wacky and crazy ideas that kept people coming back and creating more friendships that may last a lifetime.

And it was all thanks to Sweetie Belle. Well to be fair, the CMC as a whole, but Sweetie took some small pride that she had been the one to initiate it. Still she never got a swelled head about it, Rarity and Sunset wouldn’t let her get anywhere close. Still Sweetie had pride, and she was right, this was going to be a good new year.

As if right on cue, Rarity drove the car down another street that led towards the skate park. All seemed normal at first, until Sweetie noticed something: a moving van parked in front of a house, its contents being unloaded by two workers. On the house’s front lawn, a middle aged couple was taking down a For Sale sign that was partially covered by a SOLD sticker.

“Oh look,” Sweetie exclaimed, “We have new residents in the Smith’s old house. I wonder who it could be.”

Rarity glanced in the house’s direction as they drove by, “Not sure, but I do think those two seem lovely.”

Sweetie was about to respond when she noticed something in the upstairs window. A white mask with round holes for eyes was looking down at her. She couldn’t see much else of the person, except for that white mask. It was slightly disturbing at first, but Sweetie shook the feeling off. She wondered what kind of person there could be within that house.

“Sweetie Belle,” Rarity asked, “Is something wrong?”

Sweetie snapped out of her train of thought, “Oh nothing, thought I saw something. Don’t worry it’s nothing.”

Rarity nodded and kept on driving. In no time at all, they had arrived at the ice cream parlor. The place was indeed packed with kids, teens, and college students enjoying the final days of summer. Everyone had smiles on their faces as some were dancing to the music playing from the speakers around the park while others skated or were rollerblading through the park. The rest were camped out at the myriad of benches and tables scattered around the place. Including a group of familiar faces:

“RARITY, SWEETIE BELLE OVER HERE!” Pinkie Pie shouted jumping up and down.

Both Rarity and Sweetie Belle smiled as they spotted Pinkie, who was over near a table with Sunset, Crystal Prep Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Rumble, and Button Mash.

“Go claim our seats, I’ll grab our food,” Rarity offered with a smile.

Sweetie handed some money over to Rarity and ran off. Button was the first out from the crowd of kids, and quick as a flash Sweetie was wrapped up in his arms and her lips on his. They held each other for another few moments before releasing.

“Missed you,” Sweetie said softly.

“We saw each other yesterday,” Button mused.

“Still missed you.” Sweetie smiled.

Button laughed and pulled her in for another kiss. After they finished that long embrace, Sweetie let Button go and the duo headed over to join the rest of their friends.

“Hey guys,” Sweetie smiled, “You all had the same idea then huh?”

“What on a day like this? Who wouldn’t go out for ice cream?” Rainbow Dash agreed with a boastful smile.

True to form, Scootaloo piped up a “Yeah, took you long enough to show up Sweetie Belle.”

“Sorry, had to deal with paperwork.” Sweetie mused.

“And I had to worry about making Countess Coloratura’s dress.” Rarity added walking up to them with two ice cream cones.

“So we’ve been a bit busy.” Sweetie finished as Rarity handed her the ice cream cone she ordered.

“Damn, sounds like you two got it rough.” Sunset added.

“Yeah, I'd blow my brains out if I had to deal with that kinda stress.” Pinkie agreed.

“Oh, I don’t know guys,” Twilight commented, “That sounds kind of fun.”

Rainbow and Pinkie laughed. “Sure Twilight. Only you would find joy in doing paper work.” Rainbow said.

“Yeah, you need to get out more.” Pinkie laughed.

“Well at least I got a girlfriend Pinkie,” Twilight teased, sticking out her tongue while Sunset tried her hardest to not blush.

“Give me time,” Pinkie smiled giving a thumbs up, “Give me time.”

Then Sweetie turned to her boyfriend, “That reminds me, when are you guys leaving for your semester abroad?”

“Oh, um, next week I think.” Button answered.

Well the fun semester Sweetie had planned did have one major hiccup. Button Mash, Scootaloo, and Twist were all going with forty seven other students to Calabrese to study there overseas. Twist was going to learn about Calabrese’s famous Sparkling Tree Sweets, Scootaloo was going to help learn about new parkour tricks though officially she was going for business courses, and that left Button who was going to further his computer science career.

It did sting Sweetie that she wasn’t going to spend a whole school year with Button. Throw in the fact that this was Rarity and her friend’s graduating year and that meant a lot of things were going to be coming to an end. Still she was determined to make the best of it, with a few conditions.

“You sure you can trust Button over there?” Sunset eyed with a mischievous smile.

“Indeed, a lot of pretty women over there in Calabrese,” Rarity agreed.

Button’s face went beet red and he began waving his hands back and forth, “Hey, hey guys I’m not like…!”

But before he could respond Scootaloo put him in a headlock, “Oh don’t worry Sweetie Belle, Rumble and I’ll take good care of Button Mash. He’ll stay faithful don’t you worry.”

“Oh I’m not worried,” Sweetie smiled, “Cuz if he strays, he knows what I’ll do to him when he gets back here.”

Button chuckled nervously, “Oh well, look at that, I think a couple of speakers blew again, just let me go fix them.” And like that he was gone.

The girls, and Rumble, laughed at Button’s expense.

“Come on you two,” Rainbow said to Scootaloo and Rumble, “Let’s go hit the pike again, I gotta feeling this time I’ll clear it.”

“You’re on!” Rumble said before Scootaloo could and they were off.

That left Twilight, Sunset, Pinkie, Rarity, and Sweetie remaining around the table.

“So how far along are you on the dress Rarity?” Sunset asked.

“Unfortunately, I will need to recreate the dress from scratch. The design works, just not the color scheme. I swear, even after she ditched that good for nothing manager, RaRa still has no clue on how to accessorize.” Rarity answered.

“Have you tried adding purple?” Pinkie asked, “Or pink?”

Pinkie’s answer came in the form of a glare from Rarity.

“Oh never mind then,” Pinkie sighed.

Sweetie chuckled before noticing two people walking through the crowd. Much to her delight, it was Silver Spoon and her girlfriend Mirror Gem.

“Silver, Mirror, over here!” Sweetie called them over.

Mirror noticed first and ushered Silver over. At first Silver didn’t notice, she was so bothered by the high temperature. But she quickly recovered and gave a genuine smile.

“Oh hey Sweetie Belle I didn’t see you guys here, what’s up?” she said

“Not much, I take it you two aren’t faring well with the heat?” Sweetie responded.

“Urgh, that’s an understatement, and home isn’t really the best option either because mother and father are having the heating system looked at.” Silver bemoaned.

“Yeah my place ain’t much better, families over and they’re being kind of a pain today,” Mirror Gem added, “What about you guys?”

“Oh we just stopped for a break from headaches,” Sweetie responded for Rarity and herself.

The other three just simply answered, “The heat.”

Both Mirror and Silver nodded. Then Silver turned and looked at Sweetie Belle, “How go the renewal forms?”

Sweetie’s complexion soured slightly, “Hmph, don’t get me started. I managed to get the renewal forms filled out but now the budget’s screwing me up.”

“Hmm, well maybe I can take a look at it if you’d like.” Silver asked.

Sweetie instantly brightened up and began to beg, “Please, please help, I need it now!”

Mirror chuckled, “Well Sil, I think our talents are required.”

A little while later Sweetie and Rarity had returned home with Silver and Mirror. The air conditioning was a welcome feeling for the quartet and brought Silver some much needed relief. Rarity had already disappeared to her designer studio leaving the three nudists to get undressed in the living room.

“Goodness me I haven’t been out in the summer air that long in such a while,” Silver sighed as she slid out of her clothing, “I thought I was going to pass out.”

Mirror shook her head, her pants hitting the floor, “I brought enough water for the two of us.”

“Yes, but it was so hot out there I think most of it evaporated before I could drink it.” Silver grimaced, throwing her top onto the couch.

“What were you two doing out there anyway?” Sweetie asked.

“Well it seemed nice enough outside, and my family wasn’t exactly giving us privacy, so I thought it’d be nice to take a walk.” Mirror answered.

“Privacy for what,” Sweetie asked before realizing, “Oh right you haven’t told them about this yet.”

Mirror nodded but Silver spoke first, “It’s of no matter anyway; you can tell them when you’re ready dear. At least now we’re more comfortable.” She was speaking to the fact that now they all were naked.

“What about Button,” Mirror piped up instead.

“Oh he had to go home to pack,” Sweetie said, taking her turn to grimace, “Sucks but he wants to do this and who am I to step in his way.”

“You don’t want to go with him?” Mirror asked.

“Badly,” Sweetie answered, “But there weren’t any classes they were offering that I could take. Plus I gotta run the NLAC and club presidents can’t run clubs from overseas.”

“Good point,” Mirror conceded.

“Which reminds me where is the paperwork?” Silver asked.

“Oh it’s over here.” Sweetie answered ushering the trio into the dining room. The paper work was sprawled out over the table in a cluttered mess. But Sweetie had navigated it so many times today alone she remembered where everything was. After the trio took their seats around the table, Sweetie pulled out the budget forms.

“Here it is, Silver, see if you can work your magic on it.” Sweetie said.

“Sure thing,” Silver answered eagerly taking the paper. Sweetie then handed over the pencil and Silver went to work.

Determined to not disturb her, Sweetie turned to Mirror, “Hey Mirror how long did you guys walk for?”

“A good while why do you ask?” Mirror answered.

“Did you notice that someone bought the Smith’s residence?” Sweetie answered.

Mirror nodded, “Oh yeah, we passed the house on our way over to the park.”

“Did you meet the new house residents?” Sweetie asked.

Again Mirror nodded, “Nice couple, I think their names were Skyrocket and Whistler Kite.”

“Did you notice anyone else with them?” Sweetie asked.

“Well they did mention they had a niece they were taking care of, but she never came outside, and with the heat I don’t really blame her.” Mirror responded.

Maybe that’s who I saw. If it was then why was she wearing a mask? Sweetie thought to herself.

“Why do you ask Belle?” Mirror asked.

Sweetie was about to respond when Silver jumped up paper in hand, “Finished!”

Both Sweetie and Mirror stared bug eyed at Silver, who looked down upon them with a childish grin of pride.

At first Sweetie stammered out, “Silver…you’re…you’re finished?”

“Yup here ya go!” she answered handing the paper over.

Sweetie took the paper and nearly fell over in shock. The budget was not only clearly laid out, but balanced as well. And everything the club had planned Silver managed to figure out for a reasonable price, all within the span of three minutes.

“Wow,” Mirror giggled, “Fast hands.”

“Not really, math just comes easily to me.” Silver answered.

“Silver,” Sweetie squeaked, “Would you like to be our club treasurer this year?”