• Published 19th Apr 2015
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Saturn: Rememberance - King Saturn

Saturn, an earth pony king ruling a small city of earth ponies, is almost killed by King Sombra, but saved at the last second, barely.

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Chapter 3: Dwelling

"Finally", Saturn thought as he ran out of the forest, "Sun, I love you". Saturn then looked up to see a long bridge to a ruined castle. The castle itself looked peaceful and tranquil enough to live in, and it was away from the noise of the town. He crossed the degraded bridge and entered the castle. It had a lot of old and rustic charm to it. He went to the throne room and stopped in the middle of the two thrones, 'this must be the old castle where the two princesses ruled', though Saturn. He never knew about the castle or even the sisters, even before his memory left him. When he turned his back to admire the throne room, looking at the old tapestries of the two sisters, he heard a noise.

"Who's there", Saturn shouted. "I know how to fight, this is a warning".

He turned back to the tapestries, must've been all in my head. Right then, Pinkie Pie came behind him and fired her party cannon.


"By the name of Celestia"!

"Did I surprise you", Pinkie asked smiling.

"Yup, what is this", Saturn pointed to the cannon.

"Oh this thing, it's a party cannon, of my own design".

"Wait, but how did you know I would be here?".

"Silly, I followed you out of the store", Pinkie stated with a grin.

Saturn snickered, "Well, why did you do that", Saturn said with a small grin on his face. "Isn't your job more important".

"No, not with a beautiful pony like you, I was in love when I saw you in the shop, so I had to ask if, well, we could do something, tomorrow, but first I need to know your favorite food", stated Pinkie with a smile.

"Wow, Pinkie, I would love to", Saturn blushed, "My favorite food, Pancakes".

"Okie Dokie Lokie", said Pinkie looking excited, she then gave him a large wet kiss, "Come to the shop, noon tomorrow", Pinkie left, a large excited smile on her face.

Saturn was about to faint, the kiss warmed both of his cheeks, and her lips tasted of, chocolate, her kisses were warming, and they warmed his heart, he would definitely be there.

"Lover boy, I'm surprised with your past that you actually got someone", said a weird voice.

"Show yourself", stated Saturn.

"That wouldn't be very fun now would it", said Discord. "Oh wait I already showed myself".

"Who are you anyway"? Saturn asked.

"Why Saturn Ring, you don't remember an old friend".

"Nope, all my memory was lost, absorbed, by the dark unicorn, King Sombra.

"That old mule", Discord chided, "He doesn't know how to have a good time, he just bluntly kills".

"Anyway, do you remember at least a little bit about us", Discord asked Saturn.

"Please, tell me it all".

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