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Fall of Harmony - Moon-Lite

Sunset Shimmer struggles to deal with the accusations of Anon-A-Miss, and decides that this may be the straw to break her back.

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Hazy School Day

Author's Note:

Just want to give a heads up! By the end of this week im going to be neck deep in Stormblood, so Im going to be doing my best to get as much posted before my slight vacation.

For those wondering, I currently have about 10 more full chapters focused on Sunset in this arc before the end, full chapters being 4000+ words, as well as a few oneshots, ranging from 1000-2500 words.

Yes, Sunset is going to be found out innocent. That is going to be happening in the next chapter or two, as well as a minor chapter focused on the Rainbooms, and their reactions. Will the CmC be found out? That I won't share! >:D

Hazy School Day

Advanced Math, taught by one Crashing Wave, was the sort of class that Sunset wished she could have taken back at CHS. Mr. Wave was very laid back, surprising the teen with his off set smile as she entered with Twilight.

“Here comes our new prodigy,” he drawled, smiling lazily at Sunset, “Welcome to my humble classroom.” He took a lopsided bow, nearly falling over as he leaned down, before standing up and walking over to Sunset. “I understand that you will be with my best student here for the day?”

Sunset nodded, taken aback by how this man was acting. “Yes sir! I hope I’m not going to cause any issues by being here.” She looked down as she shuffled her feet.

Mr. Wave chuckled as he patted her shoulder disarmingly. “No worries kiddo! As long as you don’t distract Twilight from her pop quiz, everything should be chill.”

Twilight’s face widened exponentially at the mention of a pop quiz, her love for tests an anomaly deserving to be studied, before rushing to her desk and sitting down. “A Quiz, huh?” Sunset raised an eyebrow to the teacher, “Would it be fine if I tried my hand at it? That way I should be focused on my own work and not bothering Twilight.”

Mr. Wave scratched his ocean blue chin, regarding the determined look he was receiving from the girl, “Well,” his hand ruffled his short teal crew cut, “I don’t see much of an issue personally. It won’t count towards your grade however, so you sure you want to?”

The rest of the students had started to enter, pausing and looking at the new girl before hurrying to their seats. “I understand sir, but I would still like to try my hand at it.” She looked around, noticing that the room was starting to get full. “Also, where should I sit?”

“Next to your guide should work for today I think,” the teacher replied, pointing to an empty seat at the front, “Just don’t think about copying off her, savvy?”

Sunset nodded, poker face set in a friendly smile to prevent her from laughing at the man’s outward action, making steady steps toward her seat next to a vibrating lavender teen. “You alright there, Twilight?” She asked as she deposited her binder onto her desk, “I’m pretty sure you are getting some looks.”

Twilight was slowly calming down, her desk a mess of calculator, pencils, erasers, and scrap paper sheets. “I’m used to it,” she said with a sad smile, causing Sunset to frown a slight, “Even amongst the advanced students I stand out.”

Sunset reached over and rubbed the teens arm, hoping to show a sign of affection. “Welcome back, kiddies,” Sunset returned to facing Mr. Wave, who was leaning against the back wall strangely devoid of any kind of white board, chalk board, or similar item. “I hope y’all had a great holiday!” The students all greeted the man, Sunset included, “Now I know that y’all most likely didn’t do much studying, so I took it upon myself to make a small pop quiz for you all to help freshen up your young minds.”

A small series of groans filled the room as the students prepared themselves, Mr. Wave handing groups of sheets to the front of each row, who passed it back after taking one of the sheets. “Y’all have half an hour starting… now.”

The sounds of calculator buttons be depressed and pencils on paper. Sunset slowly wrote her name at the top of the paper, before moving down to the first question. Huh, she thought, glancing over the question, This is similar to what I was studying back in Equestria before I left. Not bothering to open her calculator, Sunset started to write in delicate script, rapidly progressing through the first question, followed shortly by the second, then the third. Before ten minutes had passed she had her hand raised, beckoning over Mr. Wave who was smiling lazily.

“Got some questions do ya, Sunset?” He paused and kneeled down infront of the teen.

“Well,” she started, keeping her voice low so as not to distract others, “Just one, actually.” The teacher nodded, waiting for the amber girl to continue. “Where do I hand this in?”

The sound of a pencil clattering onto wood came from her right, students glaring at Twilight who hurriedly picked it back up before glancing at Sunset, shock playing across her features.

“Finished already?” The teacher’s tone was slightly baffled, slightly impressed, “Give it to me and I’ll go check it over.” Sunset handed the paper over, turning around and looking at the other students, all their gazes locked on her in wonder. “Now class, I suggest you get back to your own tests.” The pupils listened to their instructor, returning with fervour to the questions before them.

Sunset sat quietly at her desk, making as little motion as possible. Twilight finished shortly after her, pushing her seat back and walking to the front and handing her own test in. The rest of the class slowly filtered to the front over the rest of the half hour test period, the last student handing in with minutes to spare.

“Y’all know the drill,” the teacher started, “Give me a few minutes to check the last of these and we will see who the winner is.”

The students all started chatting quietly, stealing glances to Sunset and Twilight periodically, no doubt conversing about the new girl. Sunset disregarded it all, instead focusing on chatting with Twilight.

“So how do you think you did?” Sunset brushed a strand of hair behind her ear as she questioned her friend.

“Oh, it was pretty easy!” Twilight exclaimed happily, “I mean, I did study over the break after all.” She chuckled softly as she looked at Sunset’s bemused look. “There’s not much else to do with all that free time. I usually run out of experiments after the first three days, so the rest is spent studying and testing myself.”

Sunset nodded, “Your dedication is inspiring, but did you do as Cadence asked?” the other teen tilted her head in wonderment, “You know, relax?” Sunset giggled at Twilight’s blushing, “I mean, surely you spent some time with your friends before I came along, right?”

Twilight shifted into looking crestfallen at Sunset’s comment. “I, uh…” the teen looked back up at Sunset, “I’ve never really had friends before. I thought they were distractions from my studies.” She suddenly waved her hands in front of herself, “But don’t worry, I really appreciate the time we have spent together!”

Sunset frowned as she nodded. This must have been what Twilight was like before she became a Princess. Much like Sunset, though at least she had people listening to her through intimidation.

“I mean, those three sisters that transferred in before winter seemed to think that they know me, and seem to hang around me a lot.” Twilight shrugged her shoulders, “The orange haired one seems pretty intelligent, though I’m not sure how the other two got in.” She affixed Sunset with a strange look, “Though they knew your name, how?”

Sunset looked around the room, before motioning Twilight closer. “They are from CHS,” she whispered, “but don’t worry, they aren’t related to the whole Anon-A-Miss debacle, they left well before it started after all.” Sunset smiled as she leaned back to her chair, the teacher grabbing the attention of the students.

“Now I hope you are all ready, because this test will serve as a good wake up call for a few of you,” he gazed across the room and took in more than a few sheepish looks. “But overall y’all did well. But that doesn’t mean y’all won,” he stared down at the chart in his hand, grinning comically, “In fact, we only have one this time.” Twilight slunk in her seat at the comment. “Congratulations to, with a perfect score…” He paused, for dramatic effect certainly, before calling out,

“Sunset Shimmer!” He started to clap, or at least as much as he could with one hand holding onto paper. The students all started whispering, gasping at Sunset who remained seated with a confused look on her face. What did he mean by “winner”?

“Wow, Sunset!” Twilight exclaimed, “I’m honestly really impressed!”

“Uh, thanks I guess?” Sunset looked at the teacher, then back to Twilight, “What is going on?”

“Well, ya see,” Mr. Wave started as he walked back to his desk and opened a drawer, retrieving a slip of paper before returning to Sunset. “To add extra incentive for the students, I give the best scoring students of each test a coupon for one free dessert from the cafeteria.” He handed the small slip to Sunset, the teen receiving it graciously with both hands, “So enjoy! Maybe share some with Twilight though,” he winked playfully, “You accidently distracted her when you called me over, causing her to make a minor mistake.”

The lavender teen shook her head, “I have an entire backlog of uneaten desserts, I usually give them to the sisters to help keep the number down.”

Sunset peered at the slip, a giddy smile crossing her face. Not a bad start!


The rest of the class passed with little of other noticeable action, Sunset working on some worksheets with Twilight, doing her best to ignore repeated stares from the other class members. The bell eventually rung, the students packing up their things as they started to run to lockers to swap over for their next class. Sunset followed Twilight out last, the two of them smiling at some smalltalk.

“Head’s up, Sunset!”

Sunset’s head spun to her right, arms shooting up instinctively. Her hands stung as something large was caught, it’s black and white skin peeking through her fingers. The soccer ball dropped to the ground, her foot securing it to the linoleum floor, her hands being shook around to try and abate the stinging.

“Nice catch, newbie!” Indigo Zap called out as she approached, confident grin covering her face, “If I could hazard a guess, I’d say you were a goalie at some point!” She punched the amber teen in the shoulder playfully, earning a small glare in return. “Aw, don’t give me that fire hair! Sour warned ya, and judging by your reaction I must be the first to get ya.”

Sunset’s hands slowly stopped the incessant stinging. “That’s nice and all, but I could have been seriously hurt you know.” That earned a shrug from the goggle wearing girl. “And how did you know where to find me even?”

“One of my friends shares that class with Twilight there and texted me after your guys’ test. Went on about some new girl who aced a pop quiz that they didn’t know about.” She bent down and freed the ball from Sunset’s grip, smiling and waving as she departed.

“Are you alright, Sunset?” Twilight finally spoke up, worry evident on her face. “I swear I knew nothing about that!”

“Relax.” Sunset smiled and hugged the other girl, “I’m fine, I’m used to being assaulted by worse than soccer balls of late.”

Twilight gave her a worried look, before starting to head to her next class.


Sunset stood in line with Twilight, trays in their hands as they waited to get their lunch served.

“This place is leagues above what we got at CHS,” Sunset commented, air filled with the raucous of teens talking over lunch. “No offense to Granny Smith, but she is just one woman.” She looked over the various foods in front of her, mouth watering at some of the choices she had. They even had vegetarian options! It was such a struggle to get things like that back at CHS, mainly because Granny Smith was so busy trying to feed all the teens.

“I almost feel the slightest bit of sadness for those students,” Twilight stated humorlessly, “Maybe I’d pity them if they had-”

Sunset cut the vindictive teen short with a nudge of elbow. “Calm down Twilight, it was the past.” She smiled as their turn finally came up. “For now, let’s just enjoy our lunch.”

Twilight nodded, before looking to the food lady behind the counter, listing of her requests. Sunset turned to look at the man in front of her, clearing her throat.

“Could I get some of that salad there?” She pointed at one of the many offerings of food, handing over her tray as the man scooped some on, “Maybe another few scoops like that, if that is alright?” The man nodded, filling Sunset’s plate/tray hybrid before handing it back. “Thank you!” Sunset continued her way down the line, reaching into one of the chilled basin’s to pull out a bottle of water, before stopping before a lady serving fresh fruits.

“An apple please!” Sunset asked, the lady digging into the pile to her side and grabbing one, placing it on the offered tray. She thanked the lady, before heading down to a register.

“How much do I owe?” She asked the tiller, who shook her head after looking at Sunset’s tray.

“Only things we charge for are on the menu above me here.” She replied, pointing to the long list above. Sunset took a moment to study the chart, before gasping and setting her tray onto the counter and rummaging around in one of the pockets of her blazer.

“Here!” She said, handing the slip to the lady, who studied the slip before smiling.

“Ah, one of Crasher’s winners huh? What would you like?”

“That hot fudge sundae sounds good to me, if that is alright?” Sunset slumped a slight as she asked, hoping that the voucher cover such a treat. The lady nodded, before walking over to start preparations on the desert.

“So what did you decide on?” Twilight returned to standing next to Sunset, her tray laden with tons of various foods. “It’s for a balanced diet, alright?” She blushed as Sunset started to laugh, her attention brought back to the counter as the hot and chill creation was deposited. Thanking the lady, Sunset turned around and stared over the lunch room. It was similar to CHS, though much higher class. The tables and chairs a higher quality, yet still the students clamoured to sit with their friends.

“Where to? All the seats look full!” The lunch room was absolutely packed! All the seats near the lunch line were full, and Sunset could barely see through the sea of students. She felt a nudge, watching as Twilight motioned to follow her. The two teens made a long winding path, ending up in a corner seat that was mostly empty.


Sonata waved cheerily from the table where the Sirens sat, joined first by Twilight, then by a hesitant Sunset. The other two greeted in their own ways, before greeting Twilight.

“Sunset said she knew you three from CHS.” Twilight said between bites of some kind of sandwich, voice slightly muffled. “What does she mean by that?”

Sunset cursed in her head, looking at the three Sirens with an indescribable look. Aria looked surprisingly nervous, which was rather shocking to Sunset, while Sonata looked at Adagio for advice. The head of the three maintained an air of indifference, finishing her forkful of some kind of chicken salad. Clearing her throat she smiled at the teen across from her.

“Well me and my sister’s spent some time at that high school before we transferred here.” She started, Sunset thankful that the Siren didn’t seem intent to try and explain the truth before Sunset was ready. “We participated in that school’s Battle of the Bands, and were beat by Sunset and her friends just before we transferred here.” She turned her smile to Sunset, “The bigger question is what Sunset is doing here with us, in a Shadowbolt uniform no less!”

Twilight started to talk, before starting to choke lightly on her mouthful of food. Sonata jumped up with a gasp, rushing behind the lavender teen and delivering rapid, moderate strokes to the choking girls back.

“Well, all I can say is that stuff hit the fan,” Sunset made a dramatic motion with her hand toward Twilight, the teen now breathing heavily as Sonata rubbed her back, “And now I am staying with Twilight and her family while I attend school here.”

Adagio gave a queer look, before her vision started to path towards the girl across the table, before pausing and staring at Sunset’s arm. Her eye’s slowly widened, before turning to Sunset, freezing the teen in place.

“What?” Sunset was confused, why was Adagio- Oh. She pulled her arm back, grasping at the cuff that had slid down and readjusting it. “Please forget about what you just-” Sunset never got to finish, Adagio almost teleporting as she rushed to Sunset’s side.

“When did this occur?” Adagio whispered, her eyes a flurry of emotions as she stared at the amber girl. “Please, tell me Sunset.” The ancient equestrian being was begging Sunset, trying to find out why there were fresh scars down the teen’s arm.

Sunset looked at Adagio, trying to find out what sort of game she was playing. Why was she showing concern? Shouldn’t the three of them be trying to kill Sunset for what her and the Rainbooms did to the three? She shook her head, looking at the poofy haired girl.

“Don’t worry about it, Adagio,” She tried her best to break free from the Siren’s iron grip, “It’s in the past, and I intend to keep it that way.”

“It was those jerks at CHS!” Twilight chose an inopportune moment to regain control over her voice, Sonata looking at Adagio and Sunset with worry. “They accused her of something she was innocent of, going so far as trying to attack her!”

“Dammit Twilight!” Sunset cursed, trying to stop the teen from spreading any more secrets. She fought in the prison of Adagio’s grasp, but to no avail. Slowly she calmed down, sighing as she looked down at her knees. “Fine, I’ll tell you three, but only because Twilight seems to trust you three so much.” She brought her head up, eyes on fire as she stared at the head Siren, “Around the middle of December, somebody started a MyStable page with the sole purpose to spread secrets of the students at CHS and to frame me for it. I tried my best to prove my innocence, but no one believed me.”

“Not even…” Aria had moved over to sit beside Sunset, eyes a mystery.

“No one.” Sunset confirmed, lowering her head. “Eventually the students moved past just verbally assaulting me, and some started to physically attack me, the last attack being a knife.” Sunset looked to Twilight, gaining solace from the teens reassuring look. “I tried talking to… Them, one last time, but needless to say it didn’t go well. I walked through the city for a couple hours, before I… y’know.”

She was tackled from behind by Sonata, arms wrapping around her abdomen as she whispered reassurances. Adagio could only watch, hands turning to shaking fists as she watched in grim silence. Aria looked to Twilight, only watching as the teen nodded in confirmation.

“So,” Adagio broke the silence that washed over the group, “They used you to beat us, but not before ridiculing you themselves, then after you saved their sorry asses they toss you aside without a second chance?”

Sunset flinched as Adagio uttered an Equestrian curse, standing up and pacing away. Sonata remained attached to Sunset, her body shaking lightly as she sobbed into the teens shoulder. Aria remained seated, vision trying to penetrate Sunset’s gloomy gaze. Twilight got up and stood before Sunset, bowing deeply.

“Sorry Sunset!” She cried, tears brimming at the edge of her eyes, “I just couldn’t keep it in.” She looked at the two, before trying to find Adagio in the crowd, “I know you don’t like to talk about it, but you can trust these three. I don’t know why, but I just have that gut feeling.” She wrung her hands before running off, stating something about using the bathroom.

The three remained seated in silence, unable to look at one another. It wasn’t long before Adagio returned, taking her seat across from Sunset.

“I want to discuss this,” She started, ignoring Sunset’s flailing mane as her head shook, “But later. First I should probably explain why the three of us wished to meet with you Sunset.” Sunset stared at Adagio, questioning where this was coming from. “You see, we three had hoped to find you and your group of ex-friends. We wanted to thank you all for helping us.”

Sunset was lost in shock at Adagio’s confession. Surely this was a trick, right? But Sunset could tell by the tone of voice, the body language emitted from the Siren, that she was telling the truth. She thanked her years of learning how to use people for her skills in understanding the intentions of others.

“You see, when you three blasted us with your magic you started a process of cleansing.” Aria continued where Adagio left off, “Though I’m certain that you know what we went through, personal experience am I right?” Aria chuckle darkly, “Long story short, there is a perfect human expression to explain our new demeanour.” She made sure Sunset was listening before she went on.

“You are what you eat.”

Sunset froze. That was ridiculous! They were such evil,manipulative beings because they fed off of negative emotions? She almost wanted to tell them about a bridge she could sell them.

“We had spent so long using the negative emotions of Ponies and humans to sustain ourselves well past our natural lives.” Sonata whispered sadly, “That it started to affect us personally. We originally didn’t want to use negative emotions, but before Equestria was founded, there was so little positivity.” She let go of Sunset, allowing the teen to turn around and face Sonata. “So it was a choice, either attempt to live off of negativity or…”

Sunset paused as she watched the bubbly Siren turn her head down.

“Starve to death.” Sunset finished off for the fellow Equestrian. “Well, I can say that I understand your initial motives, and I’m sad that you were driven to that.” She looked around at the three. “While it may take a little while, I think the four of us can come to a good understanding.” She shrugged as she said this, unsure if she was fully ready to go friend hunting again or not,” Maybe we make something out of it, who knows? Just promise me this.” She looked mainly at Adagio, “Please don’t let Twilight hear anything about Equestria. Cussing like that is fine, but don’t give her the idea that other worlds exist.”

The three Sirens nodded, smiling at the opportunity to show their thanks to their saviour. The three returned to their seats, giggling and joking as they told Sunset about Equestrian history that the historians got wrong. They swapped stories for a short while before Twilight returned, the teen refusing to meet Sunset’s eyes. Deciding to take matters in her own hands, she rose up from her seat and approached Twilight, hugging her tightly.

“Don’t fret about it Twilight,” Sunset said, holding the teen in her embrace, “I know you meant no wrong. I still have to get used to the questions that people may ask.” She pulled back, “So don’t worry, come sit and eat with us, I was actually just about to ask them about you.” Sunset winked as she hurried back to their table, the teen following as relief blossomed in her.

“So tell me how you three met Twilight here?” Sunset asked as she took a large bite of her salad, enjoying the fresh crispness of the vegetables.

“Oh! Oh!” Sonata’s hand flew up into the air, “It was actually the day we first transferred here!” Sonata grinned happily.

“Woulda been the start of December,” Aria recalled, her features furrowed, “We come walking around the corner of this long hallway and we hear a bit of a commotion.”

Twilight blushed and stammered, attempting to stop the telling of this embarrassing story, causing Sunset to laugh and egg the sisters on.

“We see Twilight, her back against the lockers as she is getting stared down by three girls who put that big white violin player to shame.” The three Sirens started laughing as Adagio started, “And you would not believe how much of a shock it was to see Twilight over there, three huge and menacing girls looming over her. Talk about major deja vu!”

“Aria wasted no time with running up to the three, getting in between Twilight and them. Half a second later and punches were being flung like, Pow! Wham!” Sonata’s arms flailed about to help with the telling of the story.

“Those three weren’t much of a fight.” Aria shrugged, “More bark than bite.” She chuckled.

“And little Twilight here, well she just couldn’t stop thanking us, offered to repay us for protecting her.” Adagio continued, chuckling from Sonata’s continued antics.

The lunch bell rang, signaling that they had to hurry to their next classes. The five girls walked towards the entrance, depositing food scraps into the garbage, and leaving the trays in a pile on top with others waiting to be washed.

“So, since you said we can get in contact with you,” Sonata said as she reached into her top and pulled out her phone, “What’s your number?”

Sunset paused, before frowning and looking at the ground. “I uh… Kinda don’t have one anymore.” She chuckled as she looked up at her three fellow Equestrians. “It met the heels of my old boots, just outside CHS.”

The three Sirens looked at each other, before nodding and turning to Sunset.

“Well, as the first sign of our gratitude, we shall have to help remedy that situation, now won't we?” Adagio said, gentle smile playing across her features.

“Yeah!” Sonata added, “Thanks to being so evil and mind washing tons of people, we are totally loaded for life!”

“How about we meet at the mall after school?” Aria asked, as oblivious as her sisters were to the looks they were receiving from Sunset and Twilight.

“Whaaaaa…?” Twilight looked on confused, before a smile crossed her face, “Oh Sonata, you’re so silly!” She started laughing, “You almost had me that time.”

Sunset chuckled as well, glad that Twilight didn’t take Sonata’s admission of truth honestly.

“You three really don’t have to do that y’know.”

Adagio reached out and put her hands on Sunset's arms, taking a moment to revel in the firmness she felt, “We insist. Sonata is right, we have more money than we should ever need.”

Sunset glanced at Twilight, who shrugged while stating, “It’s either them, or me and my family. Your choice.”

Sighing herself, Sunset relented. “Fine, we will meet up outside the front doors after school and go to the mall.” She shook her head, “The amount of charity I’ve received is staggering.”

The other four nodded in agreement, and all five said their farewells and hurried to their lockers.

“So when were you going to tell me the truth about them Twilight?” Sunset asked, worried look on her face as the two hurried through the halls.

“Probably never,” she grinned sheepishly, “I didn’t think it was super important.”

“Have you told either Cadence or your parent’s that people were bullying you?” Sunset was getting really worried. Being a former bully herself, she knew it could be hard for the victims to speak out.

“No, and please don’t tell them!” Twilight paused and clapped her hands together as she stared at Sunset, “It’s nothing major, really!”

Sunset sighed, “Fine, since you asked so nicely.” The lavender teens face lit up, “But! If it happens again, you will let me know, and I will take care of it. Capiche?”

After making Twilight swear to it, the two rushed to Twilight’s next class.


Sunset blushed as she stood up, grabbing the whoopie cushion out from under her chair. Several other students burst out laughing, and it wasn’t long till Sunset joined them even as Twilight looked on in distress. Sunset saw Sour Sweet wink at her from the corner of her eye, before turning her gaze forward. Crude, but effective. Sunset thought.

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