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MLP: The Magic of... Music? - The Bricklayer

So Twilight discovers human radio and decides to share it with her teacher. However, they are shocked at what they find. And soon, everypony wants a listen...

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Part 3: Rocking through the night...

Ponyville: Main Street:

Early that next morning, the residents of Ponyville were in for a rather large shock indeed. There was Luna, Princess of the NIGHT walking down Main Street towards the Golden Oaks Library. As she passed by his café table at the Hay Burger, Doctor Whooves blinked and rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Nope, Luna was still walking past him.

"Okay... Time and Space must be fracturing if Luna is walking past me in the day." Whooves guessed.

"Probably reality is cracking and ponies from alternate dimensions, mirror ones even are appearing! I-I should start seeing the words Bad Wolf any second now!" Whooves panicked before he quickly sat up and pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver.

"Allons-Y! I must get to the Tardis and solve this problem!" The Doctor exclaimed before dashing off. His wife, Derpy sighed and facehoofed before she groaned to herself and yelled for the check.

"Why can't we ever finish a meal together...?" Derpy muttered. "Maybe I should consider getting a divorce..."

But Whooves wasn't the only one to comment on the strange sight of Luna walking down Main Street. High above, Rainbow Dash was just getting the clouds ready for the later afternoon rainshower when she spotted Luna. Rainbow rubbed her eyes, much like Whooves had.

"...I wonder if I should get the rest of my friends?" Rainbow wondered. "After all, a Princess in Ponyville usually means trouble. Like big bad end of the damn world kind of trouble. ...Yeah, definitely getting my friends."

After making up her mind, Rainbow rocketed off in search of the rest of the Mane Six...

Golden Oaks Library: Twilight's Lab:

Luna made her way to her fellow Princess's laboratory where the machine was still set up and ready to go. Luna chuckled to herself, if this experiment panned out, maybe Twilight should have had "Princess of Music" added to her titles. Luna, with somewhat nervousness (Not that she'd ever admit it, the Princess of the Night NEVER showed fear!) pulled the switch and almost at once was besieged with a assault on her eardrums.

Luna laughed out loud, it seemed this song was almost a tribute to the wonders of the dreamworld. Luna however then frowned, it seemed to show reverence for the spirit of the Nightmare which once had her under it's spell.

"NO! THIS SHALL NOT STAND! WE SHALL NOT LISTEN TO A SONG THAT WORSHIPS THE NIGHTMARE!" Luna roared, going back into the Royal Canterlot Voice by accident. Her sister had been taking her to a speech therapist to solve her... issues but when Luna was angry all of the therapist's teachings went out the window so to speak.

Luna frowned and flipped the switch once more, she would try again and hopefully would have better luck. But this time she twisted a few dials as well unknowingly turning into a different radio station. The song she got, of course was different then the last.

Luna smiled, this song was much more to her liking. It was happy and seemed to be song about rebellion against a certain chaos entity who was even named in the song itself, and she wanted to dance to it's beat.

But this did beg the question, how did the aliens even know of Discord? Were they too menaced by him once? She'd heard from Discord himself (Although she took his words with a grain of salt as the modern saying went) that he was known as the God of Lies on one planet, and she'd also heard he loved to dance around the universe calling himself "Q".

"...Agh, just thinking about it gives me a headache." Luna muttered and suddenly there was a loud crashing sound of a door bursting inwards and shattering to splinters.

Luna turned her head only to see Spike and five of the Elements of Harmony looking ready for battle. Even without the Elements, which had been long since returned to the Tree, the five former bearers were still a sight any villain would find daunting.

"I'm... I'm sorry but they j-just barged their way in." Spike said in a small voice.

"No apologies are needed, Spike of Golden Oaks Library. It was safe to assume me, yours, Twilight's and Celestia's little secret would not stay that way for long." Luna admitted with a blush.

"Little secret? What are you talking about? Spill it!" Rainbow demanded before she realized who she was speaking to exactly and bowed with a small blush present on her face. "...I mean, Princess."

Luna laughed long and hard.

"No worries Rainbow Dash. We are friends, titles are not needed here." Luna said.

"But still, what in the Sam Hill is going on?" Applejack exclaimed angrily.

"Well, it seems your friend Twilight has had a happy accident and has tapped into alien transmissions. She has discovered, and you may not believe this, alien music!" Luna exclaimed gleefully. Applejack raised a eyebrow and looked suspicious, with the others not far behind her.

"So where is Twilight anyway?" Applejack asked. Luna looked crestfallen at her question.

"...Sadly, one of the songs scared her into a horrific nightmare I could not stop and now she is recovering with Celestia's help." Luna explained sadly while shaking her head in pity for the Friendship Princess.

"What kind of "Recovery"?" Rainbow asked with a flirty grin. Everypony glared at her.

"Rainbow Dash, I cannot believe you would even insulate such a thing!" Rarity huffed with a expression of disgust directed at her friend, and Applejack shared it as well. The farm pony then saw Rainbow's gaze drift towards the switch and Applejack groaned. She knew exactly where Rainbow's thoughts were heading.

"And don't even think about pulling that! You don't even know what'll happen!" Applejack warned.

Rainbow waved a hoof dismissively and walked up to the switch and pulled it along turning the dials just because she wanted to see what would happened.

"Oh boy, here we go..." Rarity muttered at her friend's recklessness.

"Never thinks with her head, that one." Applejack agreed with a nod.

"Sometimes you just gotta jump in!" Pinkie exclaimed in a happy tone while bouncing up and down in place. Then, the song came and Rainbow almost at once grinned. This was her kind of tune.

The ponies took this new song in, as Luna thought to herself. It seemed to have been a different song by the artist who created what seemed to be the "Nightmare Worshipping Song" as she called it. This new song seemed to be political in nature and a warning.

"Huh, somepony doesn't like royal power." Rarity muttered in distaste at the sound of the song she'd just heard.

"I... I wouldn't go that far." Fluttershy said, speaking up for the first time, having been far too scared of the song while it played. Everypony turned to her with a questioning look.

"Whatever do you mean Flutteshy dear?" Rarity asked, with a eyebrow raised.

"I-It seems to be a warning against wishing for power on the throne. T-That having that power isn't all it's cracked up to be." Fluttershy stammered in a small voice, but still loud enough to be heard.

"Yes, that makes sense." Rarity agreed. Suddenly Spike came up with a idea which he quickly voiced.

"You know, if we could record this song somehow we could send it to Cadence and Shining Armor and they could use it to mock King Sombra on the anniversary of the Crystal Empire's return! He really was KING NOTHING." Spike joked, and everypony seemed to like this idea.

"Yes, a most glorious plan! When Twilight recovers, we shall ask for her help on this matter." Luna said while Rarity kissed Spike on the forehead, making him blush.

"I never thought you could come up with such a thing, Spikey-Boo!" Rarity said kindly while Spike rubbed his head in embarrassment and said proudly "Well... I... I do come up with good things from time to time."

Applejack went over to the machine's control panel and flipped the switch and twisted the dials in determination.

"Enough of this rock and roll y'all! Ah'm going to see if we could get some Country and Western on here!" Applejack exclaimed before the sound of fantastical fiddling began and a smile broke onto Applejack's face at the sound...


Author's Note:

Before anyone asks, NO this story will not be updated daily. It'll be a twice a week thing. And if anyone is wondering when the Dazzlings, the CMC and Sunset will come in, wait for the next chapter.Wow, four songs in one chapter! First off, I want to clear things up a little. In this universe, Rainbow Rocks happened before Golden Oaks got blown up, or Golden Oaks never got destroyed at all and was retrofitted into a castle for Twilight. Next, I want to apologize for Celestia's OOCness during the last chapter. Like I said, she will get better but any downvotes I got for that I do deserve. Anyways, Luna's discovered rock and roll and she loves it as you can see... But now, the Mane Six know of what's going on. Oh boy.

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