• Published 4th Mar 2016
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Kirsarnia - Urimas Ebonheart

An MMO dungeoneering party arrives in Equestria after a failed dungeon run where the boss pulls them through their monitors upon his victory.

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Arc 1 - Chapter 8: Getting Supplies and Getting Ready

Arc 1 - Chapter 8: Getting Supplies and Getting Ready

Celestia goes wide eyed at Frank's words. "He'll be home soon?" she asks him.

"That's what he told me to tell you. He also said he's sleeping for about a month to recover his magic," Frank replies.

"I see, thank you for telling me," the white alicorn says with a slight smile.

Frank smiles back and leaves the room with Samantha and Laura. The two alicorns and pegasus following behind them.

The walk to the anchor crystal was not very long as it was just outside in the centre of the town square. Frank guessed he missed it due to his attempt at avoiding all the stares directed at him and his group on the way in.

The ponies bow to the Princesses as Frank stands in front of the crystal, it's about eight feet tall and four feet wide, the lower half is covered by a metal called mithril just like in the game. The crystal is giving off a faint humming sound which sounds relaxing, like it's saying that you're safe here.

Frank pulls out his recall crystal and taps it onto the anchor crystal. They both shine for a couple of seconds before returning to normal.

"What did you just do!?" Luna asks threateningly.

"Nothing harmful I assure you, I just bound my recall crystal to this location so when I use it I can return here," Frank replies. "and again you just proved Laura's hotheaded comment correct," he then says to her making her cross her arms in annoyance.

Frank walks away a good fifty feet and uses the recall crystal, he's blinded by a flash of light and is now standing in front of the anchor crystal facing away from it.

"Well it works," he says where Samantha and Laura also bind theirs to it.

"Do I have one of those?" Daring asks.

"Check your inventory, if not then try touching the anchor crystal," Frank replies and notices his crystal has a one hour cooldown now on it.

Daring touches the anchor and a recall crystal forms in front of her, she grins and takes it once it's formed.

"What was that!?" a new female voice asks.

The group turns around to see six women looking at them with mixed expressions. The first one is a lavender unicorn with a deep bluish purple mane and tail with two streaks of hot pink and deep purple. She's wearing a knee long navy blue skirt, a white undershirt and a deep purple sleeveless vest over it.

The next is a cyan pegasus with a rainbow coloured mane and tail, she's wearing mid thigh long black shorts and a white tank top shirt with a deep blue jacket over it.

Next to her is a pink earth pony with a darker pink poofy mane and tail wearing a pair of blue denim like overalls with a white and yellow striped shirt under it.

To the other side of the lavender unicorn is a butter yellow pegasus with a long light pink mane and tail, she's wearing a light blue shin long skirt and a light green sweater.

There's also a white unicorn with a very stylishly curled indigo mane and tail wearing a casual yellow outdoor dress.

Lastly is an orange earth pony with a blonde mane and tail with hair bands on the end wearing blue denim shorts, a red chequered shirt that's been tucked in the middle like a farm girl’s and a light brown stetson hat on her head.

Frank turns to face the lavender unicorn who asked the question. "I just bonded my crystal to the anchor so I may return here no matter where in the world I may be," he replies.

"What!? No such magic or spell can do that!" she says and runs over to frank and tries to take the crystal from him.

He just raises an eyebrow before sending the crystal back into his inventory.

The unicorn blinks and then looks at Frank. "Where did it go?" she asks confused.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you it's not nice to take other people's things without asking first?" he asks her with a hint of amusement.

The unicorn blushes and smiles sheepishly. "Sorry, I sometimes forget my manners when I see something that interests me..." she replies and holds her hand out for a handshake. "My name is Twilight Sparkle and I've been studying this crystal for four years now, so when you did something I've never seen with it before I got excited," she tells him.

Frank reaches out and shakes her hand. "Hello, Twilight. I'm Frank Johnson, and don't worry about it," he replies and lets go.

Celestia giggled lightly at her students behaviour.

"And these are my friends, Rainbow Dash," Twilight says pointing to the cyan pegasus.

"Pinkie Pie." She then points to the pink earth pony.

"Fluttershy." To the yellow pegasus.

"Rarity." The white unicorn.

"And Applejack." She then points to the orange earth pony.

They all gave an hello, hi, or howdy.

"It's nice to meet you all, as I said, I'm Frank Johnson the Guardian and these are my friends Samantha Witherton the Cleric," Frank replies and then points to the leoness.

"Hello," Samantha greets them quietly.

Fluttershy gasps and walks up to Samantha. "Oh my, you look like a kitty cat," she says and circles her like a shark.

"She kinda looks like an upright manticore without the wings and tail..." Rainbow Dash comments.

Frank chuckles as Fluttershy examines Samantha's tail. "And this is Laura Venice the Mage," he then points to the human woman.

"Mage? What magic can you do?" Twilight asks Laura with intrigue.

"Not much as of yet, I still need to level up to unlock new spells, but right now I can cast a firebolt, icebolt and a lightning bolt," she replies.

"Can you show me?" Twilight asks with a grin.

"Sure," Laura replies and aims her hand to the clear sky, she tries to cast a firebolt but nothing happens.

"Oh right, we're in a safe zone, so just like in the game our skills and spells wouldn't work here," Frank says.

"Huh?" Twilight asks confused.

"Our abilities are used to fight and kill monsters, but since monsters can't get in here our powers have no reason to work, it also stops people from killing other people in safe zones. I guess it's a security function of the anchor crystal," Frank tells her.

Twilight's horn glows and a notebook and quill appears in her hands and she starts writing.

"Hi, Daring! Been on any cool adventures lately?" Rainbow Dash asks the tan pegasus.

"Hello, Dash. And yes I have. I helped them cleanse the first Dungeon ever," she tells Rainbow Dash while pointing to Frank and his two friends.

"Really!? What was it like?" the rainbow haired girl asks in excitement.

"To be honest... fun actually," Daring replies.

"Fun? You could have died darling!" Rarity says to her.

"That's the thing, I can't die anymore apparently," Daring tells them.

"Huh? How?" Rainbow asks with wide eyes.

Frank ignores them and turns to Celestia. "We've also came here to purchase food and supplies for the Guild Hall. I have four-hundred bits with me, how much can that buy us?" he asks.

"Four-hundred? How did you get that much so quickly? I thought you said you were only here for four days so far?" Luna asks, she's calmed down and no longer looking angry.

"It was our reward for completing the Whitetail Woods Dungeon along with more as well, I think over a thousand in total," Frank replies.

"Whoa, that's a lot of bits..." Pinkie Pie says right next to Frank.

Frank yelps at the pink girl's sudden appearance. "Bloody hell! How'd she do that?" he asks and steps away from the grinning earth pony.

"I just walked next to you silly," Pinkie replies.

Before he could retort, a message screen appears in front of him.

From: Jack Linstock
About: Anchor crystal

Hey Frank, one of those anchor crystals from Kirsarnia just appeared in the Castle Courtyard!
Now there's this pale blue see-through dome around the place... It also vaporised any monster caught in it.

I think you should get back here as soon as possible.

Frank read the message and sighs as he begins to write a reply.

To: Jack Linstock
About: Anchor crystal

Alright, we're just about to buy supplies and then we'll head on back, keep an eye out for anything else.

"What were you doing? It looked like you were poking the air," Twilight asks.

"I got a message from Jack, It would seem an anchor crystal appeared at our Guild Hall. I need to purchase some supplies for our vaults and start heading back," he replies to Twilight and then tells the Princesses.

"Well, ah can sell ya'll some apples from mah orchard if ya'll want," Applejack offers.

"That would be nice thank you," Frank replies with a nod.

The large group go through the town buying supplies and telling the three dungeoneers about the town and such. The three friends also tell them of their world and about the game Kirsarnia.

"So you now have the powers of this MMO game and can kill the monsters?" Twilight asks.

"Correct," Frank replies and checks his inventory. "I believe we have enough supplies, we shall be heading back to the Guild Hall then. You know where it is correct?" he asks the ponies.

Princess Celestia replies. "Yes we do, it's one... well was one of the closest dungeons in the area. It used to be the Blueblood Noble family's Castle, but was twenty years ago and only one pony survived. Though you restored the Castle to its former glory it seems, he has no right to claim it as it was abandoned when the dungeon appeared in it, and you were the ones to restore it."

"Well the Dungeon is still there but it is now under our control, we can use it to farm small amounts of bits, low level materials, low level equipment, and experience points to level up," Laura tells her.

"I see, so you'll be using it as a training ground for new members?" Luna asks.

"Yes, now if we're done we need to go back. We shall return in seven days time for those records on any who wish to join us," Frank replies.

"Very well, it was a pleasure meeting you three, I do hope you'll help us reclaim our lands from these Dungeons," Celestia says to them with a slight bow.

The three friends and Daring Do leave Ponyville and head back to the Guild Hall.

After a few more battles along the way and gaining another level, the party of four have returned.

"Hey, Frank. How'd it go?" Jack asks standing next to the anchor crystal with Satoshi.

"Pretty good, we we're attacked along the way there and back by green slimes and timberwolves, but gained some more bits and crafting materials as well as another level from it," Frank replies.

"Cool, did you get the supplies?" he asks.

"Yeah, we got lots of fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs, even some doughnuts, cakes, and pies, as well as some fish from a gryphon vendor in the town. They have a lake just within range of their anchor crystal so fishing is safe. This should last us at least a month for the six of us," he replies.

"Six? Wait is Daring staying here with us?" Satoshi asks.

"Yes, would you like to join the guild, Daring?" Frank asks her.

"You mean I can stay here with you guys and have my own room here!?" she asks excitedly.

"Yes," Frank replies.

"Sign me up! If it means more adventures in Dungeons with you guys count me in!" she says with a grin.

Frank sends her a guild invite which she accepts and is now a member.

"Alright then, let's go and store these supplies in the vaults, but first let's bind our recall crystals here and I want to see if the fast travel system between anchors works," Frank says.

They all bind their crystals and then Frank touches the anchor making a menu pop up with a list of towns with other anchors in them, only the The Dungeoneers Castle and Ponyville are highlighted. He taps the Ponyville one and after a bright flash, he's standing in front of the Ponyville anchor crystal.

"Frank? Why are you back so soon?" Twilight asks him while she was examining the anchor.

"Just testing to see if the fast travel anchor system works," he replies and touches the anchor again.

"What?" Twilight asks but before she could say more he travels back to the Guild Hall anchor.

"Well it works," he says to the others.

Jack tries it but the Ponyville anchor is de-highlighted to him. "I can't," he says with a frown.

"You'll have to be near the anchor in Ponyville to activate it for yourself, just like in Kirsarnia," Frank replies.

"Well damn, oh well, I can get some bits and experience on the way there then," Jack says with a shrug.

The group head down to the three vaults in the basement.

"So how do these work?" Jack asks and tries to open the middle one. A large screen pops up in front of him with one-hundred item slots as well as ten different tabs each with their own one-hundred slots.

"So this vault has a thousand slots?" Laura asks and looks up at the name of the panel. "Guild Vault," she reads aloud.

"So this one is for all guild members to access?" Satoshi wonders to the others.

"Looks like it, let me try something Jack," Frank says to his warrior friend.

"Sure," he replies and stands aside which makes the screen close.

Frank touches the vault door and the screen reappears, he then opens his inventory screen and with the tip of his finger, drags a stack of apples over into the vault screen. The apples are now in the first slot of the first tab.

"Cool, just like how the game works," Jack says and goes to the left vault.

The screen pops up but it only has one-hundred slots and no extra tabs. "Personal Vault," he reads aloud the screen name.

Laura touches the right vault and a panel with ten tabs and a hundred item slots pops up. "Officer's Vault," she says.

"So the left one is each member's personal bank while the right is for those of officer rank and higher only..." Frank says after placing all the food inside the first tab which he renamed as food and rations. "Alright let's put all our bits into the officers vault, we'll use it as funding for the Guild Hall and more supplies if they're needed."

The others agree and place all the bits they looted so far in the vault for a total of 1,644 bits.

"Right then, Laura can you place the food and drinks you have into the officers vault, that'll be our personal stock. Sam, place yours into the guild vault please," Frank tells them.

"Okay," Samantha replies.

Once done the group gather in the main hall.

"So what do we do now?" Satoshi asks.

"The Princesses will be arriving in seven days with possible new members for the guild, along with records about them so we know who to pick and not to pick. Until then I say we run the Dungeon a few more times and farm bits, equipment, materials, and levels," Frank says.

The group agrees and delves into the dungeon once more.

Seven Days Later

The party of six have been running the Dungeon for five days straight, they’re all now level eight but still have only level two common, uncommon or rare equipment.

Frank has a full set of copper plate armour: helmet, gauntlets, boots +1, greaves and breastplate +1. He also has a copper heavy kite shield and still has his copper longsword +2

Jack has his copper warhammer +1, a copper chainmail set: vest +1, gloves, boots, leggings and a chain coif.

Samantha has her talisman and spell book foci. She also has a full cotton amour set of: robe, gloves +1, boots (which look more like wrappings around her paws), hood and pants +1.

Satoshi has full leather armour: a cap, boots, gloves, leggings and a vest. He also has a wooden longbow and a leather quiver.

Laura has a full set of cloth armour like Samantha with: a hood +1, gloves, shoes, pants, and a robe +1. Her staff is a wooden staff +1.

Daring Do has a full set of leather as well: a cap, gloves, leggings, boots and vest. She also has copper daggers +2

They also farmed over three thousand bits but the chests remained looted from their first run, the boss respawned on the third day meaning it respawns every week, they managed to get another thousand bits from it and a rare slime mount which was given to Samantha. It's a yellow colour with a saddle and reins and is surprisingly fast. Its details says it increases movement speed by 50%

They've also gathered a lot of basic materials and over the last two days have been perfecting their profession skills.

Frank has made a bunch of level one weapons and armour for the new members when they arrive.

Jack has been levelling his first aid skill to make low level bandages and poison antidotes, they'll be good for the new members when they start training on the overworld monsters before trying the Dungeon first.

Satoshi has made sets of leather armour as well as staffs for Laura to use her runecrafting on and bows, quivers, and lots of arrows.

Samantha has made plenty of lesser HP and MP potions from the herbs they found in the Dungeon and from the surrounding area of the Castle.

Laura has made robes and runecrafted the staffs Satoshi made for her.

Daring teleported back to Ponyville to help prepare them for the trip here and will teleport back when they’re ready to go.

During the week Jack and Satoshi travelled to Ponyville to activate the anchor for themselves and then teleported back.

Daring teleports back to the Guild Hall and goes to find Frank. She finds him in the forge where he's finishing a longsword.

The crafting process is just like Kirsarnia, you select a recipe from a list and then place the materials on the anvil. You then hammer it until you think it's perfect, once you stop the item is forged and its stats are revealed, so far most of the gear made is common rarity with no upgraded stats, but it will do for the new members to start with.

"Frank! The Princesses and the first bunch of ponies who want to join are ready to go!" Daring tells him.

Frank looks up from the anvil and turns to face her. "They're ready?" he asks just to make sure he heard that right.

"Yup, they just need us to escort them here," she tells him.

"Alright then." Frank says and sends a message to the others to gather by the anchor crystal.

Author's Note:

Who would you like to see join the guild?