• Published 7th Jan 2015
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The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard - HyperPhoenixPrism

A normal human just any other by the name of Anthony, was playing his favorite horrific PC game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, So how did he become freinds with the most creepiest animatronics? Read this story and find out.

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Anthony's Full Time Job

Hey guys, Anthony here. Can any of you guys explain to me WHAT THE F#*K JUST HAPPENDED?!?! First of all I was knocked out, and then I was sent to one of my favorite horror games in the world. Should I be happy, or scared sh*#&$ss? Anyways, here is chapter 3, have fun reading this weird story.

The sight that I had seen before my eyes had terrified me like you wouldn't believe. The most scariest of Chuckie-Cheese lookalike animatronics are staring at me as I was staring at them, well at least the toy versions of the original I'm surprised I hadn't pissed myself yet thankfully. Chica gave me a look of concern before speaking to me.

"Hey are you alright? I think your bump is getting worse."

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" I slammed against a wall with nowhere to run. I feared my life like you wouldn't believe, but they had an expression of that I'm the craziest person in the world. Toy Bonnie raised his eyebrow and seemed confused.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm praying that I won't get KILLED!! That's what!" I yelled. I looked at the animatronics again and saw that Toy Chica was whispering something to Toy Bonnie. Toy Freddy looked at me also concerned for me.

"Wow, you must've hit your head pretty hard." He tried to reach for my head but I ran to the other corner. I grabbed the nearest weapon, which was a flashlight, how...ironic. I flashed it at Freddy to stop him from moving any further and pointed it at him.

"STOP!! I got a...flashlight, and I'm not afraid to use it!" I gave him a stern look, but on the inside I was mentally facepalming.

'Really?! A flashlight?!' I thought to myself. Freddy seemed to have other plans as gave that look when you understand something, I look that I do not like one bit.

"Hey Bonnie can you help our friend here?" I looked confused for a second. Friend? Why would he say friend to me? Before I knew it, Bonnie picked me up with no trouble at all. I know 170 pounds may seem heavy for an 18-year old, but that's probably because of muscle structure, so to left me up so easily would be on steroids. Bonnie gently placed me on a chair as Chica went behind me as she placed her hands on my shoulders.

"What are you doing?!" I asked Chica. I wasn't as scared as I was before, but I was still uncomfortable around these animatronics. Freddy responded.

"My little chicken here is going to give you her special massage." Before I could protest about it, Chica gently caressed her hands on my shoulders, I'm not going to lie, her hands felt amazing.

"But...wait...what are you..." My yelling was slowing down to a whisper as my words were starting to leave me. Chica hands were so good it was almost human! The fact that Chica was so good at this just boggled my mind. It felt so weird and so heavenly at the same time, to a point that I felt my own face heat up at it, letting out a few grunts and sighs of satifaction. She finally let go to my shoulders to my disappointment, but me looked at me with a warm smile.

"See? That wasn't so bad was it?" she asked me. I could fumble words that weren't coming out, and with my cheeks practically flushed, she could tell she did a good job. She giggled and caressed my heated cheek.

"Aw, you look so cute when you're blushing." The comment itself just made my face turn even more cherry as I looked down on the floor. Freddy shoved Chica off and chuckled a bit.

"That's enough out of you, we don't want to embarrass the man." He said to her. When I took a few deep breaths to calm down my face, I saw Bonnie coming back with what looked like an icepack.

"Here, this should help your amnesia." Amnesia? Is that what they think I have? I guess I should just go with it then. I took the icepack and put it on my head. I winced for a few seconds because of the freezing ice, but I calmed down once more when I got used to it. Freddy helped me get up from the chair and touched my head with the bump on it.

"You okay man? You remember anything at all?" He asked me. I decided I needed some alone time for the time being to figure things out.

"Can I just take some time to myself? I just need to get my head straight." They looked a little nervous about the idea but they went out the room anyway. I started to pace myself around the room, which was the office apparently, and thought of any resolutions to the problem I was stuck on, and what way to do that then retrace my steps.

'Ok. So I was knocked out for like a few hours, woke up here, and got to see the animatronics of the best horror game in the world. I thought. I was happy nonetheless, but scared because I thought I was going to be stuffed into a Freddy suit, but that didn't happen, they weren't hostile in the slightest, in fact, they seemed friendly, which thought was weird. I touched my again and felt the bump on the left side.

'How did I even get this? I shook my head for getting off topic. 'Doesn't matter, the guys think I have amnesia, but I feel fine even with the bump. I guess I should just play dumb for now until the time comes. I was a bit thankful for the bump, only because it could've caused my memory loss (which I will pretend to have). After thinking of a resolution, I called the animatronics back in the office in which they walked in said office. Freddy gave me a sad smile as I sat down on the ground. He sat down next to me when he spoke.

"So...have you made any progress on...whatever you where thinking of?" I didn't want to take advantage of my memory problem, but what other explanation was there? I can't just say that I knew them because these guys were from a video game I was playing. I frowned and scratched my head.

"Sadly no. The only thing I know is my name." They looked worried but tried to help nonetheless.

"Well...what is your name?" Chica asked. I looked at the robots and had looks of curiosity.

"I'm...Anthony, what's your name?" As I said before playing dumb was a really smart thing to do. I let out my hand for Freddy to shake in which he did.

"My name is Freddy Fazbear, but you can just call me Toy Freddy." He smiled and I smiled back, his friendliness started to grow on me as well as the rest of the crew. "This here is Toy Chica..." I shook her hand, when I looked at her she was surprised at my grip, at least that's what I assumed due to the hand on her mouth and the blush on her beak. "And finally...Bonnie!" I shook his hand. He gave a "pleasure to meet you" gestured which I gave back. You know, now that I look at them, couldn't help but notice how awesome their design was.

"Wow, you guys look amazing!" I said in awe. Freddy was bear with the usual brown fur. On his chest was a black bowtie and two black dots, which probably were his buttons. His face looked normal, giving out that innocent look with the blue eyes and teeth, including the painted red dots on his cheeks. The one thing about the animatronics, was their height. My height was about 5 feet 10, but these guys looked about the same height as mine. Animatronics for kids, you'd think that they would be shorter, but I guess I can't complain.

Chica on the other hand, was a completely different story. Chica was a yellow chicken (or duck, take your pick) that had the casual feet and legs. Continuing up, I saw these weird pink panties that somehow went very well with her curves. I blushed a bit probably because I stared more than I should have. *clears throat* Anyway on her chest seemed like there was a baby apron labeled "Let's Eat!". The only problem about her was her combination of clothing seemed to be...revealing, and to finished of her look, was the rosy paint planted on her cheeks.

And last but not least, was Bonnie. He was a bunny with blue fur all around but white fur on his belly. For him there wasn't much to notice, the only thing he had was a red bowtie on his neck just like Freddy. The funny thing about Bonnie was that the black freckles and nose actually made him look like a bunny. After we all greeted each other, we talked to one another as I started to asks questions.

"So guys?" They payed close attention to me. "So...you guys are not going to kill me?" They seemed shocked at my question, they had the expression like I just killed an innocent kid. Oh wait, that wasn't a good example. They looked terrified alright? Let's just go with that. Bonnie shook out of his daze first and looked at me with worry.

"Where did THAT come from?!" The fact that Bonnie asked that question in that certain way, made me feel clumsy and stupid just asking it.

"I-I...you see...I read the "Bite of '87" article, and I just assumed the worst." I gave Freddy the paper and he began to read it. He gave it back in a matter of seconds.

"Anthony, the Bite of '87 was never meant to be on purpose, it was just an accident. Foxy never meant to hurt anyone, for all we know the girl got a little too touchy with him and...things...just lead to another. Don't take it personal, just because Foxy had a dark past doesn't mean we do." Freddy gave me a soothing pat on the back while Chica just flat out hugged and nuzzled me with her beak. I yawned for a bit and so did the others.

"It's getting late, maybe we should all take a nap for a few hours, just to feel fresh soon after." Chica seemed excided at the statement, and I'm scared to know why.

"OH OH OH! Can I sleep with you for a bit? Just for comfort?" My face started to heat up from the question, you have no idea how wrong that sounded, even Bonnie and Freddy were trying to hold in their laughter. I felt unsure about the notion, so I scratched my head.

"I...don't really know about that." Not that I didn't want to, it just seemed sudden.

"Please?" Oh god, she's giving me the puppy eyes! Must...resist...the CUTENESS!

"*sigh* Oh, sure, why not." Chica squealed in joy as she skipped to my offfice. She gripped my arm and when I was far enough, Bonnie and Freddy were laughing their heads off. It only took a few minutes to get the bed actually ready. I looked at the clocked only for it to read 8:30.

"I guess I'll sleep early today." Those were my final words as I went to bed *cough* with Chica as she snuggled up next to me. When I closed my eyes I felt something like black liquid in my eyes. Eventually I gave up and just went back to sleep.

(Canterlot Castle)

There was a beautiful city in Canterlot. Many ponies were talking to each other, some even walking into bars and having a little chat with their friends. It was 9:00 at that point, which meant that everyone awake were enjoying the night thanks to the wonderful Princess of the Night, Princess Luna. She was the one who created the night, including the bright Moon and the stars right next to it for everyone to enjoy. Going up to the castle, we see Princess Luna herself.

"Nice work Luna, thou has outdone herself once again." She said to herself. She continued to look at the scenery until she heard laughter, not the kind of kiddy laughter, evil laughter.

"Who goes there?" Luna looked everywhere for the source of the laughter but she didn't see anything, so she spoke a little louder.

"SHOW YOURSELF EVIL FIEND!!!" And by a little louder, I mean she used her Canterlot Voice. As soon as she heard a little girl laugh, things started to creep her out, what happened worse was that her horn started to glow. She couldn't stop her magic which freaked her out even more. After her horn stopped glowing, she saw two words that would make anyone scream in terror.


"AAAHHHHHH!!" Luna woke up from her nightmare panting and cold sweat coming out of her forehead. Two night guards came into Luna's room with a worried look on their face.

"Your Majesty! Are you alright? We have heard screaming." One of the guards said. Luna waved her hand to stop them from coming any further.

"We have had a terrible dream, and we may believe it is a sign." Luna speed walked to her sister's room as the guard followed. She soon opened the door and saw her sister panting and sweating just as much as she was.

"Sister, has thou experienced a strange vision like we have?" Asked the Princess of the Night, the Solar princess nodded.

"Yes, I believe it is as worst as we thought, we must notify the girls right away." She began to write on the scroll. Whatever that thing was, it looked dangerous. Are they good or bad? Only one way to find out for sure.

(Golden Oaks Library)

Twilight was ready to start to reorganize her books and books shelves, with the assistance of her freind Spike. After a few minutes of reshevling, Spike gave a sigh of relief as he finished reorganizing his stack of books.

"There, finally, that's the last of them." Spike was wiping off the sweat that was forming on his forehead.

"SPIKE! Did you finish putting the books away?" Twilight asked as she came downstairs. The call frightened Spike and spilled most of the books he put back.

"Oh Come on!" Spike let out a grunt of annoyance as he started to put the books back on the shelf once again. "Does she always have reshelve at night?" Then he felt something in his stomach, his cheeks began to puff up. He let out a large belch as a scroll came out of him.

"Spike! Excuse yourself!" Spike rolled his eyes.

"Hahaha, very funny Twilight." Spike picked up the scroll, his eyes widened.

"Hey, Twilight, there's a letter for you from Princess Celestia." Twilight ears perked up as Spike gave the letter to her as she began to read it.

"What does it say?" Spike asked.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

It has come to my attention that me and my sister have experienced a horrible vision. There are these strange creatures that have been making an appearance in the Everfree Forest. These creatures could either come in peace, or use brute force. I will remind that if in any trouble, I suggest you bring the Elements of Harmony with you. You must take extreme caution when approaching them. I wish you and your friends the best of luck.

Your Concerned Teacher,
Princess Celestia

Twilight looked awestruck. Aliens in Equestria? How could that be? These questions and so much more were plaguing her mind. But if they were strong as the princess said they were, then they better take the Elements just in case.

"Hello? Twilight?" Spike snapped his fingers in front of her, causing her to snap out of her trance. Her cheeks turn red in embarrassment before shaking her head.

"Something's come up. There are aliens in the Everfree forest, and Celestia said they were dangerous, so I'm bringing my friends and the Elements of Harmony. We may be dealing with something serious." Twilight ran outside and closed the door on her quest to get her friends and confront these aliens.

(Everfree Forest)

All the girls were looking at the front of the scary forest. Some were slightly scared, while other were excited. A certain pegasus to be exact.

"Come girls, let's go in already, I got a schedule to keep." She had a brash and arrogant attitude, and her name was Rainbow Dash.

"*snort* Ah don't think that sleepin' will ruin yer schedule." The girl named Applejack retorted.

"I agree with Applejack darling, you don't seem very busy." Rainbow Dash crossed here arms and rolled her eyes at the mare, and that mare was Rarity.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna ask them if they like to party!" She excitingly said. Jumping around the place was none other than Pinkamena Diane Pie, or Pinkie Pie for short.

"Oh, I don't know if they would like that. What if something bad happens?" the girl said as she hid behind Applejack. This girl's name was Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy's right, this is why we brought the Elements with us. We have to be carful with these... things. Who knows how they'll act." Twilight said, everyone nodded in agreement. They all looked at the forest one more time before letting out one huge breath.

"You girls ready?" Twilight said, getting a "ready" from the girls, and an "eep" from Fruttershy. Everyone started walking in the forest, awaiting their new found adventure.

Author's Note:

Finally! The third chapter has been completed! It took me I a long time to make this chapter. Keep in mind that I'm only about 12 years old, turning 13, so grammar and spelling have been a huge struggle for me. Chapter 4 won't come out longer then you expect, so be sure to check that out. Once again, if there are any grammar or spelling errors let me know, until next time, I will see you in the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

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