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The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard - HyperPhoenixPrism

A normal human just any other by the name of Anthony, was playing his favorite horrific PC game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, So how did he become freinds with the most creepiest animatronics? Read this story and find out.

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Meet the Gang Part 2

You know, everything that's happened through this whole time I here, I feel like I don't want to do this prank. With Fluttershy being so wonderful to me in general and Rarity being generous, it makes me wonder how many friends Twioight actually has. Balloon Boy was right, I should've never done this in the place, but the Toys been the ones planning it, Meh, I'll say sorry to them later.

As me, Twilight and Spike saw me looking at the scenery, I couldn't help but look a Spike's face. He was probably zoned out because of what I said about Rarity a few minutes ago. I smiled when I thought about her adorable face.

"Looks like Rarity's got us both." I said. Spike nodded in agreement.

"You got that right." He said, still having that dreamy look. The way he looked at her made it seem pretty easy that he admired her, ALOT. An evil smirk popped put of my head. I know I shouldn't say it but, I just want to see that reaction on his face.

"Well, when the times comes Spike, we shall see who the best man is." I smiled.

"Thanks- wait what?" Spike asked with his widened eyes. I padded him on the back and speed walked to catch up with Twilight. Looking back at Spike, he looked like he was trying to do a double take at what I just said. As I caught up to Twilight I saw in front of me what looked like a big red barn. Confused for a second, I looked back at Twillight.

"What the? Did we just move from one country to the next?" I asked. Twilight just giggled at the question.

"No it's actually here, this is Sweet Apple Acres, the place where the finest of apples are harvest and grown." She said. "And if you look over there, you can see the orchard." I looked to where Twilight pointed and became astoinished.

"Wow, the orchard is huge." I said. Twilight motioned me to follow her along with Spike. The funny thing about the barn was that right beside it was what looked like a shed, I couldn't see much of it, but I'm pretty sure that's where they usually keep their tools and such.

"Sweet Apples Acres is bestly known for their food products here, the apples sometimes get delivered to others places as well such as-"

"YEEHAAWWW!!!" Before Twilight could list the countries, I heard a somewhat battle cry, or a yell of excitement. The rest of I heard was a giant thump. Twilight and Spike walked over to the barn as did I.

"Well howdy Twi, didn't expect t' see ya here." The voice had a big heavy western accent, almost cowgirl-ish.

"Applejack, this is Anthony, he's the security guard in the resturaunt we went to yesterday." I went to shake her hand as she grab it with an audible slap. Applejack was an orange pony with a blonde mane. She had cowboy boots as well as having a buttoned-up red and white boxed-detailed shirt. Below she had blue jeans along with her belt showing off her signature "AJ" as the emblem. To top it off, she had a Stetson hat to complete her look. Applejack looked surprised at me for a second but then smiled.

"That's a mighty strong grip you got there." Applejack increased her grip on my hand and I winced.

"Heh heh...not as strong as yours apparently." I awkwardly chuckled at her until I noticed she still hasn't let go of my hand. "Um...Applejack, you can let go now." Applejack widened her eyes and noticed me wincing. Being the famrgirl she looked like, she was definitely stronger than me. She blushed with a sheepish grin and finally let go.

"Uh...heh, sorry." She apologized. I said there was nothing to worry about and smiled.

"So Twi, care to tell me what yer doin' in these parts?" Applejack asked.

"We're just showing around town, I'm introducing him to our friends." Twilight said, Applejack raised her eyebrow.

"And ya decided t' come here first?" Applejack asked with a smug grin.

"Well no, we went to Fluttershy's and Rarity's place before you, the only reason that we came here was that we never had lunch before bringing Anthony to Ponyvillle." Twilight said sheepishly. Applejack rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Well Twi, ya came to the right place! Ah was about to have lunch, care ta join us?" She asked. Twilight looked at Spike to see him nodding furiously. Twilight followed Applejack along with me and Spike. Once we went inside the barn my mouth just opened in amazement.

"Wow, look at this place!" I said looking everywhere. As I look at the bookshelf I heard Applejack from behind me.

"What wrong sugercube? Ya look like ya never seen a barn before." She sounded rhetorical, but I didn't care.

"That's because I haven't." I answered. The whole building became silent as I kept talking. "It's looks like something out of a cartoon show, the rusty rocking chair, the old looking stove, the pots and pans hanging on a hanger, everything!" As I kept ranting on how nice this place was, I failed to notice my stomach growl. Applejack tried to hold her laughter as I blushed and chuckled awkwardly.

"Ya can join us to if ya know that." I nodded without saying anything. As I sat down next Spike I looked at the amount of food at the table. My mouth watered at the sight. I heard Applejack giggle as she sat down next to Twilight.

"Do ah hear guests in the kitchen?" I heard someone asked. Everyone looked where the source of the voice was as did I. "Mind helpin' me Applejack?" It asked again. The only assumption about the voice is that it sounded old and that it was female. As she came down I saw what she looked like. She was a lime green mare with a snow white mane. She had a what looked like a short orange scarf with red apples for design. On her legs were brown boots much like Applejack, as well as yellow pants. She also wore a red skirt along with a light yellow shirt.

"Twilight, what a nice surprise coming here..." Spike purposely cleared his throat. "...and you to Spike." He nodded. She took a look at me and smiled.

"Well Well, what do we have here?" She asked. I got up from my seat and walked up to the mare.

"My name is Anthony mam." I gave her a warm smile to add to my politeness.

"Anthony, this is Granny Smith, my grandmother." Applejack said. Granny seemed to have a proud smile.

"And don't you ferget it." She said. I smiled at her enthusiasm.

"Wow, you know for a mare you age, you seem pretty active." I said. Sadly, she took it the wrong way.

"And what is that 'pposed t' mean?" I backed away in panic.

"I-I meant that as a compliment! I didn't mean to-" I was soon cut off as I heard laughing from Granny.

"It's ok youngin', Ah'm just playin' with ya." I gave a sigh of relief a nd went back to my seat. As I sat down I saw Granny whispering something to Applejack. Whatever it was, it made her face redden. Eventually I just gave up on trying to figure out what the said and just kept eating.

"So Applejack, what happened to Big Mac and Applebloom?" She asked. Confused by the names, I decided to listen to the conversation.

"They had to deliver apple pies in Appleloosa."

"Do you think they'll be back soon?"

"Ah don't think so, it took a long time ta get there, same amount of time when they get back."

"Probably won't get home until night huh?"

"Sorry." Its seems like that was the end of the conversation. As soon as I finished eating, I went to the sink to wash my plate, that's when I heard someone walked behind me.

"Whatcha doin'?" I looked behind me and saw Applejack walking beside me.

"Oh, just cleaning my plate and glass." I said.

"You didn't have t' do that. Granny woulda done that herself ya know." She stated. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah well, I'm used to doing you know? Manners and such." I said. I couldn't help but wonder why her face became red. Which made me remind myself of something. "Oh yeah I've been meaning to ask you, what did Granny say to you when I sat down at the table?" I looked at her with an innocent look of curiosity. Apparently Applejack's face only became more red.

"Ah...it ain't anythin'." She said quietly. I looked at her suspiciously but continued cleaning the plate and soon went on to my glass.

"The lunch was great, thank you for letting us stay here but we must leave for now." I heard Twilight say. "Hey Anthony, you coming?" I heard her say.

"Just a sec." I replied as a I dried the glass to make it shiny. I went to the living room and saw Twilight and Spike walking out the door. When they were outside I looked back at Granny and Applejack.

"Thank you for bringing me here, it's been fun. You know, we should do this more often." I said as I smiled. As I left I could've sworn Granny said something to Appkejack. I looked at Twilght with a confused look.

"So Twilight, where are we going next?" I asked.

"We're going back to my house to ask more questions about you." She said. As we were walking I couldn't help bit notice the stares coming from the other mares around town.

"What is that thing?"

"You think it's dangerous?"

"It actually looks kind if cute." I wished I didn't hear some of the comments that the mares made, some made me feel unwanted, while others made my face redden. I gossip around me made me nervous as I speed walked and asked where Twilight's house was. Once we were inside, with me being the last one in, I harshly slapped the door, much Harding than I expected. Twilight saw me panting and had a worried look.

"What's wrong Anthony?" I took a few seconds for I got my breathing in order before I spoke to her.

"Sorry, just people gossiping about me just makes me feel over the edge." I answered. Twilight didn't want to seem to press on the subject, which I'm really thankful for. Twilight gestured me to sit down as I did so. I watched Twilight look at her list and spoke to me.

"Earlier when I asked if you were alright, you said that "people" made you feel over the edge. What exactly do you mean by that?" I did a double take on what she asked me and gave her the dumbest look ever.

"You know...people, like more than one human being...Oh wait." I totally forgot that I was in a different world, or is it universe? "How do you describe more then one pony?" I asked.

"We just usually say ponies." That's what I figured. "Everypony says ponies when referring to more then one pony." That's the first time I heard a person...or pony say the word "pony". I raised an eyebrow at one of the words.

"Everypony?" I asked.

"Yeah everypony, referring to all the ponies in Equestria." Oh! I think I'm getting it now.

"So, instead of saying everybody, this world says everypony." Twilight nodded. "If what you say is true, then the other words must have the word "pony" in the end as well. Such as anypony, somepony, and nopony." Twilight gave a thoughtful look again.

"So how does your world say anypony?" She asked.

"To make it simple, we just take away the "pony" part and replace it with the word "body"."

"Interesting." Was what Twilight only said as she scribbled down the information on her notepad.

"Oh shoot! Ran out of paper. I'll be back to get more." Twilight started to get up but was interrupted by a noise.

"Why does that sound like an airplane coming down in the house?" Twilight raised her eyebrow for a second before she heard a voice from outside.

"LOOK OUT BELLOW!!!" In natural instinct, I ducted on the floor and so did Twilight. All I saw was some mare crashed into the bookshelves and books scattered all over place.

"Oh...my head." It wheezed. Twilight ran to the book shelves and used her magic to take it away.

"Rainbow Dash! Are you alright?!" Twilight asked as she helped her up. "Anthony, Ming helping me?" I was knocked out of my trance and help the girl up (at I think it's a girl). I grabbed her hand as she came out of the pile of books. I pulled her out but as soon as I did that, she trip on a book and fell on top of me. Sadly, I went unconscious for a second until I heard Twilight's voice.

"Oh my Celestia! Are you two ok?" As I woke up I saw this "Rainbow" girl looked at me. I swear those dark pink eyes just memorized me. It seemed that both of our faces were red only because we felt our noses touch one another. We stayed silent for a few minutes until Twilight broke the silence.

"Ahem...Rainbow Dash, this is Anthony, the soon to be new residence here in Ponyville." She said. Me and Rainbow both looked at each other again until I broke the silence this time.

"Hi." Was all I said as she replied back with a "hey". "Do you...mind getting off me please?" I asked. Rainbow's face turned red in embarrsement and got up. She took out her hand and gave it to me for me to get up. When I got up I finally got to take a look at Rainbow. She was a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane and tale. Her style of clothing definitely showed that she was the brash type. Rainbow had a black biker jacket on as well as a dark blue t-shirt on the inside with sleeveless gloves on her hands. On her legs were regular blues jeans with a chain on the right pocket. What caught my attention was that her shoes were rainbow colored just like her mane. I brushed myself off as did she.

"One of these days Rainbow Dash your going to get yourself injured because of your silly stunts." Twilight seemed annoyed, but Rainbow nonchalantly waved her hand at her.

"Oh don't worry Twilight, I do this sort of stuff all the time, I think I can handle a little crash." Twilight widened her eyes.

"THAT was a LITTLE crash?!?" Twilight asked. Rainbow shrugged her shoulders. I looked at Rainbow with a confused look on my face.

"I'm sorry but...am I missing something?" I asked.

"Rainbow Dash here is practicing stunts to be able to join the Wonderbolts someday." Twilight stated. Rainbow flew around me with her wings which made me watch her in awe.

"You bet I am! Someday, I'll be living the dream and everypony will see me in my glory!" I looked at Rainbow with a confused look again.

'You really are full of yourself aren't you?' I thought to myself.

"Um...so...who are the Wonderbolts exactly?" Rainbow just looked at me as if I was crazy.

"You don't know who the Wonderbolts are?! What, do you live under a rock or something?!" Rainbow yelled, at this point this is where Twilight stepped in.

"In case you have or haven't noticed, Anthony's species is a human, which nopony has ever heard of, meaning that he's fom a different world, maybe even a different universe." She said. Rainbow tried to comprehend what Twilight said. Soon, Rainbow flew around me once more and took a good look at me.

"Y'know, now that I look at you, you kind of look like some hairless ape." I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Um...thanks?" I said.

"Anyway, the Wonderbolts is the best flyers in all of Equestria! Everywhere they go, ponies with cameras wanted to take their picture, colts, fillies, everypony! That's why I'm practicing to be the best." Rainbow seemed to have that determined look while I just pondered at the name.

'Ok, Wonderbolts. Best flyers in the world, known for fame...sounds like a pony version of the Blue Angels. I thought.

"Hey Anthony, I think I have a question that you might be interested in." I gave the go ahead to Twilight. "Back at Applejack's place you referred to the stove as "old looking". Why is that?" I just shrugged my shoulders at the question.

"Well...it looked exactly like a stove back in the old days?" I answered. Twilight gave me a puzzled look.

"The old days?"

"Yeah, today in our world have very advance technology. Starting from television to automobiles to cellular phones, you name it." Twilight seemed to be writing down the information as I kept speaking.

"So, your like those ponies from a Sci-fi book series?" Rainbow asked.

"Hmm...I guess you can say that." I shrugged my shoulders. As Twilight kept asking me questions I heard someone knocking on the door.

"I'll get it!" Rainbow yelled as she flew to the door.

"Hi Dashie!" I heard a chipper voice call out. "I've got the biggest news! My Pinkie Sense told me that there was a new pony in town! And there he is!" She pointed to me and I just sat there with a dumb look on me.

"Umm...what?" I just said. I tried to avoid eye contact with her but as soon as I looked back, she was gone.

"What the-"

"HI!!" I turned back and saw the girl face so close to mine.

"AHH!!" I screamed.

"HithereI'mPinkiepieitsverynocetomeetyouMr.Apewhatareyousomekindofhairlessmonkeyofsomesortdoyoulikeparties?doyoulikepartiesandcakes?!becauseilovethemboth!?It'sbeenanniceseeingyoubutIdon't-" It shocked me how this girl talked so fast without taking a break. Eventually Rainbow put her hand on her mouth and spoke.

"You gonna stop talking now?" She asked in which the girl nodded.

"This is Pinkie Pie. The official party planner of Ponyville and runs the bakery in the town." I took my hand out for to shake but to only have her hug me.

"Please to meet you Mr. Ape." My face turned red due to the sudden contact, but soon smiled at her attempt at name calling.

"Actually my name is Anthony, but thank you for trying." Once we broke our hug I finally got to see what the girl looked like. Pinkie was pink pony with a bubbly pink mane, almost like cotton candy. She wore a blue striped shirt on the inside as well as a yellow short one on the outside. Going down she wore, short skinny blue jeans along with pink-striped stockings on her legs. The funny thing about Pinkie was that the shoes she was wearing almost looked like the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz.

"OH!! You talking about my shoes?" She asked.

"Why yes I a- Wait WHAT?!" Did she just hear what I thought?

"Of course I did!" She ask- "You know you don't have to narrate everything I say."

"...how you doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"That thing your doing right now?! How are you reading my mind?!"

"I'm not reading your mind silly, I'm just looking at the text."

"What text?"

"Duh, the text in the story."

"What story?"

"The one that the author is writing. Mr. PhoenixPrism sir, do you mind speeding this up a bit?" I was beyond confused right now.

"Yeah, I bet you would be."


"Don't mind her, she does this'll the time." Rainbow said as she padded my shoulder. Everything that happened the day I got here, from this day forward, it doesn't seem like logic apply to her. I've taken hallucinations, animatronics that wanted to kill me, and even Golden Freddy, I think I can handle Pinkie Pie. With alot of peop- I mean ponies in this house, I think my prank shall commence.

"Oh! What prank?"

"Just go along with it."

"Okie-Dokie-Lokie." I raised me eyebrow at her for a second but let it go. I remember I told Chica that any sort of light would flicker, in which that would be my signal to start the horrorfest. The lights started to flicker while all the girls including Spike became confused.

"Uh...Twilight? What's wrong with your lights?" Rainbow asked. Twilight put her finger on her chin.

"Strange, the lights don't usually happen like that." I backed away from the lights and had a horrified look on my face. They noticed my expression and started to become worried.

'Good, they're buying it.' I thought. "Oh no." I said.

"Anthony?" Spike said carefully. "What do you mean by "oh no"?" I had a traumatized look as I ran to the doors and windows, rushing them to be locked and closed. After they were all closed, the lights turned completely off for a few seconds before it went back to normal. I sat on one of the couches and began panting heavily.

"Well, it seems that the lights are working functionally again." Twilight said.

"Yeah but it doesn't look like Anthony's doing to well." Rainbow said. They all ran towards me. "Hey, you alright dude? You look a little pale." She said. I removed the sweat from forehead and stood up.

"Yeah-yeah, I'm fine, it's just...I-I get a little fidgety when it comes to flickering lights, I might have Selaphobia." I said.

"Selaphobia? What's that?" Rainbow asked.

"Selaphobia is the fear of flashing lights." Twilight informed. I thanked her for explaining it to her. Twilight had that worried look again.

"Did you have this disorder when you were born?" She asked.

"I think it was from the Freddy Fazbear's place. The first day I worked there it seemed like a breeze, but as they days went went by I kept having these hallucinations..." As soon as I said that, lightning occured as I saw shadows behind me. "...I kept seeing things because of how creepy everything was. Things like a yellow Freddy head with black souless eyes and a two word sentence saying "It's Me"." I looked up and saw terrified faces of Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike.

"Guys what's wrong?" I asked as Spike shakily pointed to behind me.

"LOOK BEHIND YOU!!" He yelled. As soon as I did, the "Toys" were gone. I smirked on the inside.

'Good job guys.' I thought. I walked to Twilight and spoke to her.

"Twilight...Twilight what happened?" I pleaded for her to answer me, thankfully she did.

"I-I-I...But-but...what?" She looked dazed in which actually kind of saddened me.

"I was afraid this would happen." I said. Spike walked beside me with confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Since you and Twilight came to visit me in the restaurant, just being there for a few hours can make pony hallucinate, because of it's past. We need to get Twilight to lie down." Spike picked her up and placed her on one of the couches. I heard a beeping sound in my watch and saw that the red triangle started to stop. I realized that the music had stopped winding up. I became nervous as I checked the camera in the Backstage. What I saw was Balloon Boy sleeping while holding a wrench in his hand. Anger started to get to me as I yelled one certain name.


Author's Note:

There you have it, the chase is on! Thank you for reading this chapter, it took a while to finish it. Is Anthony prepared to meet...HER?!? Find out in the next chapter. School is starting to catch up to me so I won't be able to start on another chapter in the next few days, I will keep you update on what is to come. If there are any grammer or spelling errors let me know in the comments. You guys better be prepared to meet the most creepiest animatronic in the game! Because I'm not. Until next time, I'll see you in the next chapter.

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