• Published 9th Jun 2017
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Fall of Harmony - Moon-Lite

Sunset Shimmer struggles to deal with the accusations of Anon-A-Miss, and decides that this may be the straw to break her back.

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CHS: Reconvening the Orchestra

CHS: Reconvening the Orchestra

Sunset studied the slow swirling of the coffee, mind void of errant thoughts. Slowly she rose one hand up, palm facing her, and wiggled the fingers. Having returned from Equestria late last night she was still somewhat stuck on a Pony’s train of thoughts. If she weren’t a unicorn, she would no doubt hold the digits in higher praise.


“I’m telling you Bon Bon, relax. It was her who wanted to set this meeting up in the first place.”

“And all I’m saying, Lyra, is that doesn’t it seem a little suspect? I mean, you saw how she was at the assembly last week!”

“Would you two calm down? It appears that she is waiting for us.”

“You mean someone is even more punctual than you, Tavi?”

“Oh hush, Vinyl.” The slate skinned teen snarked, as she pulled a chair out from the table Sunset was seated at. “I do apologize if we are late dear. I do hope you haven’t been waiting long?”

“No worries, Octavia.” Sunset replied with a smile, before nodding at the other three girls accompanying her. “Lyra, Bon Bon, Vinyl, how are you four doing?”

“Can’t complain, Shimmy.” Vinyl said, purple shades flipped up on top of her head as her carmine eyes studied the amber teen.

“Been surviving,” Lyra started, before sighing. “That no cell phones punishment is a drag!”

“Lyra! Would it kill you to have even a modicum of social understanding?” Bon Bon whispered harshly, “Plus, I think that we got off a little lightly all things considering.”

“You are aware that she is sitting right before us, right loves?” Octavia stated as she watched the two “best friends” shrink down. “Sorry Sunset, though you must forgive us. We never expected to hear from you again, all things considered.”

Sunset held her hands up disarmingly, “No worries, Octavia. Truth be told, it was Vinyl that inspired me to call this meeting.”

“Me?” A snow white finger pointed back at it’s owner, who had set down the menu she was looking at. “What did I do?”

Sunset grinned, before reaching down and producing a certain set of knocks on the wooden table.

“You, uh, heard that, huh?” The snow white fields of Vinyl’s cheeks were replaced with red as she blushed in embarrassment. “I never thought you would hear that honestly, never took my mixes as your sort of tunes.”

“A friend from Crystal Prep lent me an earbud when that tune came up. Truth be told, I wasn’t certain it was intentional or not but seeing as how you are reacting I guess I was true?”

“Vinyl, what is she talking about?” Asked Bon Bon.

“Well, ya see-”

“Can I get you four anything to drink?”

Vinyl was cut off by an incredibly peppy voice, the table’s server having come over to help it’s new guests.

“I would just like a cup of earl grey, if I may.”

“A french vanilla for me.”

“Virgin Irish coffee for me.”

“Coffee, two cream and four sugar.”

“Vinyl, this is not some sort of drive through!” Octavia admonished as the the waitress departed, “You have to add it yourself.”

“Yes, quite!” Vinyl snarked, attempting to dictate in an over exaggerated posh accent. “Pip pip cheerio! God save the queen and what for.”

Octavia face palmed, if only to hide the giggles she was having a hard time controlling.

“And you, Lyra, what’s with this virgin crap?” Vinyl continued, “You scared of having your world rocked again like your first time with Bon Bon there?”

Lyra’s mint skin shot pure red as she spluttered in confusion, while Bon Bon wore a shocked appearance. “What the- Vinyl! We are in public!” the confectioner whispered harshly.

“Whatever, we’re all of age here so what’s wrong with enjoying it a little?” Vinyl asked, as if the answer was obvious.

“Well I still got a couple months before I can.” Sunset pipped in, not wanting to tell the four present that she was actually older than them by quite a bit.

Vinyl harrumphed as she scowled playfully at the amber teen, and was about to start talking again before Octavia cut her off. “I do believe that this get together was more to discuss then just drink tea or coffee,” She reached out and rested her hand on Sunset’s forearm. “Would I be wrong, love?”

Sunset chuckled, “Ever the purposeful one, huh Octavia? I must say that you got yourself a winner, Scratchie.” Vinyl beat her chest is pride as Octavia blushed lightly. “But yes, I did have a reason to call you four here. You did remember not to tell anyone else, correct?”

The other four nodded in agreement, letting Sunset sigh in relief. “Good, because I didn’t need to deal with anyone else from CHS anytime soon.”

“So why did you ask for us, and us alone?” asked Bon Bon, quizzical look on her face.

“Well, to thank you four really.”

The three musicians and single candy enthusiast looked at Sunset in silence.

“What?” came the short reply from Lyra.

“Really, you four were each one of the few who didn’t attack me, to believe me when I said I wasn’t Anon-A-Miss, and I really appreciate it.”

“But we could have done more.” Octavia said calmly, taking her tea from the waitress who had just delivered the groups beverages. “We could have stood up for you.”

“It’s fine. I think we all expected the Others to do it, so I can’t fault you for not. And by the time it became obvious enough for you four that I needed it, I was probably already gone from the school.” Sunset smiled warmly at the four that sat with her.

“Yeah, those bitches should be ashamed at how they treated you! Toying you along for so long only to throw you away when-”

“Bon Bon! Public!” Lyra had to reach out to calm down her friend, who appeared ready to shed blood.

“Yes, I must say I do not know what has come over you, dear.” Octavia said, looking at her friend in concern. “We all agree those five were particularly heartless, but no need to slink down to their level.”

Sunset cleared her throat, drawing attention back to her. “I’d prefer if we didn’t bring mention of those five, if it is fine with all of you?”

The four nodded, before Sunset opened up again, “So how did you four know it wasn’t me?”

They shared glances, before looking back at Sunset.

“Because,” Vinyl said, “None of the secrets we told you were ever spread.”

“The fact that me and Bon Bon had our first time was a pretty big secret we trusted you with, but not a soul in the school outside of the five of us knows.” Lyra stated with a friendly smile.

“Or the fact that me and Vinyl are dating.” Octavia said, “The public outcry would likely be immense that someone who is prim and proper as I would be dating someone who appears so opposite like Vinyl.”

“Or the fact that you two are actually sisters.”

Octavia and Vinyl both did rather spectacular spit takes, ones that Lyra would take to her grave as some of the best she ever saw.

“Damnit, Bon Bon! Not everyone is as understanding as you lot!” Vinyl was glaring furiously at the pink and blue haired friend.

“Love is love,” Sunset said shrugging, “as long as a mutual understanding between all involved parties is achieved, I don’t see why it should be such an issue.”

“While we deeply appreciate your understand, Sunset, you do understand why it is we keep it so… under wraps, as it were?” Octavia said calmly.

“Well, I mean how many others have you told that you two are related? I doubt most people would care that you two are dating if they didn’t know that fact.” Bon Bon asked, as though the statement was obvious.

Vinyl and Octavia shared a long stare, before they both did double face palms, so perfectly in sync that it was like they were mirror images.

“So obvious!” Octavia grumbled.

“Would make so much sense!” Vinyl groaned.

The other three laughed at the sudden understanding of the two musicians. “Now that that crisis is averted, I do have to say again that I deeply appreciate that at least some of my friends understood me.”

“We’re sorry that we didn’t do more.” Lyra said, hands reaching out and cupping Sunset’s own. “And we are glad that you are still willing to talk to us.”

“Yeah! Who else would I get for my awesome guitar lines for my mixings?” Vinyl said boisterously.

“And who else would I enjoy cappuccinos on hot summer days with?” Bon Bon added.

“Or someone that actually cares about their academics?” Octavia added as she stared at the other three.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever miss valedictorian.” Vinyl huffed, arms crossed.

“I know it seems like a big deal to you four, but I’m doing my best to move past it.” Sunset said, “I just wanted to let you four know how I felt and such.”

“Well does that mean you’ll get Celestia to let us have our phones back during school hours?” Lyra’s face lit up in barely repressed hope.

“Dammit, Heartstrings…” Bon Bon face palmed.

The rest of the table burst out in laughter.

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