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MLP: The Magic of... Music? - The Bricklayer

So Twilight discovers human radio and decides to share it with her teacher. However, they are shocked at what they find. And soon, everypony wants a listen...

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Part 1: Twilight screws up... Maybe.

Golden Oaks Library: Twilight's Lab:

It was a known fact that Twilight Sparkle loved to preform mad science type experiments, even now as the Princess of Friendship. Currently, she was in the middle of one such endeavor, trying to create a new form of communication so ponies would not have to have unicorns send letters back and forth to those they wanted to communicate with.

"Let's see... One last little thing, and THERE! That should do it." Twilight exclaimed in glee as she looked upon her creation, a transmission tower like device with a switch connected to it.

With a almost mad grin that would scare almost anypony who saw it, Twilight threw the switch. However, almost immediately she knew something went wrong when the shaking started...

"Oh dear." Twilight whispered nervously. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

Anyponies standing outside Twilight's library could see the blue beam of magical energy shoot up into the clouds. They also instinctively knew something had gone wrong, and it was a safe bet it would affect Equestria in some way, for good or ill. Most chose ill and ran for it. What nopony however did see was the beam going through time and space and hitting a radio tower in Miami, Florida energizing it before the radio tower shot a beam back through time and space to the Golden Oaks Library...

Inside the Tardis, behind the Hooves household...

In one certain time machine, in front of a certain console a certain Time Lord turned pony detected this happenstance and grinned to himself. This was certainly unexpected, someone breaking through the time-space barrier.

"OH! This merits further investigation!" The stallion cried as he ran around his console room looking for a chest.

When he found the chest, he reached in and pulled out a small device with a glowing tip at the end of it. But before he could continue his investigations any further, a female voice called out to him.

"Honey, it's time to wash up for dinner!" The Doctor's wife yelled from outside the Tardis. The Doctor grumbled to himself, sometimes being married wasn't all it was cracked up to be...

"I made your favorite, fish fingers and custard!" Derpy called again, and the Doctor grinned to himself as he amended his pervious thought. Marriage was wonderful, wasn't it?

Golden Oaks Library: Twilight's Lab:

Twilight was blown backwards into a pile of books when the energy reached her machine. Peeking her head out of the books, Twilight groaned and rubbed her head although she did smirk to herself.

"And Rainbow Dash says all these books aren't good for anything..." Twilight smiled to herself before a noise, both horrific and yet somehow terrific and wonderful breached her eardrums like a tsunami.

Twilight frowned to herself as the song went on, it talked about a great jungle, surely full of dangerous creatures. Whoever the narrator was, he was warning them not to go into this jungle and to take advantage of him. But then another thought struck her, what if this "Jungle" was a metaphor for something else?

"This... This requires some thinking!" Twilight exclaimed before she quickly changed her mind as another thought struck her. She couldn't do this alone, this was beyond her as much as the lavender unicorn hated to admit it.

"No, I'm going to need some help with this. A second opinion if I am to discover this message's meaning." Twilight muttered to herself, angry at her own lack of knowledge on this particular subject.

Twilight immediately went for her pen and paper to transcribe a letter to the only pony she knew who might be able to help, the Princess of the Sun herself... Princess Celestia.

Dear Princess Celestia:

"It seems, during one of my... many experiments I may have accidently discovered transmissions from another world. However, I cannot decipher them for myself and need your assistance."

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

Then she called for her faithful assistant of a drakeling, who came eagerly running at Twilight's beck and call.

"Spike, take a letter..."

Canterlot Castle, Celestia's Private Quarters:

One would expect the personal and private quarters of the regal Princess of the Sun to be quite fitting of her status, and they'd be right. The walls were decked out in white, and the bed which had purple covers and four hardwood pillars on each corner with a curtain (Also purple) connected to each if the Solar Princess wanted some privacy.

Currently, right now they were in full use as the Solar Princess read her favorite novel, J. R. Mankin's "King of the Bracelet" but was soon rudely interrupted by Twilight's letter. Celestia groaned, as she as at the best part of the book where the wise wizard Manybeards was about to face the centaur Gothmog on a bridge in the Mines of Tantablus but opened the letter and read it anyway.

Celestia raised a eyebrow at it's contents, she had to admit she was intrigued by the prospect of transmissions from another world. She threw off the covers and put on her royal garb and rushed out her bedroom door and turned to a nearby guard, who bowed at the sight of the Princess.

"Iron Shield, please alert my sister she may have to take over my duties for the rest of the day." Celestia said quickly.

"M-May I ask why?" Iron Shield inquired nervously. It was a well known fact that Luna hated to be awoken during the day, and there were (Unconfirmed of course) rumors of guards being banished to the moon by the ones who did wake the Night Princess.

"I may be out for a while, something has come up with my student." Celestia stated in a tone that left no room for disagreement. The guard nodded nervously as Celestia vanished in a flash of golden light. After she was gone, Iron Shield rubbed his eyes and groaned.

"...I don't get paid nearly enough for this..."

Golden Oaks Library: Twilight's Lab:

As soon as the Solar Princess arrived, Twilight began to try and repeat the same things she did before, and once more a blue beam of energy shot up from her Library and into the sky.

And once more, a certain stallion picked it up in his Tardis.

"Huh, this again?" The Doctor asked. "Seems time and space are having a very active day."

Then there was a angry shout from Derpy once more.

"DOCTOR! Your dinner's getting cold!" She shouted, and the Doctor hung his head and sighed. He took it back, marriage really sucked.

Back in the Library, Celestia and Twilight along with Spike who was watching in interest did receive a transmission, but this time the song received was different much to Twilight's shock.

After the song was over, Celestia, Twilight and Spike took it and there was a brief silence of shock till Twilight spoke up.

"...These aliens, they do seem rather violent don't they?" Twilight guess, and Celestia nodded sadly.

"Yes, they do don't they?" Celestia replied before she decided to take an gamble and play Tirek's Advocate. "But do not let these two songs discourage you my faithful student. For all we know, they may be exceptions to the rule."

"...At least he's got a good voice right?" Twilight asked, trying to be optimistic. Spike just looked confused. He was far too young and innocent to have been exposed to such things, Twilight thought in hindsight.

"What were all those things they were talking about? TNT, and neckties?" Spike asked curiously. Then, on hearing his question both Celestia and Twilight shared a nervous look before saying one thing in unison.



Author's Note:

So, some other author (Who might I say is a genius for creating this concept) inspired me to write this. Plus, I also thought it'd be funny for Celestia and Twilight to hear some very hard rock. I do have to ask though, did anyone catch all the little jokes thrown in here and there?

Edit: Changed Dirty Deeds to AC/DC's version to fit more with Spike's question.

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