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War and Harmony Season 1 - trulyoftheyard

Twilight Sparkle and her friends decover a grope of aliens called the Autobots

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Chapter 1

An unexpected friendship part 1

Twilight Sparkle ran threw the campus of Celestia's magic school of unicorns the boarding school she had attended sent she was ten years old a saddle bag full of books draped over her back, carefully trying not to run into anyone. As she approached the student dorms, three of her classmate saw her. “Hey Twilight!” one of them called.

Twilight skidded to a halt and turned to face them. She muttered under her breath she did not have time or the desire to talk with them, but her parent always taught her that it was rude to not acknowledge somepony when they speak to you. Despite her agitation she put of a smile. “Hey girls, what up?” she said, desperately trying to sound interested.

“We were just wondering if you were coming to my Summer Sunset party tomorrow night?” a Unicorn with a light yellow fur and glasses asked her.

Twilight sighed in annoyance but still tried to appear friendly enough. “Sorry Moondancer, I’d love to go to your party, but I have to study for the Finals next week” she said, much to the mares’ disappointment

“But the Finals are not until friday. Can't you just talk a day off of studying?” Moondancer ask.
Twilight desperately tried to think of a way to say no without sounding rude. “Look girls It's kind of you to invite me to your party but I just can’t. Beside party aren't really my thing,” she said. The three unicorns just rolled her eyes and walk paster her. Twilight could have sworn she heard them say something about her but she just ignored it and walk to her dorm.

She used her magic to withdrew her key from her saddlebag and unlocked the door and entered her dorm. It was like all the other dorms it was one room with the exception of a bathroom. All that occupied the room was a bed for sleeping. Usually student were paired with a roommate, but Twilight parent,s being famed astrologers, were able to afford her to stay in a dorm by herself since she had problem with her previous roommate, Mintie. There were other thing, such as a desk for writing, a small bookshelf, and a few posters and knick-knacks. In Twilight’s case her knick-knacks were a model solar sytem and a poster of the famous unicorn scientist, Albert Ein Stallion.

“Spike! Spike! Where are you?” Twilight called out as she look around. A low moan turned her attention to the wall in front of her. There, leaning upside down and looking rather dizzy, was a small purple dragon with green spikes on his back. Twilight had a concerned look on her face as she helped him up. “Sorry Spike, I didn’t see you were in front of the door” she apologized.
“It’s okay twilight. Besides, it’s not the first time that happened,” he said shaking off the pain. Spike was Twilight’s help, and the closest thing she had to a friend.

“Hey Spike what that” Twilight asked, pointing to his tail. Spike lifted it to find a small box wrapped in wrapping paper and tied with a red bow.

“It’s a present for moondancers party,” he said, pulling it off his tail. The lid fell off and a small teddy bear with a hole in it stomach fell out of the box. “Well, at least it was,” he sighed
“Spike we don't have time for that! You’ve got to help me study for final exams,” she said as she went to her desk.

“I was afraid you were going to say that” he groaned joined her. Twilight sat at her desk, dutifully reading a book on healing spells. He grabbed a large stack of book and moved them to the left side of her desk, then scaled them so he could see what she was reading. “You know Twilight you work really hard,” he said, though Twilight just nodded without even looking from her book.
“Well, you know it wouldn't hurt you to go out and have a little fun every now and then,” Spike told her. Twilight only sighed.

“Look Spike, if I want to succeed in life I half to work hard. I can’t be bothered with think like parties or playing games or even making friend. Besides I have you, and that’s all I need,” she said patting him on the head before returning to her studies.

“Thanks Twilight, but don't you feel a little empty inside?” he asked.

“What? No, not at all. I'm happy, just the way I am. I don't need anything else,” she said with a proud voice. Spike just shook his head in disappointment.

Just then he felt a strange sensation in his stomach He let out a burst of green flames that formed into a rolled up piece of parchment with the royal symbol seal on it, that quickly fell into Spike’s hands after materializing. “It’s a letter from the princess” he said holding it up to Twilight.
“Well, what does it say?” she asked, sounding quite excited. It wasn't often she received letter from her mentor.

Spike peeled off the wax seal and unrolled the parchment he then cleared his throat and started to read it. “My faithful student, I just wanted to inform you that I have personally selected you to oversee preparation for the this year's summer sun celebration that will be held In Ponyville tomorrow night,” he said. Twilight gasped when she heard the news.

“The Summer Sun Celebration? Me?” she shouted with a mixer of shock and glee.

“Um, yeah,” Spike said before reading on. “In this letter I have listed a series of things that you will need to oversee as well as well as the place you will be staying and the time your train will be arriving should you will accept this responsibility. I will wait for your reply. Your beloved teacher, Princess Celestia,” he finished before looking to Twilight. “Did you hear that? The Princess want you to help out with the Summer Sun Celebration! Isn't that great?” he said

“Yeah...great” she sighed drearily.

“What's wrong Twilight? I thought you would be excited. I mean, this is one of the biggest events of the year and the princess it putting you in charge,” he pointed out.

“I don't know Spike. I mean, I'm not flatter to be given this responsibility. It’s just I got work to do and...” Spike cut her off before she could finish

“Come on Twilight, you're killing me with all this work,” he said obviously annoyed. “Look, for once can we do anything that doesn't involved studying,” he complained.

“Okay, at least do it for the princess. I mean she’s counting on you to do this for her. After all that she’s done for you, can't you at least just do this one thing for her.” That grabbed Twilight’s attention. She froze, pondering his words. On one hoof, she did want to make sure she was prepared for the test, but on the other hoof, the Summer sun celebration was one of the most important event in all of equestria. She couldn’t let down Princess Celestia, being almost like a second mother to her. After a few minutes of thinking, she came to a decision.

“Okay Spike, send a letter to the princess and tell her I accept the task,” she said. Spike jumped for joy as he ran to grab a blank piece of parchment and a pen. Finally, he get away from the academy, and not spend all day reading over spell three times each with twilight.


In the afternoon, as the sun hung high in the sky, Twilight and Spike waited at the platform of the Canterlot train station. As they waited, Spike rummaged through their suitcase. Twilight levitated a sheet of paper in front of her reading off the objects that were on it.

“Paper,” she said.

“Check,” Spike replied.

“Pens and ink,” she said listed.

“Check,” Spike said again.

“Books,” Twilight continued.

“Check,” Spike finished.

“Good, we have everything,” Twilight said, rolling up the peace of paper as Spike close the suitcase.

“Twilight, is it really necessary to go over the checklist when we're all ready at the train station? I mean, we went over it back at the dorms?” he asked.

“I just want to be doubly sure we don’t forget anything,” she said. Just as they were done talking a voice called behind them.

“There you are Twilight.” Twilight and Spike turned to see a tall pony, taller than most, with a white fur coat, a blue and pink transparent mane that seem to flow majestically, and, unlike most ponies, she had wings and a unicorn horn, as well as a crow atop her head.

“Princess Celestia,” Twilight shouted in shock as she and Spike bowed to their ruler. “What bring you here?” Twilight asked surprised that the Princess was at the train station of all places.

“I just came to say my farewells and to tell you how grateful I am of you for taking this responsibility,” Princess Celestia answered.

“Don't worry Princess, I would do anything to for you” Twilight replied.
“Yeah, with some convincing,” Spike whispered, causing twilight give him a quick jab in the shoulder.

“Now Twilight, do you have the list of things you to get ready for tomorrow night,” Celestia asked.
“Yes Princess, I do, and don't worry Princess, you can count on me,” Twilight said with pride.
“O,h and don't forget you will be staying at the ponyville motle. I already had them set up a room for you and payed for it,” the Princess explained.

“Thank you Princess, is there anything else you need to tell me?” Twilight questioned.
“Well there...how familiar are you with Nightmare moon?” Celestia asked. Her question seemed to take Twilight by surprise.

“Well, I know the story about how the Moon Alicorn was jealous of the Sun Alicorn because ponies slept at night and stayed awake in the day so she made a deal with an evil entity to grant her powers to defeat her sister but was instead banished to the moon. Why do you ask?” Twilight questioned.

“No reason,” celestia answered, taking in a deep breath, “Well I must be off, so good luck, my dear student” the princess said as she turned and flew away.

Twilight stared at her with a suspiciously, but her concentration was broken when a train whistle blew and voice yield “All aboard!” Twilight and Spike turned around and saw their train preparing to leave. “Alright then, come on Spike, let’s get to it,” Twilight said as she stepped aboard the train, Spike behind her, dragging the suitcase.


The Ark, an ancient and powerful vessel; the very ship that brought the Autobots to Equestria long before ponies evolved. Inside this giant alien structure Optimus Prime was explaining the current situation to the rest of the Autobot who now stood before him, lined up side by side, standing at attention. “Autobots I have just received grave news from the Princess,” Optimus began as he past in front of his men with his arms crossed behind his back. “She believes that Nightmare Moon will return Tomorrow night During the summer sun celebration.”

“Optimus you can't be serious” said red Autobot. He stood about a foot shorter than Optimus, with wheels on both his elbows and knees.

“I am Ironhide. Celestia's has see this in a vision.” Optimus told him.

“But Optimus, doesn’t the Princess became quite frantic this time of the year? Isn’t it possible that this so called vision she has had is just case but stress from the guilt she feels?” a white Autobot questioned. This Autobot had a red cross on his shoulders, three flat sheets of metal two on both side of his hip, and one in the back like he was wearing a lab coat and a black V shaped crest on his forehead. His name was Ratchet the team medic who was receiving an awkward stare from the other Autobots.

“Well, I say we blast her into a smoldering crater!” shouted a shorter red Autobot with black horns on the sided of his head. The young soldier pulled out both his triple barreled blasters and made a tough guy pose, though the others were not impressed

“Really Cliffjumper, is that your answer to everything?” asked Ironhide obviously annoyed with the young bots antics.

“Yeah? Well I don't hear you coming up with any suggestions, old man.” Cliffjumper snapped, pressing his finger into Ironhide’s chest.

“Yeah, ‘cause unlike you I don't just charge in head first. I actually come up with a plan!” Ironhide shouted , towering over Cliffjumper.

“Pfff, yeah? Well, when have you ever come up with a Plan of attack? As far as I’ve seen, Optimus is always coming up with the plains.” he said, folding his arms and shooting Ironhide a smug look.

“Oh yeah? What about the battle for Tyrix Pax when Optimus was captured? I took charge and got us out alive!” Ironhide said.

“No that was a team effort! We all came up with that plan” he said, but Ironhide just kept going
“Yeah, and the only suggestion you made was “let’s blast ‘em” you little ingrate!” he shouted at the young soldier. Cliffjumper was about to say something in response but instantly found himself interrupted when an Autobot with a white and black color scheme with a blue visor covering his eyes intervened.

“Woah, woah, cool it fellas. We’re all on the same side we can't be fighting each other” he said, separating them.

“Jazz is right we need to stay focused there is a crisis at hand and we can just be bickering” Hound said the team's tracker he was a dark green Autobot with a gatling gun mounted on the left side of his shoulder.

“Oh, what’s the point? Nightmare moon is practically a god compared to us! Without the Element of Harmony were as good as scraped.” Ratchet shouted.

“That is precisely why I called this meeting. You see, Princess Celestia has found a new pony to take on the mantle of the Element bearer, and hopefully there will be more bearers to help her,” Optimus explained.

“In this short amount of time. Optimus, understand that, while I have faith in Celestia's plan, if she appears tomorrow night, we need six ponies, each one to represent their respective element and an unbreakable friendship between them...I don't see how it can be done,” Ratchet said.
“Fear not Ratchet, Celestia has a plan for that, but we have a mission of our own” Optimus said. “Celestia fears that if Nightmare moon is to find out about this then this poney that she has chosen she would be in danger. That is why I have decided to assign one of you to look after her until she can assemble a group of friends. Now, who would like to do the honours?” Prime asked, only to meet with a dead silence. The Autobots exchanged awkward glances, hoping that someone would say something.

Fortunately an Autobot finally spoke out. “Um, Optimus I will take this responsibility.”He was the shortest of the Autobot, shorter than Cliffjumper, with a yellow color scheme with black strps runing down his cheast and fore object protruding from his back like insect wings. He step forward, right up to Optimus.

“Are you sure of this Bumblebee?” Optimus ask. The Young scout just nodded and Optimus smiled to him “Very well. She will be in Ponyville making preparation for the Summer Sun Celebration tomorrow. Keep watch over her and stay out of sight. Remember, ponykind doesn’t know we live amongst them, and we do not want to cause panic so take a clocking device,” he ordered.

“Yes sir, Optimus, you can count on me,” Bumblebee said, giving Prime a salute. Optimus patted the soldier on his shoulder and then he was off.


“First, make share the food and beverages are prepared, then make sure the weather it right, and then check up on the decorations” Spike read from Twilight’s list. Before he could get to the last two thing on the list he noticed Twilight was just staring out the window at the passing scenery. “Hey Twilight, are you okay?” he said snapping, his finger to get her attention.

“Huh? Oh, sorry Spike, please go on. You were saying something about checking decorations?” she said, quickly snapping out of her trance.

“Twilight are you alright? It’s not like you to just zone out like that” Spike asked sounding suspicious. Twilight just sighed. “It’s just, I've been thinking about what Celestia said back at the station. It just seem so sporadic,” she explained

“Yeah, I mean why just ask you a question like that you don't think it means anything” Spike asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

“Oh Spike, you know that Nightmare moon is just a myth to explain the face in the moon.” Twilight assured him.

“But still what if there's a small percent chance that…” Spike was forced to abruptly pause mid sentence as Twilight interrupted him
“Look Spike, let’s just not worry about it right now,” she dismissed the baby dragon. “I promise we'll talk about it later. Let's just focus on the Celebration. Why don't you reread they list of thing again?” she asked him.
In an effort to steer clear of their prior conversation topic, Spike hastily began to read the list again. “Okay now, first on the list: make sure the food and beverages are all set. Second: make sure the weather is in top condition. Third: check up on decorations. Forth: make sure the music is ready. Fifth: make friends,” as the last two words left Spike’s mouth, Twilight’s eyes rolled in their holes.

“Did Princess Celestia really arrange this whole thing so she could get me to socialize?” she questioned nopony in particular, before a breath of frustration left her mouth.
“Come on Twilight, you know the Princess only doing it because she cares about you,” Spike reminded his grumpy companion.

“Look Spike,” she said. “I only came to this town to check on preparation and as a student of Princess Celestia, I will do my Royal duties. Thus, I have neither the time nor desiser to waste said time on making friends,” the unicorn explained, just as their train came to a stop. Twilight and spike rose from their seats, grabbed their luggage and walked onto the platform.
As the two made their way through the train station and into the center of the little town of Ponyville ponies of all races rushed all around them; pegasi, earth ponies, and unicorns all wandering around doing there usele business.

“You know, I bet the ponies around here have lots of interesting thing to talk about,” Spike suggested. Twilight swiveled her head and glared at him, using her magic to place him on her back. “Come on Twilight, just give it a try,” he pleaded with her giving her, his eyes seemingly expanding as pouted slightly.

Eventually, Twilight relented. “Okay, if it will make you happy, I'll give it a try,” she told him.
“Great!” Spike shouted “and good timing, here comes a nice looking local right now,” he said, pointing to a pink earth pony with a puffy main. She came skipping down with a pleasant smile on her face the street toward Twilight and Spike, literally bouncing three feet into the air as she neared them. “Go on Twi, just say hi or something,” Spike urged, giving her a nudge
Twilight gulped as the Pink pony got closer to her and nervously said “Hello.”

As soon as uttered her greeting, the pink pony let out a loud gasp. She sprang two ponylengths into the air before zipping off to Celestia knows where, leaving a wide eyed Twilight and Spike behind. “Well, that was interesting,” Twilight said. Spike let out a sigh of disappointment and followed her.


Outside of ponyville Bumblebee and Hound hid from they pony's eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this ‘Bee?” Hound asked as he turned to his comrade.

“Of course Hound. I’ve been wanting to get close to pony civilisation for a long time now,” Bumblebee said. Ever since the Autobots arrived to Equestria Bumblebee, had instantly taken a fascination in the pony race but, since Optimus had always told them to keep a low profile, he never got that chance to greet them. The only thing he could do was watch them from afar, but now he finally got his chance to get up close.

“If you say so ‘Bee. Just remember, this is a mission, not a sightseeing tour. Make sure you remember what you have to do, ‘kay kid?” Hound reminded the scout.

“Don’t sweat it Hound, I remember: find Celestia's student and make sure nothing bad happens to her,” Bumblebee said.

“That a boy! Now remember to report every three hours on what going on, and if anything goes wrong just give us a holler okay,” Hound explained.

“You got it hound,” Bee said giving his superior a salute.

Hound nodded and said “Good luck little buddy. Oh, and try not to step on anyone.” Then he transformed and drove off into the woods. Once he was gone, Bumblebee’s attention turned to a device he had attached to his wrist. He pressed a few buttons on its surface and in a blink of an eye he disappeared from sight. “All right, now to find that pony,” he said with a smile as he walked towards the town

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