• Published 14th May 2015
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Luna's personal guard - Wonder

As princess of Equestria, it is important that Luna is protected at all times. But maybe she should have put more thought into who she chose to protect her.

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A surprising outing

"No one ever told us such a divine treat could taste so good!" Luna squealed with glee as she licked at the gift Breeze had given her. She had never tried this before and she could say without a doubt that she loved it.

"You've really never had ice cream before? How is that even possible?" The young mare looked at her master in confusion. "It's one of the best things ever made!"

Luna removed her tongue from her mint ice cream, leaving the dessert floating in her magic only inches from her muzzle, in case she had to lick it suddenly. "I did spend a thousand years on the moon, in case you had forgotten, so I wasn't around for the invention of the iced cream." Luna stated.

"Ice cream." Breeze corrected.

"That it was I said, was it not?" Luna asked, slightly confused.

"Meh, close enough for now. We can go over all the details later." The batpony waved her hoof dismissively. "So anything else that you missed while you were... away. Anything that looks like fun that you want to try?"

Luna taped her chin in thought. "Hmm, many things come to mind but nothing that I would go out of my way to do. Perhaps the magic moving images that I have heard about. That sounds like something worthy of my attention."

"Magic moving images? Oh, You mean a movie. Awesome choice. I've itching to see Kung Fu Pony, so let's see that. If I'm remembering this correctly, then there should be a screening in an hour or so. That's plenty of time to buy and smuggle snacks in."

"Is smuggling confections into such venues a common tradition these days?" Luna asked inquisitively. Last time she had attempted to smuggle something, it had almost caused a war with the gryphon empire. Then again, it was the kings throne she had tried to take. Thankfully her father had managed calm the king down in time buut she did get grounded for a few decades which sucked.

"Sure, ponies do it all the time. A mare named Pinkie once smuggled in a whole sugar stand and sold candy to everypony in the cinema. To this day, no pony knows how she did it." Luna nodded in agreement.

"When it comes to Pinkie Pie, it is best to ignore her actions and let things run their course. Trust me on this. I have plenty of experience on the matter." Luna shuddered, remembering the waffle incident. She would never see the innocent breakfast the same way ever again.

"I suppose, but it was still surprising. So anything in particular you want to sneak in? I usually sneak some caramel bars under my wings, but you would be able to hide bigger snacks with those wings." Breeze gestured at the princess' feathered appendages.

From her tower, Celestia watched the duo through her telescope and each thing she saw only confirmed her suspicions. A small smile crept onto the solar diarchs face. The look on her sisters face when she confronted her sister would be priceless. She would have to make sure she had a camera ready for the occasion.

"Okay, just bring your wings in a bit more. A bit to the left... a bit mo-perfect!" Breeze beamed when Luna managed to conceal the delicious goodies. "Now you just have to keep your wings still until we get to our seat. You can do that right?"

"Of course, an easy task." Luna fidgeted uncomfortably. "I hope."

"Well I guess we'll find out soon."

Luna and Breeze walked slowly to the cinema. It was one of the newer cinemas in Canterlot, with lots of bulbs surrounding a sign which displayed the names of all the current movies. Under the sign was a single booth ticket stand with a small hole at the base of the booth's window where tickets and bits would be exchanged. On either side of the booth was an entrance to the cinema which housed a total of eight screens. When they got to the window they saw a middle aged stallion sitting on a swivel chair and reading a news paper with his hind legs up on the counter.

"Hey, two tickets for Kung fu-" Breeze began.

"Thirty-six bits" The stallion said without looking away from his paper."

Luna tilted her head slightly and spoke to Breeze. "Is that the normal cost for this activity?" The stallions ears twitched. Why did that voice sound familiar?

"Yeah. This is actually one of the cheaper cinemas in Canterlot. The one near the castle charges thirty bits for a single ticket."

"Do you want me to pay? It would certainly be easier." Luna offered but Breeze waved a hoof dismissively.

"No thanks. I'm the one taking you out so I should pay." The stallion lowered the news paper to see who was wasting his time and got the surprise of his life.

"P-p-princess Luna! I-I'm am so sorry. I didn't know it was you. Here!" The stallion forked over two tan tickets. "The tickets are on the house. In fact, you can see movies here anytime you want, free of charge!" The stallion beamed. This could be a huge business boost. If ponies saw the princess of the night attending his venue, the place would instantly become he talk of the town.

"And my friend here?" The stallion turned to look at the batpony.

"Of course, any friend of the princess is welcome here."

Breeze grabbed the tickets with her mouth and walked to the theatre and soon found their seats. Luna sat down with a heavy thud and stretched her wings with a sigh of relief, allowing her collection of treats and lollies to fall to the ground. Among the collection was two chocolate bars, one bag of gummy worms, a hoof full of lollipops and a bag of cookies. Breeze whistled in admiration. "Your wings are awesome."

"Thank you, now what do you suggest we should eat first?"

The two left the movie with slightly distended tummies and huge grins on their faces. "I must say, for my first movie it was quite enjoyable. A lot more fun to see it for myself than to read it from story books." Luna clapped enthusiastically.

"Glad you liked it." Breeze grinned. "So we have a few more hours before sunrise so what do you want to do?"

"Well, if you don't mind, I would like to get back to the castle. I am rather tired." Luna let out a perfectly timed yawn. "Maybe a nap before lowering the moon."

"Sure why not. I always liked getting to sleep more." The two walked back to the castle in silence, unaware that they were being watched by the princess of the sun.

Author's Note:

I will have the next chapter up in a few days. This was just a quick thing I decided to insert as a bit of filler to make up for how long I am taking to finish it.

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