• Published 9th Jun 2017
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Fall of Harmony - Moon-Lite

Sunset Shimmer struggles to deal with the accusations of Anon-A-Miss, and decides that this may be the straw to break her back.

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Under Warm Covers

Under Warm Covers

“So, after that meeting, you decided that you would meet my parents?”

Sunset chuckled slightly. It seemed that no matter the world, Twilight Sparkle was an inquisitive soul, one who sought out the wild unknown of the world and did her best to understand it. As of this moment, the young lavender skinned girl was curious in the bedridden amber girl in front of her, and how she came to join them today for the holidays.

“Now Honey, I think that is enough pestering of our guest.” Twilight Velvet reached out and pulled her daughter back. “Besides, isn’t it time you took Spike for a walk?”

“Oh! Is it that late already? I am so sorry Sunset!” The girl bowed down before rising back up, “I really should go give Spike a walk. I’ll be back in awhile!” She called out as she ran from the room, leaving Sunset with her mother.

“Now, Sunset, I want to let you know that should you need anything, please let me know. I understand from what I was told that you are a very independent young woman, but you simply cannot risk doing damage by doing something reckless.” Twilight Velvet’s voice carried a stern motherly tone, letting Sunset know that while Velvet cared, she was also supposed to look over the teen. “Understood?”

Sunset smiled and nodded. “Gotcha. I really appreciate you and your family allowing me to stay over the holidays Mrs. Velvet. I am really sorry for bringing my troubles into your house…” Her voice got more and more subdued as she continued, tears starting to form and blur her vision.

“It’s fine dear, please don’t stress yourself over this.” Velvet reached out and embraced Sunset’s hands in her own. “We are more than happy to help you get back on your feet.” The older woman chuckled, “And just Velvet is fine.”

Sunset blushed, embarrassed about the whole situation. She slowly pulled her hands free, before looking at Velvet, “Could you grab me a pen and my journal? I would like to write something down.” She asked shyly, blush fading from her cheeks.

“As long as you promise not to get any inks on the sheets I think you should be fine.” Velvet commented as she dug around in Sunset’s bag, frown coming to her face as she rummaged through the meager belongings of the teen, the worn clothes, barely functional school supplies, Velvet marveled at the fortitude that Sunset had displayed to survive like she had for so long.

“This one?” She asked the teen, holding up a thick, leather bound tome with a two-tone sun emblazoned upon its cover. Sunset nodded as she held her hands out, receiving the book from Velvet. “Now let me just run downstairs quick and find you a pen.”

Just as soon as Velvet shut the door, the tome that Sunset held close to her chest vibrated, a purple glow emanating from it. Sunset gasped, could Princess Twilight finally be responding? She set the hallowed tome gently onto her legs, fingers shaking as she opened it, hesitating. Slowly she flipped the pages, ignoring the previous writings, slowly coming to a new page, covered with Equestrian scripture, fresh from Princess Twilight herself.


Are you there?

Please respond to me!

Sunset traced the letters, revering the characters of her homeland, just as someone knocked on the door. “Come in.” She beckoned, expecting Twilight Velvet to come in, but instead a man with azure skin peeking through his business suit entered. “Oh, Mr. Light! Welcome home.” Sunset smiled at the husband of Twilight Velvet. His demeanor was warm, and his stride steady as he crossed the room to the bed that Sunset resided in.

“Hi Sunset, how are you feeling today?” He inquired patting het legs gently.

“Better, thank you for asking.”

“So, I may have stolen my wife away from what you asked her to do, so instead,” Night Light ruffled around in his suit, pulling out a rather fancy looking pen, engraved with his name and everything, before handing it to Sunset. “I am here to bring you an apparatus of writing!” A playful smile gracing his face.

Sunset couldn’t help but chuckle at the man’s attitude. From the time she had spent with the family Night Light was definitely a little bit of a goof and Sunset greatly appreciated it in her current circumstances.

“Thank you,” She said as she accepted the pen, agonizingly slowly she clicked the button, releasing the pen nib from its confines. “I was really missing not writing in my journal, so I really appreciate the pen.” Night Light nodded before he made his way out of the room, once again leaving Sunset alone in silence. She opened the book as quickly as she could, given the damage caused by her slicing up her own arms in desperation, and flipped to the page that Princess Twilight left off on.


Sunset grimaced as she wrote, the slight pain and shaking of her hands made writing hard, on top of that she hoped that the Princess could understand the horrible chicken scratch writing that Sunset unfortunately possessed at the current moment. She didn’t have to wait long for a response.

Oh thank Celestia! I was so worried about you Sunset! What happened?

Twilight, relax.

Relax? I just got home from Canterlot and noticed that you had written to me again. I cannot believe what happened to you!

Sunset frowned slightly at Twilight’s response.

Don’t worry about what happened, it wasn’t your fault.

Wasn’t my fault? If I had been there after you wrote the first time, or even the second, I could have helped you!

I doubt they would have believed you anyways.

But I could have at least been there for you! Here I was in Canterlot preparing for the Hearth’s Warming Eve play and you are struggling and being attacked by students!

I appreciate it Twilight, really, but I’m doing my best to move past it, maybe you should too?

Sunset sat there for a minute, waiting silently for her friend to respond.

I want to meet with you.

Sunset smiled and was just about to put her borrowed pen to paper when she froze. There was no way she was going out on her own now, and there was no way that she could show the portal to this family.

I don’t think that will be possible Twilight.

What! Why not?

Because I am not able to get to the portal to meet you.

True, I wouldn't put it past those suppossed "students" to attack you again.

It’s more than just that Twilight.


Sunset sighed. She had yet to tell Twilight about what happened those nights ago. She wasn’t sure how to tell the Princess such a thing.

I am currently staying with another family for the holidays. Doctor’s orders.

You’re sick? Why not come home? Sneak through at the dead of night and I can promise I will have you healthy faster then you can say “Star Swirl the Bearded”!

I tried to kill myself.

YOU WHAT?! Okay I am coming over there right this instant and you are coming home with me! No If’s and’s or but’s about it!

Twilight wait!

There was no response. Sunset’s heart froze in her chest. She had to think of something! The family would no doubt freak out about seeing a twin of her daughter, let alone one that was attempting to apparently kidnap Sunset. She looked around the room, trying to think of something, anything! Just as her head turned to her bedside stand she sensed something. Something from home. Magic. Before her eyes the air shimmered, before condensing in on itself and exploding out in a flash of purple light, followed by a loud pop. There before Sunset Shimmer, was Princess Twilight Sparkle. Flying? Wait, why was Twilight a Pony?

“Twilight? Are you nuts!” Sunset half shouted, half whispered, feeling bad for lashing out at her friend, but she could think of no other way to get the other’s attention. “Why did you come here?”

The Princess fluttered slowly down before stopping to hover above Sunset’s legs.

“Why did I come here? You really have to ask me that?” Sunset recoiled from Princess Twilight. “I am here to bring you home, and then shut down the portal, permanently! This world is obviously-“

The door from the room jittered slightly as a knock entered the room. “Sunset? It’s Velvet, we are going to be ordering in Chinese for supper, is that alright with you?” Velvet asked through the door, her voice muffled by the wooden barrier.

“W-works for me!” Sunset replied, stuttering over herself as her eyes widened in fear.

She heard Velvet depart down the hall, her footsteps fading with each moment.

“Was that my mom?”

Sunset turned and stared at the Princess. “What?”

“No, seriously, that sounded exactly like Mom!” Twilight popped back into visibility, before turning to address her friend. “So?” She questioned Sunset, “Was it?”

Sunset grimaced, there was no avoiding this it seemed. “Yes Twilight. I am, by doctor’s order’s, staying with this world’s version of your family.”

Twilight looked at Sunset, studying her friend.

“Fine.” The pony sighed, “Maybe I was a little hot headed about coming here.”

“Glad you-“

“But!” Twilight interrupted Sunset, “I was not wrong about worrying about you. Why did you think that you had nowhere left to go? You could have come back to Equestria.” Twilight watched as Sunset recoiled, then slumped down onto the bed.

“How could I go back? I’d have to face Cele… Her, and I don’t know if I could ever do that.” Sunset started to tear up, causing Twilight to tense. She never figured Sunset would be so tense about meeting Celestia again. “For now, I just want to stay here Twilight. You can trust your alternate universe family to look after me. Promise.”

Twilight looked around the room, before she sighed. “Alright, you can stay, but on one condition.” Sunset stared at her only friend. “Once you are better, the two of us are going to be talking with those… monsters at that school.”

“Twilight, they aren’t monsters!” Sunset cried out, not understanding where this anger was coming from. Twilight never got this riled up before.

“You may not think that, but I am here with you, and I can tell they hurt you, and have obviously made no attempt to apologize or listen to you. They hurt you so bad that you wanted to kill yourself Sunset. That’s a monster in my books.” Twilight looked at Sunset, finally noticing just how deep and dead her eyes appeared, the normal aquamarine irises barely glinting with life. “I should go… keep in touch.” With that, and a small flash of purple light followed by a popping sound, Sunset was once again alone in her borrowed room.

“Ethyl says that whatever it is in there, Mom!”

Sunset looked up as this world's Twilight Sparkle, cheeks rosy from her dog walk, who was doing her best to tear free from Velvet’s grasp and further into the room.

“Twilight Sparkle! You will not disturb our guest in this insane manor!” Velvet stated loudly at her impatient daughter, who was turning this way and that, device in her hand whirring and buzzing.

“But Mom! These readings alone help me out, but if I could find the source!” Twilight Sparkle was looking at her device, Ethyl it was called apparently, then looked at Sunset. “Sunset, please tell me you’re on my side here!” She begged, puppy dog eyes glinting in the light as her device slowly grew quiet. “Did you at least see something? Anything?”

Sunset chuckled at the outburst, Definitely Twilight Sparkle she thought, before putting as much of a calm smile onto her face as possible, hoping to placate Twilight Velvet. “Sorry, Twilight. I didn’t see anything I haven’t seen before.” She shrugged as she said this, “But what is that device? Did you build it?” Sunset sat there with her hands on her legs, covering her journal.

“Yes!” The lavender girls face exploded into joy at Sunset’s question. “This is Ethyl Mk.2, it is used to detect-“

“Twilight, I know you are excited,” Velvet’s tone harboured clear intent to be followed, “But you should go properly change fully out of those wet clothes before you get sick.”

Twilight nodded, before meekly bidding Sunset farewell and leaving the room.

“Now for you, Sunset…” Sunset perked up at this, putting the best smile she could muster hoping to deflect whatever aggression Velvet was about to say her way. “Are you done writing in that journal? I should probably return my husband’s pen to him.” She reached out a hand as Sunset returned the instrument. “Supper should be here soon, so we should get you cleaned up. Meet me in the kitchen?”

Sunset nodded as Velvet left the room, giving the teen privacy to get out of bed. Sunset slowly stood up out of the bed, her legs shaky from lack of use, and slowly made her way to the closet. The family was nice enough to lend her some of Twilight’s clothes until Sunset was strong enough to go out shopping, though Sunset insisted that they didn’t need to, that she only needed what she had. That did not go over well with Velvet, and she had Twilight grab some extra pyjamas for their guest. Sunset stood in front of the mirror, glancing over herself. Her normally voluminous hair was missing it’s normal shine, her skin seemed pale, except for the deep red lines of stitches running down her arms. The shirt she had was tight, especially around the bust, and Twilight blushed the first time she saw Sunset in her clothing. At least it was a longish night gown, though on her taller body it fell just short of her knees. She shook her head, before reaching down and doing her best to grasp the bottom edge of the shirt.


“There.” Velvet finished cleaning around Sunset’s arms with the disinfectant wipe, the young girl doing her best not to cry out at the constant stinging. “Now that we are done with that, how about you sit and relax while Night Light finishes setting the table?”

“But I thought I’m already done sweetie?” The cyan man asked, his hands on his hips as he stood beside the table.

“You only set six places, we need eight, remember?” Velvet looked at her husband, watching him deflate in anguish.

“But I just finished getting the places spaced perfectly…” he whined, causing Sunset to chuckle slightly and Velvet to just shake her head.

“Well you’ll have to redo it, they will be here shortly.” Velvet got up and held a hand out to Sunset, helping the teen to her feet. “How about we go wait out in the living room with Twilight and Spike? The others shouldn’t be too long here.”

The Chinese had arrived a few minutes ago, just as Sunset made her way down the steps, dressed once more in her old outfit, her leather jacket overtop of a magenta shirt, the two toned sun proudly on display, completed with an orange skirt, with a yellow and magenta strip running down from one him to the bottom hem.

Sunset deposited herself onto the plush sofa, making sure to leave space between herself and Twilight, who was preoccupied with scratching Spike’s furry tummy, the dog’s right hind leg spasming happily from the sensation. “Such a good boy Spike!” Twilight spoke as if to an infant. “Yes, you are!” Sunset still couldn’t believe how much animals differed in this world.

Just as Velvet was about to sit down the doorbell rang, causing a chain reaction of Spike leaping to his feet and start barking at the supposed intruders, followed by Twilight trying her best to calm her furry friend, and Velvet chuckling as she stood back up and making her way to the door, opening it and allowing a rush of cold air into the house.

“Shining! Cadence! Come in, come in! You must be freezing out there!” Velvet buckled the pair in, hugging them both one after the other, before Twilight rushed up, following her mother’s actions.

“BBBFF! Cadence!” She cried out, overjoyed at seeing the pair. “Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake!”

Cadence giggled at Twilight before finishing their little song. “Clap you hands, and do a little shake!” The pair had clapped hands against each other, before turning their backs to each other and shaking their hips. “I hope you are having a good, relaxing break Twilight.” Cadence said as she embraced the teen again, making sure to emphasise the relax part of the sentence, before looking over and seeing a certain amber skinned girl sitting on the couch that waved at Cadence when she noticed. “Hello again Sunset, I hope you are recovering well?”

Sunset nodded, returning a smile to the cerise skinned woman. “Slowly getting better yup, thanks to you and suggesting for me to stay with Mrs. Velvet and Mr. Light.”

“Glad to hear it! Have you considered my other offer?”

Sunset froze for a moment, before she looked at the two different Twilight’s, each with a different look on their face.

“What other offer, Sunset?” Velvet asked, wondering what may have been going on behind the scenes.

“Well…” Sunset delayed, trying to find some way out of this situation. Thankfully the universe decided to give her a break, in the form of someone knocking on the door.

“Who is that?” Cadence asked, wondering who could be knocking on the door at such an hour during the week.

“Oh, just our other two guests.” Velvet started, a cheerful smile on her face as she proceeded to the doorway. “I figured I would invite two of my old friends over, they said they had a pretty hard week last week, something about a bully I think?”

Sunset and Cadence both froze, and looked at each other, their faces mirrored in shock. This was just a coincidence, right? Velvet couldn’t possibly have… They would soon find out as Velvet opened the door, the gateway to this happy home, and allowed more than just the chill of the winter breeze to enter.

“Celestia! Luna! Come on in, you must be freezing out there!”

Sunset felt herself plummet. This could not be happening. Not now. Not in front of those willing to give her a second chance! Sunset could only watch in shock as Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, both bundled up in warm winter coats matching their natural colours, entered the abode, stopping and pausing only to give a warm hug to their hostess.

“Velvet! It has been far too long dear!” Celestia said as she backed away. “I am so glad you invited us, you would not believe what has been happening of late at CHS.”

That is when Luna looked around at all those present, before stopping when she saw a certain crimson and gold haired girl, trying her best to just disappear into the sofa she was seated upon.

“You!” Luna cried out, pointing an accusing finger at Sunset as she stomped across the floor towards the teen. “What are you doing here!?” Luna had stopped before the amber skinned girl, looming over top with her hands crossed in front of her torso, her eyes ablaze with barely restrained contempt. “Velvet! We demand to know why you have someone so abhorrent in your house!”

By that point Celestia had joined her sister in front of Sunset, who had pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, trying to hide away from the two fiery women in front of her. She didn’t notice as everyone else gathered around, Night Light leaving the kitchen with a question look on his face, Twilight moving to sit down beside Sunset, Cadence coming to stand beside Sunset and resting a hand on the sobbing teen's shoulder, Velvet taking a stand by the fireplace as it slowly crackled away, and Shining Armour who stood beside Cadence.

“Yes Velvet! Do you not know who this is! She is responsible for tearing my school apart, not once, but twice! Even after we offered her a second chance! Which was more generous than she ever deserved!” Celestia’s voice was like thunder, harkening back Sunset to her life in Equestria, right before she ran through the portal initially.

“Aunty, please!” Cadence reached out to Celestia, attempting to calm her adoptive family. “You don’t understand what is going on here!”

“Don’t We!” Luna’s voice was just as terrifying. “This fiend has obviously tricked you all! She has spent the last two weeks spreading nothing but slander and horrible, personal secrets of every student at CHS online, tearing apart the friendships that had started in the wake of her initial downfall.” Luna stared down at the helpless teen, and awful gleam in her eyes. “We think we should call the police! Show her what true punishment is like!”

Sunset continued to sob, falling back into her pit of despair, it’s inky black tendrils reaching up to grasp at her, to drag further into the black morass. Cadence looked back at the teen, worry obvious on her face, distraught at how her aunts were treating this innocent teen. Velvet could only stare in shock, never before had she seen these two this aflame with anger and vitriol.

“Celestia! Luna! Please, calm down! We just received Sunset from the hospital this morning! I don’t understand what you two could be so angry at her about.” Velvet tried to get the two sisters, two of her oldest friends in the world, to calm down and stop lashing out at the families adoptive charge. Where had this come from?

“Ha!” Luna gave a heartless chortle. “Obviously someone decided to show her that we of CHS do not appreciate those who-”


Everyone paused and looked on in shock, as Twilight Sparkle stood up, her face red with barely restrained fury, her eyes ablaze at the two older women in front of her. She clenched and unclenched her fists at her side, attempting to restrain from striking the two.

“What do you know, huh? Have you stopped and attempted to rule out everything else before accusing Sunset?” Twilight had strode forward, determination perfectly blending with raw anger, as she pointed a finger at the two of them. “Did you two ever pull her aside, attempt to ask her about what was going on? Or did you just assume that she was the culprit?”

By this point Twilight Sparkle was face to paired faces of shock with Celestia and Luna. This was beyond unexpected, they knew Twilight as a quiet, bookish girl, more interested in science and math than attempting to gain friends. They both attempted to compose themselves in front of her fury. They were adults after all! Principals even! They had standards!

“Now listen here Twilight,” Celestia started, but not before Twilight leveled a glare at the woman, that in a different world would be her greatest teacher, and stopped her from continuing.

“If she is such a monster… such an irrepressible daemon… why is she sitting here on our couch, bawling her eyes out as you two shout and fling insults at her?” She questioned, as she walked back to Sunset, pulling the girl up and reluctantly leading her to the two women. “Maybe you two are part of the reason she tried to kill herself!?”

Twilight pulled the sleeve of Sunset’s coat down, it’s cool leather not catching on the rough stitches still in her arm. Velvet cried out in shock at Twilight’s actions, as Cadence rushed to Sunset’s side. Celestia and Luna stood stock still, their faces lost behind glassy eyes and shocked mouths.

“Sunset… is this… did you…?” Celestia trailed off, unable to comprehend what she was looking at. The teen had fallen to her knees, Cadenced joining her, attempting to comfort the teen. Twilight continued to glare at the two sisters, daring them to talk, as Shining Armour walked behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. This snapped Twilight out of her rage, causing her to look around the room, taking stock in the fact that her parents were slowly leading Luna and Celestia to chairs, watching as Cadence helped Sunset up, before leading her around the room and up the stairs. Twilight was stunned. Was this what CHS was like? She thought Crystal Prep was bad, but this? She shook free of her brother’s firm grasp, racing up the stairs after Cadence and Sunset.


Sunset sat in silence, as Cadence took a seat on the bed beside the teen. Cadence wore a grim visage, all this time helping to build Sunset up, to help her on the path to more than just physical recovery, it was all gone. In fact, they may have taken a larger step back, past where Sunset was in the first place. Cadence wrapped an arm around the teen, trying to reassure her.


Twilight burst into the room, bun disheveled, glasses askew, desperation written across her face.

“Oh thank god! I am so sorry Sunset! Please, don’t worry about those two bigots!” She fell to her knees on the floor, just to make sure she could look at Sunset in the eyes, her hands moving and grasping the other teens hand and squeezing. She couldn’t believe how empty Sunset’s eyes had become. A stagnant abyss, a static crevasse, a moribund cavity. Sunset looked dead. “Sunset?” Twilight begged Sunset to respond, to show some sign of life. She saw Sunsets lip’s start to move, but couldn’t hear what the other girl was saying. “Can you try speaking a little louder Sunset?”

“Why didn’t I die…”

Tears burst from Twilight as she jumped up and embraced the depressed teen, squeezing her close and tight. “Please… Don’t say that Sunset! We are here for you, we care about you!” Twilight was lost. She had never seen something like this occur before, and the fact that it was adults, supposed friends of her mother, that had caused this. Twilight barely noticed as Cadence stood up and walked to the door. “Cadence…?” She called after her former babysitter, trying to find out why the woman was leaving the two teens.

“I’ll be back Twilight. Promise”

Cadence never looked back as she said that, nor did she look back as she left the room and shut the door behind her. Her eyes were brimming with tears, and Twilight didn’t need to see such an outpouring of emotions like this. No. Cadence had to fix this. Cadence looked at the stairs, and readied herself for her confrontation downstairs.


Sunset barely moved the entire time Twilight stayed with her, only the slow shallow movements of her breathing proving that the teen was actually alive and not some sort of marionette. Twilight could hear the yelling downstairs, shocked at how loud Cadence could be, how loud her parents could be. She had never heard any of them act like this, not even when Twilight was in deep trouble. No, this was new to the teen, and she was horrified. She didn’t even notice that the yelling had stopped, nor as the stairs creaked under weight and the door sliding open. Her entire existence was currently devoted to Sunset.

“Twilight… Honey?”

Twilight looked up, gasping at the tear tracked face of her mother. Never had this sort of event happened in her young life, this view of humanity at it’s near lowest point. She reached out, timidly wiping away a tear on her mother’s face, before pulling back, her own tears threatening to pour out again.

“We sent Celestia and Luna home… They both have a lot on their plates to digest… Cadence and Shining went home as well, though Cadence is going to stop by everyday for the next while to check up on Sunset.” Her mother’s tone was somber, a pale mimic of the woman’s normally lively tones. The light grey woman reached out to Sunset, stroking her cheek as motherly as she could provide. “Sunset… I am so sorry about the behaviour of those two… What they did…” She stopped as fresh tears flooded down her face before she leaned forward and hugged Sunset, as if attempting to crush the teen with love. Eventually she pulled away, and notice Sunset looking at her, the dead look in her eyes replaced with a great sorrow.

“Thank you…”

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