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Fall of Harmony - Moon-Lite

Sunset Shimmer struggles to deal with the accusations of Anon-A-Miss, and decides that this may be the straw to break her back.

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Cacophony of Emotion

Author's Note:

One quick chapter of fluff, cause all this torture of Bae-con is making me sad >.<

Cacophony of Emotion

Sunset sat on the sofa with a warm mug filled with hot chocolate held in her hands, arms healed enough that she could start to take care of herself again. The stitches had yet to be removed, but at least now she didn’t require the constant attention of Twilight nor her mom for every little thing. Things had cheered up as Christmas showed it’s face around the house. Whilst they didn’t have a tree the family had spent a good portion of Christmas Eve decorating around the house, even Sunset had helped, stringing lengths of garland around the house.

Cadence and Shining Armour showed up just as supper was set on the table, a myriad of boxes held underneath their arms, and were warmly greeted by Twilight. She was excited as ever to see her brother and his fiance, barely giving them room to function.

“Twily, it’s nice to see you too,” Shining Armour grunted as his sister attempted to give him a hug, “But at least let me and Cadence get our coats off first?”

Cadence laughed as Twilight refused to listen, at least allowing the woman to put her presents down and start to pull off her coat. “You should listen to your brother Twilight, you don’t want him to take away your presents, do you?” Cadence laughed as Twilight pulled back, large smile plastered happily across her face.

“Books!?” She shouted excitedly, arms flying up in the air, though she remained glued just a few feet away from the couple.

“You’ll just need to wait and see Twilly.” Shining ruffled her hair as he responded, finally out of his heavy winter coat. He strode past his little sister, stopping in front of Sunset. “So I heard we’re in the process of getting a new student?” He had a warm smile.

Sunset nodded. “Yes, I think everyone is right by saying I should transfer schools.” She sighed, looking down at her hot chocolate, before continuing, “Even if I was finally proven innocent, I doubt I would have the desire to stay.” She looked up at him, slight frown on his face, and smile lightly, “But I am looking forward to a fresh start! Go Shadowbolts?” Her sentence ended much more questioningly then she intended, truth be told she knew little about the school other than all the hate the students at CHS gave it.

Shining chortled as he reached out and rubbed her shoulder, “Yeah, something like that will do.” He paused as he sniffed the air, “Now come on, supper must be just getting put on the table, and you don’t want Twilight to steal all the food, do you?”

Twilight was obviously not amused by her brother’s jab, and chased the young man through the kitchen, towards the dining room. Sunset smiled at the show of family, feeling bad that she was envious of it even after everything this family had done for her. She looked over at Cadence, who held a hand out to assist Sunset out of the plush prison of a sofa she resided in.
“What can you tell me about Crystal Prep? The students, teachers and what not?”

A queer look passed over the face of Cadence, extremely briefly, before a smile replaced it. “Well, we definitely have a focus on the curriculum, but not just getting good test scores. We also value physical education, drive, and the desire to be the best.” She helped pull Sunset up to her feet. “But nothing out of the ordinary, as long as you apply yourself to the fullest.”

Sunset grinned at the woman. This sounded almost like Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, and before she went… well… crazy, Sunset was the top student the school had ever been host to! She was looking forward to going to a school that had a good focus on studies. “Well, I hope I can prove that I am the top student around!”

Cadence smiled at the drive the teen showed, amazed at how well she had bounced back her repeated abuses. She felt a small pang in the back of her mind, guilt? She knew she should tell the teen about the Principal at Crystal Prep, but that could wait, right? This was Christmas after all, this was the time of family and togetherness.

“Where are you going?”

Cadence’s smile fell quickly as she watched Sunset start towards the staircase, the teen with a sad smile on her face.

“Oh, well… it’s a family supper right? I should leave you all be.” Sunset had paused on the threshold of the stairs, looking back at the woman who had a mixture of shock and sorrow splashed across her face.

“Then why are you not coming?” Cadence was so confused. Surely Sunset knew that she would be joining the supper, right? She wasn’t still berating herself about her injuries, surely she was past that!

“I have already imposed enough as is,” she said disturbingly calmly, “I don’t want to interrupt your guyses holiday for my sake.” Sunset hardly noticed how fast Cadence crossed the room, pulling the teen into a soft hug.

“And it won’t be complete if you aren’t with us.” She pulled back and stared at Sunset, the girl having a hard time returning the gaze. “So please, come with me to the dinner table… I don’t want your seat to go cold.” She stepped back, holding a delicate hand out the teen, begging Sunset to make the right choice.

Sunset stared down at the offered hand, then back up at Cadence, weighing her choices. She was happy here, living amongst this family, but did she really belong? They kept on saying that she was one of them, but how long until she returned back to her lonely apartment. Could she take the separation? She looked back down at the hand, sighing as she reached out and grasped it.

“You win… Let’s go eat.”

Cadence glowed at she guided Sunset to the dining room, through the kitchen and past the stairs leading to the basement. She was glad Sunset made the right choice, to join the rest of her family for supper. Gazing back at the teen, Cadence put her hand in the groove of the door, sliding it away and admitting the two of them into the warm, fragrant room.

It was most likely the second largest room in the house, due to the massive size of the living room, and was still almost claustrophobically full of festive cheer with wall stickers of reindeers, and Santa, strands of garland and tinsel hand from the the roof. The table must have once served as a drawbridge for a medieval castle, the size larger than Sunset had seen yet in this world, yet it was mostly hidden by countless plates of food.

The rest of the family had seated themselves, Night Light at the head, Twilight Velvet to his left and Shining Armour to the right, with space for his fiance obviously, followed by Twilight Sparkle and a final empty seat, waiting for Sunset Shimmer. In front of each of the diners was a dinner plate yet none of them held food, instead they were each platters for a single large, woolen sock, each with the name of the respective person lovingly embroidered upon it.

Sunset paused before her seat, eyes welling with tears and hands shook in front of her mouth. There upon her plate sat a stocking of her own, stuffed full of love and brimming with knick knacks, it yellow and red striping pattern a copy of the girls own mane of hair, and there embroidered on the front read,

“Sunset Shimmer”

Sunset couldn’t help but look around the table, at each happy smile and joyful pair of eyes. She never thought she would feel like this, this overwhelming wave of joy and appreciation, of love and affection. She slowly wiped away her tears, hiccuping as she stood there.

“Thank you… All of you… I don’t know if I could ever repay you for the great kindness and generosity you have shared with me.” She looked around, watching as Velvet dried her eyes, “Of the loyalty of standing up to your own friends and family for my sake.” Night Light blew his nose on his napkin. “Of honesty, by telling me what would help me move past this.” She looked at Cadence and Shining Armour, the couple holding hands as they watched the impromptu speech Sunset was giving. “Teaching me that laughter is one of the greatest medicines.” She finally looked at Twilight, the lavender teen’s face slightly puffy from crying. “And proving to me that truly, friendship is magic.”

Sunset felt something ignite in her as she finished her speech and sat down. Something lost long ago, in a world far far away. A spark that was lost when she came to this world. Sunset smiled as she watched everyone pour out their stocking on the plates, laughing at the gag gifts, enjoying chocolates and candy canes. Everybody was happy, enjoying the time with one another, and Sunset was finally starting to feel happy.

The air grew quiet after Velvet wrung her wine glass with her spoon, signaling to everyone present to pay attention. “I am glad you are all enjoying your small pre Christmas gifts, but it is time to enjoy the supper that I spent so long preparing.” Everyone chuckled as Velvet stood up and walked around the table, taking stockings away and out of the room, before reaching into the middle of the table and pulling a lid off a large tray.

“You are now welcome to start digging in!”

There were many cries of approval as food found it’s way to each plate, Sunset was even surprised as she watched Velvet leaving the dinning room only to return with a platter full of vegetarian options just for Sunset! She felt tears well again as Velvet placed the tray in front of her, thanking her once more, though she could barely find the words.

Food continued to be passed around the table, plates slowly emptying before being refilled, each person eating more then they would normally dare to. Sunset watched as the adult’s slowly sipped away at tall flutes of wine, while she and Twilight substituted with cranberry ginger ale. The taste made her think of home, of sitting before a great hearth on a night like this, wrapped up in Celestia’s great wings.

The dinner slowly subsided, people starting to pass on food and help take away dishes leaving Sunset alone in the dining room with Velvet, the matriarch exempt from dishes and cleanup. Sunset looked at her as she sat in her chair, resting slightly.

“When did you have time to do this?”

Velvet’s eyes cracked open, a wide smile on her face. “I’m a mother Sunset,” She chuckled, “We’re magical beings with eyes in the back of our heads, and always able to find time for every single one of our family members.”

Sunset blushed, laughing slightly at the woman’s tirade. “Thank you.” Sunset finally calmed down. “For everything you’ve done…” She wiped an errant tear away as she looked back at Velvet. “I doubt I would be here right now if it wasn’t for you and your family…”

Velvet stood up, walking around the table before stopping shy of Sunset, arms flung open. Sunset didn’t need much of a hint, throwing herself from the chair into the mother’s arms. Twilight Velvet may not have birthed Sunset, may not have been there to raise her, but little by little, Sunset was starting to think of her as family. As mother.


Sunset had a hard time sleeping that night, body still running thanks to her sugar high from all the chocolate she ate from her stocking. She stared at the ceiling, happy smile on her face. She sighed, feeling her body start to finally drift away.

Only to be suddenly shook awake.

“Sunset! Wake up! It’s time to open presents!”

Sunset groaned at Twilight, hands coming up to try and clean her blurry, crusty eyes. “What time is it even?” she complained, body popping and cracking awkwardly from poor sleep.

“Twelve past ten!” The eager teen responded, her exuberance making sure that Sunset wouldn’t drift back to sleep. “We let you sleep in, mainly ‘cause my parents threatened to ground me if i woke you too soon, but I couldn’t wait any longer!” She started to pull Sunset up out of bed, Sunset being too tired to complain at her treatment, followed her.

“Twilight Sparkle, I hope you didn’t harass Sunset too much getting her out of bed!”

The motherly tone of Velvet rung through the air, causing the slowly blinking Sunset to take stock of the room.

Everyone sat around the living room, itself being cleared of the the coffee table as well as the other furniture for the time being, legs crossed, out in front, or underneath. Before each person sat a pile of differently sized and wrapped boxes, each one wrapped in the colours of one of the family members. Sunset paused. The stocking was one thing, but this.

“No…” she whispered, studying the pile of presents without someone nearby, “No those can’t be for me…” She looked at the five other people in the room, who each nodded as their eyes met hers. “Jeez guys… I don’t know what to say…” She sat down slowly looking at the pile. Twilight had gotten her the most things, judging by the predominance of wrapping paper that coloured her multi purple colours. Shining Armour and Cadence had each gotten her something, Night Light and Twilight Velvet even more.

“But I couldn’t get any of you anything…” She shook her head, “No, this is too much! I don’t deserve this!” But when she opened her eyes, she saw five people standing above her, hands held out. This was her family, and they would be here for her no matter what. She sniffled as she held her hands out, feeling the love of each of the family members flow into her as they pulled her up together and embraced her as a group. Sleep and drowsiness was forgotten. In their place? Love.

They all sat down again, and started opening presents, Sunset at a much slower pace than the rest of the house. Each of the members elated upon opening the various gifts, such as Night Light when he got a singing tie from Twilight, or Shining Armour blushing as Cadence smiled coyly at Velvet upon opening a box containing a baby mobile.

“I’m hoping for grandkids soon.” She chuckled at the pair.

Sunset slowly opened Shining Armour’s present first.

“It was kinda last minute, so I didn’t have the largest choice of colours, but-”

Twilight cut his brother off, “I was there with him and made sure he picked the right model!” She shouted out excitedly.

Sunset froze as she removed the wrapping paper, a box showing off a laptop looking up at her. “No way…” This was an extremely good laptop, like, top of the line quality for school and business use. “You shouldn’t have!” She had tears in her eyes as she looked as Shining, who merely shrugged in response. He knew that she would be thanking him in the end for it.

She made her way through the rest of the presents, skipping Cadence’s when the woman said that her’s should be last. The whole up to date collection of Daring Do books from Twilight, as well as a super fancy scientific calculator that she; “Made some adjustments to.”. Night Light bought her a gift card for the Crystal Empire, shrugging when Sunset finally found it in his massive box and stared at him in disbelief.

“I’m kinda historically bad for shopping for gifts, so I took the lazy route instead.”

Apparently Night Light thought $500 was lazy.

Twilight Velvet bought some fancy silk night wear for the teen, claiming that it would be better than the old shirt she kept wearing to bed, as well a wrist watch and some jewellry.

“Every girl needs something shiny.” She said, winking at Sunset as Shining groaned in embarrassment.

Finally everyone was finished opening presents, except for one final one. Cadence’s gift to Sunset. She sat with the box on her lap, looking at Cadence. “I managed to pull a few personal favours with a friend of mine.” She said as Sunset started to unwrap it. “Hopefully I remembered everything properly.” Sunset carefully removed the delicate and colorful paper, putting it aside and looking at the brown box sitting on her lap. “Go on.” Cadence urged the teen. Sunset slowly opened the box, a questioning look on her face, before she looked up at Cadence, tears of happiness budding.

“This is more than just a few personal favours.” She whispered, as she reached into the box and pulled out a burgundy blouse, knee length navy blue socks, a burgundy plaid skirt, and a navy blue bowtie. “This is my uniform for Crystal Prep… But how?” A look of joy spread across Sunset’s face.

“I said I would make sure to get you in, and you can’t show up without a uniform, so…” Cadence smiled warmly at the amber teen, finally able to have a chance to prove that she was a good person.

“Does that mean…?” Sunset asked with bated breath, eyes locked on the Dean of Crystal Prep Academy. Cadence’s smile deepened and, after slowly closing her eyes, nodded her head.

“Congratulations Sunset!” the family cried out.

Her family cried out.

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