• Published 14th May 2015
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Luna's personal guard - Wonder

As princess of Equestria, it is important that Luna is protected at all times. But maybe she should have put more thought into who she chose to protect her.

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A surprising night

Breeze was patrolling one of the many streets of Canterlot, accompanied by one of her many fellow guards. They had just passed by Donut Joe's and Breeze wished that the shop of delectable treats was open in the early hours of the morning. Eight hours she had been on duty and for eight hours she had gone without eating. Why in Equestria did she skip breakfast?!

Next to her, was her acquaintance Hidden Step. She had light blue hair and like most batponies, her fur was light grey. If you had to describe Step in one word, active would be the most appropriate. She would never stay still for more than a minutes. Even while she slept she was active. Sneaky, a batpony who had the habit of stalking her fellow guards, said she saw Step once while she was asleep and said it was like watching a clock. As the clock turned, so would she. She went to sleep upright and by midnight she would be upside down. Occasionally during her sleep she would even get snack and once she actually walked into another guards house and snuggled with Easy Night.

Step looked at breeze. "I kind of feel sorry for him, It's not like it was his fault he got blown down a toilet."

"How the hay did he even fit down the toilet? The hole it only a hoof wide, if that." Breeze raised her hoof in front of her and tried to imagine a pony squeezing down to that size.

"Same answer as everything else. Magic!" Step had an amazing ability, to laugh at the misfortune of others. And that's exactly what she did. "I'm just surprised he popped out of Blueblood's toilet. He must have swum through a mile of crap. I think he deserve a promotion just for that."

"I think he needs a bath more than anything else." Step chuckled at Breeze's remark. Breeze let out an involuntary yawn. "To be honest I think I need a nap more than anything."

"A nap! It's only three in the morning. If anything, I would be content with a good meal, I'm starving. All I had was some oats before starting my shift"

"Well looks like you'll get your wish, our replacement is here." Breeze grinned. Two other batponies were heading towards them, from the direction of the castle. "About time you showed up. You were meant to be here an hour ago." Breeze yelled in a hushed whisper. A rule of the Night Guard is that they can never yell, otherwise they risk waking up the city. One pony made the mistake four years ago and Luna got a complaint from practically every noble in Canterlot. So Luna made a new rule to avoid any future paperwork. On top of that, she also put a severe penalty on any guard that earned her more paperwork.

"Sorry to tell you but you have more work to do Breeze. You're to report to the castle immediately." The pony speaking turned to Breeze's companion. "Step, you can go home."

"What!?Why does she get to go home? Oh, that's right. My fun-time with the princess. I almost forgot." Breeze smiled.

Step rolled her eyes. "You need to get over yourself. I doubt she wants anything like that. You're probably just there to clean or something."

"Hate to leave you alone but I have a special job to do." Breeze flicked her tail at Step's nose. "Don't worry. I'll tell you how it all went, even the juicy bits."

"You're disgusting." Step rubbed the bridge of her muzzle in an attempt not to strangle her friend. "Is sex the only thing on your mind?"

"Jealous much? Well, while you have fun with your hoof. I'm gonna have fun with the princess." Breeze grinned smugly as she walked to the castle.

"Lucky bastard." Step pouted.

Luna sat in her room, going over the requests of tonight's nobles. Four had come to her court that night. Just simple things really. A complaint about a disruptive neighbour, two offers of a business partnership with the crown and one odd man who had attempted to court her, before she literally threw him from the castle. Fool. Courting day is next month. Luckily he was a pegasus or he might had broken something from the fall.

Luna's chambers were quite nice, which was to be expected since she was royalty. It was a large circular room with faded blue carpet. The walls were painted Midnight blue which both Celestia and Luna thought was quite humorous. Various pieces of furniture were lining the walls, their wood carved to fit perfectly against the curved walls, including her bed which had sheets that were bright red, which stood out in the predominately blue room. Woven into the fabric of the floor was the symbol of the moon. The very same symbol was also emblazoned upon Luna's flank. The roof however was the highlight of the room. Painted on the domed roof was the night sky in all it's glory, but this was not just a simple painting of the sky Luna loved so much, it showed an ever-changing pattern of the night. As you watched, you would see the stars slowly move and even planets as they rotated around there very own Celestial body. It had cost Luna over sixty thousand bits to get the roof enchanted, but it was worth every single bit.

Adjacent from the door, on the other side of the room was another door, which led to Luna's 'special' chamber, where only she was allowed to enter. Not even her sister was allowed to enter that room. No pony knew what was on the other side of the door, but that didn't mean there weren't rumors.

Luna looked up from her desk when somepony knocked at her door. "What is it?"

"Your highness." One of the Solar guards opened the door. Normally she would have a batpony guarding her chambers but it was her sisters idea to show trust. A batpony guard would watch Celestia's door and a normal pony would watch hers. It was an odd custom in her opinion, but it was tradition. "Your new guard is here." Luna was on her hooves in a second, a smile already on her face.

"Bring her in!" She practically shouted. Thankfully she hadn't used the 'Royal Canterlot Voice.' "I can hardly contain myself!"

Breeze was waiting in the castle foyer. It was a large room with an incredibly high ceiling. Enough room for a pegasus to have a lot of fun. The foyer had a few doors leading to other parts of the castle, and a large set of stairs where Celestia would greet the many guests for the upcoming gala. All-in-all, it was fancy. Breeze would have to save up for half her life, just be able to afford the stairs. Breeze turned and notice that at the main entrance was a large pot with various flowers and orchids. They were so pretty and colourful that she couldn't help but be drawn to them.

"I can hardly contain myself!" Constant Vigil saluted the princess and left to collect the new guard. He didn't want to be gone from his post too long, so he ran. It was a reasonably short run to the castle foyer and the trip only took a minute. Vigil skidded to halt as he entered the foyer and went to speak, but all that came out was. "Uh?"

Breeze turned around to face the guard that had entered, her ears pointing straight up. She had a content smile on her face. Her mouth was filled with the delicate flowers that normally were housed in their pots. "Sup!" She spoke with her mouth full.

"Uh, t-those aren't for eating, Miss." He spoke as though he had just witnessed a murder. His voice was shaky and dry. Hopefully nopony would notice.

"Then why did you leave them in plain sight." Is this mare serious!?

Vigil shook his head and refocused on his goal. "The princess is ready to see you. Come with me." He began a fast paced trot back to Luna's chambers. Breeze followed, her hips swaying as she walked.

"About time. I've been waiting for this all night. I don't usually swing that was, but she is a princess after all."

"Swing this way?" What is this mare talking about? Vigil frowned.

"Oh right, she probably doesn't want many ponies to know."

"I see... Then I will not inquire further." He didn't know what this mare was talking about and he didn't much care. Vigil focused his eyes ahead.

"Fine by me. Just don't come in if it gets loud in there." This is one odd mare. Then again, all mares are odd. They came up to a pair of doors, with various constellations etched into the wood. It was a marvellous door. Vigil went up to the door and gave it a solid knock.

"Your highness. I have retrieved her, as requested."

"Send her in!" Luna's voice sounded excited.

"Huh, she must really be excited about this." Breeze spoke.

Vigil nodded as he opened the door. "She's been going on about it all day. She's been making plans and everything. Keeps going on about how fun it's going to be."

"Well I'll try not to disappoint her." Breeze smiled before trotting in. "Wish me luck." The door closed behind her.

Luna stood in the middle of the room, a large grin on her face. Breeze smiled back, but was thrown to the ground as Luna tackled her, before nuzzling Breeze's neck. "Oh I am so happy you came." She kept on nuzzling.

"Hehe, hope not, I was thinking I would last a little longer than that." Luna didn't hear her.

"I was so happy that sister said yes to this. I have always wanted to have one of you to myself and now I can."

"I'm flattered Princess." Luna stopped nuzzling her. Again ,Breeze noticed, the princess was straddling her again. The princess' dark legs were on either side of the batponies barrel. Breeze could have sworn she could see Luna's-

"So what are we supposed to do first. My sister never taught me the ins-and-outs about owning one of you."

"You don't know how? So this is your first time?! Really?!" Luna nodded shyly. She didn't know why, but she was embarrassed about not knowing the basics of owning her own guard. Maybe she could ask her sister for some tips. "Wow... this is unexpected."

"C-could you... show me what the procedure is?" Luna mumbled. Oh, I am so going to rub this in their faces when I get back to the barracks.

"Sure thing, just lie on the bed." Breeze grinned. It's not everyday you get to teach a princess how to 'do it'.

"Bed? Pray tell what purpose this will serve?" The princess frowned.

"It will just make things more comfy." The princess nodded. Comfort was a nice thing to have.

"So do we upgrade your armour? Perhaps form a sercet code?"

"Usually we take our armour and stuff off."

"How odd, but if you insist." Luna jumped onto her bed and sat on her haunches, waiting until Breeze had her armour off. "What now?"

"From here I'll guide you, and you just follow my lead." Luna slowly nodded. She would have to ask her sister about these traditions later. Breeze jumped onto the bed, which was slightly taller than the ones she was used to. Breeze sat on her haunches, facing Luna straight on. "Ok, to begin just put your hooves on me. Anywhere you like, shoulder, flank. anything that feels right."

"I'm sorry. I think I misheard you. You said 'flank', Correct?" This is very odd indeed.

"Yeah. It doesn't have to be, but it helps."

"I suppose if it's tradition." Luna put her hooves on Breeze's flank. Breeze put her hooves on Luna's shoulders.

"Okay, from her we'll just do something simple. Some light foreplay."

"Okay... Wait! Forepl-" Breeze kissed her. Luna's eyes shot wide open in surprise.

Breeze's eyes were closed, so she had no idea what was coming right towards her face, until Luna's hoof made contact. Breeze went flying off the bed, spinning in the air multiple times before crashing into the wall. Everything was hazy. She saw Luna on her bed, covering herself with a blanket, as if it were a shield. There was a shocked expression on her face and then the guard burst in, but that was all she saw. Everything went dark.

Author's Note:

Yeah, big misunderstanding. Hope Breeze will be okay. Just depends on how generous I am feeling.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh, and before I forget, I got some awesome fan art of Breeze. Courtesy of NixWorld

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