• Published 14th May 2015
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Luna's personal guard - Wonder

As princess of Equestria, it is important that Luna is protected at all times. But maybe she should have put more thought into who she chose to protect her.

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A surprising morning

First she heard noises. It sounded like two ponies arguing, but she couldn't' make out any words. It was merely a jumble of noise. The she felt something, like a wet tail being rubbed on her face. It certainly wasn't the weirdest thing she had felt but it was definitely up there. Then her sense of smell returned. Nothing interesting though. Finally she attempted to open her eyes but all she got was a bright light and a lot of blurs. She blinked a few times and tried again. This time the image was clearer. She was in a room. There were two mares and a stallion clad in armour. One mare had alabaster fur and the other one had a dark blue coat. They were talking to each other. Breeze noticed the guard next to her was pressing a damp cloth the head. Did she faint?

"Your highness'. She's awake." The guard spoke, taking the rag off Breeze's forehead. Both princess' turned towards her, both with worried looks on their faces. Celestia was the one to speak.

"I am deeply sorry for my sisters actions, Breeze. This is partly my fault." She turned to her sister and sent her a small glare. "And partly her fault."

Breeze barely understood the princess. Her head was still spinning. "W-what happened?"

"You were knocked unconscious by my sister." Celestia said matter-of-factly.

"Wow, she must have one hell of a punch." Breeze rubbed her jaw, which was throbbing lightly. "Wait? Why did she hit me?"

Luna spoke this time. "I may have had the wrong idea of what was happening and got startled." Luna bowed her head. "I'm sorry."

"But, you're the one who..." Celestia could practically see the gears turning in Breeze's head. "So if I'm not here for that, then why am I here?"

"It is a funny story actually." Celestia let out a small chuckle. "My sister has wanted her own guard for a while, so when I said yes, she ran off before I could tell her about the formalities and procedure she was meant to go through. Although I didn't expect something so awkward to happen. Let me guess. She stormed into the barracks and chose you without explaining what, before leaving?"

"Something like that." Breeze shook her head to clear the blurs from her vision. "I don't really remember it to well."

"Could you tell me what happened before my sister hit you. I'd like to hear both sides of the story." Celestia leaned closer to the batpony.

"There's not much to tell. I came to her room like I was told. She said she had never done it before and wanted me to show her what was supposed to happen, so I did. Then she hit me." Celestia smiled.

"I see. Well I can see the confusion. Well, you won't be laying with my sister, Breeze, but you will be by her side for a long time."

"I don't get it." Breeze said.

"You are to be Luna's new personal guard. You are to be with her when she eats, when she holds court-"

"When she sleeps!" Breeze interrupted, she had large grin on her face.

Celestia sent an evil grin at her sister. "Yes, and if necessary, while she bathes." Celestia headed for the door. "Come with me Breeze. I think Luna may need a moment alone." Luna's eye twitched. "I will prepare you for your new duties. Now before we begin Breeze, what is your favourite colour?" Celestia left with Breeze in close pursuit. The door closed with a thud behind them.

Luna was left alone in her room. Her mind was now racing. She now had a personal guard who was infatuated with her. She would always be around and always be watching. Why hadn't her sister warned her? Why was her sister always right? While the Breeze was unconscious, her sister had explained a few things to her, which made things even worse. Breeze couldn't be replaced due to old traditions and other such laws. Luna was stuck with the perverted batpony until it died, however long that may take. Maybe she could have it kil- no! You are not like that anymore... I guess I'm stuck with her. A frown appeared on Luna's face. "I'll get you for this, dear sister."

Breeze stood in the royal armoury, her eyes glazed over. Before her were rows upon rows of immaculate weapons and armour. "And I can choose any one I want." Breeze asked in disbelief. Celestia nodded.

"Since this is your new job, you might as well have equipment to suit the role. Just don't be too rough with anything. Each weapon is worth hundred if not thousands of bits. Each piece has it's own enchantment meant to assist the user in some way. For example, my guard's sword increases his agility and perception."

Breeze ran to the nearest sword stand. "Why have I never seen this stuff before?" She picked up a steel sword with a golden handle.

"Very few are privy to this room. My current guardian has only been in here twice himself." Breeze replaced the sword and went in search of another item.

"So if you have your own guard, where is he now. Shouldn't he be with you at all times."

"He is still sleeping. I sometimes like to sneak out, without him. He will probably hunt me down once he awakes." Breeze picked up a dark purple cuirass with black trimming. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's pretty." The armour was sleek and reminded Breeze of a frozen river. It had small swirls in the pattern that were barely noticeable. At the front, above where the sternum should be, was a small chain, which probably connected to a matching helmet somewhere. Hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to find. Breeze began putting the armour on while Celestia watched. "So you mentioned enchantments. What ones does this have?"

"I'm not sure to be honest. When Starswirl enchanted everything, he did it in private. For all I know that could enhance your taste."

"That wouldn't be so bad." Breeze did the last clasp in the armour which shone brightly for a second before returning to it's original colour. "Maybe this will make me faster. It certainly looks like it's build for speed." Celestia summoned a mirror for Breeze to check the armour out. It looked pretty good. It followed her curves nicely and protected her back pretty well, although it left her tummy vulnerable. Three buckles kept the armour firmly in place. Two around her barrel and one connecting the two armour plates together on her chest. The neck piece of the armour was nice and snug as well. It fit her perfectly, as if it was meant for her. Just under the neck piece, above the chest plate, dangled the chain. It didn't really suit the armour, but as soon as she found that helmet, it would. "Not too shabby. I could get used to this."

"I'm glad you like it. Anyway, now to choose... your... weapon?" Celestia looked at Breeze confused. Breeze looked behind her then back at the princess. Nothing looked out of place, so what was the princess looking at? Breeze heard it before she saw it. It was a small clinking noise. Like someone searching through a cutlery draw. Where was it coming from? She looked down and got her answer. The chain on her armour was moving wildly like a snake.

"Uh, is it supposed to do that?" Breeze tapped it with her hoof. In response the chain jumped forward, pulling her with it. "Whoa! What's going on? Is that supposed to happen?"

"I'm not sure. I can't tell without knowing the enchantment." Celestia looked worried. None of the previous armours had done anything like this. Actually, now that she thought about it, none of the other armour had looked like this one. She had never seen it before.

The chain was now straining against the armour, pulling Breeze towards the armoury doors. Breeze was trying to resist but failing, her hoofs slid across the floor. "Princess, what do I do?!"

"You have to fight it. Perhaps it is testing your strength."

Breeze pulled back with all her strength but the armour compensated and pulled her further. "Yeah, that's not helping. Got any better ideas?"

"Hold it still. Maybe I can destroy the chain-" Celestia didn't get to finish the sentence. The chain gave one final tug and Breeze was pulled off the ground and through the door.

Breeze had no idea what was happening, but all she knew was that she was going really fast. The poor mare was flying through the castle at mind numbing speeds, taking turned so sharp, she was surprised she hadn't got whiplash. In front of her she could she the chain glowing bright purple. Where as it taking her? Celestia was going to be so mad at her if she damaged the armour on her first day. The armoured batpony made another sharp turn. Ahead of her was a door with constellations etched into it. The armour picked up speed. Great! Just perfect. The armour was going even faster now. The door opened and a dark blue alicorn walked out, and instantly regretted it.

Luna was sitting on the floor of her room. "Maybe it wont be so bad. If I can keep her occupied then she won't have enough time to bother me." Luna's stomach growled. "Hmm, perhaps some breakfast will help me think." Luna stood up and walked to the door and opened it. She instantly regretted it. Breeze came flying at her and tackled her to the ground. The duo rolled across the floor into Luna's room before coming to a stop. Luna shook her head and glared at the infernal batpony. "What is the meaning of this!?"

Breeze shook her head. She was getting dizzy a lot today. Too many hits to the head, probably. "I am so sorry. It was an accident." She blurted out clumsily.

"Hmph. You had better hope it was." Luna pushed Breeze away from her. "Why did I have to choose such a perverted, clumsy mare." Luna got up to leave. She only got two meters before something was holding her back. "Will you let go of me! I have some breakfast that need devouring." She spoke without turning.

"Uh oh." She heard Breeze say.

Luna turned to face Breeze. "Uh oh? What do you mean?" Luna looked at Breeze and saw a chain connected to Breeze's new armour. Luna's eyes followed the chain coming from Breeze's chest piece as it snaked across the floor and then abruptly stopped at a shackle which was connected to her hoof. The chain had come to her right hood and formed a shackle. "uh oh."

Celestia was running around the castle searching for where Breeze has disappeared to, but so far was having no luck. Where had the armour taken her? Celestia got her answer when she heard Luna's scream. "This can't be good."

Author's Note:

She can't get rid of her if she's chained to her. Muahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:
I'll be drawing a picture of the armour later.
Feel free to point out any grammatical errors.

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