• Published 7th Jan 2015
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The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard - HyperPhoenixPrism

A normal human just any other by the name of Anthony, was playing his favorite horrific PC game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, So how did he become freinds with the most creepiest animatronics? Read this story and find out.

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The Little Games We Play

Man, I just had the craziest dream ever! I was on my computer where I got sucked in the Five Nights at Freddy's universe. Instead of them being evil and wanting them to kill you, they were actually friendly. And the weirdest part was that Chica was sleeping on my be- wait what? It's real? This isn't a dream? OH COME ON!!! Oh well, I guess you should just enjoy my chapter for now.

As I finally started to wake up from the slumber, I went to stretch my muscles. The thing was when I did that, I couldn't lift one of my arms. I went to see the problem, which was with Chica asleep, she wrapped her arms around my right arm and snuggling against it with a smile on her face. My face started to turn red again and I looked away. I looked at Chica once more but I snapped out my thoughts shaking my head.

'SNAP OUT OF IT ANTH!!! She is an animatronic, not a HUMAN!! Why am I thinking this way? I gave a large sigh before I looked out the window. I expected to see some sunshine and birds, but that's not what I saw. Instead, it was still dark outside. I tried to take a closer look but with Chica still holding on to me, I thought quickly. I looked at a pillow and decided to do an Indiana Jones procedure, when he has like a bag of sand and tries to take the Saphire Stone or whatever it's called. I slowly slid my arm off her and quickly put the pillow in the middle of her. Sighing in relief, I went up to the window and saw what shocked me. Trees everywhere and looking up, seeing the moon. Confused, I looked at the clock which only read 12:00 O-CLOCK?!?!

'So I only slept for four hours? But, I feel completely normal, with energy and everything! Was it just me, or was my body acting up? Before I could argue to myself I heard yawning from the other side of the office. I turned around and saw Chica finally waking up.

"Hey Anthony, did you sleep well?" She asked me. I tried to think of a response, but none came to me.

"Oh, yeah...sure." I grabbed my head just for safe measure, and thank god she bought it. She came to over beside me and rubbed my head.

"You alright? You getting better?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It just-"

"It's just what?" She looked at me with curiosity. I looked at the clock again which said 12:08. I scratched my head once more.

"I just- I...just thought that I would sleep in more." She looked at me confused for a second bit smiled warmly at me.

"It's ok, don't worry, you always sleep for four hours anyway." I only sleep for four hours? I don't remember doing that. Oh God do I really have amnesia?! I just hope not. Chica motioned me to follow her out of the office and I asked her why.

"Well you have to get ready for your night shift, and besides we were hoping you could meet the rest of the gang as well." Oh yeah I forgot about that. I WAS in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant, but I still had trouble processing it.

"Night guard?" I asked. Somehow Chica took the hint about my memory loss.

"Oh right, amnesia." She awkwardly chuckled but then clear her throat. "Yeah, your a night guard here. It's not that hard to be when your in these parts, just make sure nothing bad happens when we or anyone else walks around the place, just look what your wearing." What I'm wearing? I looked down to see I had worn what looked like a blue uniform that was tucked in my black pants, a blue cap, a golden badge which indicates that I'm a night shift guard, and the casual black shoes. So wait, I was wearing this uniform this whole time and I didn't even realize it?! I could've been naked for all I knew, but I was happy that I wasn't. Getting back in topic, being a night guard doesn't really sound hard to do. I guess I can do that for a few days, or as soon as I leave this place. My parents must be worried sick. I shook my head and had a determined look on my face.

'No use crying over spilled milk, I've got a job to do, which really isn't that complicated. Before we started to walk to one of the party rooms, me and Chica heard a audible growling noise. I looked confused trying to find the source of the sound, but when I looked at Chica giggling, I realized it was my stomach. I blushed in embarrassment and chuckled nervously.

"Heh, I guess I'm a little hungry." Chica put her arm around around me and looked at me reassuringly.

"Don't worry I'll whip up something for you." I grabbed my glasses as we headed out to one of party rooms.

As we made our way to the party room, I saw Bonnie and Freddy sitting next to a table.

"Hey guys, what are you two doing here?" I asked in curiosity. Before Bonnie got to answer, Chica answered before him.

"Oh I just invited them here so we can have a little chit-chat with you. You talk to them while I'll make you something to eat." She walked away to what assuming is the kitchen. So we waited for practically a hour and thirty minutes. And in that time, me, Bonnie and Freddy talked about many things. For instance, how they were created in Freddy replied with "some guy named Scott", and how they were able to talk. Bonnie responded with this "Scott" person had inserted voice boxes inside the animatronic devices. I didn't know how animatronic technology worked, but it sounded legit. The talk about voice boxes made me wondering about their actual voices. I mean Freddy's voice sounded like a high pitched version of Barney the dinosaur, Chica's had a middle aged pitch voice making her sound like she was 19 or 20 years old, and Bonnie had...a...british accent. *mental facepalm* Just hearing Bonnie makes it sound right. I can actually imagine Bonnie having an accent, but yet I can't at the same time. Anyway Chica finally brought the food on the table as my stomach growled just by looking at it.

"Here you go, I hope you like it." She said. What she brought didn't surprise me one bit. It was a pepperoni pizza. I'm not gonna lie, it smelled good. When I took a bite out of it, It was almost better than my mothers cooking (which I'm not going to tell her that).

"Chica! This pizza is amazing!" The comment made her beak redden, but I didn't care, I was enjoying the pizza right in front of me. After a few minutes I was done, so I grabbed a napkin to clean my face and took my plate. Chica saw what I was doing and came up to me.

"Here, let me get that for you." Before she tried to grab the plate, I put it out of her reach and put my hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you made a wonderful meal, the least I can do is put it away for you." Manners, thank you mommy, you taught me well. My response only made Chica's face only light up even more. When I finished cleaning the plate I couldn't help but noticed that Chica had a dreamy look with a blush on her cheeks. Bonnie noticed and separated us.

"C'mon you love birds, let's go to the Game Area already so you can meet everyone else." Bonnie said as I followed, and not noticing that Chica continued to have that dreamy look with hearts above her head and slightly...floating like a cartoon? If this is a video game, then screw logic! Once we went to the Game Area I noticed that it was pretty dark in here, so I had to take out my flashlight, the only problem was it working.

"That's weird." I said out loud Bonnie noticed and looked at my flashlight.

"Something wrong?"

"The flashlight isn't working." I banged it with and shaking it with my hand, but nothing worked. I checked the back of the flashlight, and to my shock, there was no batteries in them.

"What the?! But there were batteries in here when I-"

"Hello... My eyes widened at the sound.

'Is that who I think it is?' I thought and as I turned around, my inner fan girl started to scream.

'BALLOON BOY!' If you probably haven't heard, I was screaming like fan like a girl would at a Justin Beiber concert. You have know idea how hard I was trying to stop the smile on face forming.

"Hey there little guy, who are you?" He was pretty small in height, so I had to kneel down just to see his face.

"Anthony, this is Balloon Boy, he's in charge of the Game Area." Bonnie simply said. Balloon Boy was a human-like animatronic with a round body, peach-colored skin, large blue eyes, a brown triangular nose, red-brown hair, and a toothy grin. Just like the Toy animatronics, he has rosy red blushed cheeks on his face. He wears a red and blue vertically-striped shirt with two black buttons down the middle. The propeller cap he wears also bears the same pattern. He wears blue pants and simple, brown shoes. Was I noticed on his right hand was a yellow and red balloon floating above, and on his left he was holding... MY BATTERIES?!?!

"Hey Anthony, he found the batteries you were looking for you." Bonnie said as he took the took the batteries out of his hand and gave it to me. When I put the batteries in the flashlight I notice Balloon Boy face. His sad face just crushed my heart to no extent. I felt so guilty of taking the batteries like I had just ran over a puppy. Luckily I had worn out ++A's in my left pockets so I decided to give it to him.

"Hey kid, I have some double A's if you want it." Balloon Boy looked surprised for a moment, but was soon jumping up and down in happiness. I put the double A's in his left hand and soon enough, he gave a huge hug on my legs. If there's any chance that I will die, I want to die because of Balloon Boy's cuteness. My heart melted at the sight and just gave the hug back.

'EEE!! IM HUGGING BALLOON BOY! SOMEONE PINCH ME! THIS MUST BE A DREAM! Thank God I was thinking this. Who knows what would happen if I told them the truth. As me and Balloon Boy hugged, Freddy and Bonnie daww'ed at the sight while Chica gave a cute pout of...jealousy? It's probably nothing.

"C'mon, let's meet the rest of the guys." Freddy suggested as we went to a different room.

'Bye... I looked at Balloon Boy again and I nearly squealed in joy. I waved at him as he waved back. My heart just couldn't handle the cuteness so I quickly left with the Toy animatronics. We went to the next room, and what I saw a sign on top of the room saying "Kid's Cove" on it.

'This must be where Mangle is.' I thought to myself. When we entered the room it looked just like any other party room, but there was a little bit of difference in it. The room was a bit smaller but much like the other party room, Kid's Cove was the only room with an animatronic in it.

"Anthony, this is one of my best friends. Anthony, meet the Mangle." Chica sated as I looked at her direction and took a good look at her. Just like every "Toy" animatronic, Mangle had two painted red dots on her cheeks, as well as red lipstick on her mouth indicating she was female. What made her interesting was that she didn't even look like a animatronic, she was just a huge cluster of parts. She tried to move but no avail. She gave a nervous chuckle and spoke.

"I was going to get up and shake your hand but, I'm in bit of a jam." Yeah, I can see that. Freddy and Bonnie put her back for a few minutes as she finally stood up. She was barely the same height as me but shorter like...1 or 2 inches. As I finally took a good look of her I actually saw how she really looked. She was a white-furred fox, but just like Bonnie, she had a different color on her chest, which was light pink. I never realized how awesome she looked until she was fixed, the creator really did a good job on her, and those curves...I've never seen such a perfect bu- NO! NO! Bad Anthony! She's an animatronic GOD DAMN IT! I blame you damn hormones! *sigh* Anyways, I saw Mangle coming up towards me, dusting herself off with one hand and another hand stuck out.

"Sorry, kids these days, can't keep there hands to there selves. I'm Mangle, pleasure to meet you." I shook her hand politely. When I listened to her voice box, she kind of sounded gruff, but still female, like those athletic types. She seemed more fit than Chica which made a bit of sense. After we introduced ourselves, Mangle seemed to give the lidded eyes and put a hand on my chest.

"I know, I saw you taking a little peek of me." Damn! I thought she wouldn't have noticed.

"I-I don't know w-what you talking about!" My face seem to redden by the second at the thought.

"Then care to explain the blush and your cheeks?" I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life. As her hand was on my chest, her left arm snaked around my neck and shoulders.

"If you wanted to have a little look, you could've asked." She whispered into my ear. My face was so red at the statement that I couldn't think straight. I looked over and saw Bonnie and Freddy trying to hold their laughter while Chica was just as red as I was, but only with anger.

"I-I-I...Uh...Huh?" Mangle just giggled and let go of me.

"It's ok, I'm only teasing. Besides, I got my eyes on someone else anyway." Everyone except me and Mangle started laughing while I just lowered my cap to my face invisible. At this point on the laughter I was just annoyed, so I pushed Freddy and Bonnie to the next room with Chica following me. I cleared my throat and looked at Freddy.

"So...does Mangle...usually do that?" I asked, Freddy put his hand on his chin and made a thinking gesture.

"Well...not really, she just does that with new citizens here." Freddy stated. I widened my eyes in realization.

"Wait a minute, what does she do if I'm a regular?"

"She'd probably just pat you on the back."

"So...I'm a regular here."

"I would assume so." Freddy's eyes widened and covered his mouth with his hands.

"What did you say?" My tone of voice had risen more than it should have.

"W-Well...you see...before you went into Kid's Cove, I told her you had amnesia and she kind of...took...advantage of it." I was shocked! Did Mangle make me feel embarrassed on purpose? What she did to me just made me BOIL!!! I clutched my hands hard and closed my eyes in anger, but something caught me off guard.

"What the?" There it is again, the weird black liquid on my left eye, I knew I felt something when I...*clears throat* slept with Chica, but what is it? I just looks like squishy goo to me. I wiped the goo off my finger and put in on the floor. After it was gone I noticed Freddy walking to the Parts and Services Room, I thought about how he acted when I raised my voice. He looked so nervous to respond, and I didn't know why.

'He seemed so shaken up and answered so shyly. Was he scared of me? Did he FEAR me?! It's not possible! What can a security do to an animatronic that is made of metal and stronger than me? I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice Bonnie tapping my shoulder.

"Hey man, you alright?" His concerned face made me thankful that he was there with me.

"Yeah-yeah, I'm fine, just...show me other guys." I fake smiled. Bonnie looked at me suspiciously but let the subject go. A few minutes of walking we madeit to our destination. Again with the darkness?

"Wow, a lot these places are dark aren't they?" I asked Chica and she nodded in agreement. Freddy looked around for the light and turned it on.

"Well there they are, the animatronics for the previous restaurant." Said Chica. The older models seemed to be just like I suspected, scraps of metal, EVERYWHERE.

"How come they look...dismantled." I asked trying not t offend them while Freddy responded.

"Scott, which is who created these guys before us, stated that because there had been horrible rumors that they would walk around at night and stuff security guards into a Freddy Fazbear suit, murdering them, he just scrapped them and hoped to never see them again." Freddy looked at the older models with pity, looking down at at them with a frown.

"Aww, those poor things." Chica frowned at the sight. It was a sad day for the old models.

"Let's go guys, I show you the Prize Corner next."

"Yeah, I'll catch up with you guys." Chica gave a look of concern but left anyway. I looked at the old models and smirked.

"Watch out guys, being old and rusty will be no longer when I'm around, I will find a way to fix you guys up." And with that, I took my leave, not noticing them all looking at me with curiosity. When I caught up with "The Toys" we were a the Show Stage slowly making our way to the Prize Corner. Chica put her arm around my arm and looked at me with an innocent face.

"So, enjoying the tour? She asked. I looked at her with a smile.

"Actually it going better than I expected! The best part was that-" We all froze as we started to hear something, it sounded like banging noise.

"Where is that coming from?" Asked Chica. I went to the Office while the others followed me. When we got there I checked the cameras, more specifically the Main Hall. What I saw were not one, not two, but six weird beings in there, they were standing on two feet so they must be human. I didn't get a good look at them but realization hit me, then terror.

"Wait, why is the Main Hall doors open?!" I saw the beings starting to move out of the end of the Hall, so I came up with a plan.

"Ok, you guys go back to the Show Stage and hide, I'll think of something while you get there." I said. Freddy and Bonnie nodded and left, while Chica just stood there with that dreamy look again.

"I like it when he takes charge." I looked at her weirdly while Bonnie grabbed her arm and flung her across the next room. I looked at the camera again to see those weird beings again being at one of the party rooms. If these things were trying to find me, they're going to have to work for it.

"I gotta warn all the others about these things." I stealthily went to the Game Area to warn the other animatronics. Time to play a game of Hide and Seek.

(Everfree Forest)

Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the gang were all walking to the unknown abyss for a few hours, and seems like have made no progress whatsoever. Rainbow started to complain.

"Ugh...c'mon Twilight, we've been searching for hours now, I don't think there's anything here." Rainbow said as she floated right above her. Twilight gave a sigh of annoyance as she looked at her for saying that multiple times.

"Rainbow, Princess Celestia stated that there had been weird activity in this forest, more strange than normal, and I'm not stopping until I see it." Twilight continued searching for strange activity as well as everyone else.

"OH! OH! OH! Is THAT strange enough for you?" Pinkie happily asked as she pointed to the small building in front of the group.

'How did she- *sigh* forget it.' Twilight gave up Pinkie many years ago and decided that Pinkie "was just being Pinkie". The Main Six walked in front of the building and took a good look at it.

"Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?" Twilight said out loud. Rarity walked right beside her.

"Whatever this place is...it certainly doesn't look very new." Rarity touched one of the walls only to find that there was dust on her finger. She gave a disgusted look and wiped the dirt on Applejack, in which AJ just looked at her for a seconds before rolling her eyes. Twilight looked at the building once again.

"Do you think this is the "strange activity" Celestia told us about?" Twilight gave a thoughtful look while Rainbow just rolled her eyes.

"DUH!! Just look at it! Don't you think it's weird that this...house just came out of nowhere?" Rainbow flew around the place for a few seconds examining it. Twilight gave a pondering look while Applejack just looked unsure.

"An' what do ya think we should do then Rainbow?" AJ looked at Rainbow with a raised eyebrow. Rainbow started eyeing the doors smug grin.

"I say we make an entrance." Rainbow took a charging position.

"No Wait!" AJ and Twilight said at the same time but it was too late. Rainbow had already flew at the doors. Rainbow expected the doors to open but it had other plans. Everyone saw Rainbow crashed into it as she slowly slid off the doors. All the girls ever heard from Rainbow were groans of pain. Twilight tried to open the door with her magic but it didn't work either.

"That's weird, my magic doesn't seem to have any effect on it." Applejack took her turn and tried to open the doors with her hands, but was struggling just as much as Twilight was.

"Dang nabbit! Why won't...these...doors OPEN!!" Applejack kicked the door in frustration. Everyone was looking at the door like it was a puzzle waiting to be solved. Fluttershy, that was hiding behind Applejack, was staring at a button next to the doors. The had a picture that looked like an old person (or pony to the girls) sitting on a wheel chair. Curiosity overwhelmed her as she gently pushed the button. Fluttershy flinched in fear as she saw something moving.

"Hey girls look!!" Pinkie stated as they looked where Pinkie pointed.

"Oh sweet, Flutters opened the door." Rainbow gave her a pat on the back on the back in which she gave an 'eep' in response. Rainbow went inside as did everyone else.

"Um...thanks?" Fluttershy said as she followed Applejack in front of her. The girls made it inside the Main Hall as they looked around the place.

"OOOOOOHHHH, Spooky!" Pinkie was already zip and zooming around the place.

"A little to spooky if you ask me." Rainbow said as she looked in the bathrooms.

"Ah don't know 'bout y'all but, this place just gives th' creeps." Applejack just rubbed her arms on her shoulders to get used to the cold atmosphere.

"Whatever this place is, it doesn't look normal, I suggest we all stick together side by side." Twilight said,the girls agreed and slowly walked to one of the party rooms, slowly moving to another. Twilight stepped on so something hard as she looked down to see what it was.

"Hmm? What's this?" Twilight picked it up as she inspected it.

"What is it dear?" Rarity asked. Twilight pressed the button and light had appeared, easily showing everything in the room.

"It looks like some kind of...light source of some sort." Twilight said. She looked at the flashlight and saw a bar meter label "Power", it was slowly decreasing as the light was being used. "Ok, so we have a light source, but a limited one. I suggest we use it wisely." Twilight said. They nodded and continued their journey. As the girls kept walking, they arrived at giant room, but was dark in the process.

"Does everythin' in this place have ta be so dark here?" Applejack asked.

"Wel we DID get here at night time." Twilight inquired. Everyone heard footsteps from across the room, they saw this creature whispering to something and quickly going away. Twilight turned on the flashlight in fear, but in a matter of seconds it was gone.

"Uh...Twilight? What in the hay was that?" Rainbow asked. Suddenly, they started to hear strange noises coming from the room.

"Um...Twilight?" Fluttershy said. She touched Twilght on the shoulder but fell down on her hands and knees as well as Rarity.

"Guys? What are you doing?" Twilight and Rarity's horn started to glow. The magic started to trace letters that only the rest had seen.


"Ok...this place just went from Scaryville to Creepytown." Rainbow as she backed away a bit. After the words vanished Twilight and Rarity started to get up.

"Ugh...my head."

"Deary me, I have a massive headache." Both were helped by their friends.

"You ok there sugercube?" Applejack asked, a concerned look on her face as rest as the other girls.

"What was that Twilight?" Rarity asked.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that this place is more than just a building." Twilight said. She grabbed the flashlight and took a huge sigh. "I'm going to find out what's up with this place, wether it's bad or not." Twilight had that determined face on. The girls followed her after she went in Kids Cove. Twilight used her magic a if it was a ghost radar. Twilight looked around the area searching for clues.

"Get anything yet?" Rainbow asked. Twilight seemed to be concentrated on that pink fox.

"I'm not quite sure, but that pink thing is the only thing that's giving me a reading." Twilight looked at the pink fox for seconds, but didn't do anything. Twilight squinted here eyes only to find the pink fox's eyes look straight at hers.

"AHHH!!" Twilight backed away in fear. Twilight was panting while Rarity went beside her.

"Twilight sweetie! What's the matter?" she asked. Twilight shakily pointed to the pink fox.

"T-T-That Thing! I-It moved!" Everyone raised there eyebrow for a second.

"Ah think this place is gettin' to ya Twi'." Applejack went over to the fox and waved her hand at its face. To no surprise, I didn't budge.

"See? It's just a kids toy, it ain't gonna move. Let's go back to see what else there is." Applejack said. Everyone left the room with Twilight being the last one out. With one final glance she left as the dismounted fox looked at her suspiciously. The pink fox gave the mysterious shadow a thumbs up as the shadow went into the next room. The Main Six was still in the giant room, more specially the Game Area.

"Ugh...There's gotta be something here that can help us out." Rainbow groaned. Twilight didn't pay any attention to her as she kept looking for anything that was magically energetic. Twilight looked and saw something at the corner, it was the same shadow that she saw from earlier. She flashed the light on it but it was gone before she got a chance to. She saw the shadow beside the little balloon toy, so it must be something important, right?

"Uh...Twi, where are ya going?" Applejack asked. Twilight didn't say anything as her horn glowed again. She looked at the statue holding a balloon, and just as she expected, readings everywhere.

"Uh Huh, Just as I thought." Everyone walked to where Twilight was as they all looked at the small statue.

"What is it?" Fluttershy asked.

"There's magical energy everywhere in this statue. I seems that all these toys all have something...common in all of them, or that's what I've gathered." Twilight put her hand on her chin while Rainbow just continued to look at it.

"So what do we do with it then?" Rainbow asked. Pinkie raised up her hand as if she was in a classroom. Twilight looked at her and sighed.

"Yes Pinkie?"

"How about we bring it with us? It's so cute we just have to!" Pinkie looked at it again and squealed. Twilight seemed doubtful at the question.

"Unlikely, if they were built to be statues then it would be extremely heavy, even if levitated." Twilight looked at the balloon statue again, but then gave up.

"Ok, it seems like I gathered enough information for today, if we have time tomorrow, we can come here again." Before Twilight was walking to the exit, Rainbow stopped her on her tracks.

"Come here again?! After everything that's happened?! There is no WAY I'm coming back here!" she exclaimed.

"Rainbow, It's either this place goes or we go. We know next to nothing about this building and what goes around inside it. This magical energy could harm if were not careful. The more we know about this place, the better chance of understanding what we're going up against." Twilight gave a big sigh as she looked down in shame. Everyone stated for a minutes before Rainbow spoke up.

"*sigh* I...guess we could go back for one more day." Rainbow nervously chuckled.

"Thanks." Was all Twilight said. Everyone took there leave and went back to the Main Hall while Pinkie was jumping out the door. As they were walking back, Twilight was the last in line, which was a good thing because she heard this weird sound, almost as if was a voice.

"Ok guys, coast is clear now." Her eyes widened as she looked out the window, and what she saw shocked her. She saw the toy statues walking to this creature. It had what looked like brown fur, and a black mane. All the toys were happily talking to him, even the balloon statue was jumping up and down with a smile on its face. Twilight couldn't believe her eyes, those statues were ALIVE?

"Yo Twilight, you coming?" Rainbow yelled.

"Yeah, coming." Twilight replied back, jogging to get back with the group.

'Whatever those things are, I get the feeling that there more than just statues.'

Author's Note:

OH Thank God it's finally Done! I can't believe I finally finished this chapter! Anyways, Why do you think the Animatronics fear Anthony? What is this black liquid Anthony keeps referring to? Who do you think the shadow was that Twilight saw? Why am I saying these questions randomly? Stay tuned so that all of these of these questions can be answered! For one thing, I like to thank anyone who began to read this, it took about a week to complete so thank you very much! If you want to leave suggestions on what can happen in the future let me know. Also, if there are ANY Spelling or grammar errors let me know. I hope you had fun reading this as much I did writing it. Can wait for the next chapter to come out! See you guys there!:pinkiehappy:

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