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MLP: The Magic of... Music? - The Bricklayer

So Twilight discovers human radio and decides to share it with her teacher. However, they are shocked at what they find. And soon, everypony wants a listen...

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Part 2: Twilight's Fright/Celestia's Doubts

Golden Oaks Library: A few hours later

Twilight paced back and forth, questions running through her brain like a wildfire gone out of control. Who were these aliens, where did they come from, and were they as violent as the first few "transmissions" suggested? No, Twilight quickly amended herself, they weren't transmissions, they were music... Even if said music wasn't quite as easy going as Equestria's normal style. On that subject, Twilight flashed back to a certain conversation between her, Celestia and a certain young drake...

A few hours before...

Spike stamped his foot impatiently, still waiting for a answer. Celestia and Twilight shared a look, not sure how to answer the young drake.

"I'm not breaking his innocence!" Twilight whispered to Celestia nervously who raised a eyebrow.

"You do realize he's been on adventures with you before right? Even killed King Sombra." Celestia deadpanned back.

"B-But I... I... That was a accident! And besides, I don't want to lecture my own son on how many deadly ways there are to kill somepony!" Twilight whispered back, quite frantic at this point as Spike watched the exchange like a tennis match.

"He... He might become a mass murderer or something!" Twilight hissed to Celestia, who rolled her eyes in disbelief. If anypony outside this room saw her do that, it might ruin her image as calm and unfazable.

"I doubt that highly." Celestia put in. "You don't become a mass murderer just because you learn of how many ways there are to kill somepony. ...Well, Sombra did but he was insane anyway."

Spike coughed, bringing both Celestia's and Twilight's attentions back to him.

"You do realize I wasn't questioning why somepony would do that, I know about death. Hello, killer of Sombra here?" Spike deadpanned, he'd picked up his adoptive mother's sarcasm a bit. Both Celestia and Twilight flushed as they realized they'd been overheard.

"Then why...?" Twilight trailed off.

"I was just asking what they were, that's all. I don't know what TNT or neckties are, seriously!" Spike exclaimed with a shrug. Twilight's eyes rolled up into her head and she fainted.


Twilight finally made up her mind, she knew there was only one way to get the answers she needed. That was, listen to more music. With more then a bit of nervousness, she fired up the machine and once again a blue beam shot up into the sky and came back with a song.

Twilight smiled as she tapped her hooves to the beat and bobbed her head. The singer sounded very determined, and Twilight noted this song would sound like the thing her good friend Rainbow Dash or Rainbow's idols the Wonderbolts would train to. Twilight's opinions on the aliens (She still desired to learn their name) were already changing. Maybe they weren't as violent as she thought they were...

"Hmm, let's see what else we can get!" Twilight smiled, now in a determined mood thanks to the song and she fired up her fantastic machine. Outside the Library, a certain pink pony was watching.

"Ooh, pretty! But what's Twi doing!?! I must know!" Pinkie cried, before another thought struck her as they always did.

"...Eh, maybe later. First, candy!" Pinkie exclaimed before she bounced off in search of the nearest sweet shop.

Meanwhile, Twilight got her song sent back to her, unfortunately this song is what she got...

Canterlot Castle: Celestia's Chambers:

Meanwhile, in the personal chambers Celestia went over what she'd heard in the songs even as she got ready for bed. She'd already lowered the sun for tonight just after she'd left Twilight's. In her mind, Celestia's thoughts raced. Now the Princess was not one to pre-judge others before she actually met them, but these songs seemed to paint a violent image of the aliens. Celestia had always wanted to make contact with creatures from another world, but it seemed these were not ones she would want to meet anytime soon.

"L-Look at me!" Celestia chastised herself. "I-I'm supposed to be perfect, and right now I'm acting like a..." Here Celestia swallowed hard and barely found the strength to continue her sentence but she mustered up the courage and did so.

"A-A bigot just based on songs from aliens who I've never even met! Tartarus, I don't even know what they look like, just hear them! I've got to keep a more open mind, I'm ignoring my own advice! These two songs may be exceptions to the rule, you know that!" Celestia told herself harshly.

"Well, there's only one way to find out. I'll go to Twilight's tomorrow and see if I get a better song, one that paints a nicer picture of these aliens." Celestia said, with a determined tone in her voice before she yawned.

"B-But for now... Rest is the best medicine." Celestia murmured as she walked over to her bed and threw off her royal garb...

Golden Oaks Library: Twilight's Bedroom

In Twilight's room, she trotted to her bed, worn out from the day's events. The last song was very violent to say the least, even more violent then the songs before it. It told of a man in a war, and how he killed others until he was killed himself. Twilight admitted the song was violent, but something in her mind also told her it was based on something historical in nature. Twilight sighed, she'd think more on this tomorrow and fell onto her bed and into the realm of sleep.

Twilight's Mind:

In Twilight's dream which she had rapidly fallen into, she found herself on a battlefield, the exact same from the song she had just listened to. She fired her trigger relentlessly with a determined look on her face, although she was really quite frightened as she knew what was about to happen any second now.

And then it came.


Twilight fell to the ground, bleeding from the gunshot wound. Suddenly the battlefield was gone and there was just Luna.

"Twilight, what's happened? Why are you here in this horrific place?" Luna asked, but could get no answer as the dreamworld soon faded away by Twilight's own sheer force of will, or more accurately fear.

Canterlot Castle: Celestia's Chambers:

Suddenly Celestia was awoken from her slumbers by a flash of purple light. She glanced towards where the flash came from and saw Twilight tossing and turning. Celestia's eyes widened, it was not unusual for unicorns of high power levels to accidently sleep teleport if their stress during their sleep was high enough. And it seemed something had driven Twilight to the brink for her to do this, something she hadn't done in years as she'd learned to control it years ago. Or at least, Celestia thought she had.

"Twilight, wake up!" Celestia said franticly. "I'm here, it's me! Princess Celestia!"

As Twilight awoke and saw her teacher, Luna rushed in through the great wooden chamber doors looking frantic.

"Sister, it's Twilight! She's gone and-" Luna stopped when she saw Twilight.

"Oh... I guess you already know." Luna amended herself with a embarrassed look on her face as Twilight began to sob uncontrollably.

"War... War and destruction, I saw it in my nightmares!" Twilight cried out and her teacher brought her into a hug with her great white wings. She may have be a Alicorn Princess now, but Twilight was still Celestia's student and she would look out for her like she did all of her little ponies.

"Shh... Shh, my student." Celestia reassured as Twilight sobbed heavily into the Solar Princess's pure white fur staining it with her tears. "They're not going to get you, they're on a different planet and can't come here."

As Twilight continued to sob and Celestia began to make her a sup of hot cocoa by levitating the ingredients with magic the Solar Princess turned to her sister.

"So, what do we do now my sister?" Celestia asked. "Stop the experiment here, or...?" She trailed off nervously as she looked down at her student.

"NO!" Luna suddenly cried. "This was a great happy accident on Twilight's part!"

Celestia glared, and Luna suddenly realized what she'd said, and corrected herself.

"I mean, the discovering of the alien planet in the first place and it's wonderous transmissions in the form of music! I shall not let this experiment be stopped, no! I shall continue it until Twilight has recovered!" Luna cried, and suddenly Celestia felt very nervous indeed...


Author's Note:

As you can see, Luna's now gotten into things... Oh boy. Also, I'm starting to work on the pacing issues and the relationship between Twi and Celestia as JKinsley suggested I do. As you'll notice, Celestia will have a small character arc on accepting us as more then violent creatures, but I doubt this chapter's incident will help her swing towards our side anytime soon. Don't worry though, she will eventually!:scootangel:

On another note: I am taking suggestions for songs for specific charicters to listen to:

For example:

Rainbow Dash: Heavy Metal like Judas Priest or Metallica.

Finally, as you can see the Dazzlings involved in the events of this story if Adagio's character tag is any indiction. Any speculations on their role?

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