• Published 30th Oct 2014
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La Vie En Rose - Summer Dancer

Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie are hired to throw an anniversary party in Paris for the Mayor and her husband. Unfortunately, a band of thieves also has their sights set on the party, with every intention of crashing it.

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Paris And Pop tarts Always Go Together

Cheese squinted as the first rays of sunlight reached his eyes. The party pony looked down, and saw Pinkie Pie resting her head on his shoulder. He felt a warm feeling melting in his chest. She looked so cute and peaceful in the morning light. She snored softly, nearly sending him to HNNG! land.

He turned his head and glanced outside the window. The sun was just peeking up over a lake that they were passing. Streaks of soft yellow, purple, pink, and orange illuminated the sky. Another beautiful morning in Equestria, Cheese thought happily. He yawed quietly, but didn’t stretch, for he didn’t want to wake up the sleeping pink pony beside him.

She was so worried the day before. She apologized relentlessly for Boneless, but Cheese understood, and assured her that it was okay. It really was. He was even proud of the little guy. He saved Equestria for pony’s sake! Sure, he was a bit saddened at first. After all, he gave him to Pinkie to remember their time together, but it was one sacrifice to make in order to save pony kind. It sounded so dramatic, yet it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Luckily, Pinkie had been able to relax about it, and gotten some sleep. She’s really soft, he thought. Like a kitten. The mare suddenly yawned, and shifted a bit. Her eyes fluttered open, revealing two pools of blue eyes that Cheese secretly admired. She smiled brightly as she looked up at her fellow party pony. “Morning!” She chirped.

“Good morning, little filly,” He said brightly.

Pinkie sat up and stretched, with Cheese following suit. “Did I sleep on you the entire night?” Pinkie asked.

Cheese chuckled as he stood up and stretched out his hind legs. “Well, not the entire night, no.” He replied.

“Heh… sorry about that… but I couldn’t help it! You’re just like a pillow pet!” She giggled, bouncing from her seat.

Cheese snorted. “A pillow pet?”

Pinkie smirked playfully as she ruffled his bushy mane. “Yep. A pillow pet." She looked around the train. Most of the passengers were still sleeping. The two or three ponies that were awake were either reading or eating. “Looks like we woke up a bit early,” She said, taking a glance outside the window. She turned to Cheese. “Wanna get something to eat?”


The two ponies quietly made their way to the back of the train towards the dining room cart. When they arrived, they stopped dead in their tracks. The room was filled with all kinds of breakfast food. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, cereal, milk, hash browns doughnuts…
“Holy cheddar…” Cheese gasped.

“All of it looks so good!” Pinkie breathed, looking around at all the choices of food.

Cheese raised his eyebrows. “I’d be a crime if we didn’t try all of it,” He said pointedly.

Pinkie massaged her chin. “However, we wouldn’t want a stomach ache afterwards. We can’t have that, can we?”

“Can’t have that,” Cheese agreed. He threw her a sideways glance. “One of everything?”

“One of everything.”

The two immediately grabbed their plates, and started filling them with food. They bounced to one thing to the other at top speed.

The chef of the train peeked into the dining room from the kitchen window and gasped. “Impossible!” He turned to his staff. “We need more food! Throw in the lunch menu if you have to! Those two garbage disposals are eating up everything!”

Cheese licked his lips as he poured Hershey chocolate syrup on his chocolate chip pancakes. A waiter who had been watching them pursed his lips. “Chocolate is one of the finer things in life, don’t you think?” Cheese said to him.

The waiter nodded reluctantly. “Y…yes… I guess… just let me know if you… need anything.”

“Will do!”

Pinkie bounced over to the table where Cheese was making his pancakes. She set down her plate, and pulled out some different colored marshmallows. Then she reached over, and grabbed two Pop tarts. “Watch this, Cheesy,” She said. She put the marshmallows onto one of the Pop tarts, and grabbed the bottle of Chocolate syrup, and drizzled it all over the marshmallows. The waiter covered his mouth with his hoof. Then Pinkie placed the other Pop tart on top, and took a bite. “Mmm-mmm!” The waiter tried his best not to throw up.

Cheese’s jaw dropped. “Is it that good?”


“I’m trying one!” Cheese grabbed two more Pop tarts. “I think I’ll add sprinkles to mine…” When Cheese was done, he took a huge bite and chewed. His eyes brightened. “Mmm!”

Pinkie laughed, and poked him. “See? See? What’d I tell ya?” The stallion felt particularly happy and tingly, and started to laugh. Pinkie laughed because he was laughing. Uncontrollable laughter soon filled the room.

Cheese held his ribs as tears ran down his face. “N-no…hahaha! Stop it! STOP IT! I-I can’t… HAHAHA!”

Pinkie’s face turned a darker shade of pink. “IT”S THE SUGAR ISN’T IT!?” She chortled.


After a few minutes of nonstop laughter, they were able to calm themselves down by taking deep breaths. “Okay,” Cheese wheezed, wiping a tear from his eye. “I think… I’m good now.”

The waiter simply stared at them, completely unamused. “You know, you two should really consider taking decaf,” He said flatly.

“Oh, I don’t drink coffee,” Cheese said. He turned his head to Pinkie. “Do you?”

Pinkie shook her head. “Nope! I haven’t even had it before.”

“Me neither.”

The waiter stared at them, mystified. He blinked. “Yes, well, I wouldn’t consider it… It’s ...awful bitter, you know.” He took a deep breath. “So, uh, If there’s anything else I can do for you and your sister, be sure to… let me know.”

Pinkie took a sip of orange juice. “Oh, Cheese isn’t my brother.”

The waiter raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Cousins, perhaps?”

Cheese shook his head. “Nope. We’re not related.”

“Oh. My mistake then. If you’ll excuse me,” The waiter said, going through the kitchen doors. He rolled his eyes as soon as he was inside. “Well, in that case, you two are made for each other,” He muttered.

Pinkie looked over at Cheese, who simply shrugged. After they had finished eating, they went back to the main car. Ponies were starting to wake up and move around. “Looks like everypony’s up and about!” Pinkie remarked.

Cheese nodded. “That’s funny.” A middle-aged mare sauntered in their direction. “Excuse me,” He said. “But you guys looked like you wouldn’t be waking up for hours!”

The older mare chuckled. “And we could have stayed that way… if it weren’t for the suspicious laughter coming from the dining room.” Pinkie and Cheese exchanged sideway glances. With a nod, the mare walked past them on her way to the bathroom. The two ponies looked at each other, and then at the grumpy looking passengers. Pinkie pursed her lips. “Maybe we should…”

“Keep this to ourselves?” Cheese finished.


Ponies were grumbling and groaning as they started moving about the train. “I hate mornings,” A unicorn mumbled.

“You’re not upset about the laughing that didn’t come from us in any way from this morning, are you?” Pinkie asked nervously.

The unicorn rubbed the sleep from her eye. “Not really. I gotta pick up my sister from Prance. She spent so many bits, she can’t even afford to pay for the stupid train ride. So, naturally, I have to come get her.”

“You think you have problems?” Said a pegasus in a school uniform who was still sitting in her seat. “I’m being sent to live with my dad, just because my mom got all upset because of that party I threw. I mean, a few vases got damaged, and Grandma broke her hip and stuff, but both those things can be replaced!”

An earth pony with grey hair let out a grunt and shook his head. “Young ponies these days. I have to go to Paris to just attend a six hour meeting.”

Pinkie Pie frowned. “But just think about it. Paris! It’s one of the most wonderful places of the world! Aren’t you the least bit excited?” Numerous ponies shook their heads.

“It’s such a hassle,” An old mare sighed. “The stress, the payment, the traffic, the confusing signs. I can’t imagine anything exciting about it.” The other passengers grumbled in agreement.

Pinkie and Cheese glanced at each other. “Looks like these ponies need cheering up,” He said.

Pinkie’s face lit up. “I know!” She leaned in close. “Do you know Champs Elysees?”

Cheese nodded. “Say no more.” He pulled out his trusty accordion. “English or French?”

“We should probably sing most of it in English. I don’t think they know a lot of French.” Pinkie said. With a nod, Cheese started playing an upbeat tune, attracting everyone’s attention. Pinkie jumped on one of the seats. “Come on, ponies! We’re on a trip of a life time! Prance is the one most beautiful countries in the world! We should be celebrating!

A young pony with braces frowned in confusion. “Uhh… what’s going on?”

Cheese Sandwich started singing.

I was walking down the avenue and my heart wanted something new
I felt like saying good day to anypony…

Pinkie then started to sing the next verse.

To anypony and that was you, and I said something anything
It was enough to me to talk to you to make you mine.

The two ponies sang in unison.

Aux Champs Élysées, Aux Champs Élysées,

If it's raining or if sun is shining, if it's noon or midnight

You have anything you want at Champs Élysées!

Cheese leaned in next to an old couple and a group of teenagers.

You told me "I have a meeting in the basement with the fools
who live with guitars in their hands from evening till morning!"

The ponies smiled.

Pinkie bounced over to a bunch of little fillies and colts and their parents.

So I joined you, and we sang and we danced,
But we never even thought of kissing or hugging!

The fillies giggled while the colts snickered.

Aux Champs Élysées, Aux Champs Élysées!

If it's raining or if sun is shining, if it's noon or midnight

You have anything you want at Champs Élysées!

The conductor’s ears perked up. He frowned. “Bill? Bill!”

The co conductor poked his head through the curtain. “Yeah?”

“Do you hear that? What’s the commotion back there?”

“Oh, that? Yeah, the passengers are singing, sir.”

The conductor turned his head to his partner and raised an incredulous eyebrow. “Singing?

Back in the main car, everyone’s spirits had lifted, laughing and dancing. By now, the song has reached its crescendo as everyone on the train joyfully raised their voices in an uplifting melody.

Aux Champs Élysées, Aux Champs Élysées!

If it's raining or if sun is shining, if it's noon or midnight

You have anything you want at Champs Élysées!

Everyone cheered as Cheese played the last few notes. “Bravo!” A pony shouted. “Bravo!” Pinkie Pie and Cheese bowed modestly.

A crackling buzz over the intercom caught everyone’s attention, and the chatter quickly died down. “Attention passengers, please return to your seats and settle down.”

Pinkie Pie pouted. “Aww, but we just did a number!

“No Butts! And no standing on the tables please!”

Pinkie huffed as she jumped off the table she had been standing on.

A few hours later, the conductor’s voice once again came over the intercom. “Fillies and Gentlecolts, we have now arrived at Paris Prance. Thank you for traveling The Road Runner, and have a safe trip. A Bientot!”

Pinkie Pie and Cheese gathered their belongings and said their farewells to the other passengers on board, as well as the staff. As they made their way to the front of the train, the waiter from breakfast smiled and nodded as they passed. “I hope you have a nice time in Paris,” He said. “Although the two of you are certainly the strangest ponies I’ve met, I have to admit that you’ve… left quite an impression on me.”

The two energetic ponies beamed. “Thanks! But hey, we didn’t get your name!” Pinkie said.

“Giles,” He said. “Giles Lendinghoof.”

“I’m Cheese Sandwich, and this is Pinkie Pie,” Cheese introduced.

“It was nice meeting you!” His female companion grinned.

Giles nodded. “Likewise.” The two ponies stepped off the train with their belongings.

The sight beyond the train station was breathtaking. There were tall buildings and shops, some were made out of pebble, and some out of wood. Street lamps glowed softly, illuminating the wide and smooth streets. There were many lights throughout the city as far as their eyes could see; making Paris look like it was twinkling. The sun was disappearing, the sky bearing the tranquil colors of dark blue, purple, and indigo. Stars started to come out.

“It’s beautiful!” Pinkie gasped in wonder.

“It’s a sight alright,” Cheese agreed.

“Excuse moi.” They turned to see a pony wearing a dark blue uniform. “I assume you are the party planners, Monsieur Cheese Sandwich and Madame Pinkie Pie?”

“That’s us!” The two chorused.

The pony nodded, his mustache illuminated by the light of a nearby street lamp. I think I’ll call him mustache, Pinkie Pie thought, giggling inwardly. “Oui. I am here to take you to Mme Bee’s mansion. If you’ll please follow me.” Mustache led them to a carriage pulled by two stallions.

Pinkie grinned as they hopped in. “Well, isn’t this fancy pants?”

Mustache smiled as he climbed in. “Fancy Pants? I know him well…”

The carriage finally pulled to a stop in front of a big and beautiful mansion just as Mustache finished his story about him and Fancy pants. “And that is why you should never drink brandy in the tub. Ah! Here we are.”

Just as the three of them reached the front of the house, the doors flew open to reveal a crisp tangerine mare with an auburn colored mane that was in ringlets. She wore a red scarf around her neck, and she had a picture of a large floppy hat for a cutie mark. “Oh, here you are, my darlings!” She exclaimed in her Prench accent. She quickly invited them all inside. “You must be Pinkie Pie!” She kissed her on both cheeks.

The pink mare giggled. “Yepporooni!”

“And you’re Cheese Sandwich!” She also kissed Cheese on the cheeks.

He was amused, if not, a bit flustered. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Honey Bee smiled, and turned to mustache. “Merci.” He nodded, and went down the hall. The mayor turned to them with a wide smile on her face. “Ooh, Ca va? How are you? I’m so glad you two could make it!”

“We’re fit as a fiddle! Thanks for inviting us!” Pinkie said as the mare led them down an enormous hallway.

“I should thank you,” Honey said. “For coming here on such short notice.” She led them into the kitchen, and fixed them some dinner. “Now, my husband is asleep, and I know there are many things that we would like to go over with the both of you. However, your rooms upstairs aren’t quite ready yet, so I have set up a special hotel reservation for you two. In fact, we own it! I’ll make sure the staff will tend to your every need.” She smiled. “Lucky Penny will take you there.”

Cheese and Pinkie Pie looked at the hotel room that had been set up for them. It looked like a whole house from the inside.

Cheese accidently spilled his drink on the couch.

Pinkie gazed out of a window. The whole city glistened. They had a perfect view of the Eiffel tower, it’s golden lights shining brightly from a distance. “This is amazing!” She gushed. Cheese turned on the television.

“PNN reports the sinister sixty is still on the move. They are said to be armed and dangerous. So far, they had committed fifteen robberies just in the last two months. Eleven ponies have been seriously injured in the process. The Royal Guard warns the Equestrian republic to keep a watchful eye out for this dangerous team. As of now, they could be anywhere between Canterlot and Saddle Arabia.”

Cheese visibly shuddered. “I hope that’s nowhere near us,” He said, shutting off the T.V. with the remote.

Pinkie yawned and stretched. “I guess we should go to bed now. We have lots to do tomorrow.”

Cheese nodded in agreement. “Let’s see where the bedrooms are.” They checked all of the doors, and there weren’t many. They only led to bathrooms and closets. The last door they came across was a nice looking bedroom with one huge bed in the center.

Cheese blinked. “Is that it?” Pinkie Pie went back to double check to see if they had missed any doors. She came back with a frown. “We checked them all. There aren’t any more.” The two ponies looked back inside the room.

Cheese cleared his throat awkwardly. “So, there’s one bedroom.”

“And one bed.”

They looked at each other. “You take it, Pinkie,” Cheese said. “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“No, no, no. The couch is spilled on. “I’ll take the couch, you sleep here.”

“Out of the question. I made the mess; you’re the girl here, so I’ll take the couch.”

“That’s not fair. You tripped on my tail. I’ll take the couch…” She blinked. She knew this could go on all night. She narrowed her eyes.

“There’s only one solution.”

Pinkie and Cheese lay side by side on the bed under the covers. Cheese swallowed hard. “D-Did you say something?”



The silence stretched on.

Pinkie turned over on her side, facing away from Cheese. Mr. Cake would surely frown upon this. But this is nothing, She thought to herself. It’s just me, Cheesy and the covers. Two friends who just happen to share a bed. Nothing more...

On Cheese’s side, he was sweating buckets. This had not turned out like he thought it would.

“I tend to move around a lot at night,” Pinkie whispered.

“T-That’s okay.” Cheese coughed.

More silence.

“Well… goodnight, Cheesy.”

“Good night, Pinks.”

Cheese looked up at the ceiling. He felt pinkie’s tail brush up against him. Heaven above, please get me through this night.

He rolled over, and closed his eyes. Then he heard a low growl in his head. “Cheese Albert Sandwich.”

Cheese’s eyes popped open, and his pupils shrank.

Author's Note:

Goodness gracious, finally done. Yeah, there's a lot of testing going on and stuff (Honestly, I think school really hates me) but I'll update as soon as I can.:pinkiehappy:

The song Aux Champs Elysees Is in french, but I put it in English for you guys :twilightblush: The real song is here

Next chapter things happen, and I do mean big time.


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