• Published 9th Jun 2017
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Fall of Harmony - Moon-Lite

Sunset Shimmer struggles to deal with the accusations of Anon-A-Miss, and decides that this may be the straw to break her back.

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Out with Friends

Author's Note:

Got a short one here sorry! >.<;

Fingers are starting to kill me something fierce XP
Gonna hopefully get the last couple chapters done tommorrow so the story won't be left hanging when I disapear for a little bit~

Out with Friends

The weekend was coming to a close for Sunset, the teen not leaving the safety of her home for the entirety. She was slowly recovering from yet another tumble back down her climb to recovery, the assembly from the prior week shaking her fragile psyche. Velvet had spent the weekend letting Sunset know how proud she was of the teen, the mother making sure to never stray too far away. Night Light had brought some drafts of old applications for the University of Canterlot, insisting that he could help the teen gain admittance, as well as a bevy of grants to study, causing the teen tear up at yet another show of compassion from the family that had already done so much for her.

The Siren’s had stopped over to check on her, surprising Velvet by their sudden appearance. They arrived while Twilight was out walking Spike, and the mother had thought her daughter had came back early.

“Hot chocolate!”

Sonata had grabbed the perceived gift from the grey hands of Velvet, quaffing it down without restraint as the woman looked over the three.

“Sonata!” Aria chastised as the bubbly Siren finished off the hot drink, “I have a feeling that wasn’t for you.”

Sonata looked down at the mug, observing Twilight’s name written over it, and then looked up to the mother. “Err… Sorry?” She gave the most adorable looking apology that had ever been seen by the mother, and that was considering every look of the same breed she had ever received from Twilight.

“Don’t worry about it,” she chuckled, “Come in you three! Twilight didn’t inform me that you three were coming by.” She grabbed their coats from them and hung them up, mittens and toques secured within safely. “Not that I’m complaining! That girl of my mine has improved wonders since you three came into her life, loathe as she is to admit it.” The playful grin on Velvet’s face caused the three girls to giggle in amusement.

“Truth be told Mrs. Velvet,” Adagio stepped forward, “Twilight doesn’t know that we were coming over.” She smiled as disarmingly as possible, they were so close to their intended target, “We are actually here to see Sunset.”

The matriarch paused in place, worried smile crossing her face, before she nodded solemnly. “She did the right thing going to that school, as much as it hurt her.” She sighed and looked up the stairway beside her, “She’s up there, second door on the right.” She looked back down to the visitors, “Would you all like something to drink?”

Adagio shook her head softly, “We will let you know if we do, thank you.” She turned around and headed to the stairs whilst dragging Sonata away from the prospect of free food, much to the aqua girls dismay. The trio eventually stood before their target’s room, the girls name plate hanging slightly off skew.

“Well?” Aria said after a moment, “We gonna do this?”

“She’s hurting!” Sonata whispered loudly, “We gotsa help her!”

“Shh!” Adagio silenced the bickering underlings, glaring at them, “Would you two quiet down? She’s going to hear us at this rate!”

“Maybe she already has.”

The unenergetic voice of Sunset Shimmer matched the worn out appearance of the former unicorn, the matted locks of crimson and gold blended together to create a display of orange reminiscent of her name. The bags under her eyes spoke of multiple night’s lacking sleep, her ocean coloured irises dull and lifeless. Her normally vibrant skin had become muted, somehow paling after only two days in her room. The nightwear she wore completed her look, worn and wrinkled, the hem of her top peeking through one of the leg holes of her rather lacy panties.

“Hello you three,” She nodded slowly, “How are you doing?”

Sonata gasped as she lunged forward and embraced the teen, squeezing her tight.

“You look like shit, Flex.” Aria said in a bluntness that would have made Rainbow Dash proud, her arms crossed before her as she continued to study the young woman.

“Seriously?” Adagio hissed, “Do you not understand anything about the word ‘subtlety’?” She had nearly reached over and slapped her pigtail sporting sister, though the laughter that came from the girl wrapped stopped all three of them in surprise.

“Don’t worry about it Adagio,” Sunset said with a single tear of happiness running down her cheek, “She means well, and she is right.” Sunset pulled away from Sonata, “I haven’t had a proper shower in a couple days.” She made a disgusted looking face as she held her hands up, wrists bent down, “One of the things I miss about back home, everything was easier with magic.”

The Sirens nodded in agreement. Being creatures so at home in water, they were used to always being more or less clean, so it came to a shock when they arrived in the ancient history of this world and had to start worrying about smell. Not that anyone seemed to mind depending on the century.

“How about I got take a quick shower, and meet you three downstairs?” She walked past them and grabbed a towel out of the linen closet, “I’m sure Velvet would appreciate me not stinking up the place.”

The three Equestrians made their way down the stairs, coming to rest in the kitchen as they heard the shower above them start.

“I hope she switches to wearing a tank top,” Aria whispered in a crass tone, “That girl has some serious pipes.”

Adagio groaned.


Sunset hummed as she got dressed, relishing the cleansing feeling she got from the shower, all the sweat and grime being blasted away by blessed heat. She dug around and grabbed lazily at clean clothes before selecting a short sleeved baby tee and a pair of men’s swimming trunks. She never understood why she liked the style of them, the loose bagginess oddly appealing to her. Shrugging as she pulled them up, she made sure to grab a headband from her atop her dresser, pulling her hair through and leaving it as a long ponytail.

She made her way down the steps, picking up on laughter echoing from down in the basement. She paused in the kitchen, stopped by Velvet who handed the teen a mug of hot chocolate.

“Isn’t that more fitting for summer wear?” She had an eyebrow raised playfully, swatting the teens arm.

“Well, I haven't done laundry yet, sooo…” Sunset looked down at the mug in her hands, suddenly very interested in the little air bubbles along the rim of the cup.

“Just admit that you are lazy, stop being in denial.” Sunset let out a cute meep as she felt Velvet lay a quick swat across her backside, “Now get down there, they’ve waited for you long enough!”

Blushing deeply, Sunset rushed down the stairs. There was definitely more to the woman than met the eye, something that tickled the back of her mind. Though not as much tickling as what was occurring on the sofa in the basement. The Sirens had poor Twilight Sparkle stretched across the sofa, Aria sitting on the teens legs as she ran her fingers along Twilight’s sides relentlessly, while Sonata sat on the teens arms and dug her fingers into the underside of the teens delicate shoulders.

“Hahaha - Stop! Plea-ea-ease! Hehehe!” The teen cried out, her face more akin to the red of Sunset’s mane than her standard lavender tones, “I-I-I can’t - Bwahahaha! - take it!”

At just that time, Adagio arose from the teens feet, a smile more devious than Sunset had ever witnessed during the Battle of the Bands spread across her face.

“Oh, I don’t think so…” she intoned breathily, a careful amount of seduction dripping from her honeyed words, “I think you need to be punished for worrying us so much, darling.”

“Jeez you three, you should be doing this sort of intimacy in her room, not in a public place.”

Sunset’s arrival had distracted her fellow Equestrians long enough for Twilight to wrestle herself free, attempting to run over to her saviour in a blind haze. Sonata had been wearing the girl’s glasses on her head as some sort of prize, but handed them over when Sunset held her hand out. Twilight was just about to grab the glasses from Sunset, when suddenly the amber teen’s arm shot straight up, holding the glasses above the much shorter teen’s flailing hands.

“Not you too!” Twilight half wailed half laughed, arm unable to reach her much needed glasses. “Please, Sunset, give them to me!”

Sunset relented and lowered her arm, just barely within reach of her friend though, chuckling as Twilight stuck her tongue out at her. The Sirens had been killing themselves laughing at Sunset’s action, caught as out of sorts as the now glasses wearing teen herself. Sunset was starting to worry that they weren’t breathing, unable to tell if at least two of them were starting to go blue in the face.

“Alright ya dang hyenas!” Twilight lashed out with playful jabs of her slippered feet, “You were supposed to help me pick out a movie to watch!”

“But all you suggested were documentaries! Those are so boring!” Sonata complained, “I wanna see something silly!”

“I’d rather watch something with a little action,” Aria said, “Maybe some guns to rival Sunset here, if ya know what I mean.”

Sunset giggled at Aria’s little obsession with how fit the unicorn was. Maybe she should look into a gym membership again, maybe go with the purple Siren?

“I do not understand how I have put up with you two for so long,” Adagio was massaging the bridge of her nose, “I cannot understand why you two wouldn’t want to see something will a little class. Something classical?”

“Not everybody was a well known actor back then Dagi!” Sonata said, staring at the leader of the pack, “Some of us prefered to make drawings!”

“Um… What is Sonata talking about?”

Twilight was watching the little debacle and rotating through a small circus of emotions before settling on curiosity.

“Well, you see Twilight,” Adagio strode closer with a calm look on her face, twirling a strand of curly hair around her forefinger, “Sonata, Aria, Sunset, and I are all beings from another world filled with magic and talking equines and long before Sunset’s great-great-great-great grandparents were even thought about me and my sister’s were banished to this world, and we have been globetrotting since the start of all recorded history.”

Adagio finished with a small smile on her face, watching as the other girl’s brain melted.

“Uh, Adagio… Was that wise?” Sunset asked, but got her answer when Twilight started belting out laughter that felt like it shook the entire room.

“Oh jeez,” Twilight was a sniffling mess, eyes blurry from the tears streaming down her cheeks, “You almost had me there Adagio.” She wiped away at her eyes, “Hehe, another world full of magical talking ponies! Where did you come up with that?”

Adagio merely gave a small, knowing shrug, winking at Sunset when Twilight was preoccupied.

“Well how about we go to the cinema in the mall?”

Sunset stared apprehensively at Sonata, not eager to return again so soon.

“Really? After everything that has happened there? What about Sunset you nincompoop!” Aria locked Sonata under her arm, delivering a blistering noogy to the wiggling girl.

“Eh, I can’t let the past chain me down.” Sunset shrug, “We surely couldn’t run into a group of people we already know again, right?”


Sunset facepalmed.

Of course!

Why not?

Whoever Murphy was, they needed to be shot before they was born.

“Heya Red! Fancy meeting you here!”

Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, and Sunny Flare all stood before Sunset and her group.

“Wow! Small world!” Sonata responded chipperly as usual, waving at her fellow students, “What were the chances?”

“About one in one…” Sunset slowly wiped her hand down her face as she whispered to herself. “Hey Indigo, girls,” she nodded at her classmates, “What are you all here for?”

“Well, we were all bored and had finished all of our assignments, so we got in touch with one another and decided to meet here at the mall.” Sour Sweet started, before her tone turned cold, “What are you doing here? Especially after you skipped school on Friday?”

Aria took a step forward, “What does it matter? She’s here with us just so ya know!”

“Aria, sit.” Adagio said as she stepped forward, “Look, Sour, I get that you like to act just like your name, but really? Can’t you just drop the act for one day? We are all here to watch a movie, so what do you say we all decide on one together, and I’ll buy us all snacks, deal?”

The two groups looked inward, free treats? How could they say no!

“Deal!” Lemon Zest shouted before spinning around, “Okay, so! We got all these choices here,” her arm panned dramatically in front of her, “We just need to narrow it down to one choice, and all the gummy worms I can eat will be mine!”


The two groups departed from the theater, apathetically disrupting fellow mall shoppers with their gut busting laughing.

“Oh man!” Indigo said, wheezing as she bent over double, “And-and that part! Where he!” She burst into fresh laughter, just like all the other teens who crowded around outside the entrance.

Even the normally cold Sugarcoat and stoic Sunny Flare had tears of enjoyment rolling down their faces.

“Well what about,” Sunset could barely stop laughing long enough to start her sentence, “What about when whats-her-tits reached down into that tiny little thong of her’s,” She had to pause as her raucous laughter echoed through the air, “And pulled -hahaha!- pulled out…” She was unable to finish her train of thought, all the girls hammering on their thighs as they tried to stop laughing.

“Seriously Sonata,” Twilight said, attempting to wipe the tears from her eyes, “You seriously know your movies!”

Slowly the two groups calmed down, small fits of giggling still pulsing through them occasionally. At least until Adagio’s stomach growled in hunger, causing all of them present to burst into laughter once again save Adagio.

“How about we all go get something to eat?” Adagio said, pausing before including, “Dutch treat though! Lemon and her obsession with gummy worms…” The mentioned teen only smiled sillily, all the girls starting to head towards the escalators down to the floor housing the food court.

“So what are all you girls thinking of getting?” Aria asked as the escalator started it’s slow crawl down, not struggling in the slightest even as ten teenage girls packed in all at once.

“Oh! I am totally hitting Taco Taco!” Sonata burst out, “I need to get my fill before Tuesday!” It seemed even Crystal Prep had the tradition of “Taco Tuesday”, much to the undefinable joy of the pale Siren.

“I swear to god Sonata, if you get another one of those ‘Super Bean and Cheese Soft Tacos’ again, you will be walking home!” Adagio said shrilly, still remember the mess Sonata had made of her car the last time. “I think I will be getting something from that little Neighponese outlet.” She licked her lips, reminiscing. “Their Sushi is to die for!”

“You and your raw fish! Even before all this happened you always had your strange fish fetish!” Aria commented, her face a mix of disgust and dissapointment, “What I need is a nice, big, juicy “Freedom Steak” in my belly from that 40’s era place.”

“Well I demand a sandwich!” Lemon yelled excitedly.

“I think you missed what kind of one dearie.” Sunny Flare snarked in reply.

“PB&J!” Lemon said, as if the answer was obvious, “What else?”

Sugarcoat sighed, “I am surrounded by morons…”

“Well what do you want then, smartypants?” Lemon stuck out her tongue at her friend.

“Something diet I bet!” Indigo threw a playful punch at the white haired teen, Sugarcoat not reacting or responding to the girl.

“Well I’m getting a sub, I need something nice and spicy!” Indigo rubbed her belly as she stated her decision.

“A ‘Blue Wendal’s’ hot dog for me.” Twilight said, her shyness starting to kick in as she realized how many people were around her.

“I would prefer something nice, like a full course Prench meal,” Sunny said as she sighed forlornly, “But I suppose a frozen yogurt will have to suffice.”

Slowly all nine other girls turned around and stared at Sunset, their eyes telling her to spill her food choice.

“Well?” Indigo said, “You gonna tell us or what?”

Sunset chuckled abashedly, “Well, I’ve only been to this mall twice before, and have only ever gotten a small drink from “Blue Wendal’s” before, but I don’t think they offer vegetarian options.”

“Wait!” Indigo blurted out, shocked at what she just heard, “Your a vegan?”

“Vegetarian.” Sunny Flare responded succinctly.

“Six one, half dozen the other.” Indigo shrugged flippantly.

“They are actually different,” Sunset said, “But yes, I am a vegetarian.”

“Then how did you get those pythons?” Aria asked incredulously, “I thought you said you weren't an Earth?”

“Proper exercise, not skipping over specific types of vegi’s cause they might not be some kind of silly organic thing, and small amounts of supplements.” Sunset had run through this all before, and did it quickly to make people ignore the ending of Aria’s sentence. “I may never get bodybuilder big, but I’d say I’ve done well.”

Everyone stopped and watched as Aria dug around in her pocket, before pulling out her wallet and fishing around in it, withdrawing a twenty dollar bill and handing it to Sunset. Everyone else, save for Sunset herself and Indigo, gave Aria many confused looks as they tried to figure out what was going on.

“I’m paying for my tickets to the gun show ya hippies!” Aria snapped, before a giddy smile came to her face as Sunset grabbed the offered bill and stashed it in her pockets, proceeding to strip off her jacket and hoodie to reveal the tank top she wore.

“Aweeesooome!” the purple Siren exalted, stepping forward and firmly grasping one of Sunset’s offered arms.

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