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After an odd meeting with a new mare in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle finds her life turned upside down as she discovers the power of Persona. Entrusted with great responsibility she must save other ponies in Ponyville from the depths of their own minds, Shadows, and unravel the mystery of why the supposedly ancient Personae and Shadows are just now awakening in Equestria.

Can she find the answers in time or will she be too late?

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which persona is this most based on

which persona game is this most based on. (also which is your favorite)

Yes. Yes. Yes! YES! YEEEES!!!

I see traces of Persona 3 in here, though the idea of her friends giving Twilight the cold shoulder is new to me.
I'll keep an eye on this.

847041 It's based on a combination of Persona 3 and 4. I've only really played 4, so that's my favorite.

Instant thumbs-up, favorite, and comment. Persona is awesome.

I see you're going with Persona 3 for this fic, I look forward to how you're going to get Tartarus and...a few other things in there(coughcoughApathySyndromecoughcough). I'll be watching. To the rest of you(BUY THE GAME), it highly resembles Persona 3, and I don't think it resembles any other one at all. /neverplayed4

I do like where this is going, though I have one complaint; which Persona does Twilight have? I've thought about which it could be, but I couldn't think of one that fits the description. Mysterious.

Anyway, onto an actual review. It's well-written, I love the way you interpreted the Dark Hour, and Hama was pretty awesome too. A few things were off, like "evoke him!" which is off, because an "Evoker" is a(fake)gun used by SEES to summon Persona, by "shooting" themselves in the head, and is not an actual command. But if you meant the mysterious voice to be advising Twi to Summon her Persona, then there's a little bit more conflict. Persona are usually, if not all the time, restricted to the gender of the user, with the exception of the Wild Card(Main Character/You), who can wield any Persona he/she chooses. But all original Persona are matching with gender, except Naoto Shirogane of Persona 4, and this was because Naoto was disguised as a male in the story, an "inside joke" that Naoto was originally planned to be male(Naoto is female, her persona is male). Also odd that since she can stay awake during the Dark Hour, she has "potential"(The potential to summon a Persona). Usually, that means Shadows stay away from her, rather than seek her out. Peo-err, Ponies without potential get attacked if they are conscious during the Dark Hour. People who aren't conscious are transmogrified into coffins until the hour passes, keeping them safe and oblivious to it ever occurring.

Anyway, I do like it. Some of your choices in writing were odd, but they don't distract from the overall experience. I do like it nonetheless, and as I said, I'll be watching this.

847273 Just...it'll explain itself. I would hate to ruin it for people who are new to Persona.
847140 Wait, so Twilight is going to start jumping into TV's? XP

847292 Not necessarily, but I'm more familiar with Persona 4 so most of the events will be more similar to it.

847273 Well when a mommy pony and a daddy pony fall in love...


I preordered the anime I CAN'T WAIT!

Hey, now that Golden is about to come out are you going to have Marie show up later on in the fic?

966584 I honestly don't know anything about Marie and won't be getting a Vita or P4G anytime soon. Chances are any updates to the Persona canon added by P4G or P4A will just be ignored by me.

Will you at least use the music?

967023 I will probably listen to it while writing, but I won't be putting any music in the actual story. It's all text.

I meant put the links to the Youtube vids of said songs when the appropriate moment happens.

970147 No, that would be extremely unprofessional.

Persona stories are difficult to implement.
There's just something that some authors can capture while others just fall short of the mark.
I see yours struggling in between the two 'somethings'.
I'm not really sure how else to describe it.
Keep trying, though. This has potential.

I am quite the confused reader.

So, Orpheus the Master of Strings is Lyra's Persona? I agree with this Persona assignment because it makes sense.

Also, if I may venture to give a touch of advice, the reason behind the Personae not always matching genders in Equestria is due to the extremely skewed gender ration therein. (At least that would be a way to explain it while making sense.)

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