• Published 25th Jun 2016
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The Wedding Aftermath - Queen Sanguine Dreams

Queen Chrysalis' hive has been scattered to the winds, but not all Changelings serve Chrysalis.

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Qween Qwisawiss

"I wook wedicuwous." I pouted.

"I think you look adorable." Cadence snickered.

I had agreed to one task of any request set by Cadance in exchange for her support from that point on. I had no idea that request would involve me transforming into the nymph version of Queen Chrysalis in a chicken suit.

The cost was almost too much to bear. Almost.

"Why am I dowing dis again?"

"If we're going to convince Shiny that you aren't out to stab him in the back, we need to show him the lengths you're willing to go for peace. Besides, you still look so cute! If the real Chrysalis hadn't mind controlled my husband and kidnapped me, I would have been excited to meet a changeling. You're just precious!"

She continued to babble and make foal noises at me during the rest of the journey to Shining Armor and Cadance's room. My little hooves making the journey agonisingly long.

We finally reached the room, and Cadance knocked before peeking inside. Hushed whispers of excitement and confusion were heard, before Cadance leaned out to usher me inside. Shining was facing the far wall with his eyes closed, a look of confusion on his face. I was positioned some hooves behind him, and soon Cadance gave the signal with supremely over the top melodrama.

"Oh no! It is Queen Chrysalis! Saaave me, Shining Armor!" She wailed.

Shining spun around, looking above me for the imagined Queen.

"Feaw me and dispayer!" I squeaked, yelling dramatically. My chicken suit somewhat detracted from my performance.

"Cadance... What is a Filly Chrysalis doing in our bedroom?" He asked, confused that he had put words together in that order in his lifetime, with complete seriousness. "And why is she dressed like a chicken?"

"I am noh Fiwwy, Shining Awmur! I am a Qween!" I bellowed.

Cadance was barely holding back a storm of laughter, her face turning red as air escaped her puffed cheeks, held in place by both of her hooves as she leaned on their bed.

"Cadance, seriously. What?" Shining was at a loss for words.

"I wiw take ovah aww of Eqwestwia, mwa ha ha!"

Shining was probably broken at this point, so I decided my task was complete and reverted to my natural, Proto-Queen self.

He stood in shock, blinking repeatedly as Cadance burst out in laughter at the sight of Shining not knowing what to do, and my very obvious embarrasment and discomfort with the entire situation. I cautiously moved my hoof to touch him, and he sprang into action, flipping me over him and into a cabinet.

"Shining! No!" Cadance gasped.

"Wh-what?" Shining said in a daze. "What the bucking hay just happened?!"

I saw stars. They were pretty.

"Good grief, Shining! Did you have to throw her so hard?"

"What?!" He was still broken.

"Are you alright, Aze?"

"Did you get the Cutie Mark of the Stallion that ran me over? I think I laid an egg. Stars." I rambled.


They had done their best to ease any injury caused, but I don't think they realised that the ice pack on my head wasn't helping. It was simply cold.

Shining Armor had come out of his shock when I tapped him, and reflexively treated me as a threat before his brain could catch up with what was going on. Cadance continuously apologised for the entire thing, but I did my best to wave off her concerns. I'd had more punishment from Sprinkle anyway.

"So, do either of you want to tell me what all of that was about?" Shining asked, once more in control of himself.

"Well..." Cadance began, looking to me with a look of somekind.

"I have no idea what those looks mean, Cadance."

"Oh! Right. I forgot that, sorry."

"Cadance? Not 'Princess Cadance'? Since when are you two on a first name basis?"

"I only have the one name, actually."

"You know what I meant." He grumbled.

"Actually, she's been fairly consistent with her... unique lack of knowledge. No offense!"

"What offense?"

"Cadance, can we focus please?"

"Right! So, I followed Aze back to her quarters after the meeting to speak with her."

"Mildly put."

"Shush, you!"


"Yes, so, I wanted to know what she was planning, because I was certain this was just another way for Chrysalis to make a move on Equestria after the wedding. Aze suprised me when she offered to prove her commitment, so I made her Pinkie Promise to help me in exchange for my support onwards."

"A Pinkie Promise? Seriously?"

She nodded. "Yep! It turns out that Aze is convinced that breaking a Pinkie Promise would be the worst possible thing to occur, ever."

Shining looked at me with what I was beginning to correlate with 'Intense disbelief and skepticism.' "Right..."

"It's true! You can explain if you want, Aze." Cadance offered.

"You know that my hive survives through Harmony, Friendship, Generosity and Kindness, correct?"

"However much I don't believe you, yes."

"I was explained to me by The Pink One that were I to break a Pinkie Promise, I would lose the being that I had promised to as a friend forever."

"FOREVERRR!" the Pink One added, sinking into a chest filled with clothing and shutting with a click.


Shining and Cadance seemed very alarmed by The Pink's sudden appearance, but my throat clearing cough (That I dont actually need to do, as I have no lungs with which to cough) brought their attention back to me.

"The Pink One is always watching those that promise in her name. So were I to break my promise to her, I would also lose her friends as my friends, the Diarchs, and by extension, all of Equestria. This would cause my children to starve and possibly our entire hive to die out. So yes, I take any Pinkie Promise as a matter of life and death, because for me, it is."

"Wait, what promise did you make to Pinkie Pie?" Cadance asked.

"Something along the lines of 'I will never betray or lie to the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony or the Diarchs of Equestria.'"

"Have you?" Shining asked. "Lied, I mean?"

"I'm absolutely certain that I would have been informed by The Pink One if I had. Her arsenal of personal artillery is quite portable and expansive."


"Party Cannons, Shiny."

"Do I want to know?"


"Alright," Shining now adressed me. "If Cadance is willing to give you a chance, then I will too. She has more right than anypony to be upset with changelings, and I trust her judgement. That doesn't mean we're friends, but I'm giving you benefit of doubt."

I nodded in appreciation. "Thank you for the opportunity, Shining.

"Now... About what you said when Shining flipped you..." Cadance cautiously began.

"What did I say?"

"You mentioned that it felt like you laid an egg? Well... You did."

I blinked, and was about to reply before I was cut off.

"No, I'm not kidding."


"I sincerely hope that bodily harm is not what is required for me to lay eggs." I grumbled.

I had infact laid my first egg. It was Cadance's theory that having me go along with her 'prank' was what allowed a friendship to begin between us, and being her position as the Alicorn Princess of Love, her field of magic was great enough that the joy I gave her sped up my growth cycle enough to begin laying eggs.

"Hey, if you ever need to lay an egg, let me know. I could use the workout." Shining chuckled, before getting tapped on the head by Cadance's hoof.

"Shining, be nice. She just gave birth... Sort of."

"We don't give birth, thats a Mammalian thing." I pointed out.

"Oh, right." She looked at my first egg, which I held between my forehooves with Goose sitting on top. We had returned to my quarters after they ensured my good health.

"What are you gonna name it?" Cadance asked.

"We do not name our Nymphs until the age of assistance. By then, their personality is developed enough to be summarised with an appropriate name."

"What does your name mean, then?"

"Aze: Innocent but guarded, extremely protective of friends and family, dedicated to the well being of all, sometimes clueless in social situations and peaceful at heart. Queen Ra made it up when she couldn't think of an accurate name. She derived it from Chittitchtc, which means Burning Passion in Chitter."

"You chitter?"

€Yes, Our language has both a mental and physical aspect to it.€

Both Cadance and Shining gave me a look of 'Uncertain Worry' as I've associated it with. Mammals and their body language.

They asked me what I had said, and I repeated it in Equine.

"So wait, all of that is neat and everything, but what about your egg?" Shining asked.

I had been feeding it a steady stream of magic, and it was now beginning to emit a magenta glow.

"I will have to return to my hive in order to place it in the nursery with the caretakers. It should only take a day, and we still have another six until the next meeting."

Cadance leaned over and whispered into Shining's ear. He seemed suprised and whispered back to Cadance, and this patteren continued long enough for me to contact the hive.

<Caretaker Gaia?>

<Yes, my Queen?> She was radiating excitement.

<I will be returning to the hive soon. I've laid my first egg and something tells me more are coming soon.>

<This is wonderful news, my Queen! We will prepare for your arrival imnediately!>

<Thank you Gaia.>

<The Hive rejoices!>

I returned my attention to the ponies in front of me, who were staring at me.

"Aze? Are you alright?" Cadance asked with worry.

I sighed and rested my head on my egg. "Yes, I'm fine. Why does everypony always ask me that? It gets tiring after the tenth time."

"Well your eyes dimmed and you didn't reply..."

"I was speaking with the hive. I informed them of my impending arrival so they would have time to prepare."

I felt something shift in my body suddenly, and my midsection started to bloat.

"Well, that confirms it. I'm able to lay eggs now, and I have a full year of uncontrollably doing so. Wonderous."

"You don't seem very happy about it." Shining noted.

"That's because I still have a peace treaty to work out, and I cant excuse myself in the middle of it to lay more eggs. It would cause the meetings to drag on forever, and my children would starve."

"Well then we'll just have to help you with it every step of the way, right Shiny?" Cadance said, using her facial expressions to somehow influence her husband until he relented.

"That should be illegal." He grumbled. "Fine, but I want to go with you and see your hive for myself."

This suprised me, as my ears folded back. "You want to explore our hive?"

He nodded, and Cadance smiled with glee.

"We do not allow ponies to discover the location of our hive... But as 'Queen' I will make an exception in your case. I would ask that you follow me at all times, as you would need a connection to the hive mind to even navigate. If you get lost, ask one of my children to direct you to me. I will explain to the hive before we arrive so they are not alarmed."


We had retrieved a chariot to fly Shining, Goose, the egg and myself back to the hive. I was going to have them land at the borders of the forest to keep our location hidden. Goose was sitting on my head, using my left ear as a pillow. The egg was on top of a cushion used to hold dragon eggs in transit, and Shining had taken to directing the Chariot itself. He mostly just took in the scenery, but I was busy arranging plans and trying not to lay any more eggs.

<Gaius, Lanius?>

<Yes, our Queen?>

<I am bringing a guest with me to the hive.>


< I realise the perils of my decision, but this is a crutial component of my negotiations with Equestria and the Crystal Empire. We will need their full support if we are to convince either government to agree with us.>

<Do you wish any restrictions on their movement, or a guard detail to watch them?> Gaius asked.

<Have at least one guard that knows the hive well act as his guide. He is an acting ambassador to the Crystal Empire, as well as the coordinator for the Diarch's personal guard. No harm is to come to this Unicorn.>

<Of course, my Queen.>

<How will you be arriving?> Lanius asked.

<We will arrive on the north eastern side of the White Tail Woods, via chariot. You may meet us there.>

<Yes, my Queen.>

<Caretaker Gaia?>

<My Queen!>

<I feel more eggs wanting to be laid. I may have to stay in the Nursery for awhile, and I am bringing a guest.>

<O-of course! We will be sure to protect your eggs with our lives!>

<Gaia, I simply ask that you keep him informed of your station and its purpose. I won't be able to entertain his curiosity the entire time, so that will fall to you.>

<Yes, my Queen!>

Blinking, I returned to the chariot.

"It's gonna take awhile for me to get used to that. You look dead whenever you go away." Shining commented, slightly disturbed.

"I was arranging the hive for our arrival." Looking past Shining and out to the ground, I called for the chariot to land just outside the treeline.

"We will have to travel by hoof from here. I may trust you enough to show you our hive, but I do not trust your warriors." I motioned with my head to the drivers of the chariot. Two armored pegasus of the Solar Guard.

"Are you taking your egg with you?"

I lifted the egg and cushion with my magic, as Goose tried to hold on by wrapping his wings around the base of my horn. "Yes. Follow me, Shining. I have family to introduce you to!"


Shining was hiding his nervousness well, but he wasn't able to stop feeling the emotion. His face was determined and blank but I could feel his jitters, and his paranoia of an ambush.

"Shining." I said abruptly, startling him. "Your vigilance is respectable, but you travel with a friend."

"I know, but something else is making me worried."


"You seem different than you were in the castle. More... collected and commanding."

"I am the 'Queen' of my hive, Shining Armor. I hope you understand the importance of appearing calm and collected at all times in a position of leadership?"

"Oh, well that makes sense."

"It is even more crutial for my part. I must shield the hive from my worries or doubts, as they will travel through the Hivemind and affect my children. I must remain strong and immovable, or they will panic. Some of them have never left the hive, and to see me without full control would cause their world view to crash down around them."

<My Queen, we have located you. Please inform the Ambassador of our arrival so he doesn't attempt to hurl magic in panic.>

<Thank you, Gaius.>

Shining was looking at me, as the communication had caused me to stop. "Anything?"

"Gaius will be arriving soon. He sought to inform me before you had a chance to be caught off guard."


Rustling of leaves combined with chittering revealed Gaius and several Hive Guard in a half circle formation in front of Shining and myself.

€My Queen.€ Gaius bowed.

"Gaius, It is rude to speak a language our guest cannot understand, and you know that you don't have to bow to me as well."

Gaius stumbled a bit in his haste to stand too swiftly. "Y-yes my Queen. Of course."

I felt amusement from Shining, but he hid it well.

"Gaius, I must travel to the nursery. Please escort my guest in a tour of the hive."

He nodded. "Yes, my Queen."

"Wait, you're not doing this yourself?" Shining asked, caught off guard.

"I have eggs to lay, and they've been demanding release since Canterlot. I must have at least five waiting in a queue by now." I finished with a wince of pain. They were pressing against the food container between my flank and my hearts. "I will join you when I am able."

He nodded, and followed Gaius into the hive as I quickly flew past them towards the nursery.


"NOLING TOLD ME IT WOULD FEEL THIS STRANGE!" I screamed, the fourteenth egg in a row sliding free of me.

"My Queen, please! It is almost over, and then you may rest!"



Shining could hear the screams of Queen Aze echoing through the hive, and felt sympathy for her. He noticed that the other changelings flew into walls or became dizzy from time to time, usually in time with Aze's screams of frustration or pain.

'I'm really glad I don't have to deal with any of that.' Shining thought, as he was lead into a new chamber with higher pitched buzzing and chittering.

"Pony!" He heard a voice call, and he turned in horror to see a small wave of tiny changelings scrambling toward him, pointy teeth and fangs visible with glee.

"Aaah!" He yelped in fright as he was dog piled by nymphs.


"Aaaand... Twenty!" Gaia announced as I slumped in exhaustion into the pool.

It was bright purple in coloration, a liquid distillment of the magics needed to sustain our minds and bodies, and perfect for the eggs to incubate.

"I think... I'm just going to lay here." I tiredly mumbled.

"Certainly, my Queen. You need to regain your strength for the next batch!" She chirped,

"The what?" I asked with dread in my voice.

"Your next clutch of eggs, my Queen!"

She was far too cheery about my discomfort.


Gaia has informed me that due to my delayed growth, the eggs that I was supposed to have been laying have all chosen this moment to be laid. Several hours later, the Incubation Pool was filled with fifty new eggs. I had screamed every horrible thing in existance in order to make it stop, but to no avail. Gaia must have been the Element of Patience, because she encouraged and soothed me as much as possible through the whole ordeal. On her insistance, I was instructed to ask for accomodations for a second caretaker to care for any eggs laid in Canterlot.

Shining had enjoyed his tour of the hive, after being swarmed by growing nymphs. I hope his review of my hive will allow for a better reception as the treaty itself is discussed.

Shining Armor had taken leave of the hive shortly after I finished laying eggs. He took with him a written request to 'Hive-ify' my quarters, in order for me to remain at the negotiations.

"My Queen?" Gaia called.

I was soaking in the pool, surrounded with my unhatched children. "Yes, Gaia?"

"Your next laying should be anywhere from three hours to sixteen hours from now."

I wilted at the thought of that. "And... after that?"

"Your body should begin to make a habit of when you lay your clutches of eggs."

"Well, something that I can plan around at least.

"Exactly, my Queen."

I motioned the eggs. "And these will hatch a month from today?"

"Yes. Dependent on the magic you incubate them with, it will determine their role."

"What do you mean?"

"High concentrations will be more protective, lower will be more suited to hive work. Other factors can determine their traits as well, but you will have to research alchemy on your own, with the... removal... of Queen Ra."

"Alchemy..." I looked to Gaia. "This is something all Queens know?"

"Each Queen teaches their offspring before they set out to make their own hive."

"So I have to invent alchemy because noling is here to teach me?"

"Eh... yes, my Queen."

"Wonderful." I grumbled, sinking my muzzle below the fluids.


Dear Princess Celestia

It has come to my attention that I will need a 'significant modification' to the quarters you have provided me. I will be able to provide the materials and workers required for this, but I am uncertain if I will be able to remove them after the negotiations have ended.

Your hospitality has been beyond all expectations, and I feel that I am overstepping by making this request of you. I understand if these requests cannot be met. I will fully explain my reasoning for this, but it must wait until we are able to meet privately.

With Gratitude,
Proto-Queen Aze
White Tail Woods Hive

Princess Celestia, Solar Diarch of Equestria, was a mixture of concerned, amused and suspicious.

Concern, for the implications of allowing special allowances to a single party will cause confliction with the others present.

Amusement, from the Queen behaving as if the smallest inconvenience will see her wiped from existance.

And finally suspicion, from the vague request itself.

What would she hope to gain? Is this the beginning of additional requests to discover the limits of Equestrian generosity? Furthermore, she had somehow convinced Shining Armor to advocate for her position. Princess Cadance also spoke highly of the Queen.

Celestia decided that she would have Shining and Cadance magically scanned for mind-control magic.


No reply from Celestia, but that is better than an armed reply at least.

My laying had finally been given the opportunity to normalise, and I was now laying five eggs every six hours.




For a year.

Do you know how many changelings that is?

Seven thousand, three hundred a year.

I already have a thousand from Queen Ra, and they're adequately cared for. I absolutely must do anything possible to secure peace with Equestria, or untold numbers of changelings will die with me, having never been hatched.

No pressure!