• Published 25th Jun 2016
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The Wedding Aftermath - Queen Sanguine Dreams

Queen Chrysalis' hive has been scattered to the winds, but not all Changelings serve Chrysalis.

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You're kidding, right?

How does someling get it in their head that attacking the governing body of a foreign power is a good plan?

Expanding on that idea, how is it a good idea to attempt the murder of somepony that controls the sun?!

Let me back up a bit.

I was sitting in my throne room, managing reports via the link in the hive mind (I might get to that later, don't call me on it) and a very persistent voice caught my attention.

<My Queen, my Queen!> It desperately cried over the voices of the others.

<Feel free to speak if it is so urgent, Gaius.> I replied with level tone. It was my job to keep everyling from freaking out after the massive blast from Canterlot swept over, despite my own sense of unease that I had shielded from affecting the rest of the hive.

<We've recovered foreign changelings, from Brood Chrysalis!>

I remember thinking that it was odd for the Badlands Changelings to be so far from their hive.

<They are bloated with energy, and say they were struck by a large blast of "Guarded Love" from Canterlot.>

That must've been the earthquake from earlier. <Have they mentioned the cause of this?> I replied.

<They have, My Queen. Brood Chrysalis attempted a takeover of the Equestrian Diarchy and Capitol of Equestria. They failed when their entire brood was banished by the guard captain and his wife.> Gaius seemed uneasy as his report neared conclusion. <The Equestrians are tripling their guard, and actively searching for 'Infiltrators' my Queen.>

This was bad news to say the least. Ponies on their own tended to be care-free, trusting to a fault and naïve. Frightened ponies however, were impulsive, hostile and difficult (if not impossible) to reason with. They would see anyling and immediately arrest or assault the first changeling they saw.

<Thank you for informing me privately, Gaius.>

<The Hive endures, My Queen.>


Contrary to what my adopted children will tell you, I am not a Queen. I am a Proto-Queen.

What is the difference, you ask?

A fully matured queen is able to produce twelve to fifteen eggs a day. These eggs, when properly cared for, can hatch after a month. A Proto-Queen however, has no control over the eggs they produce in a given day, and might not produce any until matured.

This is my unfortunate circumstance. I have a hive of nearly a thousand to care for, and no way to replace their number short of a massive growth spurt. The changelings themselves are sterile, as suddenly having hundreds of Queens flying about in a hive would create chaos.

Where is the original queen of the hive? Ask Discord. He took immense pleasure at our expense by turning her into a Moth. He said that, I quote, "A changeling Queen named 'Ra' is just too perfect an opportunity to pass up!" And promptly turned Queen Ra into a moth. Soon after, 'Queen Moth'Ra' as Discord described her, flew out of the hive never to be seen again.

Sometimes I wonder what she's up to.

Why do I bring all of this up in the first place? Well, I was going to try my hoof at Politics. I was unable to replace any losses my hive suffered, and we were rapidly dwindling in population from all our hivemates being imprisoned and starved. I could feel their links fading away with every moment, and couldn't allow them to be snuffed out through apathy.


<My Queen, a suggestion?>

<Of Course, Lanius.>

<Allow Gaius and I to accompany you to the Equestrian Capitol. Your safety should be held above any other in the hive, as we are doomed without you.>

<I appreciate the concern, Lanius. I doubt the benefits of two Hive Guard accompanying me to an 'enemy' capitol however. If they wished to attack us, there would be little we could do to stop them from overpowering us.>

The reply from Lanius took a moment as he privately marshalled his thoughts. <I understand, my Queen.>

I could feel the burden of worry through the hivemind, despite his best efforts to shield me from it. <Do not worry, Lanius. I will return as I am able, and will remain in contact through the Hivemind.

<Of course, my Queen.>


The 'plan' was extremely risky and fairly insane. I'm told that is how changeling Queens usually plan, so I feel pride from that.

I was going to disguise myself to board a train to Canterlot, walk straight to wherever the ruler's throne was, and state my case. Why was this insane? Let me tell you the ways this could go wrong.

I, Foreign ruler of a hidden nation within a nation and, by extension of race, enemy to said nation, was going to infiltrate a hostile foreign populace that I had little experience with. I was going to create a unique persona and navigate my way through society to reach the highest government that controlled the orbits of the sun and moon, and ask them to 'pretty please don't destroy my children and I'.

For comparison, let me paint a scenario. Imagine you are the protector and ruler of millions. All is peaceful and going well. One day, an attack is launched upon your literal home, and your population is nearly enslaved. You are also wounded in the defense of your subjects. Fighting off said force, you enlist your military to persue any of the attackers and thwart their ability to disguise.

To your suprise, one of your loyal soldiers informs you of the capture of a leader of the attacking people. From this point it can be handled several ways.

1. Execute the Leader
2. Imprison the Leader
3. Torture the Leader as revenge
4. Interrogate the Leader
5. Make an Example of the Leader in a public manner, see 1, 3.
6. Use the Leader as ransom.
7. Turn the Leader and their people into a puppet state.
8. Enslave the population of the leader's populace.
9. Kill everything and the Leader last.
10. (This is the crazy one.) Ask what the bleating hay they're doing sneaking around.

My plan relied on reaction 10.


From leaving the hive and donning my disguise, (a sky blue pegasus mare with white mane and purple stripes along the sides,) I ventured to the nearest town. Ponyville.

Seriously? That would be like calling our hive 'Magenta Changeling-Living Area'

Yes, Magenta. Black carapace, Soft purple shell, tail and (In my case) mane, and eyes that glowed magenta. Not every changeling comes from Brood Chrysalis, remember?

My eyes were still magenta, as it provided me some small comfort. I had never attempted infiltration before, as my duty was to the overall workings of the hive. As I walked further away, I could still feel the pleasant hum of thinking from my hive, and despite their concerns of my safety, they held hope for the future.


I had decided to name myself 'Foogle' as the meaning of the word could be held to open interpretation. My 'Cutie Mark' was a half purple and half blue heart with wings on the sides. Also open to interpretation. I didn't really put much thought into it, as my plan was fairly straightforward.

Except when I tried to buy a ticket.

<Hello?> I asked, staring at the pony that was giving me a funny look. <I'd like to go to the capitol?>

Nothing! He just kept staring at me like I was mute. I attempted to get his attention several more times before he replied.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" He finally asked.

<Yes! Fina... Wait. I've been speaking in the Hivemind this entire time, haven't I?>

My reply was a flood of amusement and joy at my expense, the hive having heard my voice above the others by default. Grumbling to myself, I coughed to clear my throat and discovered my voice to be barely audible from disuse.

"I'd like a train to the Capitol." I stated with confidence.

"What's that Ma'am? I can barely hear you." The stallion replied, cupping his ear towards me with a hoof and leaning towards the invisible barrier that held up his station.

I spoke up, shouting my way to normal speaking volume. I'd like a pass to the capitol!" I rasped.

"Ya mean a train ticket? That'll be five bits, Ma'am."

Bits? Bits of what?

<What are bits, and how do I get them?> I asked the hive.

<Currency, my Queen. Small metal disks of a yellowish orange metal called Gold. You will have to either rely on the generosity of others or aquire a job.>

<A job? What is the purpose of this job?>

<You get bits when you put effort into a job. It's a pony thing. They don't like supporting others unless they receive compensation in bits.>

Blinking at the rediculousness of this, I thanked the stallion in the barrier box for his help and made my way into 'Ponyville'.

Seriously, someling could come up with a better name.

Upon entering said town, I was face to face with a very energetic earth pony that was probably the Element of Bodily Harm, Sugar and Pink.

Said pony had let out a suprised gasp, startling a few with their attentions elsewhere, before zipping over to me fast enough to displace air and cause a gust of wind to follow.

"Hi! My name's Pinkie Pie; what's yours? Are you new? Of course you're new, cause I know everypony in Ponyville!" The Pink One cheered, extending a hoof towards me expectantly.

I stood there, in a calm and collected manner, and asked for assistance.

<Help! One of them is extending their hoof towards me and I have no Idea what they want!>

<Shake it!>

Taking the advice, given to me in a moment through the Hivemind, I shook the hoof of The Pink One. I would then be the one to discover through personal experience the difference in weight that changelings of the White Tail Woods had.

We live entirely off of emotions, our bodies converting the laytent magic that radiates from them into nutrients for our bodies. This removes the need for pesky things like Lungs, Intestines, Stomachs, Livers, Kidneys, and all the other nasty things you mammals have. Instead, we have two hearts protected by our chest carapace and shell. The hearts channel magic collected via emotion through the first, is filtered through the horn, and directed to the rest of our bodies via the second heart. Were one to become damaged or destroyed, the other heart would take over, keeping us alive long enough for the other to regenerate.

All of this meant that I weighed far too little to be weighed down by something as petty as gravity when The Pink One shook my hoof in eager response, sending me up into the air in a front flip of spiraling terror. I had barely managed to right myself when I came crashing back down to the ground.

"Woo~oowee! That's a neat trick!"

My reply was to grumble with a mouthful of dirt. Thankfully I didn't have my fangs for this disguise, or i'm certain I would've shattered them.

"You don't talk alot, do you? Oh, I know! Let's introduce you to my friend Fluttershy! She's even quieter than you!"

And before I knew what was happening, I was being carried across the back of the Pink One to the lair of its friend.


Eventually cleaning my mouth and freeing myself from the grasp of Pink Pastry, I trotted along side her as she rambled on and on about things I had never heard of. I tuned her out and absently nodded when she looked my way, but my attentions were focused to the hive.

<Gaius, any updates on the Hive?>

<Yes my Queen. We have retrieved Lucious, Grem and Harnen from captivity. Noling or pony was harmed in the effort, and the guard broke pursuit when we fled into the Everfree. We're making our way to Whitetail now.>

<Excellent work, Gaius. Ensure they are cared for upon your return.>

<So say we all.>

<Lanius?> I called.

<A report, My Queen?>

<Yes Lanius. I am making steady progress with my infiltration, but I'm unable to proceed to their capitol just yet.>

<Very well, My Queen. Whom are you with currently? I sense trace amounts of annoyance from you.>

<Pink Pastry or something. They never stop talking so I can't reply or ask them.>

There was a pause, with a sense of dread coming from the rest of the hive.

<Lanius? What is wrong?>

<My Queen... does this pony have three balloons on their flank?>

Looking around to spot the pony, I snuck a glance at her flank as she kept on talking about parties or baking or something.

<Yes, what of it?>

"We're he~re!" She sing-songed, standing on her hind hooves and pointing towards a wooden structure surrounded by fencing, smaller structures and animals.

<Run my queen!>


I was swiftly grabbed by the Pink One, and carried into the structure against my best efforts to resist.

"Honey, I'm hoooome!" She called out to the living room, several animals seeking shelter.

"Pinkie Pie, we're not a-" A quiet voice replied, before spotting me and nearly dropping the tea tray.

It was a butterscotch colored pegasus mare, light blue eyes with pink mane and tail. She set the tray on the ground for the liquid to settle before setting it down on a nearby table.

"We're totally a couple! A couple of FRIENDS!" The Pink One giggled, setting me down (Tossing) on the couch and ploping herself next to me.

The Shy One and I stared at each other for a while, and I was upset that my tea cup wasn't floating to me before I remembered my pegasus disguise. I was horrible at holding things with my hooves, so I decided to slurp tea from the cup itself.

"Um... Are you okay? Is the cup too hot to hold?" The Shy One asked.

"Nah, she's just not from around here, Aren't ya?" The Pink One gave a conspiratorial wink at me, and I opted to nod in response.

The Shy One accepted this, and continued speaking. "It must be exciting to visit a new place. Where are you from?"


<Yes, my Queen?>

<I need someplace thats far away from here for where I'm from!>

After a pause, made awkward by the stares of the Pink and Shy, I recieved a reply,

<Say you're from Yak-Yakistan.>

"Yak-Yakistan!" I yelled, once again achieving normal speaking volume. The tea cut down on my rasping, which was nice.

"Oh. It must be very warm for you if you're from there. I hear it's always snowing there." The Shy One commented, sipping her tea.

"What kind of parties do they have in Yak-Yakistan?" The Pink cheerfully inquired.

At this point I was firmly doomed. I was going to lie my wings off and get caught in all of the aftermath. No time like the present, I guess. I didn't even know what a party was, so I opted to mentally replace any mention of 'Yak-Yakistan' with 'The Hive'.

"Well, I don't know what a party is, so I guess they'd be the sneaky kind?" My voice whispered.

"WHAT?!" Pink shrieked. "How can they not have parties?!"

"Pinkie, please calm down. You're scaring Angel." The Shy requested politely.

Said 'Angel' was a small white rabbit in a towel robe, standing halfway down the staircase with grumpyness radiating from it. Not wanting to feel anger or upset, I supported Shy.

"Maybe you could give the first party then?"

I don't fully understand the reaction that my suggestion recieved, but I was later told that The Pink One rocketing out of the house through the roof with accompanying smoke trail was 'Very Pinkie'.


I stayed with Fluttershy, as that was her name, and I discussed my need for a trip to the Capitol, which I found was named Canterlot. I asked if she needed help with caring for her animals, but they all seemed to dislike me on some unseen principle.

I'm nice! Don't give me that look. I wouldn't hurt a foal.


Continuing on, I was offered a 'spot on the couch' for the night, and politely agreed. She was steadily becoming a friend, and this was letting me harvest enough magic to begin storing it for my return to the hive.

Queens and Proto-Queens are able to hold a great deal more magic than the 'standard' changelings. Imagine if famine were to strike the hive, and the only way for the hive to continue was relocation. Above anyling else, survival of the queen is paramount. No queen, no hive. Therefor, we are the mobile storehouse of magic for our hive, and the last to starve should the worst happen.

Angel Bunny had taken to watching me closely, a green helmet of some kind with four golden stars in a row sitting on his head, slanted vertically to cover his rear and rest just above his brow. He was exuding suspicion and distrust with hints of anger at my presense, but I couldn't escape his gaze without drawing attention.

Luckily for me, I don't need to sleep as much as he does.

When he finally passed out from exhaustion, I lifted him inside of his helmet like a bowl and rested him on a chair opposite my couch. I also used a clean hoofkerchief as a blanket for him. Seeing the rabbit dealt with, I began to search the house for 'Bits'.

The kitchen was empty, containing meats for the carnivores (I hope), bird seed for birds of course, and various other foods for animals and ponies alike. The bathroom and closet were equally poor, and the couch cushions held a single bit. Deciding the downstairs was only a partial success, I flew silently upstairs so my hooves wouldn't wake anything up. Seeing a chest next to Fluttershy's bed, I noticed that it was unlocked. I lifted the lid a bit too fast, and a loud complaint of strained hinges nearly gave me a hearts attack.

Keeping with my newfound disguise's lungs, I quietly calmed my breathing and spotted several books, one of which being a romance novel, and loose bits. Excited that things were working out, I grabbed four more bits from the chest before almost closing it.

Wait, what If I need to pay for even more things on the way there, or when I get there?

Seeing a saddlebag and a pouch, I pushed the bag aside and wrapped the pouch around my neck like jewelry. Don't worry, I asked what that was when inspecting Fluttershy's dresser.

Bits in hoof and nopony or critter the wiser, I quietly closed the chest and flew silently downstairs. Opening the door, I heard squeaking behind me.

Before I knew what had happened, An angry blur of white fur swung an iron frying pan into my face.


I then promptly flew into a wall and blacked out from the force of the impact.

*****The Next Day*****

I awoke with a very painful ache in my carapace, rubbing my cheek with my hoof and blinking my vision into clarity. I noticed my head was wrapped in bandages, but that wasn't what concerned me.

I had lost my disguise.

Looking around in a panic, I saw many brown and tan cubes sealing me into a closet. I remembered one of my children explaining the difficulty of moving said 'Cardboard boxes' and decided to plea for my freedom.

"Hello?" My double voice called out. It was still faint from disuse, but the buzzing of my wings combined with it cause my voice to vibrate and slightly echo.

I waited for a moment, and called out again after hearing nothing. I was louder this time.


I heard shuffling from the other side of the dreaded cardboard, and braced myself.

"H-hello~OOAAAAAHHH!" Fluttershy screamed, a box falling backwards with her and revealing wonderful daylight.

Yes I was in a closet for a short amount of time, but I still like the sun!

It was only a small hole in the wall, but enough that I could rest my head and look out to see a terrified Fluttershy. I could feel the shock of finding me pulsating off of her, conflicting with the desire to run away and the need to protect her animals. She picked herself up from the floor and peered over a couch at me.

"Are you alright?" I asked loud enough for her to hear, so as to not strain my voice. Despite my efforts, she ducked behind the backrest of the couch before I had spoken half of the first word.

Regaining her composure, she walked towards me while bearing a confused expression, looking to me and the impenetrable cardboard.

"Um..." She started, unsure as what to say. "Are you a changeling?" She finally asked.

I nodded, trying to keep my movements slow and avoid startling her further.

She stood there, blinking a few times at me as if I had done something she couldn't comprehend. After a minute of silence and us staring at the other, she slowly backed away towards the door.

"I'm... going to get Pinkie Pie and my other friends. I'm sure they'd love to meet you!" She said sweetly, but her emotions conveyed terror and a desperate urge to flee, in accompanyment to profound confusion.

"Don't leave me here, please!" I called out. I wasn't going to beg for release just yet, but I also didn't want her forgetting about me and leaving me imprisoned forever in a closet.

<My Queen, you are awake!> I heard Gaius exclaim.

<Yes Gaius. I am alright, and there is no need to worry. I was... struck by a tree branch and tended by my new friends.>

<Yes my Queen. As long as you are well, the Hive shall endure.>

Seeing the matter settled, I waited for Fluttershy to return.


Perhaps an hour later, I heard voices walking up to the house and stopping outside of the door. A soft one that I couldn't make out I assumed to be Fluttershy. I also heard the excited cheering of The Pink One, and a few different ones as well. I felt suspicion, nervousness and anger through the door and became worried.

Maybe I should hide behind the cardboard, so they'll think i've escaped?

Laying down and attempting to shift my form to blend in, my face and horn began to hurt, resisting the transformation until I had recovered more. Deciding there wasn't much chance anyway, I closed my eyes and backed into the darkest part of the closet to hide myself, shutting my eyes to prevent their magenta glow from revealing me.

I heard the door squeak open, accompanied by a gust of wind and a short clip-clopping of hooves on wood.

"Hey Shy, what gives?" I heard a mare's voice ask, slightly raspy.

"I don't see no changeling, Fluttershy." Another mare drawled.

"Um... they must've ran away?" Fluttershy replied.

Do you ever get the feeling that something is watching you? Like it's right next to you and if you do anything it will eat you?

Thats what being found by The Pink One feels like.

"FOUND IT!" Pinkie Pie screamed next to me, causing my eyes to open in shock and my wings to buzz in suprise. My hooves covered my ears in a desperate act of preserving my hearing as I flopped on my side away from The Pink One. She had somehow gotten past the cardboard wall and imprisoned herself with me.

"Oh! They must still be in my closet..." Fluttershy mumbled, using her immense strength to shift several cardboard boxes to the side for her friends to see.

Covering my ears in preperation for another blast of audio from The Pink One, I looked at five mares already staring at me.

One was Fluttershy, near the right corner. Next to her was a Blue pegasus with a rainbow mane and Magenta eyes (One of mine?). To her left was an orange earth pony with a blonde mane and strange headgear. Next was a purple unicorn, a scroll levitated next to her and a scowl on her face upon seeing me. To her left was a regal looking white unicorn, her nose scrunched.

"Hello?" I asked, internally flinching at the possibilitys of how this could play out.

"Why are you here? What do you want? What does Chrysalis want with Fluttershy?" The purple unicorn belted out question after question, growing more frantic and angry with each one. I had no time to answer politely amidst her onslaught, so I was left with no choice but to interrupt her.

"I am not of Chrysalis' Brood!" I yelled, slightly higher than normal speaking volume and worthy of silent praise to myself.

This was not a response she must have been expecting, but her reaction was an increase in anger and distrust. "You're lying! I don't know how you escaped Canterlot, but I'm sure the Princess will know how to deal with you!" She growled, storming off with Fluttershy following after her.

I lowered my hooves and made to stand up, despite the alarm this caused the remaining three. The Pink One didn't seem too bothered for some reason.

"Pinkie Pie, would you git outta there?" The orange mare asked, upset by the antics of her friend. I looked to my side, where she had been, and found her gone. When I looked up again I was suprised to see her with a hoof around the Orange one's withers.

"Sure thing, Applejack!" She chirped, her hoof instead resting with the other on top of the cardboard box she was viewing me from.

Everypony and queen subconciously and collectively decided not to question how she accomplished this feat, and moved on.

Applejack, the orange one, looked to me with curiosity. "So, changelin'. How come you haven--nmmn!! She mumbled, Pinkie's hoof jammed into her mouth before her thought could be completed. She was soon dragged off by Pinkie along with White and Blue into a huddle.

They were too far away for me to listen, but I sensed their confusion and suspicion slowly turning to amusement. A few times during their conversation they peeked out to look at me, looking at them, and giggled.

Being confused, I decided to wait. If it was important they would probably tell me.


<My Queen, are you well?>

<Yes Lanius, I'm... enjoying the company of several friends. How fares the hive?>

My eyes were closed as I focused my efforts to commune with the Hive so far away. As the numbers of our hive were small, the range of our communications were equally short. The more minds linked, the greater the area of influence.

<We have rescued several more brothers and sisters in the night, but have discovered a new kind of Pony. They are called Thestrals, and they bear bat wings with fangs. If you hear somepony loudly talking at night, it is most likely a Thestral.>

This wouldn't complicate things too much, as I was already at the mercy of my capteurs. I would be able to attack them, certainly. But I would gain only war from that action, and I was attempting to save my children.

<Well done, Lanius. Thank you for the information.>

<The Hive Endures, my Queen.>

I opened my eyes to see a pink hoof waving in front of my face.

"Hellooo, changeling lady!"

I looked down to see the Pink One, but my attention was drawn to the Purple unicorn when she cleared her throat.

"I can't believe I'm actually agreeing to this, but we will let you out of this 'impenetrable prison' on one condition." She mandated.

"What is this condition?" I asked with careful tone. I would not agree to anything I deemed out of my means, especially if it was to betray my kind.

The unicorn heavily sighed, before replying in an exhasperated monotone. "If you Pinkie Promise not to Lie or Betray Us, the Elements of Harmony, or Princesses Celestia and Luna, we will release you."

This seemed to be an agreeable condition.

"Very well. I 'Pinkie Promise' to follow those conditions."

I waited a moment after they gave me odd looks.

"What?" I asked, worried I had done something wrong.

"Follow after me!" Pink asked. "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" She recited with some mystical incantation and dance, ending with a hoof in her eye.

I blinked, staring at her. I supposed I should just begin being honest if she had recited the needed words.

"I have two hearts, not one. Will this complicate things?"

She sat on her hind end for a moment, chin being rubbed with a forehoof as she looked accusingly at the ceiling.

"Nope! That just means it'll be twice as bad if you break it! Now you just have to Pinkie Promise!" She happily said.

"I, Proto-Queen Aze of... Yak-Yakistan, Pinkie Promise to neither Lie or betray the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, nor the Diarchs of Equestria. Cross my hearts and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

I lowered my hoof from my eye, and saw several stunned faces.

"What? Did I do something wrong?"

"She actually Pinkie Promised?" The blue one asked in shock, her mouth slightly open.

"Yup..." Applejack replied.

"Did... Was I not supposed to do that?" I asked.


The purple unicorn, Twilight Sparkle I had learned, was confused. "Let me get this straight. You're a changeling?"

"Yes." I replied, having explained my plan in full to the six. They were having trouble believing me, but Pinkie Pie's spell held true.

"But you're not from Chrysalis." She flatly added.


"And you want to go to Canterlot, meet the Princesses, and discuss a peace treaty."


"Because your hive is in Yak-Yakistan?"

"Mmm... No." I hesitated for a moment, feeling tension in the air. "My hive is in the White Tail Woods."

I knew I was taking a huge risk by informing them of this, but everything was riding on the hope I wouldn't be executed on the spot in the first place. Seeing as these six held close ties to the Diarchs, I was planning on their word to help me.

"But during the promise, you said you were from Yak-Yakistan!" Applejack pointed out.

"Well... I've been completely forthright with you since, and Pinkie Pie has harbored no complaint..."

I looked to Pinkie Pie and regretted it. She had aquired a second cannon and aimed it towards my face. I wondered how long until she had a third.

"Why didn't you just send one of your drones?" Rainbow Dash asked, still radiating suspicion.

"Rainbow Dash, I believe I can answer that. She is the... Proto-Queen you said?" I nodded. "The Proto-Queen of her people. I believe she came in person to be taken with complete sincerity. Besides, any drone that the Solar Guard had spotted would be arrested. Being royalty, she had a better chance of success. Isn't that right?" Rarity asked, looking to me after doing a fair job of explaining.

"You are correct, Rarity. Thank you for saving me the trouble of explaining."

"Of course, dear." She replied, sipping tea offered by Fluttershy.

"So how so we all know you won't try to suck the love out of us or somethin' when we ain't lookin'?" Applejack asked, nearly as suspicious as Rainbow Dash was.

"The White Tail Brood does not survive off of love. We have adapted to more readily obtainable sources of food. Compassion, Friendship, Harmonious living and contentment."

Twilight looked to Pinkie, who shrugged. "Really? A changeling Proto-Queen is talking about harmony and friendship?"

"Is that difficult to believe?"

She struck her own forehead with a hoof. "You're kidding, right?"

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