• Published 25th Jun 2016
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The Wedding Aftermath - Queen Sanguine Dreams

Queen Chrysalis' hive has been scattered to the winds, but not all Changelings serve Chrysalis.

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They Found Out, Finally

The second that Garotte crossed the threshold of the library and into the Pink One's lair, she knew it was over for her. She had blacked out when the door shut, and her dreams held only nightmares to prepare her for what she had expected to come.

She hadn't expected this.

She was tied with rope and hoof cuffs over that rope, to a steel folding chair. That chair was bolted down to the floor with large railway spikes. The room that she was in was small. No larger than three ponies across, and three wide. It was entirely grey, a color that normally would cause some ponies to long for the bright greens and blues of the outside world. Garotte was not a normal pony, and she had been grey all of her life. There was a square steel table in front of her, pushed close enough to make her even more uncomfortable than the ropes and cuffs had been, as it was hard to breathe. A single light swung overhead, illuminating in a cone directly downward. This effect was entirely unnatural, as all other light in the room had ceased to exist. There was no reflecting lights, no mirrors, nothing. Just a single door, two chairs and a table all visible by the swinging light.

Garotte had tried moving, but this only rattled the chains of the hoofcuffs she was bound by. Even her magic, which she would normally be able to at least untie herself, was of no use. There was a magic nullification ring on her horn, and any attempt at magic gave her a splitting headache. The more she took in, the more her sense of doom crept up on her.

This was the Pink One's domain. She could do nothing, and nobeing would be able to save her from whatever she was planning.

"Hey!" The cheerful voice of The Pink suddenly blurted from behind Garotte, causing her to jerk in surprise and tighten the ropes she was bound by. "I told you I'd get to know you, Eeeeevil pony!" She taunted with a snort.

The most unsettling thing about the Pink One was her voice. It was always cheerful and upbeat. "I sure hope this doesn't take too long! I have a party that I was planning for Ponyville since it's almost rebuilt! Those changelings sure know how to work fast!"

Garotte was able to speak, as the Pink One hadn't gagged her with anything, but she chose to remain quiet. Anything she said could doom her for eternity.

Pinkie then appeared on top of the steel desk in the time it took for Garotte to blink; a questioning look on her face accompanied by the narrowing of eyes at Garotte and the scratching of her chin. She was wearing an older detective novel's outfit, complete with grey trenchcoat, white shirt, black tie and a fedora. Her badge on the left side of her coat said 'Sergeant, Los Pegasus Police, 714' and the right side of her coat had a nametag with 'Sergeant Pinkie Pie' on it.

"So, Miss Evil Pony. What makes you think you're gonna be able to make friends with my friends?" She asked in an over the top Manehattan accent.

Garotte stared with horror at her, as her mind was already running overdrive with all the ways this could go horribly for her.

"Not much of a talker, Eh?" Pinkie then hopped onto Garotte's lap, getting in her face and holding her cheeks with her forehooves. "We'll see about that, missy!" she menaced, before her expression once again brightened to a happy smile.

Garotte gulped, savoring the moment as if it would be her last.


The Pink One knew that this pony was evil. It said so, right on her jacket!

Garotte Wire
Ambassador of Evil

There was only one thing left to do. Make her confess! She stood up on the steel table, using her mane to steady the swinging light because its dramatic affect had been lost, and was getting annoying. Lowering down, she began pacing back and forth on the table, staring suspiciously at the Evil Pony.

"So, Miss Evil Pony." Pinkie began, "You're going to have to do oooone thing for me. Just a teensy weensy thing, and I might spare you."

Pinkie wasn't going to do any such thing as actually harm another pony, as that would make them sad. That didn't mean that she couldn't use her... gifts... for some personal fun, however.

"All you have to do, is Pinkie Promise me one thing, and we can get this show on the road!"

The evil pony looked mortified as her expression sank. She was struggling against the bindings, but it was no use. With a defeated sigh, she relented. "What is your wish, Pink One?"

"Just Pinkie Promise me that you'll always tell me the complete truth to whatever I ask." Pinkie stated.

"But... I have other promises made in your name. What if those would conflict?"

Pinkie squinted, her plan thwarted so easily. "Oooh, you're good."

The pony brightened. "So that means I can leave?" she smiled hopefully.


Her ears flattened and she looked morose.

"Alright, then we'll do this. Pinkie Promise the following. 'I will always tell Pinkie Pie the complete truth to the best of my ability, so long as it does not conflict with another Pinkie Promise. If this is the case, I will state 'Pinkie Promise', and be spared the wrath of the Pink One.' Got it?"

Miss Evil nodded, and repeated what Pinkie had demanded, doing her best to follow through with the rest of the movement based incantations.

"Great! Now that we have that out of the way, we can do some proper interrogating!" Pinkie cheered, pulling up the other steel folding chair and sitting across from Evil, an intense expression on her face that she could only hold for a few seconds before a snicker escaped her lips.

"Now. What were you doing with my friends, on the night of last night, before I abducted you, at the time of last night PM?" She leaned forward intently, her chin upturned as if challenging the evil pony to lie.

"Looking for Twilight Sparkle."

Pinkie half smirked in annoyance. Her interrogation wasn't as dramatic as she was hoping. Maybe use the swinging light again?

She used her mane like a second tail, and reached over the table to knock the light around, causing it to spin between the Evil pony and Pinkie.

"Now; what, Is your quest?"

Evil gave her a questioning look. Pinkie mirrored her look.

"Befriend the Elements of Harmony." she stated.

"What, is your goal?"

"Pinkie Promise."

Pinkie groaned. "Fine!"

Evil was starting to relax, so Pinkie took a mysterious pie from her mane and placed it between the two of them. Evil Pony looked with confusion at this pie, and then to Pinkie, who gave her a malicious grin. That got her sweating again. The pie didn't do anything. It was just a pie.

"Let's try this again." Pinkie put her forehooves together in front of her on the table. "Are you attempting to destroy, harm, enslave, or take over Equestria?"


"Pinkie Promise."

Garotte was starting to be glad for all of the promises she had made, but it wasn't making her feel any safer with how the Pink One was reacting. Her mane seemed to be deflating more and more with every utterance of 'Pinkie Promise', and Garotte felt her time was running out.

The Pink One then placed her hooves flat on the table and leaned forward towards Garotte, her head over the pie. "Okay, lets try this, then!"

She shoved herself away from the table, and opened the door behind her. It revealed nothing except blinding white light; Pinkie's features obscured by the glow. "There's only one way to get out of a Pinkie Promise..." She threatened ominously, before disappearing by walking through the white archway and dissolving.

The door slammed shut, and Garotte was all alone.


Meanwhile, Twilight and Aze had just discovered something of great importance.

"Where are they!?" Twilight yelled, frantically looking through all of the belongings she had brought from the destroyed Ponyville.

"Where is what, Twilight?"

"The Elements! They're gone!"

"This is bad?"

Twilight looked from her suitcase specifically to glare at Aze, before continuing her desperate search.

"I think that implies 'yes'."

Twilight threw the suitcase with her magic into a nearby wall, panicking. "Where would they have gone?!"

"Maybe they were bored?"

"Aze, I'm being serious!"

"So am I. They chose you to represent them, didn't they? Maybe you weren't fighting enough evil for them."

Twilight considered this a moment, before shaking her head. "No, they've waited thousands of years for new bearers to come around. They wouldn't just leave because they got impatient."

"Perhaps you should ask Celestia or Luna if they've seen them?"

"They'd throw a fit! The Elements are crucial to the defense of Equestria!"

"I think they're overrated."


"Your brother and his wife managed to defeat Chrysalis' entire hive on their own. They didn't need a set of jewelry to do it. Therefore, they're overrated."

"Hey Twilight!" Pinkie Pie suddenly said from nowhere, startling Twilight and causing Aze to look around for where the voice had come from.

"Pinkie?" Twilight called out to noplace in particular.


"Where are you?" Twilight was looking around everywhere, and could find neither mane nor tail of the poofy party pony.

"She is everywhere and nowhere. The beginning and the end. She is the Pink One." Queen Aze chanted.

"Aze? It's just Pinkie."

"Forgive her, Pink One, for she knows not."

Twilight facehoofed, and called out into the nothing. "What do you need, Pinkie?"

"Oh, I was just wondering what you were doing!" She chirped happily.

"Well... I can't seem to find my Element of Magic anywhere I look."

"Did you try behind the couch cushions?"

Actually no, Twilight hadn't.

"Hold on, let me check!"

She used her magic to lift the entire couch into the air, and separated the cushions from the main body as well. Shaking it, she found a loose bit, some clothing lint, and some stray hairs. Dropping the couch and cushions to the floor with a halt to her magic, she grumbled as they came thudding down. "It's not there either!"

"That's weird! Usually it's always under the couch cushions! That's where I keep finding my Element!"

"Say, Pinkie... do you have your Element on you?"

"Yeah! It's right... um... Twilight, don't freak out, but I don't have it! We're all gonna DIE! AAAAAAAAHHH!" Pinkie screamed.

"Pinkie Pie!"


"You're freaking out."

"Oh! I thought you were gonna freak out, so I freaked out before you could freak out so we both wouldn't freak out at the same time and have a super duper freakout where we were both freaked out that the other pony was freaked out."

Aze was about to say something, but she was cut off by the Pink One.

"Oh! I should ask everypony else if their Elements are missing, too!"

"Wait, Pinkie!" Twilight shouted with a raised hoof to the ceiling. She got no reply.

"How does the Pink One speak without showing herself?"

"You know, I learned a long time ago to just stop questioning anything that Pinkie Pie does. This is honestly pretty tame compared to some of the things I've seen her do."

"You are very brave, Twilight Sparkle." Aze bowed to Twilight, which made her feel awkward.

"Um, thanks?"


Pinkie had focused her attentions on Rarity and Fluttershy, as they would be together in a Canterlot spa. She knew which one, of course, as she knew nearly everypony ever. She threw a lot of parties for ponies.

She had snuck her way into the spa, bypassing everypony and even having some fun with a radio in an air vent, yelling 'Snake!' as random ponies walked by. Her fun was cut short, as she remembered that there were evil ponies looking for... stuff, to do evil things!

She spotted her prey, and moved to intercept with all the stealth of an invisible prankster.


"Are you enjoying yourself, darling?" Rarity asked. Her face was covered with some kind of green Spa cream, with cucumbers over her eyes. Her hoof was also being filed down to look as fancy as possible, and Rarity was enjoying the pampering after the shouting match earlier that day.

"Oh, um. Well, It's not exactly like the spa in Ponyville, but it's still nice." Fluttershy replied. She had only a few dabs of the spa cream, and was relaxing in a hot tub nearby. Fluttershy had been waiting a long time for Rarity to bring it up, but she hadn't said a word about Garotte. Maybe it was up to her to bring it up, then?


"Yes, dear?"

"Do you want to meet Garotte?"

Rarity lifted a cucumber with her magic, giving Fluttershy her attention while also having the luxury of spa treatment continue. "Who is Garotte, dear? Have I done work for them?"

"Oh, she's the Ambassador of Evil we were all supposed to meet today."

Rarity made a face at the mentioning of that pony, her sense of fashion coming to the forefront of her thoughts. During this time, the Spa pony scolded Rarity for messing up the face cream with all of her movements.

"She's really nice one you get to know her." Fluttershy added.

"I'm sure she seems that way, Fluttershy. I would be careful around her If I were you. She seems like the manipulative type."

"Who's manipulative?!" Pinkie Pie yelled, rising from the hot tub water with a large splash that doused everypony present. This caused the Spa ponies to leave in a scoffing wet mess of pompous aggravation. Rarity was mildly annoyed, as she had come to expect things like this from her energetic friend.

"Pinkie? Should I even ask how you got into the hot tub?" Rarity asked anyway.

"Nope!" Pinkie smiled, and began imitating a shark in the waters of the hot tub.

"Pinkie, do you need help with anything?" Fluttershy asked, being mildly spooked by the poofy 'fin' of Sharkie Pie.

Pinkie then flipped her mane out of the water, gasping for breath.

"Yes! I was wondering if the both of you still had your Elements of Harmony?"

Fluttershy and Rarity both made patting gestures on their Spa robes, and came up empty and worried.


"Don't worry, girls! Pinkie Pie is on the case!" The Pink One declared, jumping from the hot tub and landing behind a small wall. When she came back up, she was wearing a Noir detective outfit.

'I think she can costume change even faster than me' thought Rarity.

"I hope everything goes okay with your search!" Fluttershy offered.

"Aw, thanks Fluttershy! I gotta go now, See you later!" Pinkie declared, before sinking back under the water (Her outfit included) and promptly dissapeared entirely. Fluttershy even poked around with her hooves and found nothing.

"Should we ask?"

"I think it would be best if we simply ignored it, darling." Rarity replied, placing the cucumber over her head and reclining in her chair.


"Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie shouted, popping out of a metal locker and scaring the wits out of Rainbow Dash.


"Do you have your element?"

"My what? Pinkie, what are you doing here?" Rainbow asked. The both of them were in a locker room in the Wonderbolt's barracks. Pinkie didn't ask why Rainbow had been sneaking around in there, but she knew. She knew.

"Looking for you, silly!" Pinkie smiled.

"Uh... why?"

"To ask you a question! Do you have your Element of Loyalty on you?"

"Yeah, sure. It's right... um..." Rainbow was patting herself and looking through her mane, as ponies do not have pockets.

"Don't have it?" Pinkie said in a slightly sadder, yet still upbeat tone.

"I didn't lose it! It's gotta be somewhere!"

"It's okay, Dashie! I'll find 'em all!" Pinkie declared, and promptly shut the locker she had popped out of.

Walking over to the locker and opening it, Rainbow was surprised to find it completely empty, save for a spare Wonderbolt uniform. Looking around and seeing nopony, she leaned forward and sniffed it.

"Hey! What are you doing in here?!"



Garotte had been tied up and left in that room for so long at this point, that she couldn't feel her limbs anymore. She had even passed out a few times when she exerted herself too much in attempting to escape. The only thing that prevented her from simply falling asleep in wait was the perpetually swinging light above her. It never slowed down, and kept a constant vigil of annoyance for Garotte.

Maybe if I say the Pink One's true name three times, she'll come?

"Hastur, Hastur, Hastur!"

The door swung open, revealing Pinkie Pie in a yellow robe.

"You Caaaaalled?" She sang.

Pinkie threw off her yellow robes into the corner, and they dissapeared into nothingness as she walked in, slamming the door behind her. She hopped over the back of her chair that was opposite Garotte, and plopped into the seat.

"So, I have another question for you!" She moved the Pie that she had left earlier over to one of the corners of the table, and leaned in very close to Garotte. "Where are the Elements of Harmony?"

It took them this long to find out? I thought they just weren't mentioning it!

"Overlord Aether has them."

"Little Edgey took the Elements?!" She yelped with a mixture of pride and surprise. "They grow up so fast!" She wistfully added, wiping a tear of liquid pride from her eye. After taking a moment to recover, she put on her serious face again. "Where did he put them?"

Well, he never said I couldn't tell them something vague, just not the exact location.

"He has them hidden in the darkest of vaults; the most secure of fortresses. A place where neither criminal nor royalty may pass without permission of the lords and ladies that preside over it. All tremble in fear at their calling, and all pay their tithes unwilling."


This threw Pinkie for a loop as she tried to figure out what kind of place would fit that criteria.

"I'll get back to you on that. Thanks for the help!" she cheered before opening the door.

"Wait! Can I at least get out of these bindings? It's not like I can go anywhere!"

Pinkie turned around to appraise Garotte's state.

"Nah, You'll be fine. I heard you like being all tied up, anyway!" She winked, and then slammed the door behind her.

The swinging of the light continued to annoy Garotte, but at least it partially hid her blush when it wasn't illuminating her.


Princess Celestia was sitting on her throne, when a pink cloud of smoke wafted through the window straight towards her. She thought it some kind of attack, but on closer inspection she noticed a trail of confetti in its wake.

Pinkie Pie...

The smoke unraveled into a letter, throwing party streamers and playing a Kazoo as fanfare. Rolling her eyes, she read the letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I found the Elements of Harmony!

Well, not really, but I know who took them!

Also, if you haven't already heard, the Elements of Harmony were stolen, Sorry!

You should let me plan the next Grand Galloping Gala, By the way. It'll be super fuuuun!

Pinkie Pie

The Elements are missing!?

Celestia dropped the letter and immediately summoned a scroll of her own to write on.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Please bring yourself and your friends to the main audience hall.

We must have words.

Princess Celestia

With her dragon scale aflame, she sent the letter to her student. The wording was sure to send her galloping to Celestia.


"Oh no!" Twilight worried.

"You are unable to create a counter-spell?" Aze asked.

The two of them were in Aze's Hived-out quarters, looking over a map of the area and deciding what the best course of action would be after witnessing the flames first-hoof. A letter from Princess Celestia had just arrived, and it was setting Twilight on edge.

"She found out! I don't know how, but Celestia found out! Oh, I'm going to be in so much trouble!"

"Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight broke from her worrying to look at the blank stare of Aze.

"You will be fine. They are only pieces of jewelry. They are worth far less than the Diarch would place on the lives of any of her subjects."

Twilight took a deep breath, being somewhat reassured by that.

"You will find them, Twilight Sparkle. You have faced far worse than missing trinkets."


Garotte was pretty sure that if The Pink One wasn't some kind of unknowable force, that this amount of imprisonment would be illegal. She had been restrained for who knows how long at this point, and she was barely able to stay awake. She had become sweaty with all the bindings on her, and the room was becoming steadily hotter as the light kept swinging. She had even dozed off a few times, but she was unable to find the relaxing peace of sleep. She could try summoning the Pink One again, but she feared what condition she would be left in.

The door opened, and revealed Pinkie Pie once more.

"Hey, quick question and then I'll let you go."

Garotte looked up with relief at the Pink One.

"Where is Overlord Aether?"

"His Citadel!"

"Where is that?"


"Pinkie Promise!" She groaned in defeat. "Please, let me go! I'll promise to never hurt your friends willingly!"

Pinkie's eyes narrowed. "So you mean you've promised to hurt them against your will?"

Garotte's mouth was open, and she tried to make words that would make sense.

"I see."

Pinkie observed Garotte for quite some time, watching the mare struggle against her bindings, giving her a helpless look.

"Okey Dokie Lokie!" She decided, and stomped onto the ground to release all of Garotte's bindings in a burst of confetti. "Just one little promise, and you'll be free!"

"What promise?" Garotte begged, having fallen over in exhaustion and landing beneath the table. Her hind hooves were in the air, and her head was on the icy cold floor.

Pinkie explained, and Garotte feared for what would happen when she had to make true on her promise.

Author's Note:

This chapter was a doozy to write. Took forever for me to figure out how I wanted it to go, and I had to revise it several times just to make it work.

Hopefully it isn't too crazy! Let me know if it is.