• Published 30th Oct 2014
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La Vie En Rose - Summer Dancer

Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie are hired to throw an anniversary party in Paris for the Mayor and her husband. Unfortunately, a band of thieves also has their sights set on the party, with every intention of crashing it.

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Dear Pinkie Pie,

Bonjor! Hello!
My name is Madame Honey Bee. You may know me as the mayor of mayor of Paris. In three days time, my husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary. As always, we will need a professional party planner or two to organize this big event. We have heard great things about you, Madame Pie. Princess Twilight, as well as Princess Celestia, Cadence, and Luna, have spoken very highly of you regarding your unique capabilities. If it is not too much trouble, we would like to hire you to help with the celebration, as well as one other professional party planner, Cheese Sandwich. Maybe you know him? I’m sure you two will do a marvelous job if you so choose to accept. In the envelope there are two tickets. One is a train ride to Rainbow Falls; this is where you will meet up with Monsieur Sandwich. The other is the train ride to Paris France, where you will meet our chauffeur, and he will take you over to our offices, where you will meet us. I sincerely hope that both of you will come.

Sincerely, Mme Bee

Pinkie Pie’s eyes widened as she read the letter in her hooves. A party at Paris Prance? And she got to plan it with Cheese? She bounced up and down. “I am so there!" She stopped bouncing, and started to pace back and forth. “Let’s see. I’ll need some extra streamers, Lots more balloons, my party cannon, although I’ll need extra ammo…”

“Pinkie dear! Have you seen my rolling pin?” Mrs. Cake called from downstairs.

Pinkie’s eyes widened. “Oh! And permission from Mr. and Mrs. Cake!” She opened her bedroom door. “It’s in the bottom cabinet Mrs. Cake!” She called down.

“Oh… oh yes, thank you dear!” came the reply.

Pinkie sat on her haunches. This would not be easy. She would need precise reasons to go, possibly a certain amount of begging and pleading would do it. And she would be with a boy, which won’t make it any easier. But he wasn’t just any boy! He was only one of her bestest friends in the world! She sighed happily. It had been a long time since she last saw Cheese. She would never forget the Bithaversary they had thrown together for Rainbow Dash. It was wonderful spending time with him! He was so much fun to be around! She’d never met anypony who enjoyed throwing parties like she did.

Pinkie felt a tug on her tail, yanking her out of her thoughts. She looked down to see Pumpkin Cake nibbling on her tail, although she didn’t have teeth. The pink pony giggled as she grabbed the toddler and playfully tossed her onto her back, earning happy squeals from the tiny filly.

“Oh, Pumpkin, my tail isn’t cotton candy, silly! I thought we’ve been over this!” Pumpkin simply smiled, and wrapped her little arms around Pinkie’s neck. Pinkie grinned, and descended her way down the stairs to see Cup Cake mixing cake batter in a bowl. Pound Cake was on the floor playing with a few blocks. Pinkie lowered herself to the ground while Pumpkin climbed off and went over to play with her brother… or try to fit something in her mouth.

Cup Cake looked up from her stirring and smiled. “Hello sweetie. I’m just baking a cake for Cinnamon Twist as a thank you for helping us out with the baking sale, remember that?”

Pinkie nodded. “I sure do! We were knee deep in cookie dough before she showed up! She’s gonna love it!”

Just then, Carrot Cake walked in with some groceries. The twins squealed, and wrapped themselves around their father’s two front legs. “Well, I’m glad to see you too, babies—eh—now...” He was having difficulty walking over to the kitchen, but the twins held on. Pinkie took the bag of groceries from his back and placed them on the counter.

“Oh, thank you, Pinkie Pie. It’s chaos at the market today!”

Pinkie scuffed her hoof on the floor, and cleared her throat. “Umm, I’m glad you’re both here. There’s something I want to ask you.” The Cakes looked at each other, and back at their employee.

“Well, of course. What is it?” Carrot asked.

Pinkie straightened up. “Well, I just got a letter from the mayor of Paris, and she thought it would be super cool if Cheese Sandwich and I would be able to throw their 20th anniversary party in Prance! And I was wondering… can I go? Pretty please?” She said with a squee.

Cup Cake looked at her husband and frowned. “I don’t know, Pinkie. Paris Prance? That’s a whole other country. How long would you be gone?”

Pinkie tapped her hoof to her chin. “Hmm… about a week maybe. Let’s see, there’s getting there, going things over with the mayor and her husband, planning the party, set up, time span, hosting the party, clean up, and heading on back to Ponyville… scratch that, maybe two weeks, tops.”

Carrot frowned. “Two weeks in Paris? I don’t know, that’s a long time away.”

Pinkie bounced up and down on her hooves. “Aww, pleeaaaase? This is a once in a life time opportunity! Please please please with sugar on top? I’ve been to faraway places before!”

“Yes, but you were with your friends, dearie,” Cup Cake said. “Can’t one of your friends go with you?”

Pinkie shook her head. “Nope. Twilight and Spike are at Canterlot, Rarity’s at Manehatton, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy went to Cloudsdale to visit their parents, and Applejack went with her family to visit one of their cousins. She just had a foal. Besides, Cheese Sandwich is gonna be there!”

“You mean that nice fella that helped you with Rainbow’s Bitrthaversary?” Carrot asked.

Pinkie jumped up in the air. “Exactly!”

Cup Cake raised an eyebrow. “And is he traveling with you all the way there?”

The pink pony scratched her front left leg. “Uhh, weeell… half all the way there. I have to take a train ride to Rainbow Falls first, that’s where I’ll meet up with him, and then we take another train to Paris. Don’t you trust me?”

Cup Cake sighed, and put the bowl filled with cake mix on the counter. “It’s not that, dearie. We do trust you,” She said, pulling Pound from his father’s leg. “It’s just that you’re like a daughter to us, and… well…”

“We just wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, that’s all.” Carrot finished, pulling Pumpkin off his other leg.

“But you don’t have to worry about me!” Pinkie said, putting a hoof to her chest. “I’m responsible. And besides, I’m a full grown mare!”

“Half grown mare.” Carrot corrected. “You’re only 20 years old, Pinkie Pie.”

“Eh, details, details,” Pinkie dismissed. She stuck her lower lip out, and widened her eyes, giving them the cutest pout she could muster. “Pleeeaaaaase?”

Carrot winced. He was never able to resist that face. Biting his lip, he glanced over at his wife. “What do you think muffin cake?”

Cup Cake looked deeply into the pleading eyes of the young mare before her. She closed her eyes and sighed. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes again. “Alright.”

Pinkie gasped and lifted her head up. “Really? You mean I can really go?”

Cup Cake nodded. “Yes, you can go.”

Pinkie leapt six feet in the air. “ALRIGHT!”

“But under a few conditions!” Cup Cake said. Pinkie stopped, and fell onto the rug with a thud. She sat up, and pulled out a heart-shaped notebook pad and a pencil.

“Uh-keh.” She said with the pencil in her mouth.

“You stay on the train, and don’t speak to any strangers.”


“Once you arrive at Rainbow Falls, stay there until you’re with Cheese. Once you two are together, you stay together, understand?”


“Make sure you’re polite to the mayor and her husband, and make sure to do exactly what they ask of you.”


“When you get settled in, be sure to write every day if you can, and maybe send us some pictures once in a while. We want you to have fun, too.”

“Nn-hmm, Nn-hnn…” Pinkie lifted her head, wondering if there was anything else.

Carrot Cake tapped his chin, and looked at the young mare sternly. “And no hanky-panky!”

Pinkie’s jaw hung open, dropping the pencil to the floor. Her face flushed a deep shade of red. “Mr. Cake!” She whined.

Carrot raised his eyebrows. “What? I don’t really know how you kids are these days. I just wanted to make sure.”

Pinkie’s blush deepened. “But we’re friends! Even if… I—I mean…”

Carrot smiled. “Now, now, I know you’re respectable, Pinkie,” He assured the blushing pony, putting an arm around her. “But… … maybe I should have a chat with him and—“

“No need, hun,” Cup Cake interrupted, coming to Pinkie’s rescue. “I’m sure he’s a nice young pony.”

“I know that,” Carrot defended. “He might be a little eccentric, but… I trust him. And I trust you.” He said, ruffling Pinkie’s mane.

The pink pony grinned brightly. “Ohh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” She cried, giving both of them a bone-crushing hug. “You guys are the best!

“Y-Your’e…. wel-come,” Carrot choked out.

“C-can’t… breathe… Pinkie…!” Cup Cake wheezed.

Cheese Sandwich smiled to himself as he walked out of Phillydelphia with Boneless 2 in tow. “Another job well done, Boneless 2,” Cheese said in his low tone of voice. Boneless swayed to the left on his back. Cheese smiled. “So right, my rubber friend. Those ponies sure can drop it like it’s hot.”

He then felt a wave of shivers course throughout his body, knocking his hat to the ground, revealing his brown poofy mane. “Whoo! That was a doozy!” He picked his hat off the ground, and placed it back on his head. “Paris Prance, huh? We’ll make it the best anniversary they’ve had in years!”

“Letter for a mister Sandwich!” A pegasus pony called. Cheese looked up surprised, as the pony handed him the letter.

“Thanks!” He called as the pony flew off. He quickly unfolded the letter, and read what was inside. “Madame Bee, anniversary, Paris Prance… way ahead of ya!” His eyes continued to scan the paper. His eyebrows shot up. “Pinkie Pie?” A crazy grin took over his whole face. “Hot Dog!” He exclaimed, with a little hop. He paused. “…Yeah, I know, Boneless 2. Nopony says that anymore.” He returned his gaze to the letter with a faint blush tinting his cheeks. “Looks like we’ll be taking a little detour!”

A mare stood looking out over the mountains with contempt. The wind blew her long, wavy blonde mane across her face. She tossed her head with irritation. “I’m tired of waiting around for another job, Red,” She said loudly. “This millennial would be nice, hmm?”

A tall stallion with a grey coat and a thin black goatee groaned. “It’s not that easy, Esme,” He said, walking up beside her. “A super heist that you want takes weeks of planning. You can’t just…” He threw up his hooves. “Make it happen! It takes actual planning. Not to mention, these ponies are getting rather restless.”

Esme looked downwards upon the campsite of her band of followers. They were sparring each other, napping, hoof wrestling, and eating. She sighed. They had been waiting for days now to steal something more valuable since the Saddle Arabia heist. So far… nothing.

Red Herring spoke up again. “If you have any ideas on where to have this thing, by all means, let’s hear it.”

Esme rubbed her chin with a hoof. I wonder if I’m beginning to lose my touch, she thought. She felt someone nudge her side. The mare snapped out of her stupor, and looked to see a female pony beside her holding a newspaper. “Yes, what is it, Lilly?” Esme sighed, half annoyed already.

Lilly handed her the newspaper attentively. “I found it on the street.” She said quietly. Esme unrolled the newspaper, and looked over the front page. Her expression went from low interest to extreme intrigue. Apparently, Mme Honey Bee and her husband will be having their 20th anniversary party. A lavish anniversary party.

She smirked deviously. “Good work Lilly,” She said, patting the young mare on the head. Lilly smiled.

Red tilted his head slightly to the side with a slight smirk on his face. “I know that look,” He said playfully. “What plan have you cooked up in that twisted mind of yours?”

Esme looked up, flashing him a sinister grin. “I hear that Paris is awfully nice this time of year.”

Pinkie Pie hopped out of the train, waving to the conductor. “Bye Steve!” She shouted over the engines. Steve tipped his conductor’s hat. Pinkie sighed happily as she gathered her belongings and party supplies. Not many ponies were on the train today, but she had managed to strike up a conversation with the conductor when he was on break. Although, they never did figure out why a raven was like a writing desk.

She looked around the area. “Now where’s a good place to wait for…!” She spotted a tall, lanky earth pony with a black poncho with a black fedora on his head, and a rubber chicken with a 2 painted on his stomach. The pony looked up, and smiled widely. Pinkie gasped in sheer delight. “Cheese!” She cried.

She immediately dropped all her things, and galloped to her friend. “Pink..!” He didn’t even get to finish, for the pink mare had tackled him to the ground in a tight hug.

“I’m sooooo, happy to see you!” She squealed.

Cheese laughed, and wrapped his arms around her. Her mane almost covered his entire face. Cheese smiled a little to himself. Cotton candy just became my new favorite smell. “I missed you too, little filly,” He said fondly. He felt the warmth of her body coursing through him. It was most comforting feeling in the world. The two party ponies finally released each other and stood back up. “You ready to do some party planning in Parie?” Cheese asked with a grin.


“Then let’s go!” He trotted over to Pinkie’s luggage. “Let me help you with these!”

Pinkie smiled. “Aww, thanks, Cheesie!” She giggled as she fell in step beside him.

Cheese sighed inwardly. He almost forgot how adorable she was. And beau—WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, you can stop right there, buddy!

Cheese blinked. Who was that?

Me! The voice said. Your common sense!

Cheese giggled on the inside. Hi, common sense! He called.

The voice groaned. You’re not supposed to talk back to me!

Why not?

Doesn’t matter why not! Just listen!

Alrighty then!

Look. I know, you’ve been thinkin’ about that mare.

Who? Pinkie?

No, your mother. Of course I mean Pinkie! What are you doin’, calling her ‘Cute’ ‘n all that jazz?

Well… why wouldn’t I? She’s a doll!

No. She’s your partner. Your business partner. Acquaintance. Your confidant even. You cannot think of her other than those things. You. can’t. fall. In love! You’ll lose sight of yourself if you do!

B-But I’m not…

Don’t lie to yourself, buddy… but you just listen to me. No intimate thoughts about her. Understand?

But why—


…Well… alright?

Good boy. Remember. I got my eye on you.

Well, from what I gathered, you don’t have any eyes!

…I’m leaving now.

Well, okay. Catch you later!

Cheese and Pinkie Pie arrived at the express train that was heading for Paris and got themselves in line. Pinkie Pie grinned up at her friend. “We have so much to catch up on!”

Cheese nodded. “I know! Oh, Hey! How’s boneless doing?”

Pinkie’s smile froze on her face.


Author's Note:

Hi! New story that I've been thinking about, so I decided to put it into motion. I absolutely love these two, don't you?

Also, here's the song that inspired me

Only had three years of French by the way Lol :rainbowlaugh:

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