• Published 30th Oct 2014
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La Vie En Rose - Summer Dancer

Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie are hired to throw an anniversary party in Paris for the Mayor and her husband. Unfortunately, a band of thieves also has their sights set on the party, with every intention of crashing it.

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Gone Baby Gone

A green mare sighed as she shuffled through some papers. It had been a long day approving warrants, putting away folders, and taking a few prank calls. But it was mostly the stapling. Lots and lots of stapling. “I’m going now, Celia,” A rose pink unicorn called.

Celia rubbed the back of her neck and gave a tired smile. "D'accord. Au revoir, Marla.”

Marla smiled, and adjusted her thick rimmed glasses. “Try not to work too hard, Celie. Have a good night!” She opened the door and left.

Celia leaned back in her chair and stretched her wings. Only two more hours to go, Celia. You can do it…

Her ears suddenly perked up. She heard voices. Small voices. What in the…

The front doors of the Prance Police station flew open and a bunch of fillies and colts came pouring into the station, shouting all at once. Some of them were hovering above her, their wings buzzing urgently, and others were spurting out bursts of magic, completely rattled. Celia’s head jerked from child to child. Good gracious! What are they all doing here at this time of night? And where in Equestria are their parents?

She stood up, and raised her hooves. “Everypony!

The shouting stopped at once, and the small ponies stood still. The pegasi in the air slowly floated to the ground. All of their faces were flushed, their manes matted with sweat. They were all breathing heavily. It looks like they ran here, Celia thought. She lowered her hooves onto the desk. “Now, can somepony tell me what happened?” A colt raised his hoof. She nodded in his direction.

He exhaled and spoke. “We were… at this party…”

“What party?”

A little filly with braces spoke up. “Our uncle Cosmo’s anniversary party!”

Cecelia’s eyebrows shot up. “You mean Cosmo Rays and Honey Bee’s 20th anniversary party?”

“Oui, that’s the one!”

Cecilia knew that that party was going to be held tonight. It was all over the news, as well as the papers. Her heart lurched. Something obviously went terribly wrong. She nodded. “Alright, go on, go on.”

The first Colt spoke again. “While the adults were having their party, we had a tent of our own not too far away… but I think they were being robbed.”

Cecilia’s eyes widened. “Robbed?”

“Yes!” An orange filly shouted, jumping up and down. “There were all these ponies with masks and stuff, and they tried to get in our tent! But then Pinkie blasted them with a party cannon! It was all like BOOM!”

The mare blinked. “Party cannon?” She shook her head. “Y-You know what, never mind that. Did you just say Pinkie?”

The first colt nodded. “Oui. Madame Pinkie and Monsieur Cheese. They were watching us.”

“They saved us!” The smallest filly said.

“They held the rascals back while we made a break for it.” A dignified colt said.

Cecilia looked behind the children, and saw no one.

Her mouth felt dry.

Pinkie Pie? The bearer of laughter, a close friend of Princess Twilight, one of Equestria’s saviors… and Cheese Sandwich, the professional party planner who traveled all Equestria, planning parties for everyone, including her niece’s graduation party a just few years ago?!

She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Where are Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich now?” The children went silent, and looked at each other. The first colt lifted his head solemnly. “We don’t know. They told me to lead them out of there so we could escape. They would’ve caught up to us by now.”

Oh my God…

Cecilia immediately reached for her radio. “What about your parents? Are they still at the mansion?”

“I think so. But I don’t know if the masked ponies are gone yet.”

“They are!” The filly with braces piped up. “I saw them starting to go up the hill while we were running.”

Cecilia pressed the button on the radio. “Randy! Randy, come in. We’ve got a big problem.”

Mrs. Cake swept the floor as Mr. Cake changed the sign outside from OPEN to CLOSED. He walked over to his wife and pulled her into a side hug. “We did good today honey lump,” He said with a smile.

Cup Cake returned the smile, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Business is booming as usual, dear.” She sighed. “Although things seem a lot quieter around here with Pinkie gone.”

Carrot smiled wryly. “You too, huh? I was thinking the same thing. The twins are starting to miss her.”

“Yes…” She took a deep breath. “Well, I know that Pinkie wouldn’t want us to mope around like this. Her letter said that she would be coming back soon. She seems to be having a wonderful time.”

Carrot nodded. “That’s good.” He yawned. “I’m bushed. Let’s finish cleaning this up so we can hit the sack.”

Cup Cake chuckled. “I’m all for that idea. I’m about ready to turn in myself.”

A news report flashed over the Cake’s T.V. screen, cutting out the food channel. “It’s probably about the shortage of mangos again,” Mrs. Cake said irritably.

Mr. Cake shook his head as he started to wash the dishes. “The Economy these days.”

“Breaking News. PNN reports that a grand theft robbery has occurred at Madame Honey Bee and Cosmo Ray’s 20th Anniversary celebration in Paris Prance.”

Mrs. Cake gasped and dropped her broom. Mr. Cake immediately turned off the faucet.

“At about 10:00 tonight, Prance time, a group of fillies and colts burst through the Paris Police Department doors, reporting a robbery at the mansion a few miles away. Here’s Jet Blazes with the details, Jet?”

The footage cut to a male unicorn in a suit holding a microphone. He was right in the middle of the garden where the party was previously held. All around him, ponies were limping around, the paramedics trying to bandage them up as much as they could. Jet Blazes kept walking, the camera following him everywhere he went.

“It’s chaos here, Dave. The party’s been completely trashed. Banners have been torn down. Ponies left and right have either been robbed, beaten up, or both.”

He gestured to the ground.

“As you can see, there are bits of clothing, jewelry, and trash thrown all over the place, and, if you look closely, blood.”

The camera focused back on Blazes’ face.

“These ponies were hit, and they were hit hard. Nopony saw this coming. Police believes that the sinister sixty was indeed the cause of all this. Now, we don’t know the extent of everypony’s injuries or the amount of items that were stolen, but we will keep you posted. Reporting from Paris Prance, Jet Blazes, PNN News. Back to you, Dave.”

Mrs. Cake heart hammered with worry. “But what about Pinkie Pie?!” She moaned in frustration. Before Mr. Cake could say anything, Dave Bulletin reappeared on the screen.

“Police also reports that the planners of the soiree have gone missing.”

A picture flashed across the screen. It was the exact picture that Madame Honey had taken of Pinkie and Cheese in front of the window the day before. The Eiffel tower was visible in the background.

“Cheese Albert Sandwich and Pinkamena Diane Pie were with the children at the time of the robbery and helped them escape and held the thieves back. By the time authorities arrived, the two young ponies, as well as the sinister sixty were nowhere to be seen. It does appear that they have been abducted.”

Carrot Cake felt himself go weak in the knees. Cup Cake collapsed to the floor.

Rarity hustled down the crowded sidewalk of Manehattan, trying not to bump into too many ponies as she brushed by. “Excuse me! Oh, pardon. So sorry!” She was often met with less than pleasant replies. Some Manehattanites. Her eyes fell on a taxi just a block away. Without a moments waste, she took off running, mumbling apologies as she galloped past.

Her face brightened as she neared her destination. “Taxi! Yoo-hoo, Taxi!” Just as she was about to approach, the seat was promptly taken by two business ponies, and the stallion who was pulling sped off. Rarity moaned in exasperation. “I can never get a taxi in this city! I’m already late for my lunch meat with Coco as it is!”

A pony rudely bumped her to the side as he stomped past. She threw her head back. “Ugh! This couldn’t possibly get any worse!” Just as the words left her mouth, rain started pouring down over the city. The wind started to pick up, blowing harshly against her face. She lowered her head with a deadpanned expression. “I just had to say something, didn’t I?” Her mane was quickly soaked by the rain.

Ponies around her simply put up their umbrellas and continued walking.

Humph. The one day I didn’t bring an umbrella… A gust of wind blew by, and a newspaper flew into her face. “Mmph!” irritated, she pulled it off, and was about to throw it in a nearby trashcan when something on the newspaper caught her eye.
“Ooh, Honey Bee’s Anniversary! I just adore her perfume li—robbery?!” Her eyes continued to scan the front page. “Oh, those poor ponies! And the children! Why— "

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Pinkie Pie’s photo, as well as Cheese’s in the middle of the column. “What in the…” She read further. Her heart stopped. Her mouth hung open as she stared into space.

An elderly woman came up to the unicorn, looking concerned. She tentatively placed a hoof on Rarity’s shoulder, but she remained frozen. “Miss? Are you alright? Miss?”

Rainbow Dash sat with her father, Electric Spectrum, on the couch. Electric unconsciously flipped through the channels with the remote.

Rainbow stared at the screen, her eyes half lidded. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.”

She and her father had had a blast together the last several days. They had gone to see the movies, played sports, went to games, and spent time at amusement parks. Today… they felt like doin’ nothin’. Rainbow enjoyed spending time with her old man, no matter what they were doing.

She rested her cheek on one hoof. Electric yawned. “There’s nothing good on T.V. Sunday’s,” He said.

The corners of Rainbow’s mouth turned up slightly. “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll find us something.” Electric gave a lazy smile as he continued to flip through the channels. Rainbow blinked nonchalantly as each channel went by. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope…” Then she saw a flash of pink go by. Rainbow lurched forward in her seat. “Whoa, whoa, wait, go back go back go back!” Electric went back a channel. It was PNN news.

Before he could ponder why Rainbow was so interested in the news all of the sudden, when he saw a familiar sight meet his eye. It was Pinkie Pie, one of Rainbow’s and Fluttershy’s closest friends. A stallion beside her had an arm wrapped around her shoulders. Both were grinning happily at the camera. The sun was setting behind them, as well as the Eiffel tower to their right.

“As the robbery fiasco dies down, police focuses their full attention on the disappearance of the two ponies that planned and hosted the party. One of them is named Pinkamena Diane Pie, or Pinkie Pie for short. She is age 20, and she has a pink coat and a pink and curly mane and tail. Her eyes are light blue. She has balloons as her cutie mark.

The other is Cheese Albert Sandwich, age 21. He has a light orange coat, and he often wears a bright yellow shirt. His mane and tail are dark brown and curly. He has green eyes. His cutie mark is an image of an accordion.

The two were last seen performing a number for the children, and then helped them escape at the time of the robbery. When the police went back to the kid’s tent to investigate, all that remained was a party cannon and a rubber chicken with a number 2 painted on its torso. The ground was littered with confetti, as well as a few drops of blood.”

What?!” Rainbow shouted, leaping from the couch.

“Hey, wasn’t he the pony that helped planning your Bitrthaversary?” Electric asked.

Rainbow nodded. “Yeah.” She glanced at the T.V. again and shook her head. “I’m sorry, dad. I gotta go. My friends need me!”

Electric got up from the couch, and gave her a loving hug. “I know.” Rainbow leaned her head against his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

Electric shook his head, smiling. “Don’t be. Your friends are in trouble. Do what you have to do.” He pulled back and smiled. “I’m real proud of you, kiddo,” he said, ruffling her mane. “Just be careful, okay?”

Rainbow grinned slightly. “Ah, you know me. I’m always careful.” She gave her dad a nuzzle, and then headed for the door.

When she opened it, Fluttershy was standing outside, her hoof hanging in the air. “Oh!” She looked at the cyan Pegasus, her face twisted with worry. “Rainbow Dash, did you hear?”

Rainbow nodded, her expression dark.“I heard all right.”

“Where do we go? What do we do?”

"We find the others. Take this to Princess Celestia. She’ll know what to do.”

Fluttershy nodded, and looked behind her friend, into the house. “Hello, Mr. Spectrum.”

Electric nodded and smiled. “Hello, Fluttershy.”

Rainbow looked back and waved at her dad before looking back at her friend. “Let's go.” The pegasi rose into the air, and took off, flying as fast as their wings could take them.

Applejack breathed in the morning air and exhaled with a smile on her face. She was glad that morning had finally come. It had been chaos the night before. The foal had come a week earlier, and no one was prepared.

Apple Crisp went into full monster mode, screaming, wailing, throwing hair brushes at anyone who dared to come near her. In fear of harming the foal, they didn’t try to get her to the hospital, instead, the baby would have to be delivered inside the house. Of course, not everyone was quick to volunteer. There weren’t many candidates to begin with.

Her husband, Hot Pepper, had already fainted. Granny Smith was wise, but she had a shaky grip. Big Mac was strong, but he didn’t want to get to know Apple Crisp that way. Apple Bloom wanted to do it, but she was quickly denied. And Braeburn sure as heck didn’t wanna do it.

So that led Applejack.

Now, she didn’t have any experience with delivering foals… well, she had delivered baby animals, but she didn’t want to make any life changing mistakes. Thankfully, Granny was there to give her guidance. As it turned out, it wasn’t that much different from delivering a farm animal. She just had to be a tad gentler, that was all. It was a beautiful foal. She was a tiny thing, not much bigger than a shoe. She was the color of peaches, and her mane and tail was the color of mahogany; which is what the parents had named her. It had been an emotional night for all. No one slept, except for Apple Crisp and the foal.

For a while, anyway.

It had been three o'clock in the morning when Mahogany started crying. Everyone took turns holding her, rocking her, feeding her, and burping her.

Applejack chuckled at the memory. Lil’ seed ain’t even been born 21 hours yet, and already her diaper’s been changed five times…

When Mahogany would be crying nonstop, Applejack would try her hoof at talking to her. She didn’t remember what about, but she was babblin’ and babblin’ all throughout the night. Mahogany would stop crying sometimes, and look up at Applejack, her expression curious.

Her family was amazed at this. “Wow, sis, How’d you do that?” Apple Bloom grinned.

Granny Smith snickered. “It’s gotta be that heavy accent you got there, girl!” She chuckled. “Big Mac was the same. Every time somepony talked to him, as long as they got that heavy accent, he was all ears. Who woulda thought?”

So Applejack had stayed up talking to the filly until she finally fell asleep. Hot Pepper had thanked her, and took over.

Now, Applejack watched as the sun peeked over the mountains of Dodge Junction. Her muscles ached, her nose burned, and her eyes had dark circles under them, but she smiled anyway. She was quite proud of what she had accomplished, despite the few hiccups.

A tiny scream rang out from inside the house. “AP-PLE JAAAAAAACK!” She heard her sister yell.

The mare sighed and headed back towards the house. “I’m comin’!”

After a few minutes, Mahogany had calmed down. Applejack brought her to the living room where the others were relaxing. She rocked her back and forth, softly mumbling an old Apple family lullaby.

Summertime, when the livin is easy
The fish are jumpin’ and the apples are ripe
Your daddy’s rich and your momma’s good lookin’
So hush, little baby don’t you cry

Apple Bloom appeared to be yelling something from upstairs, but her voice was muffled. “What?!?” Granny yelled back.

One of these mornings, you’re gonna rise up singing
And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky
But until that morning, there ain’t nothing gonna haunt you…

“I still can’t hear you, Apple Bloom, come down!” Granny shouted.

With your daddy and momma standing by…

Apple Bloom trampled down the stairs with a radio in her mouth. Applejack looked up. “Apple Bloom, what— “

Shh!” The filly hissed after she placed the radio on the floor. “Listen, everypony, listen!”

“Police and the Royal Guard alike are putting together search teams for Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, the recent saviors of all 31 fillies and colts. The Sinister Six are estimated to be still on the move, so residents beyond the borders of Paris and or Prance are warned.”

Applejack’s eyes widened. “What?!”

Apple Bloom turned to look at the family with fear and sorrow in her eyes. “They got Pinkie Pie! And Cheese Sandwich!” Collective gasps filled the room. Applejack’s expression turned from horror to determination. She calmly got up, and gave the foal to Apple Crisp.

She turned to her little sister. “Apple Bloom, I need to know everything you heard on the radio, how, when, and where.” She retrieved her Stetson and placed it on top of her head. “Ya’ll should check on the Cakes, see if they heard the news. If they haven’t then they’ll need all the comfort in the world right now.”

Granny looked truly distressed. “Those poor folks. We outta head back to Ponyville to see how they’re holdin’ up.” Big Mac and Apple Bloom nodded earnestly. Applejack went upstairs to collect her things, and then came back down.

“Where are you goin’ A.J.?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Canterlot. The rest of my friends are elsewhere, but I reckon that that’s where they’re headed. I need to get the heck out of Dodge. Now.”

Breaburn nodded solemnly. “I know the fastest train.”

Twilight Sparkle frantically paced up and down the royal carpet in the castle hallway. With the Canterlot Castle having its hoof on the pulse of news in Equestria, Twilight had found out about the incident quickly. How could this happen? What are they doing to her? Are they alright? Are they hurt? Are they being mistreated? She let a low, distressed moan as she continued pacing.

Spike silently watched her pace back and forth, feeling rather miserable. He was worried. Worried about his friends. The baby dragon wished he could give her comforting and encouraging words, but he had none. They were waiting for the others to arrive. Some had sent hastily written letters, and others Twilight would already know would come. The alicorn’s wings twitched. She felt absolutely frustrated and apprehensive by just doing nothing. But she was under strict orders from Princess Celestia to not take any action until the rest of her friends arrived.

Just then, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew through the large doors, barely giving the guards time to open them up properly. “Girls!” Twilight cried in relief. The pegasi touched down on the floor beside the princess.

They hugged each other tightly. “Oh, Twilight,” Fluttershy breathed, as they released themselves from the hug. “This is just awful.” A few unshed tears collected at the edges of her eyes.

“How in the hay did they let this happen?” Rainbow Dash said angrily. “They had security, didn’t they? Madame Honey is the freakin’ mayor of Paris! No cameras, no watch dogs, no laser beams, no anything!?!

Twilight placed a hoof on her shoulder. “I know you’re upset. We all are. But we have to keep cool heads right now. For their sake.”

Rainbow gave a deep sigh and lowered her head. “I know. I’m just… worried.”

“I know.”

Fluttershy turned her head and noticed Spike watching them. “Hi, Spike,” She said softly, walking over to him.

Spike simply lowered his gaze. “Hi.” He said glumly.

Fluttershy gently wrapped her hoof around the young dragon and gave him a strained smile. “They’ll be okay. I know they will.” Spike looked up at the kind Pegasus, and smiled halfheartedly.

There was a sudden clopping of hooves and heavy panting from outside the doors. Rarity rushed in, her face flushed. Her raincoat was hastily buttoned, and her mane was all over the place.

“Rarity!” The ponies exclaimed.

The unicorn dragged herself over, breathing very heavily. “I…*Gasp* came as quickly *Gasp* as I could….*Gasp* what’s *Gasp* what’s the news?”

Twilight shook her head. “Nothing yet, as far as I know. Now we just have to wait for— "

“I’m here! I’m here!” An exhausted voice shouted from the other hallway.

"—Applejack.” Twilight finished.

“Twilight, you here? Where are you?”

“We’re in here, A.J.!” Rainbow called.

Applejack poked her head in, and smiled. “Thank goodness,” She sighed as she walked in and received hugs from her friends. “Heavens to Betsy, wouldn't you know it, the train broke down, so I had to haul flank over here.” Her expression grew serious. “What’s goin’ on? What do we do?”

“Right now, we’re going to the throne room,” Twilight said, as they walked down the carpet, receiving bows from the guards. “All the princesses are waiting for us with my brother.” She looked ahead anxiously. “Hopefully, they’ll have something…”

Author's Note:

Alright then. That's done. I apologize for the short chapter, assignments have been driving me up the wall, but I'm pretty much caught up now. I excluded Pinkie and Cheese from this chapter because I wanted to show you what the rest of the world has been handling the news before we jump right back in. It'll kind of go back and forth in the future.

The lullaby Applejack was singing is called Summertime, I just tweaked it a bit. The song was made somewhere during the sixties or something, but here's the awesome version

Next chapter, we're back with Pinkie Pie and Cheese, let's see how they're doing. I'm going to go deep with this one. Thanksgiving break's just around the corner! Gives us more time to write, am I right, guys? :trixieshiftright:

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