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Fall of Harmony - Moon-Lite

Sunset Shimmer struggles to deal with the accusations of Anon-A-Miss, and decides that this may be the straw to break her back.

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Overflow of Truth

Author's Note:

Guess who has a bunch of super sore fingers and stayed up waaaay past their bed time!
This guy!

I couldn't sleep without finishing this chapter, but was too tired to post it, so it's coming up now!

Today is my last day at work before my short vacation starts, and Stormblood doesn't start till Friday, so today and Thursday are gonna be full of me hopefully getting this arc done? Maybe xP

There are only three chapters left in this arc, but this is the climax~

After this I will probably slow down on releases for a bit, maybe some one-shots of goofy ideas I come up with, before the next arc starts at the end of this month/ start of july?

Hope I can meet people's expectations with this chapter~ >///<

Overflow of Truth

Sunset yawned as she stepped off the bus, inhaling cold January air and exhaling some of her precious body heat. Whose bright idea was it to have the portal come out somewhere that wasn’t warm and tropical? Shivering, she paused before the building.

Canterlot High School.

The snow hung lazily from it’s frame, great mounds of the white fluffy stuff had been trampled down to the concrete by students coming to and from the building. Standing in front, the vanguard and symbol of the school, stood the portal statue, and just on the other side was where Sunset was supposed to wait.

“Why did they have to make the assembly so early?” the girl complained, arms wrapping around herself as she trudged forward. Probably because they just want to get it over with, she thought, making her way around the statue. She paused as she stood before it, running a hand down it’s chiseled shape. A tear came to her eyes as old memory’s poured forth. Having lunch with the Rainboom’s. Watching Princess Twilight step through and help save them from the Sirens. Her booted foot coming down repeatedly on her own phone…

She shook her head. Now was not the time for the past. It was time to move forward, to close this sorrow and lie filled chapter in her life. This was her rebirth, like a phoenix rising from it’s ashes.

“Philomena…” Sunset thought back to the bird that she had hatched for her entrance exam to Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. She wondered if the bird was still around?


Twilight stepped through the portal and instantly slipped on a patch of ice, causing her to slip forward onto the cold pathway.

“Twilight!” Sunset rushed over to help the Princess up, noticing that the mirror failed to give her proper winter gear. “Let’s get you inside before you catch a cold!”

The pair hurried in, through the pair of doors and into the blessed warmth.

“Glad you could make it, Twilight.” She hugged her friend before helping to brush the snow off her attire. “I doubt I could do this myself.”

“Well what are friends for?” Twilight said, shivering slightly as she assisted in removing loose bits of powder from her clothes. “Brr, sure wish the mirror gave climate matching clothing!”

“I bet!” Sunset was barely better, only thanks to the fact that her Crystal Prep uniform had a blazer, though the skirt allowed cold air to breeze through, and thigh high socks didn’t do much to help keep her body warmth where it was supposed to be.

Pulling off her toque and depositing her mittens into it, Sunset stretched and grunted. “Man, this was too early to be up…” She groaned, “Maybe I should have accepted Velvet’s offer for a ride here.”

“You mean you walked!?” Twilight looked in shock at her partner, “In this weather? Are you crazy!?”

Sunset burst out laughing, “Jeez, calm down, Twily,” Sunset winked as she used the nickname this world’s Shining Armour used on his little sister, “I took the bus, no way I would make it here on time otherwise.”

Twilight blushed as she looked down, shuffling her feet. “Sorry, just…” She trailed off.

“Anxious?” The lavender girl nodded, “Can’t say I’m doing much better. I feel bad just being here… So many bad memories…”

Twilight reached a hand out to comfort the teen, smiling and reassuring her the best she could.

“Ah, Sunset, glad you could make it.” Principal Celestia greeted her guest, her face failing at being a welcoming smile. “And I am guessing this is the other Twilight Sparkle?” She held out her hand to the Princess.

“You may have the same name as her, you may even have the same colour of coat and mane and have a sister just like Luna,” Twilight’s voice dripped with venom and hatred, “But you are not the Celestia I thought you were.”

The Principal’s hand dropped, stunned at the malice radiating from Sunset’s guest. She never thought the girl could be like this, she always seemed so calm when she was saving the school in the past.

“You are negligent and assuming, thinking the worst without bothering to try and find out the truth!” Twilight had stepped away from Sunset, dodging the hand that shot out to pull her back. “You are lucky I haven’t told the real Celestia about what you have done, otherwise you would be dealing with a goddess who could control the sun itself!”

Twilight slowly stepped her way right up until she was face to chest with the doppelganger of her idol, boring through her with a steely gaze. “I will be relocating the portal to Equestria, and Celestia help you if you ever find yourself in dire straights because of some magical problem.”

Twilight stepped past the reeling Principal and down the halls, while a silent Sunset Shimmer stood still, trying to compute what just happened. Celestia turned her head and watched the back of the school’s unexpected visitor, before turning to face Sunset.

“That is your world’s Twilight… right?”


Sunset’s legs would not stop jittering, her heels tapping a steady rhythm on the wood of the auditorium stage.

Twilight reached over with a hand, patting the amber teens leg softly, slowing the movement as Sunlight attempted to calm down. Then suddenly it stopped altogether. Twilight observed Sunset’s face icing over as she stared across the stage. Following her friend's gaze, Twilight found out wide. In another world, the three girls would have the nickname of “Cutie Mark Crusaders”. But here, they were just Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. Or as they had been cherading as weeks, Anon-A-Miss. The one’s who had ruined Sunset’s life.

Behind them stood security officers, two large men and one moderately sized female. Each of them had the professional stance of standing still with their arms in front, one hand grasping the wrist of the other arm. They were obviously here to keep an eye over both the three young teens, as well as the assembly. Twilight shook her head in disappointment as she saw the three of them notice her and Sunset.

“It’s time.” Celestia stood up, walking part way towards the microphone set up in the middle of the stage, “Are you sure you want to stay behind the curtain?”

Sunset nodded, though Twilight stood up and walked towards the head of CHS, causing her to tremble in concern.

“I’m going to be standing there with you.” She stated, refusing to take no for an answer, “I have something that these people deserve to know.”

She looked back at Sunset, grim smile of determination spreading across her delicate features. “Don’t worry Sunset. You can handle this.”

Sunset gulped, her legs starting the motion of bouncing up and down again. This was going to be a long half an hour…

“Welcome students, to another surprise assembly first thing in the morning.” The Principal's voice held no cheer or joy, instead drilling home that this assembly was not to be snuffed off. The students all remained silent, but started whispering when they saw Twilight step out of the curtains to their right. What was she doing here?

“I have been unfortunate enough to be the one that some of you came to, trying to get me to buy into your version of who you thought Anon-A-Miss was after our last assembly.” She paused and looked over the sea of teenagers, noting how some seemed to hide away at her mention, “I am unsure whether I should be glad that you all decided to believe me when I informed you all that Sunset Shimmer was not Anon-A-Miss, or sickened that you all decided to start pointing fingers at one another again.”

Luna grabbed the offered mic from her sister, bringing it up to her thinly drawn mouth. “You are all about to learn who the real Anon-A-Miss is.” The assembled teens all started to watch the stage in morbid curiosity, who could it have been? “But first, We must inform you of a few things. We have been in contact with CPD since the end of December, reaching out to MyStable to help with our investigation into these heinous crimes. The cyber police of CPD helped immensely in the search for the perpetrator behind these spite sharings of personal secrets.” Luna slowly walked over and pulled down a massive projection screen, before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small remote. “We are now going to show you who is behind the spreading off all of your secrets, and We think you should all prepare yourselves.”

With that the lights dimmed, a projector from the roof spit out a small beam of light that spread out across the screen, illuminating it but revealing nothing. Suddenly, letters began to appear.




The assembled teens looked around in confusion, what was this?

“You see,” Luna stepped back out in front of the screen, addressing the befuddled mass, “All of you are guilty of being Anon-A-Miss.”

Cries of shock and outrage tore through the students like a wave. What was Luna talking about? They weren’t Anon-A-Miss!

“During our investigation, we gained access to the Anon-A-Miss MyStables account, and thanks to the parent company of MyStables, we gained access to any messages sent, and most importantly, received during the accounts lifespan.”

Large amounts of teenagers suddenly sat down, their vitriol replaced with consternation. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen!

“We prepared a slide show, to help list out those of you who submitted secrets to the Anon-A-Miss page. But before we begin We highly suggest you all remember, you are all guilty here and any actions taken against fellow students shall result in immediate suspension, if not expulsion.”

Everyone present went silent as name’s started to scroll down. Very few were not named, people looking at those who were supposed to be their closest friends with looks of utter spite. Students soon learned, everyone had been a part of this. They were all to blame.

“I hope you all are happy.”

A voice called out over the crowd.

“I thought you all better than this.” Twilight had managed to take the mic for addressing of the gathered mass. “I thought that I could trust you all to be better people, to nourish the friendships that I saved when I first arrived.” She slowly turned to look over the crowd. “I had help, I will not deny that, though seeing as they are involved in your disgusting display of petty animosity, I doubt that I will bother to remember them. Instead, I will remember this school, full of sad, hateful people. People who would rather hate, than understand. People who would rather cause pain, than make friends.” Twilight felt tears start, but brushed them away with her free hand.

“People who would first verbally then physically assault a girl for no other reason than they were too lazy to care. You all should be guilty of attempted murder, for causing Sunset Shimmer to try and commit suicide. You all should never be forgiven for not only driving her away from this school, but causing her life to become a living hell, wondering which student would be the next to pull a knife out on her.”

“I cannot verbally express how disappointed I am in all of you, students and teachers. You all let yourselves be consumed by the lies and the hatred. She saved your lives for bucks sake! How could she be the one who was spreading secrets? How did you still not trust her? Do you all lack common sense? Was her begging on her knees not enough to convince any of you that maybe she was innocent?”

Twilight paused to catch her breath, panting heavily from her burst of anger. She drew a grim frown, “I am going to pass this mic back to Celestia, and she is going to talk to you for a little bit. You should all be prostrating yourselves before her for how lightly she is going to punish you. If this were Equestria…?” She trailed off, “You’d all be going to Hell.” She walked off and deposited the mic into the shaking hand of Celestia, not bothering to pass her even the minutest of glances.

“Now, while you are almost all indeed guilty of assisting Anon-A-Miss in destroying this school worse than Sunset Shimmer ever did, you were not the ones to start the account.” She motioned to her right, causing three small figures to come out of stage right. “These three here are the ones responsible for starting the account. They are the ones who took in your messages and reposted them. I want them to introduce themselves to you.” She said as she handed the mic to the first one.

“My name is Apple Bloom, and I am Anon-A-Miss.”

“My name is Scootaloo, and I am Anon-A-Miss.”

“My name *hic* is Sweetie Belle and…” Sweetie Belle started sobbing loudly, crying out, “I am so sorry Sunset!” She looked over towards the far side of the stage, right into the eyes of the innocent young woman. “We never meant for any of this to happen, we swear! We only wanted our sisters back!”

The Rainboom had sat in the front row, their eyes either full of tears or looking down in utter shame. They had failed Twilight. They had failed Sunset. And now? Now their kin had been outed as Anon-A-Miss. Scootaloo had looked down at Rainbow, her teary eyes begging her idol to look at her, while Apple Bloom couldn’t even look at the disappointment on Applejack's face. Rarity held her face in her hands as her shoulder wrenched in sorrow, Fluttershy reaching out and rubbing them even as her own eyes leaked down her cheeks.

“We were so jealous that you were getting so much time to spend with them! We were feeling ignored, so we made the account to break you apart! But we never meant to *hic* drive you to… *hic* Oh god…” Sweetie collapsed onto the cold, uncaring wood of the stage, slamming her fist against the wood and cursing what she had done.


A deep voice reverberated through the auditorium, freezing everybody as it’s split tones wormed into their heads.

“You ruined my life!”

Someone stalked from the house right side of the stage, eye’s literally ablaze with hatred.

“You made me nearly kill myself!”

The students all gasped as Sunset Shimmer, clad in the uniform of Crystal Prep, moved across the stage.

“All because you were jealous!”

Everybody froze, noticing what was wrong with Sunset. Twilight rushed forward to confront the teen, horror stricken face calling out the teens name.

“I saved your lives from the Sirens! I donated my time and what little money I had, to try and repent for my actions. Yes! I was a bitch! Yes, I was a bully! But I had limits! Line that I refused to cross even if it meant it made me harder to control all you pathetic little vermin! But you… You three crossed over those lines! And you did it because you were JEALOUS!?”

Sunset batted away Twilight, send a shock of terror through the student’s. The Rainboom’s were on their feet in a flash, rushing up to the stage to protect the girls from Sunset. The memories of the event at the mall just nights prior fresh in their minds.

“You ungrateful little swine! I should show you what proper punishment is!”

“Sunset! Stop!”

Sunset turned her eyes, both stained black with slitted pupils dividing aquamarine iris’, her fury now turned on the five standing before her. The five people who had at one time meant the world to her. They were her world. They had been all that she had. And they betrayed her!

“What are you doing here?” she bellowed, malice threatening to burn through the stage around her, “Are you here to betray me again!? To lie and manipulate me, only to toss me away after I’m not longer of any use!?”

“Sunset please, this isn’t you!” Rarity was doing her best to walk towards the girl, her mind yelling and screaming to run away from the Daemon before her, hand outreached in a sign of peace.

“You all created me! If you had actually been honest to Twilight, told her that not a single one of you gave a flying FUCK about me, then maybe we wouldn’t be here right now! Maybe I wouldn’t be regretting not killing myself after you attacked me at the Sweet Shoppe!”

While Sunset was focused on Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash rushed over to stand between their sisters and their aggressor. The one who had once stood shoulder to shoulder with them against the Sirens. Who had save the band from infighting to help save the school.

“And what about you five huh? Some Elements of Harmony you all turned out to be, am I right!?” She stuck an accusing finger out at the five friends, “Equestria should be embarrassed that you five were the ones chosen to be the representatives on this world of the single greatest power imaginable!”

Sunset spun around to look at Applejack, molten abhorrence dripping from her piercing glare. “You were supposed to be Honesty! You’re never supposed to lie, so how come you kept telling me I was your friend? That I was FAMILY!? How could you be Honesty when you can lie so easily to another person Applejack!?”

“And Rainbow Dash!” her detestation turning its teeth to the athlete, “Loyalty, a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Yet you were the first to turn on me? How could you turn your back and betray me? Wasn’t I supposed to be your “Friend”? Or was that line as forced as your fake smiles!?”

Soft sobs came from Sunset’s left, Fluttershy had slid to the ground as she watch what had become of her friend.

“Rarity the lay-dee,” hostility evident on the extending of the fashionista’s preferred title, “The Element of Generosity. You sure couldn’t be spared a FUCKING TEAR WHEN I WAS ON MY KNEES! You couldn’t even spare a moment to allow me to try and prove I was innocent! You have given the time to complete strangers and absolved them even when they are at fault! So why couldn’t I get any kind of consideration?”

The tone was shifting as Sunset moved to the normally pink ball of cheer that was Pinkie Pie. Ever since the assembly at the start of the week her colours and hair had been lifeless. Grey and flat, just like her mood.

“I bet the only Laughter you spread was behind my back Pinkie Pie! Never bothering to try and cheer me up when I was at my lowest point.” The being that was Sunset started to sniffle, tears blossoming forth at the edge of her eyes. “You said I was a secret stealer, that I had more or less been playing you all to get close and learn your secrets… Guess I didn’t learn the biggest secret that you all hated me, huh…?”

Fluttershy had been reduced to a small pink blob as Sunset turned to her, kneeling down as she faced the animal lover.

“I've seen you show more Kindness to people who would use you Fluttershy…” Tears were actively streaming down the amber teen’s face at this point, her voice cracking from trying to not break into pathetic sobbing. “Was I not *sob* worthy? Could I not be shown just a single small act of Kindness?”

Everyone present remained silent as they watched the girl in front of them sob quietly, her arms constantly wiping away tears onto her sleeves.

“I don’t want to feel this anger anymore… This hatred!” She looked around at all those gathered, some starting to stand as they cried tears of regret, “I had to live so many years filled with nothing but hatred and spite… And look where that bucking got me!? Tossed away by those I tried to save! Assaulted by those that I tried to show repentance towards! *Sob* Why do I have to suffer at the hands of those around me?”

Slowly, Sunset felt a pair of arms wrap around her, hugging her in a caring embrace.

“I’m so sorry Sunset…” Twilight whispered, “I am so sorry that I caused you to have to experience all of this…” She slowly unwrapped herself from the former apprentice to Celestia, standing up and offering her hand. “Let’s get out of here. They don’t deserve the chance to fail at apologizing.”

Slowly, shakily, Sunset got up, assisted by Princess Twilight Sparkle the whole way. The two departed stoically down the stairs, ignoring any one who was foolish enough to reach out towards them, those who did not watch as Twilight looked down upon them all with derision.

“Sunset!” A voice called from the stage, a sky blue girl with rainbow hair running to the edge, “We will make this better! We promise!”

Twilight paused, grabbing hold of Sunset as the girl started to break down again.

“No, you won’t,” Twilight shouted, turning around and staring at the sports girl, “In fact, you five will no longer have access to the Elements of Harmony! Nor the Magic of Friendship! You have proven that you are not worthy of such honours! With you all as my witness I vow this! With my power as the Princess of Friendship, one of four Princesses of Equestria, I revoke your privileges! The portal in the statue shall be no more! Moved to somewhere that will hopefully better understand the meaning of Friendship!”

She turned around, not bothering to look back as she departed with her sobbing friend, “I pity you all should some other magical being find this school.”

Slowly the doors creaked open, the threshold allowing two friends from another world to leave the assembly hall, leaving hundreds of people to watch as the girl they destroyed and her closest friend left their lives.


“So when were you going to tell me that your corruption had started resurfacing?”

The two friends sat in Sunset’s room, the teen having been unable to muster the composure to go to school, one amber skinned girl, and one purple coated alicorn.

“This is only the second time it has happened…” Sunset whispered, one of her sclera still reverting to white. “The first time was at the mall when those five found me…”

“The fight at the Crystal Empire, yes. So it has only been resurfacing the last couple days then, and only so far only while they are nearby.” Twilight attempted to comfort the teen with her wings, but they passed right through Sunset’s body, leaving an electrical tingle as the passed.

“I guess so…” Sunset’s eyelids were massively swollen from the the immense shedding of tears she had been doing the whole time they headed to her home.

“The only thing I can suggest is to avoid them until you can make time to come to Equestria to allow me to check you over…” Twilight said quietly, “I am so deeply sorry Sunset… I wish I had been able to help you more with this…”

“They wouldn’t have listened anyways Twilight… They probably would have thought I was tricking you into believing me…”

Twilight was having a hard time not sobbing herself. Her friend had been through so much, more than any one pony or person should have to experience.

“I’ll be here Sunset… Just like the other Twilight and her family… Even the Sirens I bet. You do have good friends, just allow them into your heart.”

“But what if they aren’t any different Twilight?” Sunset stared through the projection of her friend, “What if they are just trying to use me as well…?”

“Well from what you have told me, they are showing good signs that they do care about you. I’m not saying that it’s not a risk, but sometimes you gotta jump out of a chariot without a flight spell and trust in others.”

Sunset chuckled slightly, “Your grasp of analogies sucks, Twilight…”

“At least they can make you smile…”

“Hey Twilight…?”

“Yes, Sunset?”

“Could you do me a favour next time you see Celestia?”

“What do you need?”

“Can you ask her how Philomena is?”

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