• Published 11th Jun 2016
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MLP: The Magic of... Music? - The Bricklayer

So Twilight discovers human radio and decides to share it with her teacher. However, they are shocked at what they find. And soon, everypony wants a listen...

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Part 5: Shimmer Shocked (AKA the Suggestion Chaper)

Twilight and Celestia both took this song in and smiled. It sounded, despite the blood and gore of the lyrics, the song itself sounded like something out of J.R. Manekin's novels that they both loved to read. In fact, Celestia often read the first of Manekin's novels to Twilight back when she was a filly as a bedtime story.

It was while Twilight was reaching for the switch and dials to hopefully power up the machine and get a more filly appropriate song, she and Celestia received what they would later think in hindsight to be one of the biggest shocks of their lives when Sunset Shimmer, completely a pony walked right in the lab door.

"S-Sunset?" Twilight stammered, stunned with a slight but almost unnoticeable blush on her face.

Celestia on the other hoof whispered "No, it can't be... My student couldn't have come home..." with tears in her eyes. But there she was, Sunset Shimmer with the only noticeable difference to Celestia (Besides the obvious leather jacket) being the way she smiled, it wasn't a evil smirk of a smile, more of a kindhearted one.

"Yeah, it's me." Sunset replied before she frowned. "Just asking here, but when did Equestria discover rap-rock?"

"A-Ah, so you heard that then?" Twilight asked, still stunned by Sunset's appearance. She blinked and rubbed her eyes to see if this was a dream, but nope. Sunset was still there.

"Why are you even here anyway?" Twilight asked, getting to the obvious question. Sunset smiled again.

"I came to see you of course, why else?" Sunset replied, and at this Twilight's blush became more noticeable.

"R-Really?" The Princess of Friendship stammered while Sweetie Belle singsonged "Someone's got a crush... Anypony want to bet?" but Twilight heard her and glared at the young filly. Sweetie rolled her eyes.

Scootaloo whispered to her in response "I'll take that bet." and handed Sweetie some bits in a bag which the younger Belle sibling gladly took in her hooves

"Now, if I may continue, since when does Equestria have Run-DMC and Aerosmith? And was that Zeppelin's Immigrant Song I heard just now while I was coming in?" Sunset asked, and Twilight looked sheepish, shuffled her hooves for a brief moment before she explained her story. Once she was done, Sunset burst out laughing.

"Oh man, that's both genius and the funniest happy accident I've ever heard!" Sunset laughed before she realized neither Twilight nor Celestia were laughing along with her. They had just realized they had passed judgement on the human world and thought all humans violent when they knew otherwise. And it horrified them, as they wondered when did they start being so bigoted?

"W-What's wrong?" Sunset asked nervously, quite concerned. Celestia explained, and Sunset sucked in a breath as she took it in before sighing and giving a reply.

"It's okay, you had no idea at the time. While I will admit some... Okay more then some humans are violent creatures not all of them are like that. Most are fairly good people, with flaws just like you and I." Sunset explained, and with this Twilight and Celestia felt a little better, but something still bothered them.

"What about the songs?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, those! Well, those are just meant to be enjoyed in good fun, it's not like the singers are actually doing those things." Sunset said before a idea came to her.

"You know, I'll show you what I mean. But first, can you gather the rest of your friends? I have some songs they might want to hear." Sunset began...


Sunset brought out a small yellow device which had flame details on it and which was very tiny and had a little screen on it that showed a list of songs.

"What's that?" Rarity asked, quite intrigued by the strange device.

"It's called a I-Pod, and it can be used to play music saved to it." Sunset told her, and Luna looked curious.

"And can anyp-Sorry, it's anyone in your world..." Luna said with a blush as she corrected herself before continuing. "Can anyone buy this strange and wonderous device?"

Sunset nodded, and Luna then turned to Twilight.

"Twilight Sparkle, earlier we thought we could ask you to try and make a recording device of some sort so our subjects could listen to these songs without having to tune in to these transmissions." Luna began. "Can you do such a thing, I ask?"

"Yeah, I'd love to send that song King Nothing song to Uncle Shining and Aunt Cadence so they can use it to mock King Sombra as he really was..." Spike began before Rainbow interrupted with a hoof waved in dismissal.

"Yeah yeah, King Nothing. We got it first time around." Rainbow said sarcastically and Spike crossed his arms, huffed and muttered "I get no respect." while Twilight pulled out a notepad and began muttering to herself.

"Y-Yes, of course it can be done. Some sort of recording crystal maybe...?" Twilight murmured. Sunset smiled at her friend being all adorably geeky and rapidly thinking about her next project, before she turned to Applejack with a eyebrow raised.

"King Nothing? Okay, what kinds of songs have you been listening to before I got here?" Sunset asked, and Applejack explained. Sunset winced when she heard that her friends counterparts heard the famous Charlie Daniels song, as Sunset could only guess how that would affect them. Sunset then played the first song from her I-Pod.

"Here, this is one of my favorites." Sunset said with a smile. "Now remember though, this is all in good fun and not meant to be taken seriously." She warned before the music began.

Everyone took in the song in different ways, Rarity and Applejack looked disgusted at the song about war and death, Celestia and Twilight looked curious, Sweetie, Fluttershy and Apple Bloom looked scared at the singer's lyrics being sung while practically everypony else was rocking out to the song. Even Pinkie jammed along, remembering this was just a song, and it was meant to be enjoyed. Suddenly, Twilight noticed Sunset was banging her head back and forth to the music.

"Er, you alright Sunset?" Twilight asked, concerned for her friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine! This is just something ya do when some real heavy metal comes on!" Sunset exclaimed in glee before she sighed sadly. "...Shame you can't do the goat with hooves though..."

Twilight raised a eyebrow and looked at her in confusion before Sunset blushed and muttered "Er, never mind."

As soon as the song was over, another quickly began but different in style from the first.

Celestia's, Luna's and Twilight's jaws dropped in shock, here was a man who sung about killing his brother who was a king and what sounded like the king's son and was enjoying singing about it the whole way.

"P-Please tell me this isn't about a real event?" Celestia asked, quite unnerved by the song's sheer bloodlust about killing a royal king and his line. Luna on the other hoof personally remembered when she was Nightmare Moon and tried to kill her sister, so this song unnerved for that reason. Sunset was quick to reassure.

"No, it's from a kids movie called the Lion King and don't worry, that guy got stopped in the end. Eaten by his own minions." Sunset told her former teacher, before she quickly realized her mistake as everypony looked rather green, although the Royal Sisters were trying to hide it.

"It's from a kids movie and yet has themes of a stallion killing his brother the king and eventually said stallion getting eaten by his own minions? You know how messed up that sounds right?" Rainbow deadpanned.

"It's not half bad actually, I saw it once at a slumber party with you and the rest of your friends' counterparts and enjoyed the whole thing. It's a pretty fun movie actually, and includes some of the best and downright catchy musical songs I've ever heard!" Sunset gushed before she realized her and her friends' tastes in movies might have been different then the pony Mane Six. Sunset, to fix her mistake quickly got a idea.

"Here, I'll show you a different song, to make up for that last one." Sunset said, and although everypony looked rather nervous they listened in to what came on next...

"Ooh, you were right! That wasn't bad, and this fellow being sung about sounds like my kind of pony! That song, so romantic!" Rarity exclaimed, and as one her friends collectively sighed in resignation knowing the fashionista pony had to be thinking of this "Magic Man" as her next "Prince Charming."

"Great, here we go again..." Applejack muttered, with a facehoof.

"Yeah, even I have to admit he sounds like a pretty damn cool guy to make this girl rebel against her mother like that." Rainbow mumbled, and everypony stared at her. Rarity raised a eyebrow.

"Rainbow Dash, can it really be you are interested in romance after all?" Rarity inquired, looked as if she was about to have her jaw drop in disbelief.

"I-I-I, uh... NO! No, I am not!" Rainbow said rapidly, far too quickly for anypony in the room to believer her for a moment. Rainbow quickly realized this, and gave up the ghost.

"O-Okay, I admit it. I do like romance from time to time!" Rainbow admitted, and Rarity let out a loud squeal and hugged Rainbow tightly and said "Ooh, you and I next time you come over are going to read some of my collection of romance novels! We can be reading buddies together!"

Rainbow decided against telling Rarity she already had a bunch of admittedly crappy romance novels like "Fifty Shades of Hay" stored away in the darkest depths of her closet where hopefully nopony would ever find them.

Seeing her friend's ever-growing embarrassment, Sunset took pity on her and thankfully quickly changed the subject.

"Hey Applejack, you mentioned you listened to that Devil Went Down to Georgia song right?" Sunset asked, and Applejack nodded feeling rather uneasy where this conversation was going. But she had no reason to be worried as she quickly found

"Well, it's got a sequel. Devil VS Johnny part deux!" Sunset exclaimed and Applejack jumped in at once to say "Play it, Ah want to hear this."

And so Sunset did.

After it was over, Applejack had a confused look on her face.

"It... It didn't say who won..." She said, but Rarity piped up with a suggestion.

"Not quite dear, the song said Johnny was still the best there's ever been so that would imply..." Rarity trailed off and Applejack quickly realized what she was thinking at once.

"That Johnny won!" Applejack exclaimed, happy that Johnny defeated the devil once more. She then turned to Sunset, with a eager look on her muzzle.

"Please tell mah ya have more Country on there!" Applejack cried, and Sunset nodded and was just about to play another song before it happened. With a frantic expression on his face, the pony known as Doctor Whooves burst in, Sonic Screwdriver in hoof.

"Now, any of you lot want to tell me why there are multiple breaches of the time-space barrier?" He asked, and everypony looked at each other nervously...


Author's Note:

Would you believe I wrote almost all of this in one go?:pinkiegasp: I know, I'm shocked myself.:rainbowderp: And if anyone asks, no I was not bashing the Lion King in this chapter, I love that movie and Scar has the one of the best villain songs ever. I just figured the Lion King's themes would be taken quite differently by the ponies who haven't seen the movie. Anyways, as you can see it looks like Twilight and company have some explanations to do. Also, thanks to those who suggested the three songs used in this chapter! Plus, a shout out to Scygnus who suggested the can't throw the goat gag. Y'all were a real help!:scootangel:

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