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MLP: The Magic of... Music? - The Bricklayer

So Twilight discovers human radio and decides to share it with her teacher. However, they are shocked at what they find. And soon, everypony wants a listen...

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Part 4: The Devil Came Down to Ponyville and the Crusaders join in on the fun

Last time...

Applejack went over to the machine's control panel and flipped the switch and twisted the dials in determination.

"Enough of this rock and roll y'all! Ah'm going to see if we could get some Country and Western on here!" Applejack exclaimed before the sound of fantastical fiddling began and a smile broke onto Applejack's face at the sound...


After the song was over, each pony was very confused, who was this devil character and why'd he want this Johnny pony's soul? For that matter, was it even possible for a soul to be gathered and what magic could you use to do it?

"W-Well... T-That song sure was interesting..." Rarity stammered, quite scared of the devil character in the song. Applejack meanwhile was shivering, in no way should anypony play the fiddle in the way this devil pony did. It was frightening, dare she say it not of Equus. Rarity agreed with her, something she rarely did.

"That music... No instrument should sound that scary. That devil brute needs some music lessons on making his music less offensive to the ears, that's for sure!" Rarity put in.

"Whoo doggies, I gotta admit though, that Johnny feller certainly had guts for taking on somepony who could steal his soul, that's for sure!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Yes, he would be worthy of a Element if it could be given to him." Luna agreed.

"I-I really wish he wouldn't have called that devil that nasty word though." Fluttershy squeaked, she'd covered Spike's ears when the word "Bitch" was uttered by the singer.

"OH COME ON!" Rainbow exclaimed in disbelief. "It's not like that guy didn't deserve it though!"

"But still..." Fluttershy trailed off.

"Man oh man, that fiddle though.... Imagine how rich I could be if I had it!" Rainbow exclaimed, a bit of drool coming from her mouth. Applejack sighed and facehoofed at her rival.

"I think you're missing the point of the song there." Applejack deadpanned. Rainbow glared harshly at her until she noticed something that caught her eye, and one by one everypony else noticed it too. Pinkie was in the corner of the room, shivering and her hair far from it's natural poofy state.

Seeing this, Rainbow walked over and demonstrated her status as her Element by trotting over to the scared Earth Pony and putting a foreleg around her shoulder and bringing her close.

"C'mon Pinks, what's wrong?" Rainbow asked. "Ya know you can tell me anything."

After a brief moment, Pinkie finally answered.

"It... It was that devil character, and him being able to steal your soul! I-I don't want my soul stolen!" Pinkie sobbed into Rainbow's fur. Applejack now felt incredibly guilty with herself, the song she got scared one of her best friends beyond belief.

"J-Just tell me that my soul is safe! TELL ME!" Pinkie cried, and it was none other then Luna who reassured her.

"Element of Laughter, I assure you it is quite impossible for souls to be stolen, at least today. The magic books that contain such spells were burned long ago." Luna explained, and Pinkie wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled a bit.

"R-Really?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes, really." Luna nodded before she sighed and rose to her full height from where she'd been sitting on a chair.

"I think... I think after that song we should take a break." Luna said. Nopony bothered to disagree with her.

The Hay Burger

It was only a few minutes later that the whole group was having a early lunch at the popular café known as the Hay Burger, run by the pony known as Good Eats. They chose not to eat inside, and ate outside at the tables out there instead. As they talked, The Mane Five, Luna and Spike were surprised to see Celestia and Twilight walking up.

"Hey girls!" Twilight said happily. Nearby, everypony was gaping. It wasn't often you saw THREE Princesses of Equestria and the Mane Six all gathered together at a simple café. Good Eats watched from behind a window, and soon he fainted dead away. So focused on the new and interesting sight, nopony bothered to help him.

"It's good to see you up and about, and happy Twilight Sparkle." Luna smiled. "I assume your recovery from that awful song went well?"

"Yes, it has. Twilight is no longer scared of the transmissions from the other planet, and wants to continue the investigations into them." Celestia replied.

"Just what kind of recovery did you give her?" Rainbow laughed, with a flirty tone in her voice. Applejack groaned and facehoofed.

"Really? This again, Rainbow?" Applejack deadpanned and felt a bit of a headache.

"Alright, am I missing something?" Twilight asked, not sure if she really wanted to know the answer.

"Don't ask." Applejack and Rarity said in unison. Twilight got the message.

"So, uh shall we continued the investigations into another world?" Twilight asked excitedly with a clap of her hooves, and then noticed heer friends expressions.

"Not right now Twi, that last song took a lot out of Pinks." Rainbow said sadly. "You can continue if you want with Celestia but-"

Suddenly they were interrupted by a familiar voice, or make that three familiar voices.

"I'm sorry, but did you say transmissions from another world?" Scootaloo's voice asked, and everyone turned to face the young pegasi and her two friends known all over Ponyville as the Cutie Mark Crusaders with excited grins on their faces.

"Yeah, I did say that but-" Twilight began before she was interrupted by a certain young Earth Pony.

"But nothing! We could even earn our Cutie Marks from this!" Apple Bloom put in before the inevitable began and everypony braced for it.

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS ALIEN INVESTIGATORS YAY!" The three cried, before putting on the puppy eyes. Twilight sighed and groaned, there was no bothering to fight against that particular technique fillies and colts knew so well.

"...Fine." Twilight muttered as the CMC high fived before Rarity spoke up, in a concerned tone.

"I should warn you though, Sweetie. Some of the songs we've heard so far can be..." Rarity began as she struggled for the right phrase.

"...Harmful to a young filly's ears." Rarity finished, as Scootaloo waved a hoof dismissively.

"Puh-leeze, nothing worse then what I've heard blaring from at a Sapphire Shores concert." Scootaloo replied, and Rarity said nothing as she knew the young filly had a point.

"I'm coming along too, I want to learn more about these aliens and see if my worries about them are unfounded." Celestia said in a tone that left no room for argument. As the newly formed sixsome trotted back towards the direction of the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight muttered to herself.

"...Why do I have the feeling I'm going to regret this?" She asked to nopony in particular.

Golden Oaks Library: Twilight's Lab

And so, as soon as Twilight stepped into her library she went right to the lab with the CMC and Celestia arriving just in time to see her throw the switch and it wasn't a few seconds later they got this song:

Twilight and the foursome took in the song. It seemed to tell of a stallion (Least that was what they assumed) who committed horrific acts under somepony's control and now had broken free, to be a hero to a world gone completely crazy.

Twilight and Celestia held back tears, was that what this alien's world was really like, always full of death and destruction? If so, they pitied those who had to live in it, and cheered on this hero who came to save them. With a sniff as she wiped away her tears, Twilight threw the switch once more...

"You know, that last song actually reminds me of you, Princess." Twilight said with a smile quite happy she finally was hearing another song that wasn't quite so depressing. In her mind, Twilight's thoughts ran rampant, the second song proved that the alien's planet wasn't far off from their own as it had a day and night. Celestia meanwhile wondered if the sun was raised by somepony and the moon lowered like it was here.

"Yes, it does sorta remind one of myself, does it not?" Celestia replied, somewhat flattered these aliens thought of the sun in such a way.

"Bleh!" Scootaloo said. "That song, bit boring honestly. I want to see some real rock and roll!"

"I prefer country, actually." Apple Bloom disagreed.

"You would!" Scootaloo snapped while Sweetie Belle watched them nervously wondering if she should step in.

"I don't see how the songs we've gotten so far are inappropriate for a filly's ears though." Twilight wondered aloud. Of course, the next song she got was a perfect example of tempting fate.

"Not inappropriate for our ears, huh?" Sweetie Belle deadpanned and Twilight glared. It wasn't like it was her fault that song came on!

Elsewhere in Ponyville...

"Oof!" Sunset cried as she landed in a alleyway near Twilight's place. She broke out in a smile. Even if it was just for a visit to see Twilight, she was home. Suddenly her ears perked as a sound reached her ears. Was that the voices of Steven Tyler and RUN-DMC? Since when had Equestria discovered them, or since when did these sounds come from the Golden Oaks library for that matter.

"This... I need to see this!" Sunset exclaimed before she tried to run forwards but only fell over. Sunset groaned, it would take some used to using hooves again. As she made her way towards the Golden Oaks Library, what Sunset failed to notice were three serpentine like creatures exit from the portal behind her as well...

Author's Note:

Yeah, I'm releasing this chapter a day early as I've got something in my personal life coming up at the end of the week that will require me to take a leave from Fimfic for I don't know how long, plus I had this chapter already done anyways. So, as you can see here in this part Applejack and company all have differing reactions to the famous Charlie Daniels song, and it scaring Pinkie enough for them to take a break, but Twilight's back and fully recovered just in time to get roped into introducing the CMC to human music. Finally, at the end Sunset appears in a alleyway. If anyone is questioning why she didn't just appear in the Golden Oaks, I suspect the magic of three certain sirens may have messed up the transmission process. Yeah, lame excuse I know but it's the only one I got.

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