• Published 7th Jan 2015
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The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard - HyperPhoenixPrism

A normal human just any other by the name of Anthony, was playing his favorite horrific PC game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, So how did he become freinds with the most creepiest animatronics? Read this story and find out.

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The Game Virus

Hey it's me Anthony, so this is my second chapter of the story briefly explaining how I got here and how everything came to be. So basically this is an introduction chapter. I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

It was a beautiful morning in the great country in Canada. The sound of the pans moving around made the teenager thankful for his mother's cooking. His father that was coming back from the gym yelled the occasional "Honey I'm Home!" to her in which she smiled and gave him a kiss. After the mother was finished cooking breakfast, she gave out a soft yell to his son.

"Sweetie, breakfast is ready!" And by sweetie she means me. No Third Person narration for you kids! Anyway, As I got up from bed letting out a yawn and stretching my arms way out, I went to the bathroom to "wash up" and brush my teeth. After I did a spit take on the toothpaste and water mixed on my mouth, I got to take I good look at myself. I had natural short black hair going well with my dark brown eyes. Looking at my skin tone it was light brown, it makes me look like I'm spanish but I'm actually Italian. PRIMA PER I'TALIA! *clears throat* Moving on. I also noticed my muscles were showing meaning that my Father's gym classes paid off, I was almost close to having a six pack. I put on my glasses and as I went down the stairs I was greeted by my mother who gave me an affectionate hug.

"Good morning sweetie, how did you sleep?" She asked to me as she sat down with me. When I sat down I saw a variety of foods everywhere, from scrambled eggs to hash browns, white toast, sausage and bacon, you name it, even my favorite fruit is on the table, mango and pineapple. I began to dig in with little time to waste. I saw my father sitting down with me and reading a newspaper before he spoke to me.

"So, doing anything special today?" Thank God today was a Satarday, I already did my homework at school so I don't have to worry about that. I had a pondering look on my face, but I couldn't think of anything.

"I'm not really sure, I guess I'll just relax today, or I could call my friends and see what they're up to." My mother hugged me once again for some unknown reason.

"OH! My little baby is growing up!" I blushed a bit in embarrassment. I scolded my mother in which she just giggled. You know, now that I think about it, I was already 18. You never notice how fast time has passed. I finished my plate and put it in the dish washer then turning it on. I looked at the clock and it was already 11:30. I decided just call my freinds and see what they want to do. A few seconds of ringing and I spoke to the guy.

"Hey it's me Anthony, you wanna hang out at Franco's place?"

5:00 p.m.
Wow! David can create one awesome party! You guys should've seen i- wait what? You didn't see it? AW man! Oh well. To put it in simple terms. The party was awesome, people danced, people laughed, we had a good time. When I opened the door to my parents house, I saw no one home, but then I realized that my parents called me, telling me they were at that Fallsview Casino place to become bankrupt have fun. I went to my and looked at my clock, which showed it was 6:30. Wait a minute, did I just spend an hour and a half on getting comfortable at home? Meh I got nothing else better to do. I went on my computer and decided to just search whatever comes to mind.

"HA! David thinks he an beat me in Tetris? Prepare to lose Dave." As muscular as I was, I was really a nerd most of the time. From Star Trek to DC Comics to Dr. Who, I was up there, even some of my friends didn't believe it when I said I played D&D. I guess being a nerd has its perks. Eventually I grew tired of Tetris and since I was getting dark, I decided to play my most favored game of all time, Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Someone showed this game to me at school and I was hooked on it ever since. As the game started, I went into Custom Game and saw the Golden Freddy Challenge. I looked at the clock once more and saw that it was 6:10. I took a huge breath and cracked my knuckles.

"Ok, I can Do this."

"GOD DAMN IT FOXY!!" The screen became static because Foxy killed me, with the help of Balloon Boy. I gave a frustrated sigh as I looked at the clock. It read 10:00.

"Oh my GOD!!! I'm losing my sanity here!!" I covered my eyes with my hands. I've played for four hours and have made absolutely no progress. I saw the screen still static as ever until it became red and black. A few seconds later I saw what looked like a pixelated version of Freddy Fazbear. Curiosity took over as I sat down on the chair again. I saw the W.A.S.D letters which probably meant how to move him. Confused for a second, I pressed the D key as he moved to the right and out of the room. He went out and what I saw was the Marionette moving upward to the next room.

'I guess I follow it then' I thought. What weirded me out was the sounds in the background. It sounded like someone was trying to say letters for some reason. I tried to make out what it was saying so I payed close attention. I grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and wrote down the letters.


It seems like started repeating the letters so I just stopped writing at M.

"What in the world does it mean?" I asked myself as I kept following the Marionette. After going into a few more rooms, I saw this weird purple person thing that is charging rapidly at Freddy, I tried to turn back but I was to slow. As the purple thing charged at me, the screen turned purple and black saying...

"you can't?" I said out loud. I was confused to no end right now. After the static ended, my computer seemed to shut off.

"What the?" Banging the computer, nothing was happening. I started to grow impatient, but the computer seen was on, but everything else was off. I raised my eyebrow until I saw the five letters that would creep out anyone.


The scariest thing about it was that I saw a head of Golden Freddy behind othe letters. The Golden Freddy head soon gave me a jumpscare and everything flashed before my eyes, because of it I was knocked out cold.

Everything I saw was a blur for a few seconds, so after blinking a few times I finally regained my sight. When I put my hands down, It felt like pavement what I touched, so I'm assuming that I was on the floor. When I sat up I had this agonizing pain, it was like a headache, but ten times worse.

"Ugh...my head." I groaned as I clutched my head with my left hand. When I shut my eyes, I heard a voice talked to me.

"Hey, you ok? It looks like you have a nasty bump on your head." I looked up to see who spoke to me, but I wish I hadn't. What I saw looking down on me, was the cast of the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 game. My terrified look left me think of only one thing.

'Well, I'm screwed'

Author's Note:

This is HyperPhoenixPrism here, I just wanted to say thank you if have finished reading this, As I will stated before, this is an introductory chapter, showing what will happen, chapter 3 would be like a part 2 of the story, so tune for that. So if you see grammar errors let me know, and criticism is very much appreciated.

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