• Published 25th Jun 2016
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The Wedding Aftermath - Queen Sanguine Dreams

Queen Chrysalis' hive has been scattered to the winds, but not all Changelings serve Chrysalis.

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One thing that almost no being has a say in, is what they're named. This caused Edgey some fair amount of redicule and skepticism when he proclaimed himself an Alicorn, especially when his creation was brought up.

In addition to this, Mentii and Viccii, (He was having difficulty with remembering their names, and he blamed the memory he inherited from his mother) also disliked their names when they gained the ability to put thoughts to voice.

"I'm just saying that nopony is ever going to pronounce that name right." Mentii huffed.

"Mhm." Vicci added.

"And my sister barely speaks! She's even silent in the hive mind. She just sends whichever emotion she feels best represents her... Feelings. Wow. I mean thats nice and all, but words have a purpose too, you know?"

"Mhm!" Vicci nodded.

"Uhg! You're hopeless."

"So, I'm having a similar issue to you two as well." King Edgy Shadow Slaughter the horribly named added.

"Should we just come up with names for each other that we like?"

"Mhm." Vicci agreed.

"Well, how does the royalty get their name?" Menti asked.

"Celestia controls the sun, Luna controls the moon, King Sombra enslaved ponies and made them sombre, Discord is crazy, Chrysalis abducts ponies and puts them in chrysalis'." Edgey explained.

"Wow. That's like... painfully simple. So we just have to find what we're good at and name ourselves after it?"

"Well, Princess Cadance's real name is Mi Amore Cadenza. Her whole deal is romance and love. I think she became an Alicorn after some deeds though."

"Hmm." Vicci input.

"So... I'm good at singing, Vicci is good at being blunt and she's hyper protective, and you're good at alchemy."

"How is Vicci good at protecting?"

"She flung herself into a bear that snuck up on me while singing yesterday. Knocked it out, too."


Edgey and Menti both gave a suprised look to Vicci before recovering and continuing their conversation.

"Alright, so if you're good at singing, why don't we call you Queen Song?"

"Really? That's so bland though!"

"So is Princess Sun and Moon. And King Sad. And Discord."

"Fine, It's better than Mecci or Meci or Minty or whatever."

"Queen Minty?" Vicci suggested.

"Nope, I'm not going to be known as Queen Minty." Queen Song scrunched her muzzle at the thought.

"Okay, that's settled. What about Vicci?"

Edgey and Song observed Vicci, who was playing with a slab of bloodied meat.

"Where did she get that?"

"I have no idea, but I hope it wasn't from the bear earlier..."

Vicci raised the meat with her orange magic and skewered it on her bladed mane.


Song and Edgey both gave expressions of pleasant suprise in response.

"That's pretty fitting, actually. At least you look the part!" Song commented.

"So now we have Queens Song and Viscera. What about my name?"

"King Alchemy?"

Viscera hissed.

"Take that as a no." Song replied.

"Well, I was King Shadow Slaughter. How about King Shadow?"

"Sounds too much like Sombra."

"Aether?" Vicera suggested.

"Why Aether?"

"Well, alchemy is mythical by pony standards, and it sounds cool."


"Hey, its better than Edgey."

"That's true. I can kind of picture it, actually. Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadance, Kings Sombra and Aether, Queens Song, Viscera, Aze and Chrysalis."

"Sounds like a Gala to me."

Viscera nodded with a smile.

"So it's settled! Queens Viscera and Song, Grand-daughters to Queen Aze. King Aether, son to Queen Aze. Sounds good to me!"

"But what do we feed off of? We know that Grandma Aze uses Harmony, Friendship and Generosity... What do we 'eat'?" Song asked.

"Well, what do you feel missing?"

Song thought a moment. "Joy, Suprise and Enthusiasm... The rest I can feel on my own, so I wouldn't need it?"

"That's as good a theory as we'll get until you meet Grandma. What about you, Viscera?"

"Pride, Safety and..." Viscera trailed off before shrugging.

"Guess just those two, then?"


"Well that explains why we havent starved yet. I can feel Pride and Joy just radiating from you whenever you see us. Pretty hearts-warming, honestly." Song and Viscera smiled.

"Daww, you two are the best daughters I could've hoped for." He pulled them into a hug, making an effort to avoid Viscera's bladed mane.

"What about Great Aunties Celestia and Luna?"

"Huh?" Aether replied.

"What do they think about us?"

"Oh... Well I haven't told them yet."

Song gasped. "We should throw a surprise party!"

Aether was having flashbacks about his Aunt Pinkie Pie, and zoned out as Song began to excitedly plan out a surprise party. Viscera nestled into her father for cuddles.


<Alright everyling, I've returned from Canterlot!>

<Welcome back, our Queen!>

<What've we all decided on?>

<We've organised into several parties. Hive, Commerce, Military and Diplomacy.>

<Wow, you've been doing good work!>

<It took us that long to group up.>


<However, each party has a specific goal in mind!>

<Alright, lets hear them!>

<Hive Party believes that we should expand underground and above ground to accomodate our growing population. Commerce believes we should contact Yak-Yakistan and Saddle Arabia to open trade routes, as we've discovered a rich gem vein in the forest. Military believes we should invest in durable armoring to enhance our warrior's longevity on a hypothetical battlefield. Diplomacy believes that we should contact the Dragonlands for a peace agreement, and that we should set up an embassy in our allies capitol cities.>

<What is stopping us from doing all of that?>


<I'm certain that won't be an issue. I motion that all of the above be implemented for the good of the Brood. Excellent work!>

A rush of pride, joy and accomplishment flooded the hivemind, and everyling immediately set off to accomplish their party's goals.

"I wonder if Celestia has things this easy?" Aze wondered aloud.


Princess Celestia was sitting in Day Court, doing her absolute best to maintain the myth of her legendary patience. All it really took was an excellent poker face and a practiced voice. What was immensely taxing her reserves of limited patience was a particular noble that nopony liked. A noble that complained for the sake of complaining, that would come nearly every day for the express purpose of complaining that they had shown up.


The name alone just makes you want to strangle the little-

"Princess Celestia, a letter for you."

Oh, thank myself!

"Thank you, Flash Sentry."


Blueblood went ignored as Celestia read the letter addressed to her.

You've been invited to King Aether's family reunion party!

Hope to see you there, Great Auntie Celestia!

Mystery Mares S and V!

King Aether?


Celestia spent the remainder of Day Court nodding and generally ignoring anything Blueblood had to say as she wracked her brain for which King that would be, and who would have offspring related to her.


Invitations had been sent to practically everypony that was important. Even Goose got a letter, and Spike himself was suprised to receive a letter as well. Dread Pirate Pinkie Pie had engaged her Party Boosters(tm) to propel her airship back towards Equestria, as the ship and its crew were relaxing at Beer Island.

Luna was practically bursting with excitement. This was her first social gathering since her return that she wouldn't be forced to sleep through, as her letter detailed it would take place from 4pm to 4am the next day.

As for what to wear, Luna decided to go with a functional yet stylish attire of silver and light blue hoof rings that glowed during the night. She wasn't certain what kind of party it would be, but her normal regalia was suited for anything. Add 'glow sticks', as the packaging label described, and she was perfect!


"Song, I just thought of something." Aethur mused.

"Huh? What's that?" Song replied, using her magic (a soft pink) to steady a carnival strength tester.

"How do you sing if you don't have lungs?"

This caused Song to pause, the tester rocking on its own until it sat upright. Song sang experimentally, testing different pitches and notes before realising something.

"When I sing, I feel a slight burning in my vocal chords, and my shell seems to resonate with my voice..."

"Your shell?"

She pointed to the metallic runed armor that she 'wore'. "Yeah. Shell."

A look of sudden comprehension dawned on Aether's face before he replied. "I guess that would make sense. You sing with magic, and your shell amplifies the effect. Do you know if you can direct it?"

Humming in thought, she took note of the strength tester's name. A wicked grin spread from ear to ear before she took a wide stance and belted out with all of her might towards her father.


Aether was sent hurling backwards as rings of condensed sound struck him like a hurricane, and he bounced twice before rolling to a stop. His ears were ringing from the noise, and he had possibly sprained a wing.

"That, was AWESOME!" He shouted as he trotted back to his daughter with a huge grin on his face.

"I want to do that again!" Song cheered, before her sister's hoof clamped over her mouth.

"Fun, but loud." Viscera used her other hoof to point. Following the hoof, Song spotted a small village whose occupants were wandering outside, wondering where the sound had come from.

"Oh." Song's ears folded back. "Welp, I'll save it for the party then!" Her cheer returned, and the two went about setting up their party's games.

Viscera was quite fond of the 'spinny wheel with throwing knives' one.


A party?

Queen Aze had been laying another clutch of eggs when her invitation came.

Dear Queen Aze,

Hey, Grandma!

King Aether (Edgey) has a special suprise for everybeing, and you've been invited to a party!

Everybeing who is anybeing will be attending, and you'll get the opportunity to meet your grand children!

There's gonna be games too!

Hope to see you there,
Mystery Mares V and S

Huh. Well, If Edgey wants to rename himself then I don't really mind. I hadn't expected him to actually survive his encounter with The Pink One, but I'm sure she had her reasons. As far as name changing goes, I think an Alicorn can call themself whatever they want.

I wonder if the hive got an invitation?

Actually, that would be rediculous. Theres already going to be alot of party goers, and adding an entire nation would be excessive.

"My Queen! You received a letter as well?" Gaius happily asked, cantering to the edge of the pool.

Oh grief.


"Your payment has been received in full. Tell me, what do you intend with the pool?"

Aether had purchased a massive chunk of Zebreca for a day, in exchange for a set of specially enchanted armor for the Zebrecan Legate. He was told not to worry about the implications of an undying warlord, as he would be able to stop him at any time in the future, barring balefire armageddon.

Seriously, who uses balefire anymore? So Pre-Nightmare Moon.

"I intend to have a pool party, obviously. Why would I purchase a pool and not play pool volleyball?"

"Your reasons are most abstract; Won't this pool be too compact?"

"Pfft, please. Part of the fun is going to be watching others while you wait your turn! We have a betting pool set up to gamble on the victor of each match."

"A pool for liquid I see, where is the other that you tell me?"

Aether facehoofed. "It's not a literal pool. You place bets, and the money goes into a large pile and is divided amongst the winners."

"Gambling on 'volley ball' appears quite tame. For you, I would consider it lame."

"Oh, nopony told you? It's enchanted to freeze the entire pool if it hits the water. We have a hot cocoa vendor set up next to the arena!"

Zecora had no words for this, and could only huff in reply.

"Hah! Got you!" Aether declared triumphantly.


This was obviously some kind of trap; Chrysalis was certain of it.

A random patch of land in Zebreca, dedicated to a 'family reunion' party, and she was invited?

It was probably Cadance and Stupid, trying to pull some kind of trick and capture her.

Well Chrysalis wasn't having any of it!

No thank you, 'Mystery Mare V'. The hive is perfectly fine where it is!

A changeling of her brood then lazily slumped to the floor, instinctually trying to fill the emotional void in itself with dirt that was lethargically hoof shoveled into its mouth.

Chrysalis sighed. "Alright, fine! We're all going to Zebreca for a party!"

"yay." The changeling wheezed.


"You sure inviting Chrysalis is a good idea?" Song asked her sister.

Viscera took a moment to reply. "The way I understand it, is that Chrysalis' actions caused grandma to engage in peace talks with Equestria. During that time, she transitioned into full Queenhood and re-invented alchemy with the help of ponies she would never have spoken with otherwise. During those formative weeks, she created our father, who in turn created us. For those reasons, if Chrysalis hadn't invaded Canterlot, we wouldn't exist. In my mind, that makes her family by default."

Song blinked, turning her head sideways to observe her sister in a new light. "Either you've been abducted and replaced, or that is the most I've ever heard you speak." Song then poked her sister. "Are you an impostor?"

Viscera shrugged in reply, and walked off towards the fridge.

"Nope, she's Viscera alright."


"Wait, why does she even keep meat in the fridge if she doesnt eat it?"

Song peeked around the corner to witness Viscera making sushi rolls.

"Weird." Queen Song muttered to herself, before leaving her sister alone and moving outside to continue decorating.


Dear Twilight Sparkle,

We understand if this letter comes as a surprise, but I have need of your magical talent.

I have two ponies very special to me that want to learn how to control their innate magic with finesse. I am told that you are the mare we needed to see.

In the attached letter, you will find coordinates and train tickets to assist your journey.

You will be compensated with knowledge of alchemy and enchantment.

Awaiting your reply,
King Aether
Temporarily in Zebreca

Twilight was indeed surprised. Firstly, that she had been requested by reputation to teach royalty, and secondly that there was a 'King Aether' she had never heard of, in Zebreca of all places.

Twilight usually didn't pack more than a collection of books wherever she went, but set off towards gathering what she would need for the journey.

There was no way she was going to pass up the opportunity for learning.


Pinkie Pie had been informed via the spotter in the pegasus perch of her airship that a large camp had been spotted off the stern. Putting her binoculars to use, she confirmed that Zebras were working in concert with three black coated ponies to set up what looked like a massive carnival the size of Manehattan in the desert.

"All hooves, prepare for landing!" She shouted, and her pirate crew scurried about the ship in preperation.

An alarm klaxon sounded as the turbines of the ship rose to an intense whine; the balloons deflating to lower the ship steadily down.

An appropriately sized dust storm from the ship's landing caused a few tents to topple over, and the turbines steadily cooled from their glowing red when the ship completed touchdown of the surface.

Readying themselves, all of Pinkie's Pirates stood at the exit ramp, waiting for the hatch to drop.

"Thirty seconds!" Pinkie shrieked, lining up mobile party cannons.

"Fifteen seconds!"

"Five, four, three, two, one..." She counted down. After one, the latches of the exit ramp burst open with a hydraulic hiss, and the ramp crashed down into the sand.

"Go, go, go!" She happily cheered, as the pirate crew roared in reply... only to come to a stop in front of three large and scary... Things.

The first one to the left had a mane and tail of daggers, her body a carapace of black and silver. Her eyes glowed orange and her fanged smile set the experienced pirates on edge. The center figure appeared to be a male alicorn, and his crimson mane, tail and eyes stood out against the contrasting black of his coat. This was countered somewhat by his attire, as he wore a fancy suit jacket with a silken red shirt and black tie. To the right, was an armored mare with runes that glowed a soft pink. Her eyes also were of the same color, and her mane and tail were straightened black, flowing in the breeze of the engines. She suprised the pirates when her voice echoed with a musical quality to it.

"Welcome to Party Planet, everypony!" She yelled, standing on her hind hooves and using her gossamer wings to steady herself as her forelegs spread to accent the unravelling banner that declared the camp as 'Party Planet'.

Pinkie Pie moved past the shocked pirates of her employ, her gaze falling to who she knew as Edgey.

"Edgey?" Pinkie asked, a tear of joy in her eye. "Did you really throw a party? Your FIRST party?"

Aether quickly trotted to his Auntie Pinkie, using a wing to scoop her away from the Pirates and his daughter who were discussing drinking games as an activity to hold.

"Auntie, I go by Aether now. I will literally pay you to never call me 'Edgey' ever again."

"Aww, but I liked that name." Pinkie pouted.

"Hmm... How about this. You, and only you, are allowed to call me Edgey. Only in private company, of course."

"That's fine with me, Edgey!" Pinkie chirped.

Aether knew he would regret this decision someday, somehow.


Twilight had just reached the end of her journey as her train pulled into a city that she hadn't seen before. The station she disembarked onto looked brand new; made from marble and silver. Looking around, she noticed Zebras and ponies running about, setting up games and tents as well as food stands.

As Twilight was standing there in befuddlement, she heard a familiar voice call out.

"Hey Twilight! Isn't this great?!"

She turned around to see Pinkie Pie walking alongside Edgey in a tailored suit.

"Edgey calls himself Aether now!" She explained.

Twilight tried to get her mouth to work, but no words would come.

"I'm glad that you accepted my invitation, Auntie Twilight." Aether said with a polite nod.

"Auntie?" Was all Twilight could say.

"Yep! I'm Auntie Pinkie, and then theres Auntie Fluttershy, Auntie Rarity, Auntie Rainbow Dash, and Auntie Applejack! They all got invitations too! His first party and he invited Everypony ever!" Pinkie cheered.

"Everypony?" Twilight's eye twitched.

"Everypony or being directly or indirectly related, yes." Aether explained.


Meanwhile, Spike had finished packing his bags.

"Twilight? I'm ready to go to the party!" He called.




"I'm just glad that so many of my invitations were accepted! I have a big surprise for everybeing, and I can't wait to show all of you!" Aether bubbled with excitement.

"Wait, didn't you need my help with something?" Twilight asked.

"Yes! I neex your help in teaching two mares how to teleport... Dramatically!"


"All flashy and impressive, yes."

Twilight sighed, dissapointed that she hadn't expected something like this. "Alright. Where are they?"

"Right this way!" Aether took both Pinkie and Twilight under his wings, and they moved through the camp.


"Lulu, does this dress make my flank look big?" Celestia asked her bored sister.

"Nay, Tia. It is most fitting."

"Ooh, nervous?" Celestia smirked.

"What does thou mean? We art perfectly fine." Luna frowned.

"Luna, you always go back to the old way of speaking when you're nervous or excited." Celestia smiled, tickling her sister's muzzle with a wing. "I think it's adorable."

"We are not 'adorable', Tia! We are ruler of the night!" Luna declared with a raised hoof, wind pushing it back slightly as their chariot flew towards the party's location.

Celestia wrapped a wing around her sister and began to tickle her relentlessly. "Go on! Show your sister how powerful and capable you are!" She cackled.

"Nay, Sister. Cease this at once!" Luna uncontrollably gigled. "We are the night!" She yelped, trying to resist Celestia's tickling.


Discord had been sent a letter, but he was still frozen in stone.


Chrysalis, and what remained of her brood, had run into a snag.

That snag being an entire opposing hive of changelings that they had stumbled upon while traveling to the party.

"What Queen leads you?" Chrysalis called to the black and magenta changelings, some of them heavily armored.

"Chrysalis?" A familiar voice replied.

She turned her head, wings buzzing with irritation. "Aze..." She grumbled.

"It IS you!" Queen Aze cheered, landing next to Chrysalis. "It's been ages!"

"Too soon." Chrysalis mumbled.

"How have you been? I heard about your attack on Canterlot! It's such a shame that attacking your nearest source of nourishment in a blind attempt to murder the pony that controls the orbit of the sun every day didn't work out!" Aze cheerfully needled Chrysalis.

"Dont remind me, Aze."

"Oh, but this whole situation can only mean one thing! Did you get an invitation too?"


Aze squee'd with glee. "This is going to be perfect! I've dreamed about this day since I was a nymph!"

Chrysalis tuned out Aze as flashbacks of a certain spontanious song came to mind, worsening her mood.


Twilight was having some difficulty with 'Mystery Mares S and V'.

Mainly it was the part were they wanted their teleports to be announced with a bolt of lightning instead of a flash of light. They had explained that they wanted to appear as if lightning struck and made them materialize from nothing as part of the opening event in the large stadium they had built. Somehow.

To be fair, Twilight had no idea how long this party was being planned, but it still made her uneasy to think that all of this was accomplished in such a short time.

"Alright, I want you to practice your lightning spells before we attempt to merge them with a teleportation spell."

She had set up several dummies made from copper wire and straw in order to practice control.

Mare S' lightning always sounded like the wailing of the damned when it struck, and Mare V's impacted with enough energy to immolate whatever she zapped. They had been practicing for at least an hour before S got impatient.

"You know what? I'm pretty sure we got this, Twilight." She huffed.

"Mhm!" Mare V agreed. She hardly said anything, which annoyed Twilight.

"Well, all thats left to do is combine your teleportation practice with your Lightning." Twilight agreed. She had been wirn ragged by the trip itself, the heat if the desert, and the magical exertion of teaching.

"Here goes!" S declared. Her horn pulsed and her shell glowed a bright pink as the runex activated, and she appeared across the tent in a bolt of lightning that set the roof on fire.

"Again!" V cheered, as Zebras scrambled to find water.


The big moment had finally arrived. Everybeing had settled down in the stadium after the slight panic of two entire hives of changelings decended from the sky, filling half of the stands in a sea of magenta, green and blue.

A stage had been built in the center, and Aether flew out to stand in its center.

"Greeting, everybeing!" He announced, several amulets augmenting the volume of his voice and some shielding his ears as well. "It's been a pleasure to organise this surprise for you all, and I'm very glad that you all showed up!"

Polite applause and stomping.

"Enough about me! Let me show you all why I invited you here!" He motioned to two stone platforms behind him. "In just a few moments, the suprise of the evening will announce the start of this night of celebration!"

Aether backed away from the pillars, balancing on his hooves and stretching his wings to maintain balance. "Introducing my daughters, QUEENS SONG AND VISCERA!"

Before the croud could react, two bolts of lightning stuck the stone pillars in synchronisation, scorching the point of impact. Standing proudly at the top of the pillars were the very excited Queens themselves, waving to the crouds.

Aze's hive burst into cheers and applause, causing Chrysalis' brood to join in out of confusion, as their Queen was dumbstruck by the thought of having two whole other hives to eventually contend against. The Minos and Griffon Empire sections applauded as well, their cultures making it an insult to not go along with the expectations of their host. Zebreca itself was a gossiping murmur of rhyming confusion, which quickly organised itself into proper cheers.

Equestria, however, was having a fit.

Not the average ponies; they were cheering louder than anybeing else, not really knowing what they were cheering for but caught up in the excitement all the same.

No, the ponies having an issue were the Diarchs and the Elements of Harmony. Who all collectively swore in Celestia's name. Celestia herself included.

"By my beard!" She gasped.

"Celestia's Sunny Flank!" Luna added, equally shocked.

After the amusing outbursts of the eight were concluded, they hesitantly applauded.

"Allright every being, let's get this party started!" Queen Song shouted, loud enough to drown out all of the applause.

This caused the changelings to take flight, racing the Griffons and Pegasus to the various rides as the ground walkers were left in the dust.

"Awesome." Rainbow Dash commented.

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