• Published 19th Apr 2015
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Saturn: Rememberance - King Saturn

Saturn, an earth pony king ruling a small city of earth ponies, is almost killed by King Sombra, but saved at the last second, barely.

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Chapter 4: Romance and Pancakes

Saturn walked up to the entrance of Sugarcube Corner, "Nothing big, calm down Ring, you're just asking her to be your special somepony, that's actually a pretty big thing, considering....

"Discord shut up, you're not helping", Saturn yelled, "Sorry, I'm just trying to calm down and you were putting more pressure on me, anyways, I'm ready, I'm going in".

"Well, I will wait out here", Discord leaned against the wall of the shop, "Tell me how it goes".

Here goes nothing, thought Saturn.

* * *

"Hello Pinkie", Saturn came in with his eyes closed, "I have arrived".

"Oh, um, Pinkie isn't ready yet", said an older stallion, "But I'll go tell here you've arrived".

Saturn guessed by his outfit he was the owner of the shop, "Oh ok".

"Pinkie! Your special somepony is here", Saturn warmed at the thought, he thought Pinkie was joking about how she felt at first, but this gave him a small confirmation, and it comforted him, because he loved her as well.

"One minute, ok", Pinkie shouted back down. "Actually, have him come up here".

What, Saturn Ring thought.

Saturn hesitantly made his way up the stairs to Pinkie's door, right then he jumped when Pinkie opened the door really fast and screamed surprise.

"What is this"? Saturn asked Pinkie, looking at a plate stacked with about 15 blueberry flapjacks.

"It's for two things", Pinkie stated with a grin, "First, it's a welcome to Ponyville gift, and second, a sign of how much I want you, to be my stallion".

"But you hardly know me".

"I know a nice colt when I see one, and anyways, I know you like me back, you didn't think I notice you just staring at me with a smile and blush on your face".

"I did"? Saturn blushed again, embarrassed. "But you still don't know about my past, and my personality".

"Well, why did I ask you to come up here, we share our secrets of our past", smiled Pinkie.

It seemed that warming smile from Pinkie made him vulnerable and he cracked, he took out something from his leather coat pocket, the bronze crown, with three topaz crystals.

"What, is that"? questioned Pinkie.

"Its a long story, and I remember little of it because somepony absorbed it and the remaining ones left in the coma, well it all started with the city of Terra...

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