The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard

by HyperPhoenixPrism

First published

A normal human just any other by the name of Anthony, was playing his favorite horrific PC game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, So how did he become freinds with the most creepiest animatronics? Read this story and find out.

Anthony was not like the rest of the people in the world. First of all he was adopted by his parents they loved very much in which he loved back, the only problem was they could sometimes be a little overprotective. But enough about them! Anthony was not the type of person you find socializing. He was the mysterious type, the one who hides in the shadows.
(NO He is not Emo.)
Anyway, his computer seemed to crash down as it showed him to words that would creep out anyone. Follow Anthony as he tries to figure out what happened and how it happened.

Of Course it's an obvious Five Nights at Freddy's 2 crossover, this is my first attempt at story (excluding my Two Best Freinds story) so soft criticism is accepted.


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Hello and welcome to my story, Um, my name is Anthony if you already knew that from the description. I'm not sure how I should start this story so how about we, or I just see what comes natural to me and hope you like it that way, Ok? So here we go.

So here I was just getting ready for another day at work. I was wearing what looked like a blue uniform that was tucked in my black pants, a blue cap, a golden badge which indicates that I'm a night shift guard, and the casual black shoes. When I saw the building, I took a big breath before I went in. I opened the door and went into the Show Stage to greet my friends.

"Hey guys what up?" I asked. The animatronics noticed me and came down the stage to greet me, or more specifically, the chicken (or duck) to give me a bone-crushing hug.

"ANTHONY!! I missed you so MUCH!!" The chicken said as the bunny and the bear started snickering in amusement.

"Chi-ca...can't...breath." Chica widened her eyes and let go of me with a faint blush on her cheeks. I smiled at her antics just like the other two guys with her. " don't have to hug every time you see me..." I gave her a playful punch, but because of the metal I wiggled my hand a bit. "...and I see you and everyone else everyday."

I turned towards the bunny and the bear, in which I gave a handshake to.

"Hey Freddy, hey Bonnie." Bonnie replied back with a "hey" back as Freddy shook my hand.

"Has Chica given you any trouble lately?" I whispered to Freddy as Chica gave a scowl.

"I HEARD THAT!" She shouted as me and Freddy chuckled because we teased her. Before I was to ask Freddy a question, I realized that I forgot to greet the other animatronics. I told them that I was going to see the rest of the group and Freddy nodded and went back on the stage. The Prize Corner was the nearest, but I decided to meet... her last, so I went to the Kid's Cove. When I went in the room, all I saw was a table full of party hats and a messed up animatronic.

"Sup Mangle, did the kids do that to you?" I already knew the answer but I asked anyway.

"What do you think?" She seemed a little annoyed when she asked that, but who can blame her? I share her pain, having to put herself back together just to have the kids tear her apart again. It can be stressful sometimes.

"I'm guessing that is a yes?" She rolled her eyes, but then she smiled.

"Just put me back together like you usually do Anth." Yeah, she has a nickname for me, go figure. I was a little annoyed at first but then I gotten used to it once you hear her use it every one hundred times. I put her back together as she began to stand up.

"Hey I've been meaning to ask you, have you seen Foxy anywhere?" As she asked that she had a tad bit a redness in her cheeks. I knew she had a thing for Foxy, but I just don't get why. I could never understand her.

"Uh...probably in the Parts & Service area with the rest of the old guys, I was going there anyway, you wanna tag along?" She shrugged and said yes. We arrived and what we saw where rusty animatronics from the previous restaurant, or at least that's what the "Phone Guy" said before.

"Hey guys how's it going?" I asked the group, in which the Old Bonnie and Chica waved. Old Freddy walked up to me and gave a handshake.

"It's nice to see you to Mr. Guard." I don't understand why he calls he "Mr. Guard", I've been in this place for who knows how long, and yet he still call me the same name since I got here.

"*sigh* My name is Anthony, you don't have to call me Mr. Guard anymore."

"Whatever you say Mr. Guard." I facepalmed at the fact that he would say that. And the funny thing about it was that he says it all the time, almost to point where it's going to be a more popular slogan than McDonalds. Someone seemed to tap my shoulder, which was the Old Bonnie, he showed me his almost falling apart face, I took the hint and went to the Office to get my tool box. Thank God I was a mechanic or else I wouldn't be jogging all the way to the Office. Do you know how long it takes just to get to the Office and back to the Old Bonnie? Anyway, I finally made it to Bonnie to fix his face.

"What wrong with it this time?" I ask this question in particular because it happens often, well it's not always his face that have to be repaired, but other parts as well, mostly the arms. Back on topic, Chica pointed to the screws that were loose, so I grabbed my screwdriver and twisted the bolts in.

"Bonnie, do you know what could've cause this to happen to you?" I really was concerned for the animatronics, for one thing I was a huge fan of the game, and two...once you get to know them, they really start to grow on you, I don't what I would do if one of these guys were scrapped or destroyed. Bonnie shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't know.

'Must've been one of the kids, can't the parents at take any responsibility?' I thought to myself. After I was done screwing the bolts in I saw Mangle talking to Foxy about...something that I probably don't want to know. I rolled my eyes and went to the visit my favorite character in the whole game in the Game Area.

"Oh Balloon Boy...where are you?" I whispered. The Game Area was pretty dark so I took out my flashlight, the only problem was it wasn't turning on. Curious, I tried shaking it to make it work and even bang it on the table, but it got me nowhere. I checked inside the flashlight and to my surprise, there was no batteries in it.

"Hello" That is all I heard from behind me. I widened my eyes and slowly turned around saw my favorite character.

"BALLOON BOY!!" I squeezed him with all of my affection, call me crazy but Ballon Boy is the most adorable kid EVER!!!! Everytime I gave him a hug he would always make a squee sound, I'm not sure what it was but it just made him more cute. After I put him down I saw what he had on his left hand.

"Hey, you found my batteries, Thanks!" I went to get them out of his hand but the batteries didn't seem to slip out of his hand.

"*grunt* Quite the grip you have *grunt* there." Balloon Boy has some weird fascination with batteries, not quite sure why, but I won't argue about it. As I kept trying to get the batteries out of his hand, there was but one thing I failed to notice, Ballon Boy had the ability to let go. As my luck would have it that's what he did and had me flying a few feet. Ballon Boy laughed at my misfortune in which I just gave him an annoyed look. Eventually he stopped laughing and help me up.

"I'm going to my office for lunch, you wanna come with?" Balloon Boy wanted to say yes, but he showed me his hand moving up and down with a frown on his face. It took me a few seconds just to get the hint. I facepalmed for being slow.

"Duh...what's a balloon boy without balloons?" I asked rhetorically. I grabbed one balloon, it was yellow with a red stripe on it. I pumped it up and put it in his hand.

"There you go little guy. One balloon for you." He was very happy at the statement. Now with that out of the way we finally made to the office for lunch time. All I needed to do was announce it to the others, I just needed a little help.

"Hey Balloon Boy, think you can help me out with the speaker?" He nodded and put the plugs in the necessary outlets. He gave me the thumbs up as I turned on the speaker and spoke into the microphone.

"ATTENTION ALL ANIMATRONICS! MEET ME IN THE PRIZE CORNER FOR LUNCH!" As I said that, I saw the camera lights flickering. Every time you see the lights turn on and off, You see the old models moving one step to the next room. I never see them moving in action. Me and Ballon Boy went to the Prize Corner and sat on a table, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

"Anthony me boy! Where is the pizza?" A familiar voice rang in my ears as I saw Foxy, Mangle, and the rest of the gang sitting on a chair.

"Foxy! It's nice to see you again!" I gave him a handshake just like everyone else and gestured him to sit down with everyone. Balloon Boy poked me in the shoulder to show me that the older models were coming to sit down. As usual, lights were flickering as they sat on the chairs as soon as the lights went back on. Once again I never saw them move with their bodies, the lights did that for them. As I was eating pizza with the animatronics, I saw the big blue box right next to the music box. I stopped the music box and knocked on the blue box.

"'s me Anthony." I cleared my throat a bit since I was nervous when seeing...her. I'm mean her appearance just...weirds me out a bit I don't know. The box finally opened and the girl finally came out. I stepped back due to how tall she was, as well as being nervous. I used up all the courage I could muster and spoke to her.

"Hey Mary...still looking...frightening as ever, no offense..." She gave a small nod as if she said "none taken". " and the gang are having some want a slice of pizza?" She looked at me for a long period of time, which made me scared to no end, but she gave the go ahead. I grabbed a plate and and a slice of pizza (which I thanked Chica for) and gave it to her.

"Here you go Mary, nice and fresh." Her original name was "The Marionette" but I call her Mary just to shorten it to make it easier, apparently she like the nickname, so I went with it. We both stood in silence until I broke it.

"Do you want to join us at the table? Golden really wants to see yo-" She put her hand on my mouth to silence me as she decended down in the box with the pizza in her hand. "Oh...Um...Ok." I scratched my head trying to figure out what just happened. I just forgot about it and slowly closed the box and wind up the music box. I took a chair and sat on it with my feet up on the desk, the shelf full of plushies at the top of my head. Looking at the sight in front of me makes me wonder to myself.

You guys are probably wondering about how did all of this come to be in just a blink of an eye, or how the animatronics are able to walk and talk. Well, all the questions you readers have shall be answered. (or at least most of the questions). Until the next time, I shall see you guys in the next chapter.

The Game Virus

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Hey it's me Anthony, so this is my second chapter of the story briefly explaining how I got here and how everything came to be. So basically this is an introduction chapter. I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

It was a beautiful morning in the great country in Canada. The sound of the pans moving around made the teenager thankful for his mother's cooking. His father that was coming back from the gym yelled the occasional "Honey I'm Home!" to her in which she smiled and gave him a kiss. After the mother was finished cooking breakfast, she gave out a soft yell to his son.

"Sweetie, breakfast is ready!" And by sweetie she means me. No Third Person narration for you kids! Anyway, As I got up from bed letting out a yawn and stretching my arms way out, I went to the bathroom to "wash up" and brush my teeth. After I did a spit take on the toothpaste and water mixed on my mouth, I got to take I good look at myself. I had natural short black hair going well with my dark brown eyes. Looking at my skin tone it was light brown, it makes me look like I'm spanish but I'm actually Italian. PRIMA PER I'TALIA! *clears throat* Moving on. I also noticed my muscles were showing meaning that my Father's gym classes paid off, I was almost close to having a six pack. I put on my glasses and as I went down the stairs I was greeted by my mother who gave me an affectionate hug.

"Good morning sweetie, how did you sleep?" She asked to me as she sat down with me. When I sat down I saw a variety of foods everywhere, from scrambled eggs to hash browns, white toast, sausage and bacon, you name it, even my favorite fruit is on the table, mango and pineapple. I began to dig in with little time to waste. I saw my father sitting down with me and reading a newspaper before he spoke to me.

"So, doing anything special today?" Thank God today was a Satarday, I already did my homework at school so I don't have to worry about that. I had a pondering look on my face, but I couldn't think of anything.

"I'm not really sure, I guess I'll just relax today, or I could call my friends and see what they're up to." My mother hugged me once again for some unknown reason.

"OH! My little baby is growing up!" I blushed a bit in embarrassment. I scolded my mother in which she just giggled. You know, now that I think about it, I was already 18. You never notice how fast time has passed. I finished my plate and put it in the dish washer then turning it on. I looked at the clock and it was already 11:30. I decided just call my freinds and see what they want to do. A few seconds of ringing and I spoke to the guy.

"Hey it's me Anthony, you wanna hang out at Franco's place?"

5:00 p.m.
Wow! David can create one awesome party! You guys should've seen i- wait what? You didn't see it? AW man! Oh well. To put it in simple terms. The party was awesome, people danced, people laughed, we had a good time. When I opened the door to my parents house, I saw no one home, but then I realized that my parents called me, telling me they were at that Fallsview Casino place to become bankrupt have fun. I went to my and looked at my clock, which showed it was 6:30. Wait a minute, did I just spend an hour and a half on getting comfortable at home? Meh I got nothing else better to do. I went on my computer and decided to just search whatever comes to mind.

"HA! David thinks he an beat me in Tetris? Prepare to lose Dave." As muscular as I was, I was really a nerd most of the time. From Star Trek to DC Comics to Dr. Who, I was up there, even some of my friends didn't believe it when I said I played D&D. I guess being a nerd has its perks. Eventually I grew tired of Tetris and since I was getting dark, I decided to play my most favored game of all time, Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Someone showed this game to me at school and I was hooked on it ever since. As the game started, I went into Custom Game and saw the Golden Freddy Challenge. I looked at the clock once more and saw that it was 6:10. I took a huge breath and cracked my knuckles.

"Ok, I can Do this."

"GOD DAMN IT FOXY!!" The screen became static because Foxy killed me, with the help of Balloon Boy. I gave a frustrated sigh as I looked at the clock. It read 10:00.

"Oh my GOD!!! I'm losing my sanity here!!" I covered my eyes with my hands. I've played for four hours and have made absolutely no progress. I saw the screen still static as ever until it became red and black. A few seconds later I saw what looked like a pixelated version of Freddy Fazbear. Curiosity took over as I sat down on the chair again. I saw the W.A.S.D letters which probably meant how to move him. Confused for a second, I pressed the D key as he moved to the right and out of the room. He went out and what I saw was the Marionette moving upward to the next room.

'I guess I follow it then' I thought. What weirded me out was the sounds in the background. It sounded like someone was trying to say letters for some reason. I tried to make out what it was saying so I payed close attention. I grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and wrote down the letters.


It seems like started repeating the letters so I just stopped writing at M.

"What in the world does it mean?" I asked myself as I kept following the Marionette. After going into a few more rooms, I saw this weird purple person thing that is charging rapidly at Freddy, I tried to turn back but I was to slow. As the purple thing charged at me, the screen turned purple and black saying...

"you can't?" I said out loud. I was confused to no end right now. After the static ended, my computer seemed to shut off.

"What the?" Banging the computer, nothing was happening. I started to grow impatient, but the computer seen was on, but everything else was off. I raised my eyebrow until I saw the five letters that would creep out anyone.


The scariest thing about it was that I saw a head of Golden Freddy behind othe letters. The Golden Freddy head soon gave me a jumpscare and everything flashed before my eyes, because of it I was knocked out cold.

Everything I saw was a blur for a few seconds, so after blinking a few times I finally regained my sight. When I put my hands down, It felt like pavement what I touched, so I'm assuming that I was on the floor. When I sat up I had this agonizing pain, it was like a headache, but ten times worse.

" head." I groaned as I clutched my head with my left hand. When I shut my eyes, I heard a voice talked to me.

"Hey, you ok? It looks like you have a nasty bump on your head." I looked up to see who spoke to me, but I wish I hadn't. What I saw looking down on me, was the cast of the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 game. My terrified look left me think of only one thing.

'Well, I'm screwed'

Anthony's Full Time Job

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Hey guys, Anthony here. Can any of you guys explain to me WHAT THE F#*K JUST HAPPENDED?!?! First of all I was knocked out, and then I was sent to one of my favorite horror games in the world. Should I be happy, or scared sh*#&$ss? Anyways, here is chapter 3, have fun reading this weird story.

The sight that I had seen before my eyes had terrified me like you wouldn't believe. The most scariest of Chuckie-Cheese lookalike animatronics are staring at me as I was staring at them, well at least the toy versions of the original I'm surprised I hadn't pissed myself yet thankfully. Chica gave me a look of concern before speaking to me.

"Hey are you alright? I think your bump is getting worse."

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" I slammed against a wall with nowhere to run. I feared my life like you wouldn't believe, but they had an expression of that I'm the craziest person in the world. Toy Bonnie raised his eyebrow and seemed confused.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm praying that I won't get KILLED!! That's what!" I yelled. I looked at the animatronics again and saw that Toy Chica was whispering something to Toy Bonnie. Toy Freddy looked at me also concerned for me.

"Wow, you must've hit your head pretty hard." He tried to reach for my head but I ran to the other corner. I grabbed the nearest weapon, which was a flashlight, how...ironic. I flashed it at Freddy to stop him from moving any further and pointed it at him.

"STOP!! I got a...flashlight, and I'm not afraid to use it!" I gave him a stern look, but on the inside I was mentally facepalming.

'Really?! A flashlight?!' I thought to myself. Freddy seemed to have other plans as gave that look when you understand something, I look that I do not like one bit.

"Hey Bonnie can you help our friend here?" I looked confused for a second. Friend? Why would he say friend to me? Before I knew it, Bonnie picked me up with no trouble at all. I know 170 pounds may seem heavy for an 18-year old, but that's probably because of muscle structure, so to left me up so easily would be on steroids. Bonnie gently placed me on a chair as Chica went behind me as she placed her hands on my shoulders.

"What are you doing?!" I asked Chica. I wasn't as scared as I was before, but I was still uncomfortable around these animatronics. Freddy responded.

"My little chicken here is going to give you her special massage." Before I could protest about it, Chica gently caressed her hands on my shoulders, I'm not going to lie, her hands felt amazing.

"But...wait...what are you..." My yelling was slowing down to a whisper as my words were starting to leave me. Chica hands were so good it was almost human! The fact that Chica was so good at this just boggled my mind. It felt so weird and so heavenly at the same time, to a point that I felt my own face heat up at it, letting out a few grunts and sighs of satifaction. She finally let go to my shoulders to my disappointment, but me looked at me with a warm smile.

"See? That wasn't so bad was it?" she asked me. I could fumble words that weren't coming out, and with my cheeks practically flushed, she could tell she did a good job. She giggled and caressed my heated cheek.

"Aw, you look so cute when you're blushing." The comment itself just made my face turn even more cherry as I looked down on the floor. Freddy shoved Chica off and chuckled a bit.

"That's enough out of you, we don't want to embarrass the man." He said to her. When I took a few deep breaths to calm down my face, I saw Bonnie coming back with what looked like an icepack.

"Here, this should help your amnesia." Amnesia? Is that what they think I have? I guess I should just go with it then. I took the icepack and put it on my head. I winced for a few seconds because of the freezing ice, but I calmed down once more when I got used to it. Freddy helped me get up from the chair and touched my head with the bump on it.

"You okay man? You remember anything at all?" He asked me. I decided I needed some alone time for the time being to figure things out.

"Can I just take some time to myself? I just need to get my head straight." They looked a little nervous about the idea but they went out the room anyway. I started to pace myself around the room, which was the office apparently, and thought of any resolutions to the problem I was stuck on, and what way to do that then retrace my steps.

'Ok. So I was knocked out for like a few hours, woke up here, and got to see the animatronics of the best horror game in the world. I thought. I was happy nonetheless, but scared because I thought I was going to be stuffed into a Freddy suit, but that didn't happen, they weren't hostile in the slightest, in fact, they seemed friendly, which thought was weird. I touched my again and felt the bump on the left side.

'How did I even get this? I shook my head for getting off topic. 'Doesn't matter, the guys think I have amnesia, but I feel fine even with the bump. I guess I should just play dumb for now until the time comes. I was a bit thankful for the bump, only because it could've caused my memory loss (which I will pretend to have). After thinking of a resolution, I called the animatronics back in the office in which they walked in said office. Freddy gave me a sad smile as I sat down on the ground. He sat down next to me when he spoke.

"So...have you made any progress on...whatever you where thinking of?" I didn't want to take advantage of my memory problem, but what other explanation was there? I can't just say that I knew them because these guys were from a video game I was playing. I frowned and scratched my head.

"Sadly no. The only thing I know is my name." They looked worried but tried to help nonetheless.

"Well...what is your name?" Chica asked. I looked at the robots and had looks of curiosity.

"I'm...Anthony, what's your name?" As I said before playing dumb was a really smart thing to do. I let out my hand for Freddy to shake in which he did.

"My name is Freddy Fazbear, but you can just call me Toy Freddy." He smiled and I smiled back, his friendliness started to grow on me as well as the rest of the crew. "This here is Toy Chica..." I shook her hand, when I looked at her she was surprised at my grip, at least that's what I assumed due to the hand on her mouth and the blush on her beak. "And finally...Bonnie!" I shook his hand. He gave a "pleasure to meet you" gestured which I gave back. You know, now that I look at them, couldn't help but notice how awesome their design was.

"Wow, you guys look amazing!" I said in awe. Freddy was bear with the usual brown fur. On his chest was a black bowtie and two black dots, which probably were his buttons. His face looked normal, giving out that innocent look with the blue eyes and teeth, including the painted red dots on his cheeks. The one thing about the animatronics, was their height. My height was about 5 feet 10, but these guys looked about the same height as mine. Animatronics for kids, you'd think that they would be shorter, but I guess I can't complain.

Chica on the other hand, was a completely different story. Chica was a yellow chicken (or duck, take your pick) that had the casual feet and legs. Continuing up, I saw these weird pink panties that somehow went very well with her curves. I blushed a bit probably because I stared more than I should have. *clears throat* Anyway on her chest seemed like there was a baby apron labeled "Let's Eat!". The only problem about her was her combination of clothing seemed to be...revealing, and to finished of her look, was the rosy paint planted on her cheeks.

And last but not least, was Bonnie. He was a bunny with blue fur all around but white fur on his belly. For him there wasn't much to notice, the only thing he had was a red bowtie on his neck just like Freddy. The funny thing about Bonnie was that the black freckles and nose actually made him look like a bunny. After we all greeted each other, we talked to one another as I started to asks questions.

"So guys?" They payed close attention to me. " guys are not going to kill me?" They seemed shocked at my question, they had the expression like I just killed an innocent kid. Oh wait, that wasn't a good example. They looked terrified alright? Let's just go with that. Bonnie shook out of his daze first and looked at me with worry.

"Where did THAT come from?!" The fact that Bonnie asked that question in that certain way, made me feel clumsy and stupid just asking it.

" see...I read the "Bite of '87" article, and I just assumed the worst." I gave Freddy the paper and he began to read it. He gave it back in a matter of seconds.

"Anthony, the Bite of '87 was never meant to be on purpose, it was just an accident. Foxy never meant to hurt anyone, for all we know the girl got a little too touchy with him and...things...just lead to another. Don't take it personal, just because Foxy had a dark past doesn't mean we do." Freddy gave me a soothing pat on the back while Chica just flat out hugged and nuzzled me with her beak. I yawned for a bit and so did the others.

"It's getting late, maybe we should all take a nap for a few hours, just to feel fresh soon after." Chica seemed excided at the statement, and I'm scared to know why.

"OH OH OH! Can I sleep with you for a bit? Just for comfort?" My face started to heat up from the question, you have no idea how wrong that sounded, even Bonnie and Freddy were trying to hold in their laughter. I felt unsure about the notion, so I scratched my head.

"I...don't really know about that." Not that I didn't want to, it just seemed sudden.

"Please?" Oh god, she's giving me the puppy eyes! Must...resist...the CUTENESS!

"*sigh* Oh, sure, why not." Chica squealed in joy as she skipped to my offfice. She gripped my arm and when I was far enough, Bonnie and Freddy were laughing their heads off. It only took a few minutes to get the bed actually ready. I looked at the clocked only for it to read 8:30.

"I guess I'll sleep early today." Those were my final words as I went to bed *cough* with Chica as she snuggled up next to me. When I closed my eyes I felt something like black liquid in my eyes. Eventually I gave up and just went back to sleep.

(Canterlot Castle)

There was a beautiful city in Canterlot. Many ponies were talking to each other, some even walking into bars and having a little chat with their friends. It was 9:00 at that point, which meant that everyone awake were enjoying the night thanks to the wonderful Princess of the Night, Princess Luna. She was the one who created the night, including the bright Moon and the stars right next to it for everyone to enjoy. Going up to the castle, we see Princess Luna herself.

"Nice work Luna, thou has outdone herself once again." She said to herself. She continued to look at the scenery until she heard laughter, not the kind of kiddy laughter, evil laughter.

"Who goes there?" Luna looked everywhere for the source of the laughter but she didn't see anything, so she spoke a little louder.

"SHOW YOURSELF EVIL FIEND!!!" And by a little louder, I mean she used her Canterlot Voice. As soon as she heard a little girl laugh, things started to creep her out, what happened worse was that her horn started to glow. She couldn't stop her magic which freaked her out even more. After her horn stopped glowing, she saw two words that would make anyone scream in terror.


"AAAHHHHHH!!" Luna woke up from her nightmare panting and cold sweat coming out of her forehead. Two night guards came into Luna's room with a worried look on their face.

"Your Majesty! Are you alright? We have heard screaming." One of the guards said. Luna waved her hand to stop them from coming any further.

"We have had a terrible dream, and we may believe it is a sign." Luna speed walked to her sister's room as the guard followed. She soon opened the door and saw her sister panting and sweating just as much as she was.

"Sister, has thou experienced a strange vision like we have?" Asked the Princess of the Night, the Solar princess nodded.

"Yes, I believe it is as worst as we thought, we must notify the girls right away." She began to write on the scroll. Whatever that thing was, it looked dangerous. Are they good or bad? Only one way to find out for sure.

(Golden Oaks Library)

Twilight was ready to start to reorganize her books and books shelves, with the assistance of her freind Spike. After a few minutes of reshevling, Spike gave a sigh of relief as he finished reorganizing his stack of books.

"There, finally, that's the last of them." Spike was wiping off the sweat that was forming on his forehead.

"SPIKE! Did you finish putting the books away?" Twilight asked as she came downstairs. The call frightened Spike and spilled most of the books he put back.

"Oh Come on!" Spike let out a grunt of annoyance as he started to put the books back on the shelf once again. "Does she always have reshelve at night?" Then he felt something in his stomach, his cheeks began to puff up. He let out a large belch as a scroll came out of him.

"Spike! Excuse yourself!" Spike rolled his eyes.

"Hahaha, very funny Twilight." Spike picked up the scroll, his eyes widened.

"Hey, Twilight, there's a letter for you from Princess Celestia." Twilight ears perked up as Spike gave the letter to her as she began to read it.

"What does it say?" Spike asked.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

It has come to my attention that me and my sister have experienced a horrible vision. There are these strange creatures that have been making an appearance in the Everfree Forest. These creatures could either come in peace, or use brute force. I will remind that if in any trouble, I suggest you bring the Elements of Harmony with you. You must take extreme caution when approaching them. I wish you and your friends the best of luck.

Your Concerned Teacher,
Princess Celestia

Twilight looked awestruck. Aliens in Equestria? How could that be? These questions and so much more were plaguing her mind. But if they were strong as the princess said they were, then they better take the Elements just in case.

"Hello? Twilight?" Spike snapped his fingers in front of her, causing her to snap out of her trance. Her cheeks turn red in embarrassment before shaking her head.

"Something's come up. There are aliens in the Everfree forest, and Celestia said they were dangerous, so I'm bringing my friends and the Elements of Harmony. We may be dealing with something serious." Twilight ran outside and closed the door on her quest to get her friends and confront these aliens.

(Everfree Forest)

All the girls were looking at the front of the scary forest. Some were slightly scared, while other were excited. A certain pegasus to be exact.

"Come girls, let's go in already, I got a schedule to keep." She had a brash and arrogant attitude, and her name was Rainbow Dash.

"*snort* Ah don't think that sleepin' will ruin yer schedule." The girl named Applejack retorted.

"I agree with Applejack darling, you don't seem very busy." Rainbow Dash crossed here arms and rolled her eyes at the mare, and that mare was Rarity.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna ask them if they like to party!" She excitingly said. Jumping around the place was none other than Pinkamena Diane Pie, or Pinkie Pie for short.

"Oh, I don't know if they would like that. What if something bad happens?" the girl said as she hid behind Applejack. This girl's name was Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy's right, this is why we brought the Elements with us. We have to be carful with these... things. Who knows how they'll act." Twilight said, everyone nodded in agreement. They all looked at the forest one more time before letting out one huge breath.

"You girls ready?" Twilight said, getting a "ready" from the girls, and an "eep" from Fruttershy. Everyone started walking in the forest, awaiting their new found adventure.

The Little Games We Play

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Man, I just had the craziest dream ever! I was on my computer where I got sucked in the Five Nights at Freddy's universe. Instead of them being evil and wanting them to kill you, they were actually friendly. And the weirdest part was that Chica was sleeping on my be- wait what? It's real? This isn't a dream? OH COME ON!!! Oh well, I guess you should just enjoy my chapter for now.

As I finally started to wake up from the slumber, I went to stretch my muscles. The thing was when I did that, I couldn't lift one of my arms. I went to see the problem, which was with Chica asleep, she wrapped her arms around my right arm and snuggling against it with a smile on her face. My face started to turn red again and I looked away. I looked at Chica once more but I snapped out my thoughts shaking my head.

'SNAP OUT OF IT ANTH!!! She is an animatronic, not a HUMAN!! Why am I thinking this way? I gave a large sigh before I looked out the window. I expected to see some sunshine and birds, but that's not what I saw. Instead, it was still dark outside. I tried to take a closer look but with Chica still holding on to me, I thought quickly. I looked at a pillow and decided to do an Indiana Jones procedure, when he has like a bag of sand and tries to take the Saphire Stone or whatever it's called. I slowly slid my arm off her and quickly put the pillow in the middle of her. Sighing in relief, I went up to the window and saw what shocked me. Trees everywhere and looking up, seeing the moon. Confused, I looked at the clock which only read 12:00 O-CLOCK?!?!

'So I only slept for four hours? But, I feel completely normal, with energy and everything! Was it just me, or was my body acting up? Before I could argue to myself I heard yawning from the other side of the office. I turned around and saw Chica finally waking up.

"Hey Anthony, did you sleep well?" She asked me. I tried to think of a response, but none came to me.

"Oh, yeah...sure." I grabbed my head just for safe measure, and thank god she bought it. She came to over beside me and rubbed my head.

"You alright? You getting better?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It just-"

"It's just what?" She looked at me with curiosity. I looked at the clock again which said 12:08. I scratched my head once more.

"I just- I...just thought that I would sleep in more." She looked at me confused for a second bit smiled warmly at me.

"It's ok, don't worry, you always sleep for four hours anyway." I only sleep for four hours? I don't remember doing that. Oh God do I really have amnesia?! I just hope not. Chica motioned me to follow her out of the office and I asked her why.

"Well you have to get ready for your night shift, and besides we were hoping you could meet the rest of the gang as well." Oh yeah I forgot about that. I WAS in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant, but I still had trouble processing it.

"Night guard?" I asked. Somehow Chica took the hint about my memory loss.

"Oh right, amnesia." She awkwardly chuckled but then clear her throat. "Yeah, your a night guard here. It's not that hard to be when your in these parts, just make sure nothing bad happens when we or anyone else walks around the place, just look what your wearing." What I'm wearing? I looked down to see I had worn what looked like a blue uniform that was tucked in my black pants, a blue cap, a golden badge which indicates that I'm a night shift guard, and the casual black shoes. So wait, I was wearing this uniform this whole time and I didn't even realize it?! I could've been naked for all I knew, but I was happy that I wasn't. Getting back in topic, being a night guard doesn't really sound hard to do. I guess I can do that for a few days, or as soon as I leave this place. My parents must be worried sick. I shook my head and had a determined look on my face.

'No use crying over spilled milk, I've got a job to do, which really isn't that complicated. Before we started to walk to one of the party rooms, me and Chica heard a audible growling noise. I looked confused trying to find the source of the sound, but when I looked at Chica giggling, I realized it was my stomach. I blushed in embarrassment and chuckled nervously.

"Heh, I guess I'm a little hungry." Chica put her arm around around me and looked at me reassuringly.

"Don't worry I'll whip up something for you." I grabbed my glasses as we headed out to one of party rooms.

As we made our way to the party room, I saw Bonnie and Freddy sitting next to a table.

"Hey guys, what are you two doing here?" I asked in curiosity. Before Bonnie got to answer, Chica answered before him.

"Oh I just invited them here so we can have a little chit-chat with you. You talk to them while I'll make you something to eat." She walked away to what assuming is the kitchen. So we waited for practically a hour and thirty minutes. And in that time, me, Bonnie and Freddy talked about many things. For instance, how they were created in Freddy replied with "some guy named Scott", and how they were able to talk. Bonnie responded with this "Scott" person had inserted voice boxes inside the animatronic devices. I didn't know how animatronic technology worked, but it sounded legit. The talk about voice boxes made me wondering about their actual voices. I mean Freddy's voice sounded like a high pitched version of Barney the dinosaur, Chica's had a middle aged pitch voice making her sound like she was 19 or 20 years old, and Bonnie had...a...british accent. *mental facepalm* Just hearing Bonnie makes it sound right. I can actually imagine Bonnie having an accent, but yet I can't at the same time. Anyway Chica finally brought the food on the table as my stomach growled just by looking at it.

"Here you go, I hope you like it." She said. What she brought didn't surprise me one bit. It was a pepperoni pizza. I'm not gonna lie, it smelled good. When I took a bite out of it, It was almost better than my mothers cooking (which I'm not going to tell her that).

"Chica! This pizza is amazing!" The comment made her beak redden, but I didn't care, I was enjoying the pizza right in front of me. After a few minutes I was done, so I grabbed a napkin to clean my face and took my plate. Chica saw what I was doing and came up to me.

"Here, let me get that for you." Before she tried to grab the plate, I put it out of her reach and put my hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you made a wonderful meal, the least I can do is put it away for you." Manners, thank you mommy, you taught me well. My response only made Chica's face only light up even more. When I finished cleaning the plate I couldn't help but noticed that Chica had a dreamy look with a blush on her cheeks. Bonnie noticed and separated us.

"C'mon you love birds, let's go to the Game Area already so you can meet everyone else." Bonnie said as I followed, and not noticing that Chica continued to have that dreamy look with hearts above her head and slightly...floating like a cartoon? If this is a video game, then screw logic! Once we went to the Game Area I noticed that it was pretty dark in here, so I had to take out my flashlight, the only problem was it working.

"That's weird." I said out loud Bonnie noticed and looked at my flashlight.

"Something wrong?"

"The flashlight isn't working." I banged it with and shaking it with my hand, but nothing worked. I checked the back of the flashlight, and to my shock, there was no batteries in them.

"What the?! But there were batteries in here when I-"

"Hello... My eyes widened at the sound.

'Is that who I think it is?' I thought and as I turned around, my inner fan girl started to scream.

'BALLOON BOY!' If you probably haven't heard, I was screaming like fan like a girl would at a Justin Beiber concert. You have know idea how hard I was trying to stop the smile on face forming.

"Hey there little guy, who are you?" He was pretty small in height, so I had to kneel down just to see his face.

"Anthony, this is Balloon Boy, he's in charge of the Game Area." Bonnie simply said. Balloon Boy was a human-like animatronic with a round body, peach-colored skin, large blue eyes, a brown triangular nose, red-brown hair, and a toothy grin. Just like the Toy animatronics, he has rosy red blushed cheeks on his face. He wears a red and blue vertically-striped shirt with two black buttons down the middle. The propeller cap he wears also bears the same pattern. He wears blue pants and simple, brown shoes. Was I noticed on his right hand was a yellow and red balloon floating above, and on his left he was holding... MY BATTERIES?!?!

"Hey Anthony, he found the batteries you were looking for you." Bonnie said as he took the took the batteries out of his hand and gave it to me. When I put the batteries in the flashlight I notice Balloon Boy face. His sad face just crushed my heart to no extent. I felt so guilty of taking the batteries like I had just ran over a puppy. Luckily I had worn out ++A's in my left pockets so I decided to give it to him.

"Hey kid, I have some double A's if you want it." Balloon Boy looked surprised for a moment, but was soon jumping up and down in happiness. I put the double A's in his left hand and soon enough, he gave a huge hug on my legs. If there's any chance that I will die, I want to die because of Balloon Boy's cuteness. My heart melted at the sight and just gave the hug back.

'EEE!! IM HUGGING BALLOON BOY! SOMEONE PINCH ME! THIS MUST BE A DREAM! Thank God I was thinking this. Who knows what would happen if I told them the truth. As me and Balloon Boy hugged, Freddy and Bonnie daww'ed at the sight while Chica gave a cute pout of...jealousy? It's probably nothing.

"C'mon, let's meet the rest of the guys." Freddy suggested as we went to a different room.

'Bye... I looked at Balloon Boy again and I nearly squealed in joy. I waved at him as he waved back. My heart just couldn't handle the cuteness so I quickly left with the Toy animatronics. We went to the next room, and what I saw a sign on top of the room saying "Kid's Cove" on it.

'This must be where Mangle is.' I thought to myself. When we entered the room it looked just like any other party room, but there was a little bit of difference in it. The room was a bit smaller but much like the other party room, Kid's Cove was the only room with an animatronic in it.

"Anthony, this is one of my best friends. Anthony, meet the Mangle." Chica sated as I looked at her direction and took a good look at her. Just like every "Toy" animatronic, Mangle had two painted red dots on her cheeks, as well as red lipstick on her mouth indicating she was female. What made her interesting was that she didn't even look like a animatronic, she was just a huge cluster of parts. She tried to move but no avail. She gave a nervous chuckle and spoke.

"I was going to get up and shake your hand but, I'm in bit of a jam." Yeah, I can see that. Freddy and Bonnie put her back for a few minutes as she finally stood up. She was barely the same height as me but shorter like...1 or 2 inches. As I finally took a good look of her I actually saw how she really looked. She was a white-furred fox, but just like Bonnie, she had a different color on her chest, which was light pink. I never realized how awesome she looked until she was fixed, the creator really did a good job on her, and those curves...I've never seen such a perfect bu- NO! NO! Bad Anthony! She's an animatronic GOD DAMN IT! I blame you damn hormones! *sigh* Anyways, I saw Mangle coming up towards me, dusting herself off with one hand and another hand stuck out.

"Sorry, kids these days, can't keep there hands to there selves. I'm Mangle, pleasure to meet you." I shook her hand politely. When I listened to her voice box, she kind of sounded gruff, but still female, like those athletic types. She seemed more fit than Chica which made a bit of sense. After we introduced ourselves, Mangle seemed to give the lidded eyes and put a hand on my chest.

"I know, I saw you taking a little peek of me." Damn! I thought she wouldn't have noticed.

"I-I don't know w-what you talking about!" My face seem to redden by the second at the thought.

"Then care to explain the blush and your cheeks?" I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life. As her hand was on my chest, her left arm snaked around my neck and shoulders.

"If you wanted to have a little look, you could've asked." She whispered into my ear. My face was so red at the statement that I couldn't think straight. I looked over and saw Bonnie and Freddy trying to hold their laughter while Chica was just as red as I was, but only with anger.

"I-I-I...Uh...Huh?" Mangle just giggled and let go of me.

"It's ok, I'm only teasing. Besides, I got my eyes on someone else anyway." Everyone except me and Mangle started laughing while I just lowered my cap to my face invisible. At this point on the laughter I was just annoyed, so I pushed Freddy and Bonnie to the next room with Chica following me. I cleared my throat and looked at Freddy.

"So...does Mangle...usually do that?" I asked, Freddy put his hand on his chin and made a thinking gesture.

"Well...not really, she just does that with new citizens here." Freddy stated. I widened my eyes in realization.

"Wait a minute, what does she do if I'm a regular?"

"She'd probably just pat you on the back."

"So...I'm a regular here."

"I would assume so." Freddy's eyes widened and covered his mouth with his hands.

"What did you say?" My tone of voice had risen more than it should have.

" see...before you went into Kid's Cove, I told her you had amnesia and she kind of...took...advantage of it." I was shocked! Did Mangle make me feel embarrassed on purpose? What she did to me just made me BOIL!!! I clutched my hands hard and closed my eyes in anger, but something caught me off guard.

"What the?" There it is again, the weird black liquid on my left eye, I knew I felt something when I...*clears throat* slept with Chica, but what is it? I just looks like squishy goo to me. I wiped the goo off my finger and put in on the floor. After it was gone I noticed Freddy walking to the Parts and Services Room, I thought about how he acted when I raised my voice. He looked so nervous to respond, and I didn't know why.

'He seemed so shaken up and answered so shyly. Was he scared of me? Did he FEAR me?! It's not possible! What can a security do to an animatronic that is made of metal and stronger than me? I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice Bonnie tapping my shoulder.

"Hey man, you alright?" His concerned face made me thankful that he was there with me.

"Yeah-yeah, I'm fine, me other guys." I fake smiled. Bonnie looked at me suspiciously but let the subject go. A few minutes of walking we madeit to our destination. Again with the darkness?

"Wow, a lot these places are dark aren't they?" I asked Chica and she nodded in agreement. Freddy looked around for the light and turned it on.

"Well there they are, the animatronics for the previous restaurant." Said Chica. The older models seemed to be just like I suspected, scraps of metal, EVERYWHERE.

"How come they look...dismantled." I asked trying not t offend them while Freddy responded.

"Scott, which is who created these guys before us, stated that because there had been horrible rumors that they would walk around at night and stuff security guards into a Freddy Fazbear suit, murdering them, he just scrapped them and hoped to never see them again." Freddy looked at the older models with pity, looking down at at them with a frown.

"Aww, those poor things." Chica frowned at the sight. It was a sad day for the old models.

"Let's go guys, I show you the Prize Corner next."

"Yeah, I'll catch up with you guys." Chica gave a look of concern but left anyway. I looked at the old models and smirked.

"Watch out guys, being old and rusty will be no longer when I'm around, I will find a way to fix you guys up." And with that, I took my leave, not noticing them all looking at me with curiosity. When I caught up with "The Toys" we were a the Show Stage slowly making our way to the Prize Corner. Chica put her arm around my arm and looked at me with an innocent face.

"So, enjoying the tour? She asked. I looked at her with a smile.

"Actually it going better than I expected! The best part was that-" We all froze as we started to hear something, it sounded like banging noise.

"Where is that coming from?" Asked Chica. I went to the Office while the others followed me. When we got there I checked the cameras, more specifically the Main Hall. What I saw were not one, not two, but six weird beings in there, they were standing on two feet so they must be human. I didn't get a good look at them but realization hit me, then terror.

"Wait, why is the Main Hall doors open?!" I saw the beings starting to move out of the end of the Hall, so I came up with a plan.

"Ok, you guys go back to the Show Stage and hide, I'll think of something while you get there." I said. Freddy and Bonnie nodded and left, while Chica just stood there with that dreamy look again.

"I like it when he takes charge." I looked at her weirdly while Bonnie grabbed her arm and flung her across the next room. I looked at the camera again to see those weird beings again being at one of the party rooms. If these things were trying to find me, they're going to have to work for it.

"I gotta warn all the others about these things." I stealthily went to the Game Area to warn the other animatronics. Time to play a game of Hide and Seek.

(Everfree Forest)

Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the gang were all walking to the unknown abyss for a few hours, and seems like have made no progress whatsoever. Rainbow started to complain.

"Ugh...c'mon Twilight, we've been searching for hours now, I don't think there's anything here." Rainbow said as she floated right above her. Twilight gave a sigh of annoyance as she looked at her for saying that multiple times.

"Rainbow, Princess Celestia stated that there had been weird activity in this forest, more strange than normal, and I'm not stopping until I see it." Twilight continued searching for strange activity as well as everyone else.

"OH! OH! OH! Is THAT strange enough for you?" Pinkie happily asked as she pointed to the small building in front of the group.

'How did she- *sigh* forget it.' Twilight gave up Pinkie many years ago and decided that Pinkie "was just being Pinkie". The Main Six walked in front of the building and took a good look at it.

"Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?" Twilight said out loud. Rarity walked right beside her.

"Whatever this place certainly doesn't look very new." Rarity touched one of the walls only to find that there was dust on her finger. She gave a disgusted look and wiped the dirt on Applejack, in which AJ just looked at her for a seconds before rolling her eyes. Twilight looked at the building once again.

"Do you think this is the "strange activity" Celestia told us about?" Twilight gave a thoughtful look while Rainbow just rolled her eyes.

"DUH!! Just look at it! Don't you think it's weird that just came out of nowhere?" Rainbow flew around the place for a few seconds examining it. Twilight gave a pondering look while Applejack just looked unsure.

"An' what do ya think we should do then Rainbow?" AJ looked at Rainbow with a raised eyebrow. Rainbow started eyeing the doors smug grin.

"I say we make an entrance." Rainbow took a charging position.

"No Wait!" AJ and Twilight said at the same time but it was too late. Rainbow had already flew at the doors. Rainbow expected the doors to open but it had other plans. Everyone saw Rainbow crashed into it as she slowly slid off the doors. All the girls ever heard from Rainbow were groans of pain. Twilight tried to open the door with her magic but it didn't work either.

"That's weird, my magic doesn't seem to have any effect on it." Applejack took her turn and tried to open the doors with her hands, but was struggling just as much as Twilight was.

"Dang nabbit! Why won't...these...doors OPEN!!" Applejack kicked the door in frustration. Everyone was looking at the door like it was a puzzle waiting to be solved. Fluttershy, that was hiding behind Applejack, was staring at a button next to the doors. The had a picture that looked like an old person (or pony to the girls) sitting on a wheel chair. Curiosity overwhelmed her as she gently pushed the button. Fluttershy flinched in fear as she saw something moving.

"Hey girls look!!" Pinkie stated as they looked where Pinkie pointed.

"Oh sweet, Flutters opened the door." Rainbow gave her a pat on the back on the back in which she gave an 'eep' in response. Rainbow went inside as did everyone else.

"Um...thanks?" Fluttershy said as she followed Applejack in front of her. The girls made it inside the Main Hall as they looked around the place.

"OOOOOOHHHH, Spooky!" Pinkie was already zip and zooming around the place.

"A little to spooky if you ask me." Rainbow said as she looked in the bathrooms.

"Ah don't know 'bout y'all but, this place just gives th' creeps." Applejack just rubbed her arms on her shoulders to get used to the cold atmosphere.

"Whatever this place is, it doesn't look normal, I suggest we all stick together side by side." Twilight said,the girls agreed and slowly walked to one of the party rooms, slowly moving to another. Twilight stepped on so something hard as she looked down to see what it was.

"Hmm? What's this?" Twilight picked it up as she inspected it.

"What is it dear?" Rarity asked. Twilight pressed the button and light had appeared, easily showing everything in the room.

"It looks like some kind of...light source of some sort." Twilight said. She looked at the flashlight and saw a bar meter label "Power", it was slowly decreasing as the light was being used. "Ok, so we have a light source, but a limited one. I suggest we use it wisely." Twilight said. They nodded and continued their journey. As the girls kept walking, they arrived at giant room, but was dark in the process.

"Does everythin' in this place have ta be so dark here?" Applejack asked.

"Wel we DID get here at night time." Twilight inquired. Everyone heard footsteps from across the room, they saw this creature whispering to something and quickly going away. Twilight turned on the flashlight in fear, but in a matter of seconds it was gone.

"Uh...Twilight? What in the hay was that?" Rainbow asked. Suddenly, they started to hear strange noises coming from the room.

"Um...Twilight?" Fluttershy said. She touched Twilght on the shoulder but fell down on her hands and knees as well as Rarity.

"Guys? What are you doing?" Twilight and Rarity's horn started to glow. The magic started to trace letters that only the rest had seen.


"Ok...this place just went from Scaryville to Creepytown." Rainbow as she backed away a bit. After the words vanished Twilight and Rarity started to get up.

" head."

"Deary me, I have a massive headache." Both were helped by their friends.

"You ok there sugercube?" Applejack asked, a concerned look on her face as rest as the other girls.

"What was that Twilight?" Rarity asked.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that this place is more than just a building." Twilight said. She grabbed the flashlight and took a huge sigh. "I'm going to find out what's up with this place, wether it's bad or not." Twilight had that determined face on. The girls followed her after she went in Kids Cove. Twilight used her magic a if it was a ghost radar. Twilight looked around the area searching for clues.

"Get anything yet?" Rainbow asked. Twilight seemed to be concentrated on that pink fox.

"I'm not quite sure, but that pink thing is the only thing that's giving me a reading." Twilight looked at the pink fox for seconds, but didn't do anything. Twilight squinted here eyes only to find the pink fox's eyes look straight at hers.

"AHHH!!" Twilight backed away in fear. Twilight was panting while Rarity went beside her.

"Twilight sweetie! What's the matter?" she asked. Twilight shakily pointed to the pink fox.

"T-T-That Thing! I-It moved!" Everyone raised there eyebrow for a second.

"Ah think this place is gettin' to ya Twi'." Applejack went over to the fox and waved her hand at its face. To no surprise, I didn't budge.

"See? It's just a kids toy, it ain't gonna move. Let's go back to see what else there is." Applejack said. Everyone left the room with Twilight being the last one out. With one final glance she left as the dismounted fox looked at her suspiciously. The pink fox gave the mysterious shadow a thumbs up as the shadow went into the next room. The Main Six was still in the giant room, more specially the Game Area.

"Ugh...There's gotta be something here that can help us out." Rainbow groaned. Twilight didn't pay any attention to her as she kept looking for anything that was magically energetic. Twilight looked and saw something at the corner, it was the same shadow that she saw from earlier. She flashed the light on it but it was gone before she got a chance to. She saw the shadow beside the little balloon toy, so it must be something important, right?

"Uh...Twi, where are ya going?" Applejack asked. Twilight didn't say anything as her horn glowed again. She looked at the statue holding a balloon, and just as she expected, readings everywhere.

"Uh Huh, Just as I thought." Everyone walked to where Twilight was as they all looked at the small statue.

"What is it?" Fluttershy asked.

"There's magical energy everywhere in this statue. I seems that all these toys all have something...common in all of them, or that's what I've gathered." Twilight put her hand on her chin while Rainbow just continued to look at it.

"So what do we do with it then?" Rainbow asked. Pinkie raised up her hand as if she was in a classroom. Twilight looked at her and sighed.

"Yes Pinkie?"

"How about we bring it with us? It's so cute we just have to!" Pinkie looked at it again and squealed. Twilight seemed doubtful at the question.

"Unlikely, if they were built to be statues then it would be extremely heavy, even if levitated." Twilight looked at the balloon statue again, but then gave up.

"Ok, it seems like I gathered enough information for today, if we have time tomorrow, we can come here again." Before Twilight was walking to the exit, Rainbow stopped her on her tracks.

"Come here again?! After everything that's happened?! There is no WAY I'm coming back here!" she exclaimed.

"Rainbow, It's either this place goes or we go. We know next to nothing about this building and what goes around inside it. This magical energy could harm if were not careful. The more we know about this place, the better chance of understanding what we're going up against." Twilight gave a big sigh as she looked down in shame. Everyone stated for a minutes before Rainbow spoke up.

"*sigh* I...guess we could go back for one more day." Rainbow nervously chuckled.

"Thanks." Was all Twilight said. Everyone took there leave and went back to the Main Hall while Pinkie was jumping out the door. As they were walking back, Twilight was the last in line, which was a good thing because she heard this weird sound, almost as if was a voice.

"Ok guys, coast is clear now." Her eyes widened as she looked out the window, and what she saw shocked her. She saw the toy statues walking to this creature. It had what looked like brown fur, and a black mane. All the toys were happily talking to him, even the balloon statue was jumping up and down with a smile on its face. Twilight couldn't believe her eyes, those statues were ALIVE?

"Yo Twilight, you coming?" Rainbow yelled.

"Yeah, coming." Twilight replied back, jogging to get back with the group.

'Whatever those things are, I get the feeling that there more than just statues.'

Meetings and Repairs

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God! That was a close one! If the flashlight turned to the left any more, it would've saw my shadow. said it was coming back right? But When? Doesn't matter. I have made promise to those robots and I'm not going to break it. Enjoy the chapter.

Today was a very important day. For one thing, one of the creatures from yesterday said they were going to come back, and second, I am going to rebuild the animatronics that were scrapped from the last restaurant. With no time to waste I went to the Parts and Services Area. When I got there saw all the older animatronics just lying there on the ground. It sickened me. Poor guys. I shook my head and focused on my mission.

"Hey guys." I said to them but they just stood still, not moving a muscle. I rolled my eyes and gave them a deadpanned stare. "I know you guys can move. The Toy animatronics are moving alive and well, you guys aren't much different." As soon as I said that, I saw the lights start to flicker on and off. Soon enough, when the lights went back on, they all looked at me in curiosity. I'm not gonna lie, it looked creepy when they did that. I clear my throat at began to speak.

" you guys may or may not know, I'm the new or already have been the security guard, so when I first saw you guys, I decided to give you guys a second chance." They all to be confused at my statement given that they all tilted their head like a puzzled dog. "What I mean by that is that I am going to give you guys a little repair." They all were happy, I can't blame them, since they've been destroyed for who knows how long. I looked at Bonnie and saw that he didn't have a face and one of his arms was missing, so I mind as well start with him.

"Bonnie, why don't I start with you first? I can have that face and arm repaired in no time." The lights turn o and off as he started to move, apparently he started to move to the Backstage. Wait, they had a Backstage here? I guess you do learn stuff everyday. I went into the room with Old Bonnie and walked beside him.

"You can sit on the table and lie down if you want." I said. The lights flickered once more and saw him on the table lying down. I guess you can't see them actually moving wit their feet. I grabbed the nearest toolbox and rummaged through it. I looked at Bonnie's face to see if they were anything wrong with it.

"Hmm...your endoskeleton seems fine, I think it's the face itself, I just get you a brand new one." I looked at the shelves to find plenty of masks. I picked up a new Bonnie until I heard something a the end of the table.

"Hi..." I immediately knew who it was because I saw the yellow and red balloon at the end of the table, but I couldn't see his face. I walked to the end and saw Balloon Boy. He looked at me as if he was expecting something.

"OH right! The batteries." I was wondered how he could tell if they were old or new. Was it something in the ++A's that he could see? I'll never get it. Old Bonnie sat up and and saw me giving the batteries to him. He had a confused look on his face (or at least that's what I figured) so I introduced them to each other.

"Oh yeah that reminds me, Bonnie, this is Balloon Boy, he works in the Game Area." Balloon Boy waved at him while Bonnie waved back with his right arm. You know, looking at Bonnie's condition, it may take a few hours just to fix both of his face and arm.

'I'm going to need some help, but who can help me?' I pondered for a minute until I saw Balloon Boy grabbing a wrench and tightening the screws on Bonnie leg. I smiled as a mental lightbulb went on my head.

"Hey Balloon Boy. Why don't you help me fixing him? It would be great if I could have any extra hand." Balloon Boy looked at me for a second before shrugging his shoulders. I told Bonnie to lie back back down in which he did. I grabbed a mask for Balloon Boy and myself so the sparks wouldn't hurt us.

"Ok Bonnie, were going to disable your power so you don't feel anything ok?" Ne nodded which meant he understood. I took out the power in his back and looked at Balloon Boy.

"You ready?" I asked him and he nodded. I picked him up and put him on the table as he took a screwdriver and hammer. I took a deep breath and stared at Old Bonnie.

"Ok Bonnie, you might feel a little tingly on the inside." I laughed on the inside because I almost sounded like a doctor. Enough fooling around, time to make a new and improved animatronic.

(Golden Oaks Library)

"C'mon Twilight, moving statues? That seems a little far fetched." Spike said. Twilight was walking around the house as if she was speed walking. Twilight had her hand on chin not knowing she was creating a hole in the ground.

"Spike, I saw it with my own eyes! These things can't possibly be statues if they move." Spike still seemed spectical a the theory. He sat on a chair and continued to her watch her ponder.

"You said that it had some sort of magic in the statues right? What kind of magic was it?" He asked. Twilight stopped right on her tracks and looked at him. Twilight looked worried before answering him.

"I-I'm not sure, that's why I'm going back there to try to catch them in the act and figure out what their purpose is." Twilight got out from her self made hole and grabbed a few notes pads.

"Wait, your seriously going to go back? What if they attack you?" Spike followed her as Twilight grabbed her backpack and put her notes in it.

"I'll take my chances, if I'll will get any." Twilight seemed nervous about going back. After the vision she had along side with Rarity, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go back or not.

"How about I come with you? So if you get into trouble, I'll be able to help you." Spike suggested, but regret it soon after.

"Thanks Spike! That would mean so much to me. Hey, maybe when we come back, you could visit Rarity and see if she needs help on anything." Spike smiled and walked with Twilight out the door, pumping his fist whispering a "yes" as they walked to the Everfree.

(Everfree Forest)

As Twilight and Spike walked throughout the Everfree, they both had noticed something was off. The close they were to the building, the colder it gotten. Spike started shivering and rubbing his arms.

"Sweet Celestia is it ever cold, did the temperature just dropped to zero or something?" Twilight noticed it as well. Applejack did rubbed her arms saying motioning it was cold inside. I frightened her. A few minutes of walking they finally reached their destination. Twilight looked at Spike and spoke.

"Well, this is it, the place I was talking to you about, the magical energy is inside, so were going to go in." Twilight looked at Spike and saw that he had a look of nervousness. Twilight put her hand on his shoulder. "Look, you don't have to come inside with me, i just thought that I-" Spike put his hand on Twilight's mouth to silence her.

"SHH! Listen Twilight, do you hear that?" Spike asked. They both heard this weird but scary music.

They shivered in creepiness. Twilight looked more creeped out, knowing what was in store for her. They both looked at the door as Twilight looked at it again while Spike was trying to pull it open.

' did Fluttershy open the door again?' she asked herself. She saw a button right next the doors. She smiled as the memory clicked in he mind.

'Oh yeah, the button. she pressed it and the door slowly opened. Spike seemed astonished that she opened it so quickly and easily.

"Hey Twilight? How did you know how to open the doors?" He asked.

"Fluttershy accidenlty opened the door yesterday, so I just remembered how she did it." She boasted feeling proud of herself.

"Show off." He murmured. Twilight giggled and went inside with Spike following her. Twilight a big breath as she walked through the Main Hall.

"So Twilight, where did you say this "magically energy" was located?" Spike asked air qouting what Twilight said earlier. Twilight gave a thinking look as she tried to retrace her steps.

"From I can remember, we should" as she pointed to the Game Area. Spike looked around the place and shivered.

"You know, for a place that's pretty small, it gives me the heebee-jeebee's." He said. Twilight motioned him to come closer to her and spoke.

"According to my readings from yesterday, there was magically energy where the balloon statue was." Twilight walked to where the statue was supposed to be, but it wasn't there. Twilight was confused, why wasn't it here? It must've moved somewhere.

"What's wrong Twilight? You looked puzzled."

"The balloon statue, it's was right here just yesterday, why isn't it hear now?" She asked. Spike gave a little gasped in realization.

"Do you think it actually moved somewhere else?" Spike began to worry and was becoming frightened.

"Possibly. This is why we came here. There's a mystery in this place, and we're not leaving until we solve it." Twilight had a determined look on her face. She was going to go to one of the party room until she heard noises coming from the back room. It sounded like metal clashing with each other. Curious, she walked to the source until it stopped. She feared she might've interrupted something. She heard footsteps and gave a sigh of relief, the only problem was that it made a mad dash to somewhere.

"Hey! Come back!" She yelled and gave chase as Spike ran after her. Twilight seemed to catch it red-handed and looked everywhere for it. She knew it was in this room so the thing had nowhere to go.

"Give it up...whatever you are, we know your in here." She said. All she heard was shuffling sounds as the thing came up from behind the table. All Twilight saw was a shadow with only white eyes. To Spike, it seemed like the scariest thing in the world, but to Twilight, it looked like just another soul. Twilight used her horn to light up the place and finally got to take a good look at the shadow.

"What are you?" Twilight asked. It snorted and replied back.

"That's what I should be asking you." Wait, It TALKED?! What was this thing? I guess they'll find out soon enough.

Stood right in front of me was these weird creatures. I stood astonished, what were these things? One of them was purple while the other was purple and green at the same time. The purple seemed shorter than me, only like three or four inches, while the green and purple looked like he was taller than me, if not just as much as the purple one. I couldn't see them clearly because of the light they were shining at me.

"Hey, can you turn that light down a bit? It's hurting my eyes." I asked politely as I heard an answer.

"Oh yeah Uh...sure." It said as the light started to darken. For once I actually got to see a good at what it was. The purple one had a purple uniform as well as a grey skirt, but the shoes and book gave off it a smart and nerdy look. It had purple fur along with her hair that had pink and dark purple streaks in them, while the green and purple one had blue jeans with white and black shoes, along with a green striped shirt and purple sweater. I kept looking at the purple and green thing, it looked like a reptile of some sort. Curious, I walked closer to it and asked it a question.

"So...what are you, you look like some type of reptile or something?" I asked. The reptile looked shocked for a second but then raised his eyebrow.

"What? No, I'm a dragon, Dragon! No I don't do that tongue thing." It as it pouted. I was confused at how he was a dragon.

"But...if your a dragon, how come you don't have any wings and you're not trying not to steal stuff?" I asked. The purple one cleared its throat and spoke.

"He's still a baby compared to all the other dragons, plus his greed probably won't start for a long time." It said then came into realization. "Wait, how do you know so much about dragons anyway? Do you study them?" It asked curiously. I scratched my head.

"It's not that I study dragons, it's just that dragons are a myth where I'm from." I said. The both seemed confused.

"Where your from?" The purple one asked. I sighed and assumed they weren't from where I was. I grabbed the flashlight out of the purple things hand.

"I think it's better that you guys know what I am." I turned on the flashlight as they both gasped. They stayed quiet for a few seconds before asking me something.

"What are you?" There it is! Anyway, thanks to my nerdish side, I answered it with ease.

"My species is a human, more scientifically speaking, a Homo Sapian, meaning "wise man" in Latin. We're basically well developed apes and monkeys in a nutshell." I said. They stared at me for a minutes which started to make me uncomfortable, so I spoke up.

"Which brings in this question, what are you?" I asked it which it responded.

"W-Well, I'm a pony, more specifically a mare, and always will be. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and this my assistant Spike, I'm sure you have a name as well?" I chucked at the rhetorical question.

"Yeah, It's Anthony, would like to sit somewhere comfy?" I asked politely. She (which I assumed was her gender) said yes. I told her to follow me as her dragon friend followed suit. We Went to the Show Stage and saw her look at the animatronics.

"Do these...stautes move too?" She asked. I looked at her a smiled.

"There not statues, they're animatronics, you have those around were you're don't you?" I asked her, but she frowned.

"I'm sorry. I don't know anything about an animatronic." She apologized while trying to pronounce the word "animatronic. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"It's ok, animatronics aren't really known...pretty much anywhere." I nervously chuckled. Someone tapped my shoulders and saw Spike looking at me.

"So, what are we doing here again?" Oh yeah that reminds me! I waved to the robots.

"Hey guy, you can stop hiding from them now." I said to them, but the thing was that they weren't moving while Twilight and Spike looked at me as if I was crazy. "C'mon guys, your making me look bad." My voice turned desperate, bit still no movement. I started to become annoyed and just told them straight out. "Guys they already know you're alive." Finally I got a reaction out of them as they walked down the stairs. Twilight and Spike backed away behind me in fear.

"Don't worry guys, they're harmless, there's nothing to worry about." I tried to reasure them, I guess it worked, but not by much. Chica looked at Twilight and Spike and gasped.

"OOHHHH! New guests!" She said, and ran to Spike and gave him a hug. I looked at him to see him blushing up a storm.

"I-Huh? What?" I nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, she can be a little grabby sometimes." I tried to pry her off of Spike, but as soon as she let go, she hugged me instead. I blushed a bit as well, but not as much as Spike. I cleared my throat and looked at Twilight.

"So Twilight, this is Chica..." I pointed to the chicken hugging me. "...the blue bunny over there is Bonnie..." Bonnie gave small wave as he was tuning his guitar. "...and finally that brown bear, that's Freddy." I said as Freddy went to handshake Twilight. She seemed uneasy about it, but shook his hand anyway.

"So guys, why don't we go over to one of the party rooms and have a real conversation?" I asked in which they nodded. I motioned the gang to come with us. The funny thing about Spike was I noticed that the animatronics put something on his back, probably the usual "Kick Me" sign. They would snicker and try to hold in their laughter, so when Spike would turn back to look at them, Chica would pretend to look at her nails, Bonnie would tune his guitar, and Freddy would innocently whistle. I chuckled on the inside and went to one of the party rooms. I gestured for Twilight to sit next to Spike and me.

"You guys must be hungry you two, can I get you something?" I asked. Twilight's stomach growled and blushed in embarrassment.

"Maybe something small." She sheepishly said, so I whispered something to Chica. She nodded and she went into the kitchen.

"So...Anthony, before we went inside this building, me and Spike began hearing things, like tools being used. That wouldn't happen to be you was it?" She asked. I raised my hands and smiled.

"Guilty as charged, I was actually trying to fix more animatronics from the previous place." Twilight looked worried when I said that.

"Y-You build these things?" In was offended when she said "thing", but she didn't know better.

"I'm not trying to create more, it's more in the lines of repairing them." I reassured them. Twilight put her finger on her chin for second.

"So if that was you repairing those...animatronics, then you must've ran to a room. What reason was that?" Twilight asked, I felt a little uneasy answering that.

" of my friends reminded me to wind up a music box in the Prize Corner over there..." I pointed the room next to the Show Stage. "...I have to keep that music box so doesn't come out." I bit my lip and swallowed hard. Twilight and Spike looked confused.

"It?" Was all she needed to say.

"I-I'll be honest, I never liked that puppet thing, it's always...*clears throat* thinking, and it can move anywhere when the music box stops. It's the reason I always remind myself to...I-I've said to much. Hey look your food is here!" I quickly changed the subject, just talking about her just gives me the creeps. Chica put down the pizza down on the table while Spike and Twilight looked puzzled.

"What's this?" Spike asked.

"It's pizza, you don't have that where you guys are from?" I asked curiously. Twilight shrugged her shoulders.

"Not that I know of." I gave her a warm smile.

"You have to try it, besides, trying something new won't hurt that much will it?" I rhetorically asked. Twilight looked at the pizza then looked at Spike.

"Why don't you try it first?" she asked Spike. Spike seemed hesitant but then took a bite out of it. His reaction was priceless. His eyes have widened and looked like he was in love.

"Twilight! You gotta try this! This is so delicious!" Spike said. Chica smiled.

"Well it's nice to have someone appreciate my cooking for once." She said as she looked at me as if she was expecting a thanks.

"What? I'll have you know that I am very grateful for your wonderful pizza!" I smiled and gave a playful push.

"I know, and that is why you are my favorite." Chica left the room while she gave me a wink. I blushed since I wasn't used to the affectionate side of Chica. I saw Spike taking a second slice and I smiled.

"You know the best part about pizza? Is that you can put almost anything on it." I said. Wow, I never knew Spike's smile can be so big. He grabbed something out of his pocket.

"What are those?" I asked.

"Their little pieces of gems." Gems? Oh right, Dragon greed and what not. He put it on the pizza and took another bite.

"Well, he seems to like the it, why don't you don't you try it?" I asked Twilight. She looked at it once more.

"I...guess it couldn't hurt." She slowly took a bite and widened her eyes.

"Wow! This is most delectable." She said. Chica never doubted her cooking just once.

"I still can't believe you guys haven't heard of pizza before. Where did you say you were from again?" I asked.

"I come from a place called Ponyville." Twilight said. Curious, I raised an eyebrow.

"Ponyville? Is that where we are now?"

" The Everfree Forest is where you are, if your talking about country-wise, your in Equestria." Twilight took another bite out of the pizza as she finished her explanation. I was shocked. So I wasn't in my own world?

"So what your saying is that I'm in a different dimension?" Twilight seemed to frown from my question.

"It would seem that way." I put my hand on my chin, trying to think things over.

"The real question is, how did we get here in the first place?" Twilight began to stand and so did Spike.

"That's where we come in, why don't we try to figure it out together?" She suggested. She took out her hand for me to shake, which I gladly returned. An idea popped in my head and smiled.

"Hey! Why don't I go to this Ponyville place with you? Just to try and get out and now the place." I suggested. They seemed happy with the idea so they went to the Main Hall. Once Twilight and Spike went out the door I stopped mid-way. I looked at my "Toys" and motioned them to follow me but make them stay low key. I smirked evilly and so did they. When I went outside, I could only think of one thing.

'This is going to be the creepiest prank ever!'

Meeting the Gang Part 1

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Hmm...I wonder what the place looks like? Something dark and mysterious? Or maybe it can all sunshine and rainbows, *sigh* I highly doubt that. Last time when Twilight came to our place, I heard multiple voices, I guess I'll meet the rest of her rest of friends. Still, I have to finish with Old Chica and Freddy so I Can't stay for that long. Oh well, enjoy the chapter anyway.

(Everfree Forest)

So this is what the outside world looks like? I thought it would be brighter than this. I guess I'm pretty used to the darkness due to me being in that restaurant this whole time. I looked at Twilight and Spike noticed them shivering. I raised my eybrow and looked at them.

"What, you guys cold are something?" I asked. They looked at me astonished.

"And your not?" Twilight asked. I tried to feel the cold breeze, but don't feel a thing.

"Not one bit. Why? Should I be?" Curiosity eventually took over as I looked at them. Twilight was a pony and Spike was a dragon, they had fur and I didn't, yet there looked like they were freezing their buts off. Something is definitely wrong here.

"It's...nevermind." Twilight just gave up on the explanation on why I wasn't cold. As they were walking I gave a short glance at the back and expected the "Toys" to signify their appearance. Thankfully they all gave a thumbs up in the bushes. I gave a sigh of relief as our prank was set in motion. I tried to stop the smile from forming, but it was hard as hell. After a few more mintues of walking and chatting about random things, we finally made it to Ponyville, or at least that's what Twilight told me.

"Ugh...Thank Celestia, I thought I would've never leave that forest." Spike said in relief. I wasn't sure why the forest was so scary to Spike, it can't be that bad, right? After walking to this Ponyville place I looked to my right and saw this nice looking cottage, I saw a bunch of flowers on the ground, so I assumed it was just the back of the house.

"What's that over there?" I pointed to the building, which Twilight smiled.

"Oh that? That's where my friend Fluttershy lives." She simply said. "Would you like to meet her?" I looked at the cottage agian and looked at the animatronics, which they nodded "yes". In shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure why not." I said. I walked to the place until Twilight stopped me with her hand.

"You might want me to go knock on the door."


"She's a tad timid when it comes to new ponies...or humans in this case." Twilight looked sheepish as I gave a big sigh.

"Ok, go ahead." Twilight nodded and went to knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I heard a response. The sound of the voice sounded so majestic to me, It felt weird.

"Fluttershy it's me, Twilight." She answered. I heard and "Oh" and slowly opened the door. What I saw just made my heart race. Fluttershy had a flowing light pink mane that made me stare at it. She wore on her feet were those cute little bunny slippers for walking. What was visible on her legs were dark yellow stockings and dark green sweat pants. And finally, a green sweater with a butterfly on it to complete her outfit.

"B-Beauty." Was all I said as my cheeks began to heat up. I closed my mouth before they heard me but it was too late. Fluttershy let out an 'eep' of fear and tried to slam the door.

"Fluttershy Wait!" Yelled Twilight as she held on to the door. "Do you remember when I said that I saw this weird shadow in that Freddy Fazbear place?" She asked.

"Yeah, why?" Soon Fluttershy's face had a look of curosity.

"Well...Anthony right here, is that shadow I saw." Twilight gestured to me. Fluttershy looked at me while I took off my hat so that she could see my face perfectly. I blushed a bit since I still used to a girl staring at me.

"H-Hi." I had a sheepish smile and backed away a bit. I never felt so meek and flustered at the same in my entire life. Why am I feeling this way? She walked towards me as I backed away even more.

"There there, you have nothing to worry about." She gently caressed her hand on mine. The only it did for me was my face heat even more. Just her hand itself felt so warm and comforting.

"I-I-I-I." For the first time, I couldn't think of anything to say. Thank goodness she asked me something.

"Would you like to come to my cottage for a snack?" I swallowed hard due to the lump on my throat. I didn't want to say anything dumb so I just nodded. She gave me a warm smile and motioned to come inside. As I was walking inside, I noticed Spike smug grin on his face. I glared at him intensely as if I was saying "If you saying one word, I will kill you in you sleep". Thankfully he got the message and nodded fearly. Little did I know that the same black liquid dripped on my face. Once I went inside and sat on the couch, I looked everywhere that there were animals everywhere. From squirrels, to mice, to birds, beavers, rabbits, you name it, it was all there. The animals all looked at me with curiosity as I looked at Twilight.

"Hey Twilight?" She looked at me. "Why are there so many animals here?" I felt something climb on my shoulder, which was a squirrel sniffing me.

"Fluttershy takes care of all the animals in Ponyville." she said. I raised my eyebrow.

"So she's like a veterinarian?"

"She doesn't do it just for the bits, she just the sake of society, she's kind that way." Twilight and Spike looked at each other with a grin. I just sat there confused a the signal those two were sending. I finally saw Fluttershy walked out of the what I assumed was the kitchen with a plate of crackers. I looked at Fluttershy for approval.

"M-May I?" I asked. She just giggled and nodded "yes". I'm not gonna lie, these crackers were pretty good. I took another piece when I saw a little rabbit take a cracker and eat.

'Mmm...she certainly know how to make a cracker.' It said. Let me repeat that, IT SAID!!!!! Like words and everything. How did I understand it? I scratched my ears to see if there was anything in them.

'Nope, it's pretty clean.' I thought. I forgot about it as Fluttershy sat beside me.

"So...what kind of creature are you? I haven't seen anything like you before." She asked. I tried my hardest not to turn my face into a cherry again. It look all the courage I had to speak.

"W-Well...Um...Well, I'm from a species known as a human. In a nutshell, a human is a super advanced ape or monkey that can walk on our feet and talk, as I'm doing right now." I gave an awkward chuckle. I saw Twilight take out a notepad and with...a...quill, she wrote down the facts. Fluttershy looked at me as I face turn red again.

"I saw you eating the crackers just fine, is there anything else that you can digest?" Oh damn I forgot they were ponies. They eat plants don't they? I shuffled nervously and looked back a Fluttershy.

"Hey Fluttershy? Do you mind if we talk in private? In the kitchen?" I asked. My question seemed to caught off guard, having a surprised reaction.

"Oh...Um...sure." Fluttershy went to the kitchen and I followed. Once we got the I sat on a chair and so did she.

"Why does it have to be private?" she asked. I gave a sigh and stood up.

"I-I think it's best that I show since you seem to be an expert on animals." I sat down next to her so she could see. I lifted up my mouth and showed her my meat eaters.

"*gasp* T-Those are..." She didn't want to finish the sentence, so I did it for her.

"Canines I know, meaning that I eat meat." I felt ashamed of saying that to a pony, and to Fluttershy no less. I didn't even want to look at her at this point. The only thing I heard was Fluttershy's voice.

"Is that all you eat?" She asked. YES!!! HERE'S MY CHANCE!!

"N-No, not at all! We also have incisors and molars, which means we could also eat fruits and vegetables." I said happily. She seemed happy the statement, but then looked confused.

"But...if you can eat fruits and vegetables, then why do you need meat?" My smiled seemed to fallen, but just gave her the straight answer.

"Due to the fact that meat has so much protein and amino acids, we eat it because it's associated in building muscle mass. It's the reason I'm so...muscular, along with exercise of course. Without it, I would be really sick to a point where I'm near death." Ok I lied about the last part, but I didn't really talk about my body, because it's sometimes all the girls look at. They never see me for my personality. I looked at Fluttershy with the most pleading eyes I could muster. Eventually she sighed and answered.

"It's ok, I understand. Bears eat meat as well, so I'll see what I can do." I felt so happy I couldn't help but hug her.

"Thank you Fluttershy! You have no idea how much this means to me!" She was surprised of my course of action but soon hugged me back. I couldn't care less if my face was heating up, because I think her face was red as well. After realization struck us, we both glanced at each other trying to avoid eye contact. Fluttershy was twirling her hair (or is it mane because she's a pony) with her finger with a blush on her cheeks while I was covering my face with my hat. I cleared my throat and began to speak.

" wanna go back to the living room?" I simply asked. She nodded as a "yes" probably because she was embarrassed to say anything. We went back and saw Twilight and Spike talking amongst themselves. They looked at us and smiled.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Fluttershy was about to speak but stopped her with my hand as if I was saying "let me handle this".

"It was about my digestive habits and I told her I eat meat." They both gasped in horror. "Let me finish, I told Fluttershy that without meat, there would be no protien for me to have, thus, will have a chance of sickness." They seemed to calm down when I told them that, so that was good.

"Why don't we take our leave? We still got many sights to see." I suggested. Twilight nodded as she got up and stretched the sore muscles as did Spike. Looked at Fluttershy and smiled.

"Thank you Fluttershy, I thank you enough for this wonderful privilege." I almost teared up, seeing how happy I was.

"It's no problem, I will always help a creature in need." That's it. I'm going to have a heart attack because of how adorable that sounded. I finally waved goodbye as she waved back. I jogged to catch up with Twilight.

"Well, you two seemed to have hit it off." She said with a smile.

"Oh you have no idea." I said as I gave a dreamy smile. Spike seemed to snicker at the idea while I just glared at him.

"So where to next?" I asked. Spike had an idea that made him smile so hard.

"OH OH! Can we go visit Rarity? It's not that far from here, please?" Spike gave Twilight the puppy eyes, which I found pretty funny. Twilight just rolled her eyes and chuckled.

"Sure, why not?" Spike pumped his fist in the air and gave a "yes" in victory. I looked at the bushes and saw some bunny ears and yellow fur. Oh yeah I forgot those animatronics were here. So with that, I followed them to out set destination.

(Carousel Boutique)

We finally made it threw minutes of walking and looked at the building in front of us. The size of the building just made me whistle. Now that I look at it, the roof of it reminds me of a Carousel, like those door top things on the merry-go-round.

"Wow, this place is huge." I said astonished. Twilight shrugged her shoulders.

"It's not as bad when you get to see it." Twilight knocked on the door only to heard a reply.

"Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where everything is chique, unique, and magnifique. So what can I do for you today?" She turned around and saw Twilight and Spike with her.

"Oh Twilight dear, fancy seeing you here. What can you for you?" She asked. Twilight gestured to me and spoke.

"Rarity, this is Anthony. He was the one snooping around us when we were searching for clues." Twilight said. Rarity looked at me as I stratched my head.

"Well I wouldn't call it snooping around. I'd say that I was wondering what you girls were doing." I realized what said and looked at Twilight. "That doesn't really help my case does it?" Twilight mouthed a "not really" as I turned red in the face.

"Anyway, I'm Anthony." I gave a small chuckle as I raised my hand for her to shake.

"Pleasure to meet your acquaintance." She said with a smile. I took a good look at her and was surprised what she looked like. She had a white marshmallow coat with a curly dark purple hair (or is it mane?). She wore black heels and spandex on her legs. Going up, she wore a black skirt showing off her curves and thighs. She was also wearing a white plain shirt on the inside and a black buttoned-up shirt on the outside. Whoever this girl was, she was not afraid to show off her body, which made my face darken. Everytime she would talk, I noticed she had this somewhat british accent like Toy Bonnie had, it wasn't as heavy, but you can still heard it, kind of like that Blanche girl in Street Car Named Desire. Eventually she let us in to the house as I took a look around the house.

"So Rarity, what do you like to do for a living?" I gently asked. Rarity looked at me.

"If you would like to know, I am a fashion designer, I can make an outfit that's bland and make it into something spectacular." She said. I scratched my head again.

"I guess the boutique thing and the dresses kind of gave it away huh?" I asked. Rarity put a finger on her chin.

"Yes, I do see how that would make sense." She said. Twilight put her hand on Rarity's shoulder and spoke.

"We brought Anthony here because we wanted to show him around Ponyville, and Spike wanted to see you." Rarity looked at Spike and smiled.

"Aww! Spikey-Wikey came to visit me, how sweet of you." Rarity went to hug Spike and had a huge blush on his cheeks. I looked at him and gave him an evil smirk and he just glared at me. I clear throat and spoke to Rarity.

" there anything were going to be doing or what? I don't mean to sound impatient but..." I kind of just stopped there, fearing what I would say something silly and hurtful. Rarity gave a thoughtful look.

"Well we could always take of that fashion crisis you're wearing." She said. I was surprised at her suggestion. I looked at what I was wearing a looked back at Rarity.

"I-It's not that bad!" Being the fashion expert she was, I seemed doubtful. "Is it?" I asked her. She giggled at the question and walked towards me.

"Come now, I can help you put on something more appropriate if you like. I just need you to take off your clothes." I just stood there, trying to comprehend what Rarity had said.

"What?" Spike was snickering at what I said.

"Oh don't be so meek, I just need to take your measurements." My face turned red for a bit, but soon agree to it.

"Ok, but I'm keeping my underwear on."

"But of course dear." I soon started to take off my clothes but felt uncomfortable doing it. For one thing I'm taking off my clothing in front of a completely different species, and 2: I'm doing it in front of two girls nonetheless. I don't have a choice do I? Oh well. As I was done taking off my shirt I noticed Twilight accidentally dropped her notepad and quill. She covered her face with her hands and had a noticeable blush on her face as Spike had a look of jealousy. I rolled my eyes in the inside.

' we go again.' I thought. I never liked when girls only see me for my body and not my personality, it always bites me the wrong way. Anyway, I saw Rarity walking back with the measuring tape, only to walk on me bare chested.

"Oh...m-my." Her face started to heat up as did I. "I-I never knew you could be so...muscular." I've never so flushed in my entire life, well except when I first met Fluttershy.

"C-Can you just take my measurements please?" I squeaked out. Rarity snapped out of her trance only to blush more darkly.

"Oh yes, um sure." Twilight seemed to calm down as did we. I was still trying to distracted myself from Rarity being so up close to me. Thankfully something did make we wonder about something, which were the floating objects flying above.

"Who's doing that?" I couldn't help but ask. Rarity seemed to raise an eyebrow.

"Doing what?" She asked.

"That thing with the floating objects?" I asked.

"That would be me darling."

"How are you doing it?"

"With magic of course." The answer seemed to catch me of guard. Twilight saw my puzzled look as she was picking up her notepad and quill.

"Do you have magic in your world?" Twilight asked. I shrugged my shoulders, which made me accidentally break Rarity's "no movement" rule.

"It's not that we don't have magic in our world, it's the fact that the only magic I've seen is just illusionary." I've never been to a magic act before, but the evidence on the Internet says that it's fake. "How do you guys use magic around here?" I looked at Twilight.

"Well, because of the horns on our heads, we are able to do many magical things. For instance, what you see Rarity doing is levitation, our basic everyday spell everypony uses, the more advance spells such as teleportation and transformation, ponies learn on their own accord." Huh. You learn something everyday, but another question seemed tom pop up in my head.

"So...if I were to encounter a horned pony, what are they called?"

"Oh, me and Rarity are unicorns." Unicorns?

"Are there more of unicorns here?"

"Why of course dear."

"But me and Twilight were at Fluttershy's cottage before we got here, and saw her with wings on her back. So...does that make her a pegasus?" I asked. Twilight and Rarity looked at me with complete awe.

" did you know?" Twilight asked.

"Well...just like dragons, unicorns and pegasuses-"

"Pegasi." Twilight corrected.

"...What?" Was all I asked.

"The correct term for multiple winged ponies is pegasi." She said again.

"Sorry. Again, much like dragons, unicorns and...pegasi are known as a myth in our world. The only difference is that a pegasus is described as a winged horse, not a pony." Wow, I never really thought I needed that type of knowledge, but I needed to get rid of it anyway.

"Fascinating." Twilight said as she was scribbling in her notepad. When I looked down I saw Rarity rolling up the measuring tape.

"There you go sweetie, you can move again." Rarity said. I took a big sigh of relief.

"Ugh..finally, I can't feel my arms." Rarity giggled at my attempt of humor as tried to stretch it.

"Since I have your measurements, I think it would take about a few days to get the clothes ready." Rarity said. I gave a "thank you" and started to put on my clothes on again.

"Well, I think that will pretty much covers up our visit, thanks Rarity." Twilight said as Rarity nodded in understanding.

"Thank you so much for the clothes, how much do you want for it?" I asked her, but Rarity just waved her hand.

"Nonsense! Think of it as a welcoming gift." I widened my eyes.

"Really?! No I shouldn't really." I said sheepishly.

"Don't be so modest, trust me, it's on me." Rarity smiled which made me blush a bit.

"Thanks, your too generous." I said.

"I get the alot." She smiled. I walked out the door before I padded Spike on the shoulder.

"I can see why she's a keeper." I smirked while Spike just turned red. I pushed him out of the door as Twilight followed us out. I looked all around the town of Ponyville and mumbled to myself.

"I wonder where I'll go next."

Meet the Gang Part 2

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You know, everything that's happened through this whole time I here, I feel like I don't want to do this prank. With Fluttershy being so wonderful to me in general and Rarity being generous, it makes me wonder how many friends Twioight actually has. Balloon Boy was right, I should've never done this in the place, but the Toys been the ones planning it, Meh, I'll say sorry to them later.

As me, Twilight and Spike saw me looking at the scenery, I couldn't help but look a Spike's face. He was probably zoned out because of what I said about Rarity a few minutes ago. I smiled when I thought about her adorable face.

"Looks like Rarity's got us both." I said. Spike nodded in agreement.

"You got that right." He said, still having that dreamy look. The way he looked at her made it seem pretty easy that he admired her, ALOT. An evil smirk popped put of my head. I know I shouldn't say it but, I just want to see that reaction on his face.

"Well, when the times comes Spike, we shall see who the best man is." I smiled.

"Thanks- wait what?" Spike asked with his widened eyes. I padded him on the back and speed walked to catch up with Twilight. Looking back at Spike, he looked like he was trying to do a double take at what I just said. As I caught up to Twilight I saw in front of me what looked like a big red barn. Confused for a second, I looked back at Twillight.

"What the? Did we just move from one country to the next?" I asked. Twilight just giggled at the question.

"No it's actually here, this is Sweet Apple Acres, the place where the finest of apples are harvest and grown." She said. "And if you look over there, you can see the orchard." I looked to where Twilight pointed and became astoinished.

"Wow, the orchard is huge." I said. Twilight motioned me to follow her along with Spike. The funny thing about the barn was that right beside it was what looked like a shed, I couldn't see much of it, but I'm pretty sure that's where they usually keep their tools and such.

"Sweet Apples Acres is bestly known for their food products here, the apples sometimes get delivered to others places as well such as-"

"YEEHAAWWW!!!" Before Twilight could list the countries, I heard a somewhat battle cry, or a yell of excitement. The rest of I heard was a giant thump. Twilight and Spike walked over to the barn as did I.

"Well howdy Twi, didn't expect t' see ya here." The voice had a big heavy western accent, almost cowgirl-ish.

"Applejack, this is Anthony, he's the security guard in the resturaunt we went to yesterday." I went to shake her hand as she grab it with an audible slap. Applejack was an orange pony with a blonde mane. She had cowboy boots as well as having a buttoned-up red and white boxed-detailed shirt. Below she had blue jeans along with her belt showing off her signature "AJ" as the emblem. To top it off, she had a Stetson hat to complete her look. Applejack looked surprised at me for a second but then smiled.

"That's a mighty strong grip you got there." Applejack increased her grip on my hand and I winced.

"Heh heh...not as strong as yours apparently." I awkwardly chuckled at her until I noticed she still hasn't let go of my hand. "Um...Applejack, you can let go now." Applejack widened her eyes and noticed me wincing. Being the famrgirl she looked like, she was definitely stronger than me. She blushed with a sheepish grin and finally let go.

"Uh...heh, sorry." She apologized. I said there was nothing to worry about and smiled.

"So Twi, care to tell me what yer doin' in these parts?" Applejack asked.

"We're just showing around town, I'm introducing him to our friends." Twilight said, Applejack raised her eyebrow.

"And ya decided t' come here first?" Applejack asked with a smug grin.

"Well no, we went to Fluttershy's and Rarity's place before you, the only reason that we came here was that we never had lunch before bringing Anthony to Ponyvillle." Twilight said sheepishly. Applejack rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Well Twi, ya came to the right place! Ah was about to have lunch, care ta join us?" She asked. Twilight looked at Spike to see him nodding furiously. Twilight followed Applejack along with me and Spike. Once we went inside the barn my mouth just opened in amazement.

"Wow, look at this place!" I said looking everywhere. As I look at the bookshelf I heard Applejack from behind me.

"What wrong sugercube? Ya look like ya never seen a barn before." She sounded rhetorical, but I didn't care.

"That's because I haven't." I answered. The whole building became silent as I kept talking. "It's looks like something out of a cartoon show, the rusty rocking chair, the old looking stove, the pots and pans hanging on a hanger, everything!" As I kept ranting on how nice this place was, I failed to notice my stomach growl. Applejack tried to hold her laughter as I blushed and chuckled awkwardly.

"Ya can join us to if ya know that." I nodded without saying anything. As I sat down next Spike I looked at the amount of food at the table. My mouth watered at the sight. I heard Applejack giggle as she sat down next to Twilight.

"Do ah hear guests in the kitchen?" I heard someone asked. Everyone looked where the source of the voice was as did I. "Mind helpin' me Applejack?" It asked again. The only assumption about the voice is that it sounded old and that it was female. As she came down I saw what she looked like. She was a lime green mare with a snow white mane. She had a what looked like a short orange scarf with red apples for design. On her legs were brown boots much like Applejack, as well as yellow pants. She also wore a red skirt along with a light yellow shirt.

"Twilight, what a nice surprise coming here..." Spike purposely cleared his throat. "...and you to Spike." He nodded. She took a look at me and smiled.

"Well Well, what do we have here?" She asked. I got up from my seat and walked up to the mare.

"My name is Anthony mam." I gave her a warm smile to add to my politeness.

"Anthony, this is Granny Smith, my grandmother." Applejack said. Granny seemed to have a proud smile.

"And don't you ferget it." She said. I smiled at her enthusiasm.

"Wow, you know for a mare you age, you seem pretty active." I said. Sadly, she took it the wrong way.

"And what is that 'pposed t' mean?" I backed away in panic.

"I-I meant that as a compliment! I didn't mean to-" I was soon cut off as I heard laughing from Granny.

"It's ok youngin', Ah'm just playin' with ya." I gave a sigh of relief a nd went back to my seat. As I sat down I saw Granny whispering something to Applejack. Whatever it was, it made her face redden. Eventually I just gave up on trying to figure out what the said and just kept eating.

"So Applejack, what happened to Big Mac and Applebloom?" She asked. Confused by the names, I decided to listen to the conversation.

"They had to deliver apple pies in Appleloosa."

"Do you think they'll be back soon?"

"Ah don't think so, it took a long time ta get there, same amount of time when they get back."

"Probably won't get home until night huh?"

"Sorry." Its seems like that was the end of the conversation. As soon as I finished eating, I went to the sink to wash my plate, that's when I heard someone walked behind me.

"Whatcha doin'?" I looked behind me and saw Applejack walking beside me.

"Oh, just cleaning my plate and glass." I said.

"You didn't have t' do that. Granny woulda done that herself ya know." She stated. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah well, I'm used to doing you know? Manners and such." I said. I couldn't help but wonder why her face became red. Which made me remind myself of something. "Oh yeah I've been meaning to ask you, what did Granny say to you when I sat down at the table?" I looked at her with an innocent look of curiosity. Apparently Applejack's face only became more red.

" ain't anythin'." She said quietly. I looked at her suspiciously but continued cleaning the plate and soon went on to my glass.

"The lunch was great, thank you for letting us stay here but we must leave for now." I heard Twilight say. "Hey Anthony, you coming?" I heard her say.

"Just a sec." I replied as a I dried the glass to make it shiny. I went to the living room and saw Twilight and Spike walking out the door. When they were outside I looked back at Granny and Applejack.

"Thank you for bringing me here, it's been fun. You know, we should do this more often." I said as I smiled. As I left I could've sworn Granny said something to Appkejack. I looked at Twilght with a confused look.

"So Twilight, where are we going next?" I asked.

"We're going back to my house to ask more questions about you." She said. As we were walking I couldn't help bit notice the stares coming from the other mares around town.

"What is that thing?"

"You think it's dangerous?"

"It actually looks kind if cute." I wished I didn't hear some of the comments that the mares made, some made me feel unwanted, while others made my face redden. I gossip around me made me nervous as I speed walked and asked where Twilight's house was. Once we were inside, with me being the last one in, I harshly slapped the door, much Harding than I expected. Twilight saw me panting and had a worried look.

"What's wrong Anthony?" I took a few seconds for I got my breathing in order before I spoke to her.

"Sorry, just people gossiping about me just makes me feel over the edge." I answered. Twilight didn't want to seem to press on the subject, which I'm really thankful for. Twilight gestured me to sit down as I did so. I watched Twilight look at her list and spoke to me.

"Earlier when I asked if you were alright, you said that "people" made you feel over the edge. What exactly do you mean by that?" I did a double take on what she asked me and gave her the dumbest look ever.

"You know...people, like more than one human being...Oh wait." I totally forgot that I was in a different world, or is it universe? "How do you describe more then one pony?" I asked.

"We just usually say ponies." That's what I figured. "Everypony says ponies when referring to more then one pony." That's the first time I heard a person...or pony say the word "pony". I raised an eyebrow at one of the words.

"Everypony?" I asked.

"Yeah everypony, referring to all the ponies in Equestria." Oh! I think I'm getting it now.

"So, instead of saying everybody, this world says everypony." Twilight nodded. "If what you say is true, then the other words must have the word "pony" in the end as well. Such as anypony, somepony, and nopony." Twilight gave a thoughtful look again.

"So how does your world say anypony?" She asked.

"To make it simple, we just take away the "pony" part and replace it with the word "body"."

"Interesting." Was what Twilight only said as she scribbled down the information on her notepad.

"Oh shoot! Ran out of paper. I'll be back to get more." Twilight started to get up but was interrupted by a noise.

"Why does that sound like an airplane coming down in the house?" Twilight raised her eyebrow for a second before she heard a voice from outside.

"LOOK OUT BELLOW!!!" In natural instinct, I ducted on the floor and so did Twilight. All I saw was some mare crashed into the bookshelves and books scattered all over place.

" head." It wheezed. Twilight ran to the book shelves and used her magic to take it away.

"Rainbow Dash! Are you alright?!" Twilight asked as she helped her up. "Anthony, Ming helping me?" I was knocked out of my trance and help the girl up (at I think it's a girl). I grabbed her hand as she came out of the pile of books. I pulled her out but as soon as I did that, she trip on a book and fell on top of me. Sadly, I went unconscious for a second until I heard Twilight's voice.

"Oh my Celestia! Are you two ok?" As I woke up I saw this "Rainbow" girl looked at me. I swear those dark pink eyes just memorized me. It seemed that both of our faces were red only because we felt our noses touch one another. We stayed silent for a few minutes until Twilight broke the silence.

"Ahem...Rainbow Dash, this is Anthony, the soon to be new residence here in Ponyville." She said. Me and Rainbow both looked at each other again until I broke the silence this time.

"Hi." Was all I said as she replied back with a "hey". "Do you...mind getting off me please?" I asked. Rainbow's face turned red in embarrsement and got up. She took out her hand and gave it to me for me to get up. When I got up I finally got to take a look at Rainbow. She was a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane and tale. Her style of clothing definitely showed that she was the brash type. Rainbow had a black biker jacket on as well as a dark blue t-shirt on the inside with sleeveless gloves on her hands. On her legs were regular blues jeans with a chain on the right pocket. What caught my attention was that her shoes were rainbow colored just like her mane. I brushed myself off as did she.

"One of these days Rainbow Dash your going to get yourself injured because of your silly stunts." Twilight seemed annoyed, but Rainbow nonchalantly waved her hand at her.

"Oh don't worry Twilight, I do this sort of stuff all the time, I think I can handle a little crash." Twilight widened her eyes.

"THAT was a LITTLE crash?!?" Twilight asked. Rainbow shrugged her shoulders. I looked at Rainbow with a confused look on my face.

"I'm sorry I missing something?" I asked.

"Rainbow Dash here is practicing stunts to be able to join the Wonderbolts someday." Twilight stated. Rainbow flew around me with her wings which made me watch her in awe.

"You bet I am! Someday, I'll be living the dream and everypony will see me in my glory!" I looked at Rainbow with a confused look again.

'You really are full of yourself aren't you?' I thought to myself.

" are the Wonderbolts exactly?" Rainbow just looked at me as if I was crazy.

"You don't know who the Wonderbolts are?! What, do you live under a rock or something?!" Rainbow yelled, at this point this is where Twilight stepped in.

"In case you have or haven't noticed, Anthony's species is a human, which nopony has ever heard of, meaning that he's fom a different world, maybe even a different universe." She said. Rainbow tried to comprehend what Twilight said. Soon, Rainbow flew around me once more and took a good look at me.

"Y'know, now that I look at you, you kind of look like some hairless ape." I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Um...thanks?" I said.

"Anyway, the Wonderbolts is the best flyers in all of Equestria! Everywhere they go, ponies with cameras wanted to take their picture, colts, fillies, everypony! That's why I'm practicing to be the best." Rainbow seemed to have that determined look while I just pondered at the name.

'Ok, Wonderbolts. Best flyers in the world, known for fame...sounds like a pony version of the Blue Angels. I thought.

"Hey Anthony, I think I have a question that you might be interested in." I gave the go ahead to Twilight. "Back at Applejack's place you referred to the stove as "old looking". Why is that?" I just shrugged my shoulders at the question.

" looked exactly like a stove back in the old days?" I answered. Twilight gave me a puzzled look.

"The old days?"

"Yeah, today in our world have very advance technology. Starting from television to automobiles to cellular phones, you name it." Twilight seemed to be writing down the information as I kept speaking.

"So, your like those ponies from a Sci-fi book series?" Rainbow asked.

"Hmm...I guess you can say that." I shrugged my shoulders. As Twilight kept asking me questions I heard someone knocking on the door.

"I'll get it!" Rainbow yelled as she flew to the door.

"Hi Dashie!" I heard a chipper voice call out. "I've got the biggest news! My Pinkie Sense told me that there was a new pony in town! And there he is!" She pointed to me and I just sat there with a dumb look on me.

"Umm...what?" I just said. I tried to avoid eye contact with her but as soon as I looked back, she was gone.

"What the-"

"HI!!" I turned back and saw the girl face so close to mine.

"AHH!!" I screamed.

"HithereI'mPinkiepieitsverynocetomeetyouMr.Apewhatareyousomekindofhairlessmonkeyofsomesortdoyoulikeparties?doyoulikepartiesandcakes?!becauseilovethemboth!?It'sbeenanniceseeingyoubutIdon't-" It shocked me how this girl talked so fast without taking a break. Eventually Rainbow put her hand on her mouth and spoke.

"You gonna stop talking now?" She asked in which the girl nodded.

"This is Pinkie Pie. The official party planner of Ponyville and runs the bakery in the town." I took my hand out for to shake but to only have her hug me.

"Please to meet you Mr. Ape." My face turned red due to the sudden contact, but soon smiled at her attempt at name calling.

"Actually my name is Anthony, but thank you for trying." Once we broke our hug I finally got to see what the girl looked like. Pinkie was pink pony with a bubbly pink mane, almost like cotton candy. She wore a blue striped shirt on the inside as well as a yellow short one on the outside. Going down she wore, short skinny blue jeans along with pink-striped stockings on her legs. The funny thing about Pinkie was that the shoes she was wearing almost looked like the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz.

"OH!! You talking about my shoes?" She asked.

"Why yes I a- Wait WHAT?!" Did she just hear what I thought?

"Of course I did!" She ask- "You know you don't have to narrate everything I say."

" you doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"That thing your doing right now?! How are you reading my mind?!"

"I'm not reading your mind silly, I'm just looking at the text."

"What text?"

"Duh, the text in the story."

"What story?"

"The one that the author is writing. Mr. PhoenixPrism sir, do you mind speeding this up a bit?" I was beyond confused right now.

"Yeah, I bet you would be."


"Don't mind her, she does this'll the time." Rainbow said as she padded my shoulder. Everything that happened the day I got here, from this day forward, it doesn't seem like logic apply to her. I've taken hallucinations, animatronics that wanted to kill me, and even Golden Freddy, I think I can handle Pinkie Pie. With alot of peop- I mean ponies in this house, I think my prank shall commence.

"Oh! What prank?"

"Just go along with it."

"Okie-Dokie-Lokie." I raised me eyebrow at her for a second but let it go. I remember I told Chica that any sort of light would flicker, in which that would be my signal to start the horrorfest. The lights started to flicker while all the girls including Spike became confused.

"Uh...Twilight? What's wrong with your lights?" Rainbow asked. Twilight put her finger on her chin.

"Strange, the lights don't usually happen like that." I backed away from the lights and had a horrified look on my face. They noticed my expression and started to become worried.

'Good, they're buying it.' I thought. "Oh no." I said.

"Anthony?" Spike said carefully. "What do you mean by "oh no"?" I had a traumatized look as I ran to the doors and windows, rushing them to be locked and closed. After they were all closed, the lights turned completely off for a few seconds before it went back to normal. I sat on one of the couches and began panting heavily.

"Well, it seems that the lights are working functionally again." Twilight said.

"Yeah but it doesn't look like Anthony's doing to well." Rainbow said. They all ran towards me. "Hey, you alright dude? You look a little pale." She said. I removed the sweat from forehead and stood up.

"Yeah-yeah, I'm fine, it's just...I-I get a little fidgety when it comes to flickering lights, I might have Selaphobia." I said.

"Selaphobia? What's that?" Rainbow asked.

"Selaphobia is the fear of flashing lights." Twilight informed. I thanked her for explaining it to her. Twilight had that worried look again.

"Did you have this disorder when you were born?" She asked.

"I think it was from the Freddy Fazbear's place. The first day I worked there it seemed like a breeze, but as they days went went by I kept having these hallucinations..." As soon as I said that, lightning occured as I saw shadows behind me. "...I kept seeing things because of how creepy everything was. Things like a yellow Freddy head with black souless eyes and a two word sentence saying "It's Me"." I looked up and saw terrified faces of Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike.

"Guys what's wrong?" I asked as Spike shakily pointed to behind me.

"LOOK BEHIND YOU!!" He yelled. As soon as I did, the "Toys" were gone. I smirked on the inside.

'Good job guys.' I thought. I walked to Twilight and spoke to her.

"Twilight...Twilight what happened?" I pleaded for her to answer me, thankfully she did.

"I-I-I...But-but...what?" She looked dazed in which actually kind of saddened me.

"I was afraid this would happen." I said. Spike walked beside me with confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Since you and Twilight came to visit me in the restaurant, just being there for a few hours can make pony hallucinate, because of it's past. We need to get Twilight to lie down." Spike picked her up and placed her on one of the couches. I heard a beeping sound in my watch and saw that the red triangle started to stop. I realized that the music had stopped winding up. I became nervous as I checked the camera in the Backstage. What I saw was Balloon Boy sleeping while holding a wrench in his hand. Anger started to get to me as I yelled one certain name.


Pop Goes the Marionette Part 3

View Online

Oh God Oh God Oh God! She's coming to get me! I'm done for! IM SO DEAD!! No Anth! Stop! Panicking will only make thing worse. How do. Stop her? There must be so sway to stop it. I hope I come up with something.

"Oh this is bad! Really really BAD!!" From my panicking everyone became worried, either because they saw biting my skin off, or just because of my face.

"Uh...Anthony? What are you talking about?" Spike asked. I looked at him in disbelief and and shock. That was when I grabbed by the t-shirt and pushed him to the wall.

"I'm talking about the Marionette! The Puppet! The most terrifying animatronic you will ever see!" I let go of him and started to pace around the place in anger. "And all because Balloon Boy forgot to wind of the STUPID music box like I told him to! Oh wait until I get my hands on him I'm gonna-"

"Wait!" Yelled Twilight. "What is the Marionette? Maybe we can help." I sighed heavily to try and calm down.

"Look, the story behind the Marionette was that she was mother in the beginning. After her child decided to leave her in the Freddy Fazbear restaurant, she committed suicide due to the depression of her lost child. Ever since she died the ghost of the mother still haunts the building. Rumor has it that the Marionette is the spirit of the dead mother that seeks revenge against me." Twilight seemed confused at the statement.

"Why does the Marionette want revenge on you?" She asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Since I'm the security guard in the haunted place, rumors were going off in my world saying that I was the one who killed his son." Everyone gasped throughout the room.

"Why would someone frame you?" Twilight started to become teary eyed.

"I'm not sure, what's worse is that people in my world think that I was the one that killed the five-" I saw the lights flicker rapidly and I started to get nervous.

"Quick! Pull the couch the couch over so we could hide behind it." I ordered in they did so. Rainbow had the face of realization. She flew right in front my face and gave an angry look.

"Wait a minute, why do we have to listen to what you do?" I gave a sigh of annoyance and stared at her back.

"Unless you want to be stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear that instantly kills you and lose your wings, I suggest you listen to me." I said sternly. Rainbow just stood there trying to say something back, but at the back of her head she knew I was right. She went back to pushing the couch as I went to turn off the lights. As finished doing that, I told everyone to hide behind the couch as did I. I knew Pinkie would be the one to talk behind all of this so I covered her mouth with my hand. As all of us waited for a few seconds until we started to here banging from the door. I saw Twilight starting up her magic until I stopped.

"No wait! Let her open it herself." I whispered


"I know how she thinks, if it's locked she knows there's peop- *clears throat* ponies in the room." I said. I shushed everyone as I saw the handle starting to turn. The door began to open only to see the most creepiest animatronic in the world.

'God that's one creepy face if I ever saw one.' I thought as I looked at the Marionette. Out of all the animatronics in the game, Marionette was definitely the tallest. Compared to her, we were like little mice. She wore what looked like black stockings along with three red buttons on her body, and speaking of her body, she looked anorexic more then anything, to a point where I just wanted to yell "eat a sandwitch" to her. And don't get me started on her face. Just like the Toy animatronics, she had those red rosy cheeks. What made her so scary to me was her eyes. They had light blue tear stains streaking down her face as she had black souless eyes with white tiny orbs in them. Everyone shivered at the sight of her, including me.

'Oh sure, float instead of walk why don't you? It's like your asking to be more creepy.' I thought as she kept floating, trying to find where I was I assumed. I needed to come up with a plan and fast. Just then, I realized I still had the old double A batteries in my pocket that Balloon Boy gave to me. I told my plan to Twilight as she nodded.

' goes nothing.' I thought. I rolled the batteries towards the stairs as the Marionette looked to the source of the noise. She looked at the batteries and then looked upstairs. She started floating upstairs, which was are que to tip-toe out of the house. As we got outside I closed door.

"Twlight, You keep an eye on the Marionette, make sure it doesn't leave the house." I walked to the Everfree forest before Twilight stopped me.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Twilight asked.

"I have to get the music box." I replied.

"What good will that do?"

"The music box is the reason that keeps the Marionette in the blue box, without it wound up, she would break free and have its chance to kill me." I ran the Forest to retrieve the music box. I just hope everyone will be alright.

(Twilight's POV)

After I saw Anthony run to the scary forest, I started to hear banging from inside the door. Startled, I tried to push agiainst it, only to have my shoes dragging the ground.

"Uh...a little HELP guys!" I emphasized the word to send a message, eventually they got it and tried to help me from the Marionette. The only problem was even with all four of us the Marionette was still trying to break free.

"Y'know, for something that's so skinny, it's pretty strong." Spike commented.

"Probably because of how tall it was." Rainbow Dash was right. The Marionette could match the height of Princess Celestia! Sadly, we weren't able to hold on any longer, so I had to think of something fast!

"Guys! I have to teleport to Sugarcube Corner! I don't think we can hold the Marionette much longer." Rainbow looked at me with worry.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked. I felt sorry for her and for Spike and Pinkie.

"I have to let go of the door." I said. Rainbow widened her eyes.

"Are you CRAZY?!?" She yelled even though I was right beside her. I didn't want to let go, but we had to do something or else the Marionette would get us.

"I need to concentrate so we could get there safely." They seemed hesitant, but nodded anyway.

"Ok, but hurry!" Spike said as the door moved him a bit. I closed my eyes as my horn started to glow. As the door started to let loose I was finally able to teleport all four of us inside Sugarcube Corner. I almost fell unconscious due to using up to much magic, thankfully Spike caught me in time.

"Thanks Spike." I squeaked out and he nodded. He placed me to a wall to lean on so I could rest. I had to take a few deep breaths just to regain my senses.

"So Twilight? Have any plans for the puppet thingy?" Rainbow asked. I was still tired a bit but I think I could come up with something.

"Anthony stated that we should just keep low for a while, though that we may have angered it, that may not as easy as it sounds." I smiled sheepishly as Rainbow looked a little agitated.

"WHAT?!? We can't just stay here and hide!" She yelled.

"What choice do we have?!" I countered. "Anthony said it was seeking out revenge, do want that...thing to take its grudge out on us?!" Rainbow had that annoyed look knowing that I was right.

"Whew! Thank Celestia that Mr. and Mrs. Cake are in Canterlot with the twins, or we may be in big trouble. How convenient right?" Pinkie asked. Now that I think about it, I guess it's good to not have the Cakes panicking and screaming, it might bring the Maionette even closer to us.

"Uh...Twilight?" Spike asked as he look at me. "Do you have any idea what that is?" I looked to where Spike pointed. My ears flopped down and I saw a big shadow, which meant I assumed the worse.

"Quick! Hide somewhere!" I quietly yelled as we all hid behind the cashier.

'I tell them to hide somewhere and we all hide in the same place.' I rolled my eyes on the inside due to the irony. I tool a peak for a second until I saw the Marionette looking around the tables. I quickly ducked under the cashier and looked at Spike.

"Don't make sound..." I mouthed and he nodded. All I heard was a few chairs moving here and there. A few minutes later when I thought the coast was clear, I checked once again, and thankfully it wasn't there. I gave a sigh of relief knowing that the Marionette was gone.

"Oh good It's gone." I notified the girls and Spike. Spike had a relieved look as did everypony else.

"So what do we do now?" Spike asked. I thought hard as I spoke.

"We have to be silent, when the Marionette arrives we have to hide and keep quiet." Rainbow had that annoyed look again.

"So were just supposed to hide like little wimps?" Rainbow asked.

"How are we supposed to take action if we don't know what it's capable of?" Once again, I was right and Rainbow didn't have anything to say about it. "For all we know it could be right behind us and we wouldn't even know." I was about to continue my rant until I saw everypony with terrified faces.

"I think I may have an idea." Spike commented. I looked down and saw the big shadow right behind me. Fear suddenly met me as I stood still like a statue.

"Marionette?" I mouthed fearfully as they all nodded. I turned around and saw the Marionette up close. Celestia! It almost more taller than the princess herself! It was definitely more creepy up front as well.

'Uh Oh.' I thought as I walked away in fear, pushing my friends to a wall. The funny thing about the Marionette was that it looked like it smirked evilly, as if it knew my magic wouldn't work on it. Rainbow wouldn't be able to take it down, it took four of us to hold the door, and yet we were still struggling.

"So...this is it huh?" Spike said sadly as I nodded in agreement.

"It would seem so." I said. Everypony looked away as did I. I shut my eyes tightly and waited for the Marionette to end my life.

"HEY!!!" That was all I heard before I opened my eyes again.

'Anthony.' I noticed that voice, and was relieve that he came back. The Marionette stopped and looked to the source of the voice.

"Don't hurt them. I'm the one you want." Anthony said. I couldn't see the Marionette's face, but I was for certain that it seemed angry. It floated rapidly until Anthony stopped it with his hand.

"Look, before you take your revenge out for me, I just want to give you something. Something that you would really enjoy." Anthony suddenly pulled a little box from his hands and smirked. "I hope you like it." From what I sawn the Marionette seemed to back away from the box, probably looking fearful,

'That must be the music box.' I thought. Before the Marionette could get away, Anthony wound up the music box as the Marionette seemed to looked tranced, The Marionette started to go to the music box as Anthony started backing up with it.

"I'll bring her back to the restaurant, you take up things from here." He said as I nodded. I didn't know what to do in a situation like this, all I did was watch Anthony taking care of the Marionette. Rainbow put her hand on my shoulder.

"Wow...I thought I was done for." She said and I nodded.

"We all thought we did." I replied back. I sudden thought had hit me as I walked outside the door.

"Hey Twilight? Where are you going? Can I come?" Pinkie asked. Wow! She hasn't talked in such a long time, probably because of the Marionette scaring her.

" can if you want to, but I'm gong to send a letter to Princess Celestia notifying what happened." I told Rainbow to go back to her house as she flew to it rapidly. With Anthony with the Marionette put back in its rightful place, I went back to my home as Spike followed me. As we got inside I immediately held my quill and began writing on a scroll.

Dear Princess Celestia,

It has come my attention that what you have stated is true. The creature that you have mentioned goes by the name of Anthony. The information he gave us tells us that there may be creatures, but they're not harmful, some are actually pretty friendly, well exept one. Anthony refers to it as "The Marionette". It may not be a real life creature, but it seems to be a spiritual one. Though it may not be dangerous now, but it might be in the future. I shall wait for your reply on your opinion.

You Faithful Student,
Twilight Sparkle

After the letter was sent, I gave to Spike as he used his magic to send it. When I saw it floating away, looked at the window and saw the Everfree Forest, right next to Fluttershy's cottage. With one final glance, I gave one final thought.

'I just hope the Princess will clear things up, it she can't help us, I'm not sure who will.'

The Royal Meeting

View Online

Ugh...finally the Marionette is put back in the box. I wonder what would happen if she did get her revenge on me...Uh actually I thinks it's best that I don't know. Twilight said that I had to go to her house again for something important today. But to leave my animatronics again? I'm not sure what to do, maybe I ask the "Toys" of what I should do.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

After I finished putting the Marionette back in it's place I sat down on the floor panting while leaning on the table. The "Toys" looked at me with astonishment.

"Wow." Freddy said, having no words to say.

"I didn't think it could be done." Bonnie said, looking just as speechless as Freddy was.

"MY HERO!!" I assumed that was Chica because all I saw was yellow fur hugging me and nuzzling me affectionately, and every time she does this, I start to blush a bit, probably because I'm not use to Chica hugging me, heck I'm not use to any girl or... animatronic hugging me.

"Ok...Chica, you can let go now." I said awkwardly said as Chica looked at me in embarrassment and her beak turned red. A few minutes later I got my stamina I looked at the box with the Marionette inside it.

'You'd think it would take less time to wind up the music box, but I can't complain, it really strengthens your arm as well.' I thought. I stretched my right arm, wincing a bit at the soreness as Chica noticed.

"Here, let me get that for you." She simply said. She went to my right side and massaged my shoulder. Her hands felt so heavenly, she added a little pressure to my shoulders, but not so much at the same time. After she was done I stood up and thank her. I noticed the blush on her beak and looked at her weirdly. You know, now that I think about Chica, she seems oddly weird around me all the time. I guess it's probably nothing.

" that the Marionette is in the box again, what now?" Bonnie asked. I stopped midway since I didn't think about that until now. Actually, that reminded me of something.

"Well, I have to get back to Twilight's today." Chica widened her eyes and looked at me.

"What? Why?!" She seemed nervous for some reason, but before she would become anxious I raised my hand at her.

"I was getting to that. You see...I didn't want to leave you guys again, but she said I had to get there ASAP. So...I was wondering about your opinion on what I should do." I said. The only response I got from them was a shrug from Feddy's shoulders.

"Well...we could come with you." I widened my eyes because I didn't even think of that. Why didn't I? Anyway it was my turn to shrug my shoulders.

"I guess it shouldn't be a problem, and besides, this would give you a chance to see the outside world for the first time." I smiled as the "Toys" pumped their fists in victory. I thought it would be a good opportunity myself. I just hope they don't cause any mischief.

(Golden Oaks Library)

As me and the "Toys" finally made to Twilight's house, they all had amazed smiled on their faces.

"Wow! This is Twilight's house?" Chica asked curiously. I nodded and smiled.

"Welcome my Toys, to the Golden Oaks Library!" I exclaimed. As they were looking around the house slash library, I knocked on the door only to see Spike in front of it.

"Oh hey Anthony, your just in time." As he gestured to join inside. I motioned the "Toys" to come inside along with. As the "Toys" went inside the somewhat treehouse, Spike had a sudden realization look on his face probably knowing who the "Toys" were.

"Hey! Look who's back! It's...who are you guys again?" Or probably not. I facepalmed on the inside and gave a big sigh on the outside.

"Spike these were the animatronics I was talking about when you guys came to inspect the restaurant." I gestured to the group.

"This is Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy, the leader of the animatronics." I stated as they gave hand shakes one at a time. Spike called down Twilight as Twilight looked her notes as she was walking down the stairs. She noticed me a and smiled.

"Oh hey Anthony, thank you for coming on such a short notice." She sheepishly smiled and I lightly chuckled.

"Don't worry Twilght, what was the emergency anyway?" Twilight gave a thoughtful look.

"It not an emergency per say, it's more like a-" Her sudden stop made me confused a bit, until I noticed her looking at the animatronics.

"I-I'm sorry but...have we met somewhere before?" She said, in which is where I stepped in.

"Twilight, these are the animatronics that were with us a few days ago when you guys were in the restaurant." It looked like Twilight had a sudden click in her memory.

"Oh Yeah! Um...okay, let me see if I can get your names." Twilight closed one eye and stuck her tongue out. Seeing her trying her hardest to remember what the names kind of made me laugh on the inside. "Yours is...Chica, you...Bonnie, and your names is...Freddy?" She seemed unsure, but she got it all right.

"Well at least YOU remember the names." I smiled and looked at Spike as his cheeks reddened in embarrassment. After the introductions were done I finally looked at Twilight realizing why we're here in the first place.

"So Twilght, why did you want me to come here anyway?" I asked. Twilight widened her eyes and told me to wait for her to get something. It only took a few seconds for her to come downstairs.

"Here, take a look at this?"

"What is it?"

"It's a letter from Princess Celestia." I remember Twilight mentioning something about this "Princess Celestia" before, but I never got see this princess in person. All that Twilight had told me was that she was her teacher of some sort. If Twilight says that she's a princess, she must be royalty right? Anyway, I opened the scroll only to see very neat and cursive writing, I may not be at it, but I'm sure I can read a few words.

Dear My Faithful Student,

I humbly thank you for sending this information to me. You have stated that this "Anthony" you refered to is quite friendly, if what you say is true, then I would like you, Spike, and Anthony invited inside the castle in Canterlot. I'll will send two of my guards to bring you here within three days, until that time we'll discuss about "The Marionette" you mentioned. You saying it was spiritual has intrigued me.

Your Teacher,
Princess Celestia

'Canterlot? Sounds like a place in King Arthur's time.' I thought. The way I read it was that they just want to see who I am, that's not really suprising there.

"The princess said that the guards would get here within three days, the third day being today." Twilight said. I gave off a pondering look, because one question came to mind.

"If this is the third day, when are the guards coming?" I asked. When I asked that I heard something land on the ground. Everyone including me went outside to see what it was. To my and the toys' surprise, we all saw this huge somewhat of a chariot, with two Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, there were two pegasi in front of the chariot, in which one of them spoke.

"Ms. Sparkle. The princess requests that you come with us to Canterlot immediately." Twilight nodded and went on. I was about to follow her until one of the guards stopped me.

"Sir, are you Anthony?" He asked. I raised my eyebrow at the question.

" did you know?"

"The princess had notified us about the letter which was sent by Ms. Sparkle." I nodded. Seemed reasonable to me. I motioned the "Toys" to jump on the chariot as I was the last to get on. I was about to hop on until one of the pegasi stopped me.

"Who are those?" The guard asked. I smiled warmly at him.

"Don't worry, those three are with me." I simply said. He shrugged his shoulders as I sat down with Chica at the edge of the chariot. Awkward silence started to kill me after a few minutes, but Freddy and Bonnie were looking at the view from outside, so I had to do something to break the ice.

" feeling better now that your coming with us?" I asked. Chica smiled warmly at me.

"I am now." She simply said. My face started to turn red when she put her head my shoulder and somehow put her arm around mine. After all these days I've been in this world, I've never seen Chica act so bold towards me, Why? Don't get me wrong, I like it what she's doing...but...there's gotta be a reason. Twilight said that it would take a few hours to get to Canterlot, so I guess a nap couldn't hurt, just looking at the scenery made me a bit tired anyway. I'm actually curious about Canterlot, I just hope it's not more than I bargained for.

After a few hours of sleeping, I felt something shake me lightly, trying to wake me up.

"Hey, wake up sleepy head." The soothing voice said, turns out that the voice was Chica. My vision started to come back to me as I began to rub my eyes.

"We here already?" I said as I let out a yawn. She giggled when a yawned but she didn't say anything.

"Already? It's been seven hours! You must've over slept." She said. I slowly sat up before responding back.

"Well, we're here anyway. Time to get up." I said as me and Chica woke everyone up, seems like Twilight and Spike were sleeping as well. Once they they woke up I told that we were landing soon. I laughed on the inside because of the drool that came out of her mouth. After everyone sat up and got out of the chariot, Twilight thanked the guards for giving them a ride. Me and the animatronics looked the place in awe.

"So...this is Canterlot huh?" Bonnie asked. Twilight nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, it seems that it's only famous for the Equish and the posh." Twilight said. As me and Twilight were talking to each other, I couldn't help but noticed the nobles in this city, at least that's what I thought they were. Everyone was looking at me. Some were disgusted, some were curious, while others were...scared? I guess they must've saw my canines. Anyways, it only took a few minutes to get to the castle, and boy, it was HUGE! It was almost as big as the White House. As we all walked towards the castle I saw two guards...guarding the door. They're called guards for a reason.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle, We're here to see Princess Celestia." she firmly stated, though I can hear the nervousness in her tone of voice. They gave a nod and lowered their spears. Once we got inside me and the gang looked at every nook and cranny that we could look at. I was amazed at it all, soon enough we made to the halls of the castle. The weird thing was that as I kept walking into the halls, I kept seeing these paintings everywhere.

"Hey Twilight?" I asked when she looked at me. "What's with all these paintings? It even looks like your in some of them." Twilight's looked at some of the paintings and let out a big sigh.

"These pictures represent the past events that have occurred during my stay here with my friends." We go closer to the picture and look up at it. "This picture was when me with the help of my friends had defeated the God of Chaos and Disharmony, Discord." All the animatronics let out an applaud "oooooohh" and "aaaahhh"'s. "And this, was when Spike brought back the Crystal Heart and destroyed the evil ruler of the Crystal Empire, King Somba." I will admit that the stories Twilight told were quite interesting, for once I actually wanted to here more of it.

"Well, still reminiscing about the past Twilight Sparkle?" The mysterious voice said from the right. Twilight looked to the source of the voice and smiled.

"Princess!" Wait, that's the princess? She's pretty tall for a pony no less.

"Princess?" I immediately closed my mouth as the animatronics hid behind me. I looked at the shadow and strangely enough, I only saw my own shadow. Sadly, the princess heard me and looked at me.

"Is this Anthony you refered to?" She said. Twilight nodded.

"Yes. Anthony, this is Princess Celestia. Ruler of Equestria and the Goddess of the Sun." Oh. OH!!!

"Oh well...hi." I spoke nervously. I never actually got see royalty before. Princess Celestia was a white mare with...three different types of colors on here mane, teal, light blue, and violet. What made her mane so fascinating was that it was flowing in the air, even though there was no wind inside the castle. She had a beautiful white dress, long enough to barely see her golden heels. The curious thing about the dress was the fact that it had some yellow streaks on it, along with a symbolic sun on the right side of her dress. When I took a good look at her I noticed the crown on her head.

'I guess she really is royalty.' I thought before my eyes widened in realization. 'OH CRAP!!'

"Oh I'm sorry your highness...I had no idea that-" She stopped me with just a raise of the hand before looking.

"You do not need to be nervous, you are not from this world, therefore there is no need for you to bow." Her voice was voice majestic and motherly, if I wasn't frozen from anxiety, I would just sigh dreamily, and her smile, it could just melt even the coldest of hearts. I smiled and backed away a little from the personality she had.

"Thank you...your highness, we appreciate it." I saw the princess tilt her head in a confused manner.

"We? Are there more of your kind here?"

"Uh...well not exactly." I guess that was my que to see the animatronics. Chica comically popped her head on the left side, Bonnie on the right, and Freddy on the top of my head. They finally showed themselves as the princess had a surprised look.

"Are these your friends?" She asked me. I nodded and gestured to them.

"Oh! Uh...yeah, um..." I gestured to the animatronics. "This is Chica, that one is Bonnie, and finally is Freddy." They all said "Hello" in unison, which I kind of thought was weird. Chica walked on front of her out of curiosity, bit kind of backed when she noticed how she was.

"So..." She began. "Are you really a princess?" Chica asked. Princess smiled at her.

"Why yes. Always been one for over a thousand years." Chica put her hands on her face and made a *squee* sound. This is when Bonnie joined the conversation.

"A thousand years? Pardon me you highness age doesn't seem to be accurate." Everyone raised their eyebrows including me. "I mean don't take this the wrong way, but from the looks of your appearance you should be at least no less than 25." Bonnie concluded. When I looked at the princess her face confused me. Why was she so flustered? She soon regained her composure.

"Although I may look young, I assure you I am not." The princess gave a sad sigh. I can't imagine what kind of things the princess had done during her thousand years. I didn't want the princess to be sad so I changed the subject.

"So...princess-" Before I could continue, the Princess interrupted me again with a raise of a hand.

"Please, formalities are not needed, you may call me Celestia." She smiled warmly, a bit to much for my comfort.

"O....K." I looked at her weirdly but continued anyway. "Twilight gave me the letter you sent as I read it. You said you wanted to know more about the Maroinette, any particular reason why?" I looked curious about her answer.

"Twilight stated that this "Marionette" was not a creature in a physical manner, but in a spiritual way. I would like to more about it if something bad occurs." Celestia looked at me with general concern. I was confused and raised my eyebrow.

"And you thought that you could bring me here because of my experience with it?"

"That was essentially the plan yes." I was about to shout, but nothing came to mind, mostly because her plan was genius! Celestia really planned ahead didn't she?

"Well...Can we do this somewhere private?" Twilight and Celestia looked confused until I kept going. "It's just that I don't want to let out too much information, it can be a bit grim sometimes." I said. Celestia gave a nod in understanding and suggested something to me.

"We could always go in my workroom if that's what you pefer." And I told her to lead the way. I'd better get comfortable here, this might take a while. A VERY long while.

It's been few hours that me and Celestia and the occasional Twilight had been conversing to one another. Celestia had been asking me about the Marionette, in a brief summary, I told her that she wanted to kill me. Celestia seemed shocked at my statement, but I told her why. After that she asked about how the animatronics were created, but I just told her they were created by another human named Scott, though they didn't his last name, I certainly did. She continued on the subject but asking if there were more of the animatronics in which I said yes to. I told her I was repairing them during my time here working on an animatronic named Foxy the Pirate. Another few more hours of talking I started to yawn as it started a chain reaction. Everyone started to bid there goodbyes as Celestia told some of the gaurds to escort us back to Ponyville.

Once we got back to Ponyville, Twilight and Spike said goodbye to me and the "Toys" as they went back to their treehouse...or library. I waved goodbye and went to the Everfree Forest where our home was. The "Toys" went up to the Stage Area and just stood there. I knew they didn't need sleep, but I thanked them because I needed it. As I was going to my office and to my bed, I couldn't help but notice that there was I small piece of paper on my desk. I flipped the paper only to see two words written on it.

'Where's Mommy?

Like Mother Like Son

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That note, who wrote it? It's been on my mind ever since I saw it. I have to know who wrote this message. It could be anyone. Well...looks like I'm going to be reaserching helpful information.

"Where's mommy?" I said to myself. I was on the Show Stage walking and pacing around the room nervously. The "Toys" were looking at me curiously, more specially Freddy and Bonnie, while Chica was looking at me a little worried.

"Woah...what got you all worked up today Anthony?" Bonnie asked. I gave the note to Bonnie as he looked at me in confusion. "Where's mommy? What's that suppose to mean?" He gave me back the note and I looked at him.

"Exactly!" I began. "I need to know who wrote this message. It could mean something important!" I empathized the word important.

"How do you know if it IS important?" Freddy asked. Damn! He has a point.

"I might not sure if it is important or not, but I'm going to try to and find some leads to it." I said. "And by doing that, I'm going to start with the Game Area." I put the note in my pocket I walked to said area. I asked if anyone wanted to come with me as Chica ran beside me without hesitation. When we traveled to the Game Area, me...and Chica for some reason, went to look for clues one who could've written the message. After searching for a few minutes I couldn't help but think someone was watching me, the only person that I can think that would do that is-

'Hello...' And there it is.

"Hey Balloon Boy." I greeted and he just started to hug my legs. I could die of happiness if it wasn't for this note. Chica let out an "awww" when she saw me hugging Balloon Boy. When I was hugging, something popped up in my head. Why won't I get Balloon Boy to join me in this...somewhat investigation? It couldn't hurt could it?

"Hey Balloon Boy." He let's go of me and looks at me curiously. "Me and Chica were looking for clues on who could've wrote message," I gave him the notes. "do you have any ideas?" I asked. Balloon Boy looked at the note and frowned. I guess that means no huh?

"Oh well, thank you for trying anyway." Chica said.

"Would you like to help us?" I added. He looked at me for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders. With Balloon Boy on our side, we had more eyes to cover the restaurant, the bad news was that we haven't put those eyes to good use. Sure we looked everywhere in the place, but we couldn't find anything. We were going back to my office to take a break.

"*sigh* why is always such a chore to look for-" Before I could rant, I heard crunching sound on foot.

"Paper?" I looked down to see another note, at least that's what I thought it was.

"What does it say?" Chica asked. I unraveled the paper to see another message was written down.

IT'S ME!!!

- GF

GF? What's that suppose to mean? I gave a pondering look for a few minutes, it must've been a signature of some sort. I kept pondering about the sign until I felt Balloon Boy tugging my pants. I gave him a "what is it?" look while Balloon Boy pointed to the end of the hall. I tried to find something he was looking at, but I saw nothing.

"What am I looking at?" I asked him, but he kept pointing to the dark hall. I grabbed my flashlight and once I turned it on, all I saw the most terrifying face in the world, right next to the Maronette's face of course. All I saw was a broken down Freddy head, but it was yellow. What made it creepy was that left ear was completely off, and those souless eyes. Nothing creeps me out more than black eyes. Once I got a look at it, I accidentally dropped the flashlight in fear as the hall became dark again.

"What the hell was that?!" I shouted. Chica and Balloon Boy shrugged their shoulders. It must be my head playing games with me. I let out a groan of annoyance and went to pick up my flashlight. When I looked back up, it was back again, but now it revealed it's whole body. Everyone backed away from it including me.

"What do we do?" Chica asked me. We couldn't do anything but just stand there while it was staring at us. I looked at the note one more time. Time seemed to slow down as I looked at the initials.

"GF..." I said to myself. Maybe I really did have amnesia because something clicked inside my head.

"G-GOLDEN FREDDY!!" Everyone jumped a little at my outburst, including the bear. "Y-You were the one who wrote the message!!" The bear looked surprised as he started to fade away, possibly trying to get away. "Hey wait!" I tried to get him, but he was already gone.

"Where did he go?" Chica looked around the place to see if he was anywhere, but there was no such luck. I checked the cameras to see that the newly pronounced Golden Freddy was leaving the Main Hall.

"He's leaving the Main Hall" I declared. "We have to catch him!" I said as I bolted out the door. The last thing I saw was Chica picking up Balloon Boy because he couldn't run. I have to know if he wrote that message, if he did, then I would be able to help him out.


After running through the forest, I made it to Ponyville with Balloon Boy and Chica right beside me. After taking deep breaths from running, I saw Golden Freddy disappearing in front of Fluttershy's cottage.

"Oh no..." I murmured as I ran to the cottage. I gestured the animatronics to follow along before we lose Golden Freddy. Once we were at here door, my heart started to pound a little. My face starts to flush just from the thought of her. I quickly shook my head from the thoughts and took a deep breath. I knocked the doors and waiting for a few seconds.

"Who is it?" Said a cute and meek voice. My face turned even more red.

"I-It's me...Anthony." All I heard was an *eep* from the inside as the door opened. There she was, her pink mane curled so gracefully and her face so cute that it could melt even the coldess of hearts, metally and physically.

"H-Hello." Was all she said. Yeah, me and her would always get awkward with each other. I as usually the one to break the ice.




Okay this is not helping my case.

" Do you see anything strange outside your cottage at any time?" I asked hoping to get a yes from here.

"Um...I don't think so." She said, until she gave a look of realization hit her. "Oh no! Should I have?!" She became fearful again. Seeing her frightened just crushes my heart.

"N-No! It's just animatronic got loose again." I gave a sheepish look. Fluttershy gasped at the news.

"Oh my...d-did the Marionette come back again?"

"Well not exactly, it's-" I did a double take on what Fluttershy said. " do you know who the Marionette is?" I asked. She stepped backed a bit before answering.

"Well...Twilight told us to meet everypony at her place. She told us about what happened this morning when you were in the Everfree Forest." I let out an annoyed grunt. "You're not mad are you?" She looked at me with those amazing teal eyes, I could get tranced in it all day, wait WHAT?!

"I could never get angry at something so cute like you." I immediately clamped my hands to mouth in embarrassment. A flushed face is Fluttershy was lookng at. I just couldn't stop myself from saying that. GOD!! I feel like an idiot right now.

"T-Thank you." I looked at her again to see her twirling her mane with her finger looking just as red as I was. I purposely cleared my throat when Chica tapped my shoulder.

"I'm sorry to break your heart warming moment, but isn't there an animatronic we were supposed to catch?" She asked. My eyes widened because I totally forgot about that.

"Oh crap!! S-sorry Fluttershy I gotta go." I gave a her note for her to read. "If you anything like this note, make sure you notify me alright?" She nodded. I saw Balloon Boy point closer to the town, so I ran to try and find out where he was. The last thing I saw from Fluttershy was that she was holding the note close to her heart and giving a dreamy sigh before going back inside her cottage. I raised my eyebrow before going to the town. I didn't want to look suspicious because of the on-the-loose animatronic, so I just walked putting on my innocent smile to those who say hi to me. It only took a few minutes before I saw Golden Freddy. We were in the clear anyway, so we could run all we want.

"There he is!" Chica shouted. I saw him disappearing in the Carousel Boutique, oh great, it looks like he went inside the building. I knocked on the door to see Rarity answer it.

"Oh Deary...Anthony what are you doing here?" She asked. Here she is, looking like the drama queen she is, looking shocked as ever, with her hand on her heart and everything. She's lucky she's hot...Wait WHAT!?!? That was weird.

"I'm actually here because animatronic escaped in my place and...I'm in assumption that it may have came here." I backed a bit in embarrassment. Rarity looked like was shocked and scared at the same time.

"A-a-a-anoth-th-ther o-one?" That's weird, for a second it looked like she was about to- oh no.

"Rarity!!" Thank the Lord for my reflexes or else I wouldn't have caught her in time. I placed on her couch a waited for her to wake up for a minutes, during that time I looked around the place to see if Golden Freddy was anywhere in sight, sadly, there wasn't. After looking around the place, Balloon Boy told me that Rarity was starting to wake up, with gestures of course. I went to the living room to see Rarity slowly opening her eyes and looked at me.

"Rarity, you ok?" I asked. Rarity looked at me with half lidded eyes. I could've sworn I saw hearts in them. "Uh...Rarity?" I asked again, this time she snapped out her trance and blushed out of embarrassment.

"Oh...sorry, I Uh...w-what was it that you wanted to talk about dear?" She asked. I looked at her oddly but then told the problem.

"There's an animatronic on the loose, and I suspect that he came into this area." I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the message and gave it to her. "Notify me if you see this message." I said and she nodded. I checked the house once more before saying goodbye. That's weird, Rarity doesn't usually act like that. Is Golden Freddy doing that to her? I kept thinking about the possibilities before hearing out the window what sounded like a squeal. I looked to see Rarity hugging a pillow, almost snuggling or nuzzling it with a huge smile and blush placed on her face.

"What the?" I was more confused than anything, Golden Freddy is gotta be the one doing this. "That's so strange."

"What's strange?" Chica asked.

"Everyone that I went to visit so far were either sighing dreamily or just looked flustered in general." I had this thinking look my face. "You don't think Golden Freddy is behind all of this do you?" I looked at Chica to see that she padded my shoulder.

"Maybe not, but I think it could be someone else doing all this lovy-dovy stuff." Chica stepped closer without me noticing while...fluttering her eyes at me? I's a good...uh...I know she gives me affection, but...sometimes a bit to much. I backed away from her personally space a continued to walk wherever Golden Freddy was. From afar, Anthony didn't realize that Chica looked at Balloon Boy, only see his unamused face looking at her.

"What?" Was all Chica said.

Me, Chica, and Balloon Boy have been walking for what seemed like hours...well Balloon Boy kind of waddled, but it still counts as walking. Thank goodness Balloon Boy was like a detecter, or else we wouldn't be able to find Golden Freddy anywhere, and man he was MOVING! The candy store, the dentistry, the town hall, even the flower shop, It was like playing a game of cat and mouse with him. We were all tired due to the running and chasing after him, especially Chica. She had to carry Balloon Boy everywhere because he couldn't run. I told her I'll carry him next time, in which she gadly accepted the offer. After a few minutes I saw Balloon Boy pointing at a random direction.

"What is it BB?" I asked, he emphasized his pointing, which probably meant he was around here somewhere. After a few minutes of trying to find out where he was pointing, it turns out we were going to the Sweet Apple Acres, oh boy.

"Well, he we are." I stated as Chica pointed to the place.

"And there here is!" I looked to where Chca pointed and saw Golden Freddy disappearing again. I gave a sigh of annoyance before going to the barn. Not to long far the path, I saw Applejack carrying a bucket of apples so I decided to say hi to her. I tapped her on the shoulder, but unfortunately for me she almost dropped the bucket.

"Gahhhh!!!" She slightly yelped. I help her with her bucket so it wouldn't be able to fall. She looked at me and gave a sigh of relief before scolding me. "Dang Nabit Anthony! Don't scare me like that!" She yelled. I slighty scrached my head with a sheepish smile on my face.

"S-Sorry AJ, I needed to talk to you about something." I walked with her to the barn to put the apples away. I followed AJ to the barn and told Chica and Balloon Boy to come with me. Once we went inside she put the bucket down on a bunch of hay and looked.

"So...what did ya need t' talk 'bout?" Her tone of voice seemed more curious than anything, she probably forgave me for the little scare, but why so quickly?

"Well, it's about an animatronic."

"An animawhata?"

"An animatronic, you know like these two here." I gestured to Chica and Balloon Boy. Applejack looked at them and looked surprised for a second.

"So yer those animal thingies that tried ta scare me and mah friends." Oh boy, jumping to conclusions again, I jumped in the conversation before it could get out of hand.

"Technically, Golden Freddy was the cause of all that, not these two." I simply said.

"Wait...who?" She asked.

"Golden Freddy is an animatronic is the only one that doesn't a physical way. The Marionette, which I'm sure Twilight had told you about-"

"She has."

"She has this spiritual thing about her, while Golden Freddy has the same thing. He was the one saying "It's me" when you guys were in the building, and the one currently one the loose." I lowered my voice hoping she wouldn't hear the last part. Sadly she did.


"We came because Balloon Boy here detected that Golden Freddy came here in this building." Applejack looked puzzled.


'Hi...' I looked down at Balloon Boy which was behind my legs, pretending but not failing to be cute. As Balloon Boy was slowly peeking out of my legs, Applejack kneeled down to hs level and smiled warmly at him.

"Well ain't ya just a cute little feller." I couldn't help but smile, so I picked him up and held him like a baby.

"I know, when I first saw him I practically died because of his CUTENESS!!!" I gave him a big squeeze of affection and he gave it back. When I looked back at the girls they had a look of...jealousy? It's probably nothing. I put Balloon Boy down and looked at Applejack.

"Look, do you mind if we look around the barn for a bit? I just don't want anyo-pony to get hurt." Again, another slip of the tongue. Thankfully, Applejack hadn't noticed the slip-up.

"Uh...sure?" Applejack seemed unsure, but I can't blame her. I told Balloon Boy to lead until he bumped into something. He looked and saw as well as me and Chica. What we saw was a hulking red fured stallion with a sort of blonde mane, it was more like a light orange though. Balloon Boy looked up at the figure, being more curious than me. At first the stallion looked at him a bit confused before smiling warmly a picking him up.

"Well howdy big brother! You here for the apples?" Applejack asked.

"Eeyup." Was all he said. I looked at Applejack to see she finally realized something.

"Oh! Sorry, Anthony, this is mah big brother Big Macintosh." She said. I went up to him and offer him a hand shake, the only problem was that when he gripped my hand, I winced a bit at his strength.

"That's quite the grip you got there." I said sheepishly.

"Eeyup." I'm guessing he's not the one to talk much. After a few seconds it was starting to get awkward really fast, so I had to think of something.

"Uh hey, why don't I introduce to my friends? Uh, this right here is Chica..." she gave a small wave. "and the one your holding onto is Balloon Boy." I saw Balloon Boy hug his face when Chica let out an "awww" again.

"So your Anthony huh?" Wow he's got a deep voice. "My sis has been talkin' alot 'bout ya." I looked at Applejack to see her smiling sheepishly with a blush on her cheeks. Now that I look at him, he seemed really muscular, I bet the mares chase after him everyday, he is an earth pony after all. Big Macintosh wore a red and white square patterned shirt with blue overalls that's has one button. The weird thing about him was that if he didn't have red fur and had dark brown hair, he would probably be a good inpersonator for that Ralph guy in...what was that movie again? I'll think about it later.

"Look, Mr. Macintosh-"

"Just call me Big Mac." He said. I was suprised of what he said.


"A friend of mah sister is a friend of mine." Um...ok? Why do I need your approval again? I better not say that out loud though.

"Uh, thanks. Anyway, do you think that we can check around your house? Something been lurking around here of mine and we're trying to get it back."

"Eeyup." He gave me the go ahead as I went towards inside the barn with my partners. I told Balloon Boy to lead the way so that we could find Golden Freddy more easily. The good news was that we GOT to see the whole barn, the bad news was that we HAD to see the whole barn. Golden Freddy was moving from one place to another. Eventually we had to leave the place because Golden Freddy was going back to the Everfree Forest. I bid Applejack and Big Mac a farewell to catch Golden Freddy once and for all.

"Look there he is!" Shouted Chica. I picked up Balloon Boy and chased the spirit to the forest. After a few minutes we finally made it back to my own building. We went inside and ran to the Office to stop him.

"Balloon Boy! Now!" I said. Balloon Boy started giggling as Golden Freddy stood there frozen Balloon Boy has a weird set of powers, powers that I will never figure out . I was suprised, not because that we couldn't teleport no thanks to Balloon Boy, but that he genuinely seemed suprised.

"Ok Golden, I have a few questions to ask you." I said sternly. I was a litte upset that I had to chase him all through of Ponyville, so I'm not letting this opportunity go to waste.

"The note that said "It's Me" when I first looked at it. The signature's on it was labeled GF, meaning Golden Freddy, am I right?" He gave a slow nod. "When I read the "where's mommy?" note, it matched the same hand writing with the "It's me" note even though it was difficult to realize that. Don't tell me you didn't write the "where's mommy" note." I looked at him few seconds to notice his expression went from sad to downtrottened. Balloon Boy padded his back while I kneeled down to see him.

"So, DO you know where your mother is?" Chica asked. Golden Freddy looked back at Chica, then back to me.

"Well? Do you?" I said. I was starting to understand him a little more, that's why I said that in a soft tone. Eventually he nodded a "no" and I stood back up. "Just as I thought." I said. Chica seemed to have a worried look when she spoke.

"So what do we do now?" She asked.

"We're going to help him." My answer confused both Balloon Boy and Chica.

"Help him? With what?"

"There's only thing we can do." I said.

"We're going to find Golden's mother."

And the Tally is...

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Its been almost four hours since I've been making the finishing touches on Foxy, thankfully his power was off so I could make the correct adjustments. Golden Freddy appeared as I looked at him.

"Found your mother yet?" I asked. He gave a sad nod in reply. I petted him and reassured him.

"Don't worry, I'll find you mother sooner or later." I said. Golden smiled and disappeared to who knows where.

"What about him?" I heard Mangle ask. I looked at the scene to see Chica talking to Mangle. I didn't want them to see me since they thought I was working on Foxy.

"I just didn't want him to think less of me that's all." That sounded like Chica.

'Think less of?' I thought. I kept listening in case I missed something.

"Well? Did you try to give him signals?"

"YES!! All of them I gave to him! He just doesn't seem to notice though."

"Do think he's oblivious?"

"He wasn't like this before."

'Before?' Something seemed suspicious here.

"Do you think it's because of his amnesia?"

"Maybe, I'm not exactly sure."

"And after all of this you still have feelings for him?"

"More than anything!"

"Then you gotta go for the gold!"

"But what if he turns me down?"

"C'mon. We known him since the very first time he's worked here, do you really think he'll do that?"


If you don't do something soon, then someone else might take him."

'Please, like who?' I thought. I stopped myself because of the problem I was having. 'Am I really that oblivious?' Ok. I have to put my head around this. Maybe Twilight can bring some light in this. I slowly walked to the Main Hall so that no one can hear me. So now I have not one, but two problems to solve.

So there you have it. I hope you guys are looking forward to it. I'm going to complete it as fast as I can. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say, instead that have to try and pass 1,000 word mark. I hope so. Anyway I hope you guys are excited, I know I am. I shall see you guys next time.


Hearts for the Oblivious

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Well, Old Freddy is done, having worked on Foxy before hand, it shouldnt take that long. Although after this, I still need to figure out who Golden's mother is, but there is another mystery that comes to mind. Why would Chica be interested in me? *sigh* If any more girls were to "like" me, I would feel like that Mary Sue girl, but only as a guy.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

With nothing else to do, I was just repairing Foxy with the help of Balloon Boy. The good thing about Foxy was that his power could be turned off so I could make the correct adjustments later on when he's malfunctioning. Continuing on working on Foxy, Golden Freddy suddenly appeared, curiously looking at what I was doing. Balloon Boy gave a "hello" as Golden waved at him.

"Found your mother yet?" I asked. He gave a sad nod in reply. I petted him and reassured him.

"Don't worry, I'll find you mother sooner or later." I said. Golden smiled and disappeared to who knows where. Finally putting some news screws on Foxy's hook, me and Balloon Boy had completed his look. Satisfied with my work, I was going back to my Office, but something could be hear from one of the Party rooms. It was a bit quiet for me to here, but it was noticeable.

"What about him?" I heard Mangle ask. I looked at the scene to see Chica talking to Mangle. I didn't want them to see me since they thought I was working on Foxy.

"I just didn't want him to think less of me that's all." That sounded like Chica.

'Think less of?' I thought. I kept listening in case I missed something.

"Well? Did you try to give him signals?"

"YES!! All of them I gave to him! He just doesn't seem to notice though."

"Do think he's oblivious?"

"He wasn't like this before."

'Before?' Something seemed suspicious here.

"Do you think it's because of his amnesia?"

"Maybe, I'm not exactly sure."

"And after all of this you still have feelings for him?"

"More than anything!"

"Then you gotta go for the gold!"

"But what if he turns me down?"

"C'mon. We known him since the very first time he's worked here, do you really think he'll do that?"


"If you don't do something soon, then someone else might take him." As I kept listening, I seemed a little doubtful about the situation.

'Please, who could possibly have feelings for me?' I thought. I stopped myself for a second because of what I said. 'Am I really that oblivious?!' Even before I came here in this world I had the same problem with woman. Some would flirt with me and I wouldn't even notice. It's not that I'm homosexual, it's just that I have a hard time reading what girls are really saying. So now that that I know that Chica has a crush on me, I didn't know what to think. I went back in the Backstage because I didn't want Chica to know I eavesdropped.

"Anthony? Anthony?!" She called out.

"In here." I said. I put my helmet back on and told Balloon Boy not to gestured a word. Chica walks in as I take off my mask off and wipe my forehead.

"Did you just finish with the old models?" She asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, just recently." I said. I put Foxy Backstage while Chica was following me every step of the way. Once I put him away, I picked up Old Freddy and brought him to the repair room, in which is what I call it now.

"So..." Chica began. "Are you doing anything after this?" She asked. Ever since that conversation I listened to, I couldnt help but get nervous. It's not that I don't like her, it's just I don't know what to feel right now.

"Well, after finishing with Freddy here, I have to go Twilight's library." I looked at Chica to see her have a confused expression on her face.

"Whatever for?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Not sure. Twilight never told me about it. Though it could probably be just her asking more questions about my species, I don't know."

"Do you know when you'll get back?" She asked. I scratched the back of my head.

"I'm not sure, but I hope it doesn't take me too long." I looked at the clock and almost jumped because of what time it was. "OH! Uh...listen, I gotta go to Twilight's place, I guess I'll have to work on Freddy some other time." I let out an awkward chuckle before going to the Main Hall. When Chica couldn't see me anymore, I ran to Twilight's house, almost letting out a full sprint. I need to know how to fix this...situation.

(Golden Oaks Library)

Twilight and Spike were both having a little conversation, mostly Spike because he was reshelving some of the new books. Even though Twilight was reading a book, she couldnt get her mind off the Marionette. Anthony said that she wanted to get revenge on him for killing her son, but did Anthony really do it? Twilight doesn't know what really happened, but what she does know is that because of how Anthony rects to the situation, he doesn't see. If Anthony didn't kill the Marionette's son, then who did? Twilight thoughts were interrupted when she heard someone knock on the door. She opened it and never expected to see the accused man of murder.


I finally made it to Twilight's house. But after running for a few yards, fatigue started to kick in. I knocked on the door and saw Twilight with a suprised expression on the face.


"Long *huff* time no see *huff*." I chuckled put only to clutch my abdomen in pain. Twilight noticed and stepped towards me.

"Celestia! What happened to you?" She asked.

"I needed to talk to you, I came here as fast as I can." She looked at me confused.

"You ran here?"

"I had no choice. I needed to talk to you about something, something important." Twilight gave a thinking posture before letting me inside her treehouse. Once I got in, I saw Spike climbing down the ladder, probably finished arranging book or something. I greeted him and he greeted me back. Twilight gestured me to sit-down with her as I did.

"So?" She began. "What was it that you needed talk about?" She asked. I gave a deep breath before answering.

"While I was working on fixing one of the old animatronics, when I overheard Chica and Mangle talking about me. After all of what these months that have passed by I never realized that...Chica had...feelings for me." I heard a loud gasp from Twilight.

"Chica has a crush on you?!" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah, I didn't notice either." I let out a sad sigh and looked at Twilight, who seemed to have a confused look.

"But, isn't this a good thing, that somepony likes you?" Hmm. Now that I think about it.

"Yeah, I guess." Twilight put her finger on her chin.

"So, if Chica likes you, what's the problem?"

"The problem IS that I don't know what I think about Chica herself." Twilight gave an "oh" in reply. "Yes I mean she nice and all will work? I mean she's an anmatronic, and I'm a human being. I just don't see what she sees in me." I looked to see that Twilight sat beside me put a hand on my shoulder because of how felt down I was.

"I may not know much about what you're going through, but I think I might know somepony who can." Twilight smirked as a raised eyebrow crept on my face.

"Really? Who?" She whispered to me who it was, in which it gave a suprised glance at her. "Really? Her?" I asked and she nodded. I thanked Twilight for her help and left the treehouse/library with a farewell. If what Twilight said was true, then I better get there quickly, All the animatronics might get worried.

(Carousel Boutique)

Hmm...I wonder why Twilight whispered the name? Is it suppose to be a secret or something? I'll never know. I arrived at my destination as I knocked on the door, waiting patiently for the answer.

"Come in dear." I heard in reply, which was my cue to enter. The Boutique looked radiant as ever. All the mannequins were there (ponyquins?) and many types of dresses were all over the place. I sat myself down on a couch, only to hear something right beside me.

"Meow..." I looked to my left to a white cat sitting beside me.

"Why hello there." I went to pet her, but the cat had other plans, like attempting to scratch me by hissing at me first somehow.

"Opalescence! You'll hurt the poor stallion." I heard the someone say. I looked to see someone coming down stairs, which was the lovely Rarity herself. She saw me and put her hand on her chest.

"Anthony! What in Equestria are you doing here?! Not that I mind your company or anything." I didn't here the last part of what she said so I just ignored it.

"Rarity, I need to talk to you about something." I said must've peeked her intrest because she seems to be taken back by my statement.

"Talk? What about?" I let a huge sigh of nervousness before answering.

"I-I need to ask you about romance and mares." Rarity needed to do a double take on what I said.

"...Pardon me?" She asked, and her face started to turn red for some reason. She must've misunderstood me.

"It's not what you think I'm saying. I'm simply asking for your assistance." Rarity told me to sit down beside her on the couch so that I could explain the situation.

"So is there any reason that you came to my boutique?" She asked.

"The reason is that I'm having some trouble with a certain girl." She smiled at my predicament.

"Ooh! Do you have an eye for her?"

"More in the lines of her having an eye for me." Rarity let out a "hmm" and looked down to think about it.

"And you came to me for my opinion on what you should do?" I chuckled sheepishly.

"Yeah, seem like the type to know these kind of things." I saw Rarity's face lit up with a smile on her face.

"W-Well, I'm very flattered that you came to me for my advice." I smiled and nodded. "Though I need to ask you something." Another nod. "Not to be or anything but, how did you know to come to me?" I shrugged my shoulder.

"Actually, I didn't. Twilight was the one who told me to come here." I pondered a bit. "Now that I think about it, I guess it makes sense a bit." Rarity widened her eyes, probably realized what I said.

"Wait, you went to Twilight before me?" Yeah, now I feel like an idiot.

"Yeah...I didn't think this through." I shook my head and scolded her. "Were getting off topic here." I stated.


"Look, Chica confessed that she had a crush on me because...I...eavesdropped on her conversation with Mangle."


"It's another animatronic, I'll tell you about her later." She gave a nod and let me continue.

"I didn't know how I felt about because of the differences we have, like how she's a robotic animal and how I'm a human being. So, in a nutshell, I came here so that you could shed some light into the problem." Rarity went over what I said, so it only took a few minutes before answering me.

"So your reason for not knowing how you feel about her is because of yours and her species?" The way sounded made it a bit harsh.

"W-Well, when you say it like that it makes me feel like the bad guy." Rarity giggled and put her hand on my lap.

"Listen dear, let's put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel if you really liked somepony but wasn't sure how they felt about you?" I stroked my chin in thought.

"I'm not sure, maybe unsure of how I am about myself."

"Exactly! What I would suggest is that you should spend some time with her. That way you can make sure that your feelings for her will be absolute." I nodded and stood up and so did she.

"Thanks Rarity, for all the help today." She nodded and smiled. I realized I forgot to ask Rarity something and went up to her. "Oh! Before I forget, can I ask you one more thing?" She beamed a bit.

"But of course." I bit my lip and looked away from her. I needed to build up courage just to ask it.

"Let's say that I did hang out with Chica for some time, but I have my heart set on somepony else, how can I let her down as gently as possible?" Rarity put her hand on my shoulder this time.

"Darling, as my mother would always say, the heart wants what the heart wants."

"But wouldn't that hurt her feelings?"

"It may, but she might get over it in a few days if you want her to be friends with you." Rarity gasped, possibly realized why I ask the question.

"Why? DO you have your heart set on some pony?"

"..." I know I didn't want to admit it, but it didn't matter because she saw right through me by squealing very loudly.

"You simply MUST tell me who you have a crush on!" Not right now Rarity. I'm sorry.

"I...I can't. I-It's to personal." I let out a depressed sigh before looking at her and gave her a warm smile. "Thanks alot Rarity, your the best." I figured "why not" and put her in a soft and warm embrace. She just stood there suprised but hugged me back. It only took a few minutes before it started to get awkward. By that I mean she was snuggling against me and sniffing me for my scent. I didn't want to say anything because I thought it was their way of affection. We finally let go of each other as I went to door, that was until Rarity stopped me one more time.

"Can you at least give me a clue about your crush? I know her?" I smirked but I didn't show it to her, all I said was five simple words.

"She's closer than you think." I said as I left the boutique with a mystery for Rarity. I went over what Rarity had said.

'The heart wants what the heart wants.' If what she said is true, then I'm going to need all the courage I can muster to pull the off.


*knock* *knock* *knock*


"Hey, It's me Anthony."

"Oh! Come in."

*creak* *close*

"Is there anything you need?"

"No but...*sigh* there's something I need to ask you."

Puzzling Research

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*sigh* I finally finished Old Freddy, after finishing these animatronics more questions came to mind instead of answers. There is one particular question that I need to solve, why do the animatronics get scared when I'm angry? Surely I can't be that intimidating, am I? With the animatronics complete I can present them to the Toy ones sometime this week. I just hope they'll like them.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

Every other day I've been in this crazy world had been normal to me, well...except for today that is. For one thing I finally realized that Chica had a crush on me, taking every chance she got to flirt with me, but due to how my research is going, I had to play dumb for a while. Ever since Golden Freddy gave me and Balloon Boy that Quest to find out who the mother is, all I've been doing is looking for clues. Everything I searched for were from newspapers to my computer and to random scraps of metal. Everything was fine, but the problem was my mind kept wandering to- you know what? I have too much on mind anyway. I groaned in frustration until I saw Balloon Boy coming towards my office.

"Hi..." I smiled weakly at him and sighed in relief.

"Oh Balloon Boy! Am I glad to see you." I technically wasn't lying, I just really needed to see a friendly face right now. Balloon Boy turned his confused face into a concerned one, padding me on the back wanting to know what the problem was.

"C'mon, get serious, do you really want to know about my problems?" I asked as he gave a small nod. "OK, if you really want to." In a small summary I told Balloon Boy that these last few days had been really stressful, I've been trying to find evidence that might lead somewhere or become helpful to this Golden Freddy case, but nothing seemed to be working and I felt I was just abandoning him. Balloon Boy did a couple of gestures signifying that everything would be fine (though I'm not certain how) and that he was able to find something that I might be interested in. He pulled out of his pocket is what looked like a red ribbon.

"A red ribbon?" I asked myself. "What's this doing here? It looks like something from a birthday present." I looked at Balloon Boy. "Do you know where you got this?" Balloon Boy nodded and walked (or wobbled) further into the Main Hall, probably wanting me to follow him. Eventually Balloon Boy took me to the... Prize Corner?

"This is where you found the ribbon?" I asked. He nodded while I looked around the place. I figured if there were clues here there might be more lying around somewhere, unfortunately a red ribbon was the only thing we were going to find. I was about to leave until I heard something coming from Kid's Cove, something like static on a TV when all you see is grey on the sceen. I went inside the room as Balloon Boy followed me, only to see Mangle as just pieces of parts again.

"Oh hey, Anthony!" She greeted. "What brings you to Kid's Cove?" She asked.

"Oh, just looking for clues to solve the Golden Freddy case." Mangle raised an eyebrow.

"What happened?"

"Well, after we chased Golden back to my office, we found out that he didn't know who his mother was, so me and Balloon Boy are on the search to solve this case."

"In a nutshell?"

"Pretty much."

"So why did you come here?" I paused for a moment then shrugged my shoulders.

"I heard some...noises coming from here we figured there was something going on. That wouldn't happen to be you would it?" Mangle's shoulders shrugged.

"Oh, what those radio noise things?" I nodded. "Oh yeah that was me." She said showing off a proud smile.

"How you were able to pull that off?" She pointed to her bow tie.

"Not entirely sure how it works, but I think I just turn it certain ways." She did as demonstrated, but the only thing I heard was static and random voices...well, at the moment.

"Pretty neat huh?" Me and Balloon Boy agreed on that.

"Do you know if it will work in the future?" Mangle pondered for a moment.

"...Probably." She then gasped in realization. "Do you think you can fix it?" I nodded.

"It's a possibility, but it will take some time." Mangle fist pumped the air with a loud "yes", but I held out a finger. "But on one condition."

"Name it!" Wow, that didn't take long to convince her.

"Do you think you can help me and Balloon Boy finding out who Golden's mother is?" Mangle responded with a "sure" but then stop herself before coming with us.

"What makes you think that I'll be any help?"

"If me and Balloon Boy can somehow fix your radio device that can possibly find evidence for us, that shows that you can come with us." Mangle shrugged and walked with us, only to fall into a million of pieces. She smiled sheepishly and looked at us.

"Heh, um...a little help please?" Me and Balloon Boy nodded. As we put Mangle back together, one thing started to pop in my head.

'First stop, Ponyville'


As we were walking through the streets of this lovely town, some ponies were taking glances at the animatronics with different expressions. Some were weirded out, some were curious, while some gushed over Balloon Boy's cuteness, his signature "hello" and "hi's" made the mares squeal in happiness, but who can blame them? Mangle noticed the glances the ponies were giving her and raised an eyebrow.

"Geez, it's like they never seen an animatronic before."

"That's because they haven't." She did a double take on what I said.


"Every time I come here I notice that this town is lacking in the technology department, almost to a point where you think you're in the medieval festival."

"Huh. You wonder how they survive didn't you?"

"I did, until Twilight showed me that magic was the their prime source." Mangle looked confused for a second but dropped the subject.

"So?" She began as I looked at her. "What's on the schedule today?"

"Well, for starters we have to go to one of my friends' place so I can pick up this month's clothes." Mangle nodded as I picked up Balloon Boy. I just hope we'll find something useful before this day ends.

(Carousel Boutique)

"So this is where you get your clothes?" Mangle asked. I nodded and looked at the all to familiar building.

"Yep, and yet each time I come here it still ceases to amaze me by the sheer size of it." Mangle nodded in agreement.

"I can't say I blame you, whoever works here must have a chalk full of cash." I shrugged, maybe she was right. Why else would she be so generous towards others? I knocked on the door to hear a sweet posh voice.

"Who is it?"

"Hey Rarity, it's me."

"Oh! Anthony! Please do come in." She said as we entered the Boutique. I saw Rarity coming down the stairs looking radiant as ever, but looked worried as she looked at me.

"I do apologize dear if I don't look decent enough, I was just so worked up with so much fashion designs and jobs." I raised my hand up as to show I understood.

"Your fine Rarity, did I once ever complain about how you look?" I smiled as she came up to me for a friendly hug.

"Thank you dear, you truly are a good friend." I heard Mangle wincing from the comment.

"OOOH! Friend zoned son!!!" Mangle yelled at the back while Rarity was taken back by the voice. She put her hand towards her heart, to show that she was overdramatically startled.

"Oh dear! Who is this?" She asked.

"This is Mangle, she was the one who scared Twilight a few months when you guys came to our restaurant a few months ago." Recognizing the name, she smiled.

"Oh! This is Mangle." Rarity reached her hand to give Mangle to shake.

"Uh...hi. Have you heard of me?" Rarity nodded.

"Of course! Anthony told me a lot about you." Uh Oh.


"Yeah he said that you had this conversat-" I put my hand around Rarity's mouth before anything bad could happen. Who knows what would happen if Mangle found out about my knowledge of Chica's crush. Both Rarity and Mangle looked at me confusingly while just smiled sheepishly.

"Anyway." I said trying to change the subject and quickly doing so. "Do you have the clothes I came for?" Rarity brightened up immediately.

"Of course dear, let me get it for you." She said as she went upstairs. It only took a few minutes to get it, but during that time, I heard forms of giggling from upstairs causing my curiosity to find what was happening up there. I saw Rarity come downstairs with a white box with red stripes. I don't know why, but the box just creeps me out. She gave it to me as I thanked her. I felt sorry for not paying her, but she said not to worry about it.

"Thanks Rarity, before I go I wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead dear."

"What's with the laughter upstairs?" Rarity looked upstairs and dissmisively waved her hand at it.

"Oh that's just my sister having fun with her friends." I don't know what it was, but I just had the strangest feeling to ask...

"Do you mind if I meet them?" Rarity was taken back by the question, but then nodded.

"Girls! Can you come down here for a second?" she called.

"Sure thing sis!" The sibling called back as I heard footsteps coming down.

"Sweetie Belle, I like you to meet somepony and their friends." So this is her sister huh? From the height and her high pitched voice, she looks like she's around 9 or 10 years of age just like her friends.

"Hello mister! I'm Sweetie Belle!" I bent down to give her a handshake. Now that I look at her, the resemblance is remarkable. Similar to Rarity, she had a marshmallow-like coat and a horn, the only difference was that her mane was pink and light purple. She wore a large pink dress as well as black flat shoes. "This is Applebloom next to me." Oh this is Applebloom.

"Oh so your Applebloom." She had a suprised look then confusion.

"Y'all heard o' me?" Yep, same accent as her family.

"I know your sister, Applejack she told me alot about you...well, I eavesdropped on your sister and heard about you." Applebloom was a yellow coated earth pony that had a red mane going well with her red ribbon on her head. She wore an orange t-shirt that was pretty much covered by her overalls that reached her brown boots. "She left out only one detail." Applebloom cocked her head in confusion.

"An' what would that be?" I smiled.

"She forgot to mention that you were so cute!" I picked her up and tickled her, causing her to have little fits of laughter. I swear her cuteness can rival Balloon Boy's. Applebloom smiled.

"Thank ya mister, ah like ya already." She said as I put her down. And there was one more left.

"And just who are you?" I asked the winged one.

"I'm Scootaloo." Judging from her scratchy voice she seemed like the tomboyish type. She was an orange furred...pegasus I think their called, with a dark purple mane. She wore a black t-shirt with those black spiky wrist bands. Going bellow she had jean shorts as well as dark blue running shoes.

"Well it's nice to meet you." I said as shook her hand.

"Um...not to be rude or anything but, what are you?" I smiled at the question.

"I'm a human, a super advanced monkey or ape, take your pick." She was certainly surprised at my answer but then frowned.

"Aw man, guess we owe Lyra 5 bits now." Scootaloo said as the other nodded in agreement. Now it was my turn to become puzzled.

"Who's Lyra?" Sweetie grinned.

"I'm sure you'll found out soon enough." My shrugged shoulders indicated that I dropped the subject, besides, I like a little mystery.

"Anyways, I would like you to meet my friends. This is Balloon Boy." I said I gestured him to say his signature "hello" or "hi's" in which the girls found pretty adorable. "And that's Mangle over." As I pointed to the break-and-fix attraction. "Why don't you guys get acquainted while I talk to Rarity." I looked at Mangle. "You don't mind if you get torn apart do you?" She let out a groan.

"I...suppose not." I turned to Rarity.

"Do you mind if we talk in the kitchen?" She nodded. I let out a nervous sigh before starting.

"Look. I only changed the subject because Mangle doesn't know about the fact that I know that Chica has a crush on me." She looked down as if she was thinking.

"So what would you like me to do?"

"Just...try to stay low for now if anypony mentions it in the future, who knows how awkward it would be if they knew." I just shivered at the thought.

"Don't worry dear, you secret is safe with me." I let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks Rares, that means a lot to me." She looked like she did a double on something.


"Yeah, I have nicknames for all of my friends."


"Yeah, yours is Rares, Fluttershy's is Flutters, Pinks, AJ, RD, and Sparks." I sad as I walked away not noticing the redness on Rarity's cheeks. As I went back to the living room, I saw Mangle in all sorts of messes. Mostly Scootaloo was playing around with Mangle, putting all of her body parts each in different places.

"This is cool!!" She looked at me. "How is a pony able to do this?"

"She's not a pony, she's an animatronic." She raised an eyebrow.

"What's that?" I smiled and padded her head.

"You'll find out soon enough." I looked at the time and started to yawn causing a chain reaction and showing that is was getting late. Me, the animatronics, and the girls bid their goodbyes as did we. I saw them going upstairs as I was heading to the door, but only to take a second glance at the white. It's just that something inside me told me to bring it with me. As soon as we get back to the restaurant, I'm go an find what's behind this white box.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

We finally made it back to the restaurant, as we went inside, I immediately went to the office with Mangle and Balloon Boy following soon after, the only problem was as soon as we got there, Chica was there probably about to give me an ear full. She said that she was worried and wondering where I was, I said to her that everything was ine and I was just looking for clues with Golden Freddy, after that she went back to the Stage room. I opened the white box to see Rarity's clothes that she gave me. I took the clothes out and closed the box again. When I looked at the white box, something seemed off, like something was missing. A lightbulb struck me as I looked at Balloon Boy.

"Hey, do you still have that ribbon?" He nodded as he pulled it out of his pocket. The only thing left to do is put it on the box. As soon as I put it on, I started to have this aggravating pain in my head.

"Oh, I'm getting a reading from Golden Freddy." Just barely I heard Mangle say, As I tightly shut my eyes I saw for a short moment, a vision popped up in my head. There were multiple white boxes with tags on them, although I didn't quite catch what the tags said, it will probably come me later in the future. The pain had gone away as I saw Balloon Boy and Mangle both looking at me with concern.

"You alright dude? You don't look so well." I nodded a little weakly.

"Yeah, I just need a glass of water." Almost right away Balloon Boy came back with the water. "Thanks." I said as I took a sip.

"Not to interior or anything, but..." She pointed to the box. "Is it suposse to be disappearing?" I looked at the white box to see it had completely vanished, the only thing left a strand price of paper.

"Hey what's that?" I asked as I picked it up.

I was just like you.
Can you hear my call?

After moments of thinking of what the message could mean there was only one conclusion.

"It seems like the past is catching up to us."