Saturn: Rememberance

by King Saturn

First published

Saturn, an earth pony king ruling a small city of earth ponies, is almost killed by King Sombra, but saved at the last second, barely.

Saturn, an earth pony king ruling a small city of earth ponies, is almost killed by King Sombra, but saved at the last second, barely.

Prologue: Kingdom of Protection

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“Bow before your king, foolish earth ponies”, said a dark voice.

“Never, you old foal, you can't do this for much longer”, said a childlike voice. “I will defend my people.”

“Even if it means your destruction?”, questioned the voice.

“Yes, are you going to kill me, take my life for theirs”.

“So be it”, then the voice.

A unicorn then ran up and stabbed the child, all the earth ponies could see was the blood of the child on the floor, and a bloodied black unicorn. That unicorn never kept his promise for the dead child, and massacred the small city of earth ponies.

“I could have sworn he was last here”, said a guard.

“Lets search more”, said another guard.

They searched the area, the black unicorn nowhere to be found. They found many sights that could scar a normal pony. Bloody bodies all over in the darkness of the small castle. But one, a child, earth pony child, was sitting on a makeshift iron throne covered in blood.

“Captain, is he still alive”, a guard motioned to Shining Armor.

Shining Armor put his hoof against the child's cutie mark, a base clef, “He's barely breathing, if we recover him he will never life a normal life again, but it's the best chance we have of saving him”.

Shining Armor picked him up and put the child on his back.

“Guard's, stay here, I'm going back to the castle, this pony is about to die, he is top priority.”
Then he left, without another word.

Chapter 1: Life and Memory

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Chapter 1
Life, and Memory

Saturn awoke in a hospital bed, tons of gadgets were attached to him, scanning his pulse and heartbeat. He looked to his upper chest, where there was a giant patch, he took off the patch that revealed a giant circular scar on his upper chest. He gasped and jumped back in terror, hitting the hard stone wall. He then looked up to view his surroundings, there was only one pony, a white mare with a beautiful long mane, the mane was purple and shimmered in the light of the windows. Instead of greeting the mare though he went straight into questions.

“Who am I, and why do I have this scar on my chest, I must know”, he questioned the mare.

“Honestly darling I don't know who you are or why that is on your chest”, said the mare. “All I know is you were almost dead until Shining Armor rescued you, you've been in a coma for two years”.

“Can you at least tell me where I am?”, Saturn asked.

“Your in The Royal Clinic, everyone thought you were dead, so they never bothered coming back”, stated the mare.

“Then why are you here”, asked Saturn.

“I felt sorry for you and didn't give up hope”.

“That's thoughtful of you, but I'm a stranger”.

“Yes, but it was the least I could do”.

“Whatever you say”, Saturn said sadly.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my names Rarity, I know this may be kind of hard to lose your memory, and I know who can help”, said Rarity.

* * *

Saturn walked into an open hall with Rarity, inside of it were many stain glass murals, the design of almost all of them seemed to have the same six ponies. Then was the real thing to look at in the hall, a huge alicorn with long flowing hair of different shades of blue, green, and pink, stepped towards them.

“Rarity, may you please leave us, I must talk to Saturn in peace”, said the alicorn.

“As you wish”, said Rarity as she left. Saturn caught a glimpse of her eyes and her trying to form the words, “meet me outside the castle” with her mouth.

“Who is Saturn”?

The alicorn turned her glimpse to Saturn, “You are Saturn, before you got injured two years ago, you ruled over a small kingdom of Earth Ponies next to the outskirts of the Crystal Kingdom.”

She then looked to anxious too say the next thing on her mind. “When Shining Armor, the captain of our guard, retrieved you, you were the only living person in the kingdom, the rest of your people were wiped out”.

Saturn just sat there, overwhelmed, and the alicorn seemed to read his thoughts.

“You may be overwhelmed, especially in your young age (at that time he would have been 3 years younger than Twilight) but here, the sign I'm not lying to you. She used magic and levitated a small bronze crown to him, the crown wasn't too fancy, but was of sturdy design. In the middle of the crown was a large topaz, and two smaller chunks of topaz surrounding the large one.

“But who are you”, Saturn looked back up to the alicorn.

“I am one of the two princesses that rule over this land and the surrounding cities, I am Celestia, Princess of the Sun”, the alicorn said.

A princess, Saturn thought, why am acting like a foal around a princess. He then bowed on instinct. “Sorry, princess”.

“No need to bow, as you are former royalty as well, King Saturn”.

Chapter 2 - Part 1: Love and Sadness

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Saturn walked down the entrance steps to the castle, he came out with the crown upon his head and a tear stained face. He walked up next to Rarity, plopped on the ground, and covered the shame upon his face with his hooves. After about ten minutes of this Rarity attempted to make him talk.

“Darling, whats wrong?” Rarity questioned him.

“It doesn't matter anymore”, Saturn told her bluntly. “I failed”.

“In what, might I ask”.

“In protection, my subjects, they got slaughtered, I agreed to give my life for them to be spared, but they were still killed, by that King, hes no King, just a murderer”, Saturn mumbled. “And whats even better, I don't have a kingdom, all my friends were killed, I'm left with nothing”.

“Do you know who you are now, darling?”, asked Rarity.

“Apparently I was some king named King Saturn, have you ever heard of anyone named that.”

“K-k-king Saturn, you mean the youngest king in all of the history of Equestria”. Rarity asked. She then bowed in front of him.

“Why are you doing that?”, Saturn asked Rarity.

“Well your royalty, dear”, Rarity stated.
“Well there's no need to, I am no longer, and just a question, you've never met me before, but your talking to me like I am more than a friend to you, why is that?”, questioned Saturn.

“No reason”, Rarity blushed. “Well, anyways, you need a place to stay I presume, you can stay in the spare room in my house for a few days”.

“Thanks for the offer but-”, Saturn said.

“No, no, it's fine”, said Rarity. “You can stay for at least one night it won't hurt”.

“Ok then”, Saturn said.

Chapter 2 - Part 2: Love and Sadness

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Chapter 2 Part 2 Love and Sadness

* * *

Saturn woke up, the train coming to a screeching halt, he looked back to his red and white mane, which for some reason his pony tail had came undone. He picked up the blue ribbon and tied it into a ponytail with his teeth. After that was over he looked at his surroundings, a train car completely empty, 'Rarity must have already got off', he thought to himself. So he got off the train as well, but what he saw overwhelmed him. He went pushed past all the traffic of other ponies getting off and on the train. He couldn't take it all in, the sheer size of the town, his town from what he remembered was never that big, but yet it had authority, why?

Everypony he went past gave him a look that bothered him a lot, he finally figured out why when he noticed his giant scar was showing and he never bothered to cover it. Using some spare bits that the Princess gave him before he left, he got himself a nice leather jacket, he put it on quickly and zipped it up so his scar wasn't poking out.

He noticed a building that looked like a life-size version of a gingerbread house. He knew he was hungry, maybe if he begged hard enough for bits he could get some food, or he could meet other ponies in there that could help him in his state.

Ring, the bell dinged as he walked in the odd looking shop.

He noticed a pink pony at the counter of the shop, on display were many treats to please the eye, cupcakes, scones, cakes, pies, and many other pastries. But the pink pony he noticed was just staring at him, he looked back at the display cases near the pink pony and was just walking back out the shop when the pink pony shouted, “Wait!”.

“Yes, what is it”, Saturn responded.

“I haven't seen ya around here before, who are you”.

“Oh sorry, my name is Saturn Ring, I'm just a traveler”.

“Oh ok, well I will have to throw you a welcome party”, the pink pony responded.

She looked way more excited than she acted and looked like she wanted to say more, but for some reason was just staring at him, dumbfounded.

“Is there something wrong? Did I say something?”.

The pink pony took a bit of time to respond.

“No, it's just, I'm admiring the pattern on your mane”, said the pink pony.

“Oh, thanks”, he loosened off the ponytail on his mane and it swooped down to his lower legs.

“What am I doing, not introducing myself, my name is Pinkie Pie”, Pinkie said.

“Nice to meet you Pinkie”, said Saturn.

All of the sudden something hit him, and he stared at her for a long moment, like some sort of connection, but, she was beautiful, Saturn didn't want to leave this place where she was, but yet they just met, why should he be feeling this.

“Well, goodbye”, Saturn said after coming back to reality.

Pinkie Pie didn't respond, and he secretly wished he had stayed there longer to get too know that beautiful mare, but regrets behind him, he had to find a place to live.

Chapter 3: Dwelling

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"Finally", Saturn thought as he ran out of the forest, "Sun, I love you". Saturn then looked up to see a long bridge to a ruined castle. The castle itself looked peaceful and tranquil enough to live in, and it was away from the noise of the town. He crossed the degraded bridge and entered the castle. It had a lot of old and rustic charm to it. He went to the throne room and stopped in the middle of the two thrones, 'this must be the old castle where the two princesses ruled', though Saturn. He never knew about the castle or even the sisters, even before his memory left him. When he turned his back to admire the throne room, looking at the old tapestries of the two sisters, he heard a noise.

"Who's there", Saturn shouted. "I know how to fight, this is a warning".

He turned back to the tapestries, must've been all in my head. Right then, Pinkie Pie came behind him and fired her party cannon.


"By the name of Celestia"!

"Did I surprise you", Pinkie asked smiling.

"Yup, what is this", Saturn pointed to the cannon.

"Oh this thing, it's a party cannon, of my own design".

"Wait, but how did you know I would be here?".

"Silly, I followed you out of the store", Pinkie stated with a grin.

Saturn snickered, "Well, why did you do that", Saturn said with a small grin on his face. "Isn't your job more important".

"No, not with a beautiful pony like you, I was in love when I saw you in the shop, so I had to ask if, well, we could do something, tomorrow, but first I need to know your favorite food", stated Pinkie with a smile.

"Wow, Pinkie, I would love to", Saturn blushed, "My favorite food, Pancakes".

"Okie Dokie Lokie", said Pinkie looking excited, she then gave him a large wet kiss, "Come to the shop, noon tomorrow", Pinkie left, a large excited smile on her face.

Saturn was about to faint, the kiss warmed both of his cheeks, and her lips tasted of, chocolate, her kisses were warming, and they warmed his heart, he would definitely be there.

"Lover boy, I'm surprised with your past that you actually got someone", said a weird voice.

"Show yourself", stated Saturn.

"That wouldn't be very fun now would it", said Discord. "Oh wait I already showed myself".

"Who are you anyway"? Saturn asked.

"Why Saturn Ring, you don't remember an old friend".

"Nope, all my memory was lost, absorbed, by the dark unicorn, King Sombra.

"That old mule", Discord chided, "He doesn't know how to have a good time, he just bluntly kills".

"Anyway, do you remember at least a little bit about us", Discord asked Saturn.

"Please, tell me it all".

Discord Chronicles - A Short Excerpt

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Three Earth Ponies were walking in black and white armor, the black armor fashioned from a supply of recently scorched obsidian, the strongest armor in Equestria, that is what the city of the earth ponies, Terra, was known for.

The first looked up to a hill, a dark grey and brown haired pony walked up to the three guards, his cutie mark was a tornado.

"What do you need"? asked pony Discord.

"Sir Discord", the first pony bowed and looked up to Discord, "We need you to raise up a king for us, so the kingdom of Terra may rise up again".

"Haven't you heard never to deal with demons"? asked Discord.

"In exchange for this act, we will free your real body from stone once the king is raised".

Discord blinked, seemingly shocked by what he was hearing.

"I will tutor this king in the ways of being a ruler, if you let me reek havoc, it sounds to good too be true".

Chapter 4: Romance and Pancakes

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Saturn walked up to the entrance of Sugarcube Corner, "Nothing big, calm down Ring, you're just asking her to be your special somepony, that's actually a pretty big thing, considering....

"Discord shut up, you're not helping", Saturn yelled, "Sorry, I'm just trying to calm down and you were putting more pressure on me, anyways, I'm ready, I'm going in".

"Well, I will wait out here", Discord leaned against the wall of the shop, "Tell me how it goes".

Here goes nothing, thought Saturn.

* * *

"Hello Pinkie", Saturn came in with his eyes closed, "I have arrived".

"Oh, um, Pinkie isn't ready yet", said an older stallion, "But I'll go tell here you've arrived".

Saturn guessed by his outfit he was the owner of the shop, "Oh ok".

"Pinkie! Your special somepony is here", Saturn warmed at the thought, he thought Pinkie was joking about how she felt at first, but this gave him a small confirmation, and it comforted him, because he loved her as well.

"One minute, ok", Pinkie shouted back down. "Actually, have him come up here".

What, Saturn Ring thought.

Saturn hesitantly made his way up the stairs to Pinkie's door, right then he jumped when Pinkie opened the door really fast and screamed surprise.

"What is this"? Saturn asked Pinkie, looking at a plate stacked with about 15 blueberry flapjacks.

"It's for two things", Pinkie stated with a grin, "First, it's a welcome to Ponyville gift, and second, a sign of how much I want you, to be my stallion".

"But you hardly know me".

"I know a nice colt when I see one, and anyways, I know you like me back, you didn't think I notice you just staring at me with a smile and blush on your face".

"I did"? Saturn blushed again, embarrassed. "But you still don't know about my past, and my personality".

"Well, why did I ask you to come up here, we share our secrets of our past", smiled Pinkie.

It seemed that warming smile from Pinkie made him vulnerable and he cracked, he took out something from his leather coat pocket, the bronze crown, with three topaz crystals.

"What, is that"? questioned Pinkie.

"Its a long story, and I remember little of it because somepony absorbed it and the remaining ones left in the coma, well it all started with the city of Terra...