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Luna's personal guard - Wonder

As princess of Equestria, it is important that Luna is protected at all times. But maybe she should have put more thought into who she chose to protect her.

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A surprising breakfast

The Canterlot kitchen hosted the finest chefs in Equestria and contained the best utilities and equipment. No kitchen could compete and no food could compare. Except desserts. Pinkie Pie had stolen that achievement from them, and the head chef still hadn't forgiven her. The kitchen busy as usual, hurrying to prepare break for Equestria's diarchy. Already the chef had turned several dished down. Only perfection would be accepted in his kitchen. After numerous attempts had he deemed the meal acceptable and allowed it to be serve.

The dining hall wall reasonably sized. In it's center was a large table measuring seven meters in length, with nine chairs along each side and one chair at each end. Celestia and Breeze sat on the left side close to the door. Luna sat opposite Breeze, the chain from her armour laying across the table then disappearing under the table again on Luna's side. Luna was busy staring daggers at Breeze. The room was completely quiet. Fluttershy would have been envious... before apologizing for being envious.

Faultless, the head Chef, enter the dining hall from one of he various doors lining the room, with pride in his step. He was sure the princess' would love the meal he had provided. He adjusted his toque so it rested on his horn. Faultless stopped at the head of the table. "Your highness'." He bowed deeply. "Breakfast is served." Two additional stallions appeared behind him, each holding a silver tray. With practiced care, the trays were set down in front of the each princess. On each tray was a pile of whole wheat pancakes drizzled with maple syrup with a pair of lemon poppy scones on the side.

"This looks delicious. Would you mind preparing a third meal for our guest here?" Celestia gestured to Breeze and smiled. Faultless looked to the mare in question. Now Breeze was receiving glares from two directions.

"Of course, your highness. I shall prepare an additional meal right away." The three stallions return to the kitchen. When Faultless was sure he was out of earshot he spoke. "I can't believe the nerve of that batpony. I spend hours making a meal fit for royalty and she thinks she can come in unannounced and eat the food that I prepared for royalty! I will not allow it." The two apprentices rolled their eyes. Why did they have to get stuck with a crazy chef? "You two, fetch one of the failed meals out of the trash. Our guest is hungry." They obeyed without question.

Back in the dining hall, Breeze was looking around the room, doing anything she could to avoid Luna's gaze. She could practically feel the heat from her glare. Celestia seemed completely oblivious to this. "So what happens now?" Luna turned to her sister as she spoke. She wasn't glaring anymore, but she still sounded annoyed.

"I suppose Breeze does her job and you do yours. Simple as that." Celestia responded calmly.

"I mean the chain. What do we do about the chain?" Luna picked up the chain with her magic and shook it violently.

"We can't do anything about it for now. I will have the royal enchanter check it out later."

"And in the meantime?" Luna dropped the chain onto the table.

"You should get to know your new guardian." Luna turned to Breeze. Breeze was smiling for some unknown reason.

"So princess, looks like we're stuck together for a while." Breeze said, completely ignorant of Luna's current mood.

"So it seems." Luna growled at the batpony. Breeze's stomach growled back.

Celestia slid her tray over to Breeze. "Eat. You're going to need your strength." Breeze didn't argue and dove into the stack of pancakes, not caring for the utensils provided. A door behind them opened.

A door behind them opened as Faultless entered the dining hall carrying another silver tray in his magic. "I apologize for the delay your highness."

"Ah, thank you Faultless. I've given Breeze my meal. You can give that one to me."

Faultless froze in place. "B-beg pardon?" He looked at the table and saw two silver trays on the table. One in front of the lunar princess and one in front of... the batpony!

"I decided to give my meal to Breeze." The princess repeated. "She seemed awfully hungry. I'm just glad you prepared another so quickly."

"O-of course." Faultless moved shakily over to Celestia and set the tray down in front of her. "I-I apologize for the presentation. I-I... Didn't have much t-time." He was visibly shaking.

"Are you alright? Do you need a lie down?" Celestia asked. She had never seen Faultless so shaken before. Perhaps the stress of such a large kitchen was getting to him.

"No, your highness. I am just a little worried. Maybe I should make a fresh meal for you. This one is probably getting cold." He went to take the platter, but Celestia moved it out of his reach. "Nonsense. I am sure you did a fine job. But I want you to go take a rest, you don't look too well."

"Of...course. I apologize." He ran off as fast as he could. As far as he was concerned, his career was over.

Celestia picked up her fork with her magic and stabbed it into a pancake. She took out a small chunk from the stack. The food quickly disappeared into Celestia's mouth. "Hm... odd. Usually his food is a lot better." She chewed her food slowly. "He must be under-" Celestia froze mid-chew. A golden aura surrounded her muzzle as Celestia searched her mouth for the object she had felt. After a few seconds of searching, the alicorn pulled out a hair from her mouth. "Luna, remind me to enforce a hairnet rule for the kitchens." Luna nodded. "Now where was I?"

"If you are going to be attached to me all day, try not to stare so much." Breakfast has just finished and Luna was heading back to her room to sleep. It had been a long night.

"Can you blame me for staring? I mean you are a princess after all."

"Yes I can." Luna glanced at breeze over her shoulder.

"Harsh." Breeze winced. "But if you think about it, it is my job to watch you."

Luna grimaced. "I suppose. But if I catch you dreaming about me, I will tear off your wings." She had already been taken advantage of once, she wouldn't let it happen twice.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you could go into ponies dreams. But ponies can't control their dreams. How do I stop myself dreaming about you?" Did that sound weird?

"Find a way." They arrived at Luna's room. Once inside, the princess took off her regalia and crept into bed. "Curse Starswirl and his ridiculous enchantments." Luna shifted in bed until she was comfy. It was difficult but she finally managed. She was about to fall asleep when she felt a hoof come around her barrel. "What do you think you are doing?" She said in a deadpan voice.

Breeze shifted under the blankets. "Going to bed. What does it look like? Not how I was intending to in bed with you, but it's close enough."

"Get out of my bed!" Luna kicked behind her, sending Breeze from under the covers and onto the floor.

"Where am I supposed to sleep then?" Luna threw a pillow at her face.

"On the floor, where else?" Luna growled

"Can I at least have a blanket?" Breeze whimpered.

"No! Why should you get my blanket?" Luna turned to face her, sending the poor batpony yet another glare.

"But I'll get cold." Breeze's ears went limp and she shrunk back.

"Deal with it. I had a thousand years of cold. You can survive a single night." Luna fumed. "Now go to sleep and don't make a noise. I'm tired enough as it is."

"Y-yes, I'm sorry your highness." Breeze whispered. The batpony rested on the pillow Luna had thrown at her. It didn't make her warm, but it was comfortable none the less. Why does she hate me so much? Why is she so angry? Breeze closed her eyes and cried silently until she fell asleep. This is every batponies dream, so why am I so sad

Author's Note:

...to be honest even I didn't know this was going to happen. This entire chapter was improv and written in only thirty minutes.
At least it will help me move onto my next chapter. :unsuresweetie:

Who wants to see what Breeze dreams about?! :trollestia:

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