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The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard - HyperPhoenixPrism

A normal human just any other by the name of Anthony, was playing his favorite horrific PC game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, So how did he become freinds with the most creepiest animatronics? Read this story and find out.

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Meetings and Repairs

God! That was a close one! If the flashlight turned to the left any more, it would've saw my shadow. Hmm...it said it was coming back right? But When? Doesn't matter. I have made promise to those robots and I'm not going to break it. Enjoy the chapter.

Today was a very important day. For one thing, one of the creatures from yesterday said they were going to come back, and second, I am going to rebuild the animatronics that were scrapped from the last restaurant. With no time to waste I went to the Parts and Services Area. When I got there saw all the older animatronics just lying there on the ground. It sickened me. Poor guys. I shook my head and focused on my mission.

"Hey guys." I said to them but they just stood still, not moving a muscle. I rolled my eyes and gave them a deadpanned stare. "I know you guys can move. The Toy animatronics are moving alive and well, you guys aren't much different." As soon as I said that, I saw the lights start to flicker on and off. Soon enough, when the lights went back on, they all looked at me in curiosity. I'm not gonna lie, it looked creepy when they did that. I clear my throat at began to speak.

"So...Um...as you guys may or may not know, I'm the new or already have been the security guard, so when I first saw you guys, I decided to give you guys a second chance." They all to be confused at my statement given that they all tilted their head like a puzzled dog. "What I mean by that is that I am going to give you guys a little repair." They all were happy, I can't blame them, since they've been destroyed for who knows how long. I looked at Bonnie and saw that he didn't have a face and one of his arms was missing, so I mind as well start with him.

"Bonnie, why don't I start with you first? I can have that face and arm repaired in no time." The lights turn o and off as he started to move, apparently he started to move to the Backstage. Wait, they had a Backstage here? I guess you do learn stuff everyday. I went into the room with Old Bonnie and walked beside him.

"You can sit on the table and lie down if you want." I said. The lights flickered once more and saw him on the table lying down. I guess you can't see them actually moving wit their feet. I grabbed the nearest toolbox and rummaged through it. I looked at Bonnie's face to see if they were anything wrong with it.

"Hmm...your endoskeleton seems fine, I think it's the face itself, I just get you a brand new one." I looked at the shelves to find plenty of masks. I picked up a new Bonnie until I heard something a the end of the table.

"Hi..." I immediately knew who it was because I saw the yellow and red balloon at the end of the table, but I couldn't see his face. I walked to the end and saw Balloon Boy. He looked at me as if he was expecting something.

"OH right! The batteries." I was wondered how he could tell if they were old or new. Was it something in the ++A's that he could see? I'll never get it. Old Bonnie sat up and and saw me giving the batteries to him. He had a confused look on his face (or at least that's what I figured) so I introduced them to each other.

"Oh yeah that reminds me, Bonnie, this is Balloon Boy, he works in the Game Area." Balloon Boy waved at him while Bonnie waved back with his right arm. You know, looking at Bonnie's condition, it may take a few hours just to fix both of his face and arm.

'I'm going to need some help, but who can help me?' I pondered for a minute until I saw Balloon Boy grabbing a wrench and tightening the screws on Bonnie leg. I smiled as a mental lightbulb went on my head.

"Hey Balloon Boy. Why don't you help me fixing him? It would be great if I could have any extra hand." Balloon Boy looked at me for a second before shrugging his shoulders. I told Bonnie to lie back back down in which he did. I grabbed a mask for Balloon Boy and myself so the sparks wouldn't hurt us.

"Ok Bonnie, were going to disable your power so you don't feel anything ok?" Ne nodded which meant he understood. I took out the power in his back and looked at Balloon Boy.

"You ready?" I asked him and he nodded. I picked him up and put him on the table as he took a screwdriver and hammer. I took a deep breath and stared at Old Bonnie.

"Ok Bonnie, you might feel a little tingly on the inside." I laughed on the inside because I almost sounded like a doctor. Enough fooling around, time to make a new and improved animatronic.

(Golden Oaks Library)

"C'mon Twilight, moving statues? That seems a little far fetched." Spike said. Twilight was walking around the house as if she was speed walking. Twilight had her hand on chin not knowing she was creating a hole in the ground.

"Spike, I saw it with my own eyes! These things can't possibly be statues if they move." Spike still seemed spectical a the theory. He sat on a chair and continued to her watch her ponder.

"You said that it had some sort of magic in the statues right? What kind of magic was it?" He asked. Twilight stopped right on her tracks and looked at him. Twilight looked worried before answering him.

"I-I'm not sure, that's why I'm going back there to try to catch them in the act and figure out what their purpose is." Twilight got out from her self made hole and grabbed a few notes pads.

"Wait, your seriously going to go back? What if they attack you?" Spike followed her as Twilight grabbed her backpack and put her notes in it.

"I'll take my chances, if I'll will get any." Twilight seemed nervous about going back. After the vision she had along side with Rarity, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go back or not.

"How about I come with you? So if you get into trouble, I'll be able to help you." Spike suggested, but regret it soon after.

"Thanks Spike! That would mean so much to me. Hey, maybe when we come back, you could visit Rarity and see if she needs help on anything." Spike smiled and walked with Twilight out the door, pumping his fist whispering a "yes" as they walked to the Everfree.

(Everfree Forest)

As Twilight and Spike walked throughout the Everfree, they both had noticed something was off. The close they were to the building, the colder it gotten. Spike started shivering and rubbing his arms.

"Sweet Celestia is it ever cold, did the temperature just dropped to zero or something?" Twilight noticed it as well. Applejack did rubbed her arms saying motioning it was cold inside. I frightened her. A few minutes of walking they finally reached their destination. Twilight looked at Spike and spoke.

"Well, this is it, the place I was talking to you about, the magical energy is inside, so were going to go in." Twilight looked at Spike and saw that he had a look of nervousness. Twilight put her hand on his shoulder. "Look, you don't have to come inside with me, i just thought that I-" Spike put his hand on Twilight's mouth to silence her.

"SHH! Listen Twilight, do you hear that?" Spike asked. They both heard this weird but scary music.

They shivered in creepiness. Twilight looked more creeped out, knowing what was in store for her. They both looked at the door as Twilight looked at it again while Spike was trying to pull it open.

'Hmm...how did Fluttershy open the door again?' she asked herself. She saw a button right next the doors. She smiled as the memory clicked in he mind.

'Oh yeah, the button. she pressed it and the door slowly opened. Spike seemed astonished that she opened it so quickly and easily.

"Hey Twilight? How did you know how to open the doors?" He asked.

"Fluttershy accidenlty opened the door yesterday, so I just remembered how she did it." She boasted feeling proud of herself.

"Show off." He murmured. Twilight giggled and went inside with Spike following her. Twilight a big breath as she walked through the Main Hall.

"So Twilight, where did you say this "magically energy" was located?" Spike asked air qouting what Twilight said earlier. Twilight gave a thinking look as she tried to retrace her steps.

"From I can remember, we should turn...here." as she pointed to the Game Area. Spike looked around the place and shivered.

"You know, for a place that's pretty small, it gives me the heebee-jeebee's." He said. Twilight motioned him to come closer to her and spoke.

"According to my readings from yesterday, there was magically energy where the balloon statue was." Twilight walked to where the statue was supposed to be, but it wasn't there. Twilight was confused, why wasn't it here? It must've moved somewhere.

"What's wrong Twilight? You looked puzzled."

"The balloon statue, it's was right here just yesterday, why isn't it hear now?" She asked. Spike gave a little gasped in realization.

"Do you think it actually moved somewhere else?" Spike began to worry and was becoming frightened.

"Possibly. This is why we came here. There's a mystery in this place, and we're not leaving until we solve it." Twilight had a determined look on her face. She was going to go to one of the party room until she heard noises coming from the back room. It sounded like metal clashing with each other. Curious, she walked to the source until it stopped. She feared she might've interrupted something. She heard footsteps and gave a sigh of relief, the only problem was that it made a mad dash to somewhere.

"Hey! Come back!" She yelled and gave chase as Spike ran after her. Twilight seemed to catch it red-handed and looked everywhere for it. She knew it was in this room so the thing had nowhere to go.

"Give it up...whatever you are, we know your in here." She said. All she heard was shuffling sounds as the thing came up from behind the table. All Twilight saw was a shadow with only white eyes. To Spike, it seemed like the scariest thing in the world, but to Twilight, it looked like just another soul. Twilight used her horn to light up the place and finally got to take a good look at the shadow.

"What are you?" Twilight asked. It snorted and replied back.

"That's what I should be asking you." Wait, It TALKED?! What was this thing? I guess they'll find out soon enough.

Stood right in front of me was these weird creatures. I stood astonished, what were these things? One of them was purple while the other was purple and green at the same time. The purple seemed shorter than me, only like three or four inches, while the green and purple looked like he was taller than me, if not just as much as the purple one. I couldn't see them clearly because of the light they were shining at me.

"Hey, can you turn that light down a bit? It's hurting my eyes." I asked politely as I heard an answer.

"Oh yeah Uh...sure." It said as the light started to darken. For once I actually got to see a good at what it was. The purple one had a purple uniform as well as a grey skirt, but the shoes and book gave off it a smart and nerdy look. It had purple fur along with her hair that had pink and dark purple streaks in them, while the green and purple one had blue jeans with white and black shoes, along with a green striped shirt and purple sweater. I kept looking at the purple and green thing, it looked like a reptile of some sort. Curious, I walked closer to it and asked it a question.

"So...what are you, you look like some type of reptile or something?" I asked. The reptile looked shocked for a second but then raised his eyebrow.

"What? No, I'm a dragon, Dragon! No I don't do that tongue thing." It as it pouted. I was confused at how he was a dragon.

"But...if your a dragon, how come you don't have any wings and you're not trying not to steal stuff?" I asked. The purple one cleared its throat and spoke.

"He's still a baby compared to all the other dragons, plus his greed probably won't start for a long time." It said then came into realization. "Wait, how do you know so much about dragons anyway? Do you study them?" It asked curiously. I scratched my head.

"It's not that I study dragons, it's just that dragons are a myth where I'm from." I said. The both seemed confused.

"Where your from?" The purple one asked. I sighed and assumed they weren't from where I was. I grabbed the flashlight out of the purple things hand.

"I think it's better that you guys know what I am." I turned on the flashlight as they both gasped. They stayed quiet for a few seconds before asking me something.

"What are you?" There it is! Anyway, thanks to my nerdish side, I answered it with ease.

"My species is a human, more scientifically speaking, a Homo Sapian, meaning "wise man" in Latin. We're basically well developed apes and monkeys in a nutshell." I said. They stared at me for a minutes which started to make me uncomfortable, so I spoke up.

"Which brings in this question, what are you?" I asked it which it responded.

"W-Well, I'm a pony, more specifically a mare, and always will be. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and this my assistant Spike, I'm sure you have a name as well?" I chucked at the rhetorical question.

"Yeah, It's Anthony, would like to sit somewhere comfy?" I asked politely. She (which I assumed was her gender) said yes. I told her to follow me as her dragon friend followed suit. We Went to the Show Stage and saw her look at the animatronics.

"Do these...stautes move too?" She asked. I looked at her a smiled.

"There not statues, they're animatronics, you have those around were you're don't you?" I asked her, but she frowned.

"I'm sorry. I don't know anything about an animatronic." She apologized while trying to pronounce the word "animatronic. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"It's ok, animatronics aren't really known...pretty much anywhere." I nervously chuckled. Someone tapped my shoulders and saw Spike looking at me.

"So, what are we doing here again?" Oh yeah that reminds me! I waved to the robots.

"Hey guy, you can stop hiding from them now." I said to them, but the thing was that they weren't moving while Twilight and Spike looked at me as if I was crazy. "C'mon guys, your making me look bad." My voice turned desperate, bit still no movement. I started to become annoyed and just told them straight out. "Guys they already know you're alive." Finally I got a reaction out of them as they walked down the stairs. Twilight and Spike backed away behind me in fear.

"Don't worry guys, they're harmless, there's nothing to worry about." I tried to reasure them, I guess it worked, but not by much. Chica looked at Twilight and Spike and gasped.

"OOHHHH! New guests!" She said, and ran to Spike and gave him a hug. I looked at him to see him blushing up a storm.

"I-Huh? What?" I nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, she can be a little grabby sometimes." I tried to pry her off of Spike, but as soon as she let go, she hugged me instead. I blushed a bit as well, but not as much as Spike. I cleared my throat and looked at Twilight.

"So Twilight, this is Chica..." I pointed to the chicken hugging me. "...the blue bunny over there is Bonnie..." Bonnie gave small wave as he was tuning his guitar. "...and finally that brown bear, that's Freddy." I said as Freddy went to handshake Twilight. She seemed uneasy about it, but shook his hand anyway.

"So guys, why don't we go over to one of the party rooms and have a real conversation?" I asked in which they nodded. I motioned the gang to come with us. The funny thing about Spike was I noticed that the animatronics put something on his back, probably the usual "Kick Me" sign. They would snicker and try to hold in their laughter, so when Spike would turn back to look at them, Chica would pretend to look at her nails, Bonnie would tune his guitar, and Freddy would innocently whistle. I chuckled on the inside and went to one of the party rooms. I gestured for Twilight to sit next to Spike and me.

"You guys must be hungry you two, can I get you something?" I asked. Twilight's stomach growled and blushed in embarrassment.

"Maybe something small." She sheepishly said, so I whispered something to Chica. She nodded and she went into the kitchen.

"So...Anthony, before we went inside this building, me and Spike began hearing things, like tools being used. That wouldn't happen to be you was it?" She asked. I raised my hands and smiled.

"Guilty as charged, I was actually trying to fix more animatronics from the previous place." Twilight looked worried when I said that.

"Y-You build these things?" In was offended when she said "thing", but she didn't know better.

"I'm not trying to create more, it's more in the lines of repairing them." I reassured them. Twilight put her finger on her chin for second.

"So if that was you repairing those...animatronics, then you must've ran to a room. What reason was that?" Twilight asked, I felt a little uneasy answering that.

"Well...one of my friends reminded me to wind up a music box in the Prize Corner over there..." I pointed the room next to the Show Stage. "...I have to keep that music box so that...it doesn't come out." I bit my lip and swallowed hard. Twilight and Spike looked confused.

"It?" Was all she needed to say.

"I-I'll be honest, I never liked that puppet thing, it's always...*clears throat* thinking, and it can move anywhere when the music box stops. It's the reason I always remind myself to...I-I've said to much. Hey look your food is here!" I quickly changed the subject, just talking about her just gives me the creeps. Chica put down the pizza down on the table while Spike and Twilight looked puzzled.

"What's this?" Spike asked.

"It's pizza, you don't have that where you guys are from?" I asked curiously. Twilight shrugged her shoulders.

"Not that I know of." I gave her a warm smile.

"You have to try it, besides, trying something new won't hurt that much will it?" I rhetorically asked. Twilight looked at the pizza then looked at Spike.

"Why don't you try it first?" she asked Spike. Spike seemed hesitant but then took a bite out of it. His reaction was priceless. His eyes have widened and looked like he was in love.

"Twilight! You gotta try this! This is so delicious!" Spike said. Chica smiled.

"Well it's nice to have someone appreciate my cooking for once." She said as she looked at me as if she was expecting a thanks.

"What? I'll have you know that I am very grateful for your wonderful pizza!" I smiled and gave a playful push.

"I know, and that is why you are my favorite." Chica left the room while she gave me a wink. I blushed since I wasn't used to the affectionate side of Chica. I saw Spike taking a second slice and I smiled.

"You know the best part about pizza? Is that you can put almost anything on it." I said. Wow, I never knew Spike's smile can be so big. He grabbed something out of his pocket.

"What are those?" I asked.

"Their little pieces of gems." Gems? Oh right, Dragon greed and what not. He put it on the pizza and took another bite.

"Well, he seems to like the it, why don't you don't you try it?" I asked Twilight. She looked at it once more.

"I...guess it couldn't hurt." She slowly took a bite and widened her eyes.

"Wow! This is most delectable." She said. Chica never doubted her cooking just once.

"I still can't believe you guys haven't heard of pizza before. Where did you say you were from again?" I asked.

"I come from a place called Ponyville." Twilight said. Curious, I raised an eyebrow.

"Ponyville? Is that where we are now?"

"Well...no. The Everfree Forest is where you are, if your talking about country-wise, your in Equestria." Twilight took another bite out of the pizza as she finished her explanation. I was shocked. So I wasn't in my own world?

"So what your saying is that I'm in a different dimension?" Twilight seemed to frown from my question.

"It would seem that way." I put my hand on my chin, trying to think things over.

"The real question is, how did we get here in the first place?" Twilight began to stand and so did Spike.

"That's where we come in, why don't we try to figure it out together?" She suggested. She took out her hand for me to shake, which I gladly returned. An idea popped in my head and smiled.

"Hey! Why don't I go to this Ponyville place with you? Just to try and get out and now the place." I suggested. They seemed happy with the idea so they went to the Main Hall. Once Twilight and Spike went out the door I stopped mid-way. I looked at my "Toys" and motioned them to follow me but make them stay low key. I smirked evilly and so did they. When I went outside, I could only think of one thing.

'This is going to be the creepiest prank ever!'

Author's Note:

Well that's about it for this chapter. What is Anthony and the animatronics planning to do? Stay tuned to find out what will happen next. If you have any ideas about what can happen in the future, feel free to comment. If there are any grammar or spelling errors let me know. As always, I shall see you guys in the next chapter.

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