• Published 4th Mar 2016
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Kirsarnia - Urimas Ebonheart

An MMO dungeoneering party arrives in Equestria after a failed dungeon run where the boss pulls them through their monitors upon his victory.

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Arc 1 - Chapter 10: The First Members Part 2

Arc 1 - Chapter 10: The First Members Part 2

"Alright, before we invite you to the guild I'd like to explain the rules of the guild," Frank says to the gathered ponies and dragon. "Rule one, don't steal from the guild or your fellow guild members, doing so will have you expelled from the guild and placed into the prison below to prevent you from misusing your new abilities. Same goes for killing anyone other than monsters."

"Rule two, only take what you need and can use from the guild vault, so no taking equipment you can't put on or stuffing your inventory with potions and such, everyone will get an even share."

"Rule three, when in a party, distribute the loot you find to those that need it first. Like if you have two assassins and one has better daggers than the other, but you find stronger ones in a chest or on a monster, the member with the weakest daggers and can actually equip them gets it. Bit's will be divided equally to every party member while resources will go to the guild vault."

"Rule four, help your fellow guild mates if you can when they ask for help, if you find strong equipment but no party member can use it or if it's weaker than their already equipped item, place it in the guild vault as someone else could use it."

"Follow those rules and we'll get along swimmingly," Frank tells them, getting a nod and an affirmative from everyone.

Frank then walks over to Celestia and holds his hand out to her. "Welcome to the guild," he tells her and Celestia shakes his hand.

She hisses in pain and winces as her name, class, guild tag, and HP bar appears above her head.

After the pain fades Celestia shakes her head slightly and looks at Frank, only to slowly look above him with a raised eyebrow as she sees his tags and HP bar.

"This is certainly strange," she comments and looks at the others tags.

"Are you alright sister?" Luna asks with curiosity.

"I'm fine, Luna. Just wasn't expecting what I'm seeing is all," she replies with a smile.

"Well then, you're now a member of The Dungeoneers," Frank tells her and looks at the others. "Who's next?" he asks them.

Luna steps forward and holds her hand out. "I shall," she replies.

Frank then turns to his friends. "You guys invite the others as well, it'll go by quicker," he tells them.

"Alright," Jack replies and the party starts inviting the others into the guild.

Frank looks back to Luna and grips her hand. "Welcome to the guild," he tells her and she also hisses in pain when she grasps his hand as her tags and bar appears.

After a few minutes everyone present is now a member of the guild. It takes a few minutes for them to get over the fact they can now see each other's name tags.

"Now that you're all members, it's time to sort out what class you wish to be and then get you your starter equipment," Frank tells them.

"Those who wish to be physical melee damage dealers come to me," Jack tells them.

Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Bon Bon walk over to him.

"Those who want to be magical damage dealers come to me," Laura then says.

Twilight, Celestia, and Lyra walk over to her.

"Those who would like to learn ranged damage dealing come to me please," Satoshi speaks up.

Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Vinyl walk over to him.

"Those who wish to be tanks or the shield of the party please come to me," Frank then says.

Applejack and Luna walk over to him.

"I guess that means you wish to be a healer right, Fluttershy?" Samantha asks the yellow pegasus.

Fluttershy nodded and walks over to her.

"Alright then, now we'll discuss what style of class you want," Frank says and looks to Luna and Applejack. "There's four trees for defensive tank classes; the Guardian, which I am, the Paladin, the Juggernaut, and the Vanguard," he explains to them.

"Ah take it each class has their own abilities and equipment needed?" Applejack asks him.

"Correct, tanks force the monsters to focus on them, taking the hits while the others deal the damage, a Guardian uses swords and shields while a Paladin uses a mace or hammer with a shield. The Juggernaut uses two war shields, large heavy tower shields with blades or spikes on the front to deal damage, while the Vanguard uses a two handed weapon and auras to boost their defence," he explains to her.

"I see, I wish to be the Vanguard then," Luna says.

"Ah'd like ta be the Juggernaut," Applejack then tells him.

"Alright then, now do as I do," Frank tells then them and shows them how to open their character screens where they'll pick their classes.

Once they've selected their classes Frank guides them to the vaults below to get their equipment.

Fluttershy is standing shyly in front of Samantha. "So you want to be a healer?" the Cleric asks her kindly.

The timid pegasus nodded and looks up at the leoness. "Yes, I want to make sure my friends stay safe," she replies.

"That's good, I originally became my party's healer because I wanted to help them, and in return they protected and helped me level up," Samantha tells her. "So, you have five healer classes to choose from."

"The Cleric like me, who specialises in healing. The Priest who uses buffs, debuffs, and shield spells with some basic healing spells. The Druid who uses nature to heal and buff their allies while also dealing some damage to enemies. The bard who uses music to heal and boost the party's stats, and the Shaman who uses the power of the spirit world to heal and attack," the leoness explains to her.

"I'd like the, erm... druid one please," Fluttershy replies.

"Alright, here's how you pick your class," Samantha says and shows her how.

Once done they head down to the vault.

Jack looks at Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Bon Bon with a stern stare. "So you think you got what it takes to get right up to your opponent's face and bitch slap them silly?" he asks them getting a challenging glare from Rainbow Dash. Spike just chuckles while Bon Bon just looks impassive.

"Damn right I do!" Rainbow tells him.

"Good, you'll need that attitude when you go face to face with a monster ten times your size and you swing your weapons at them like a possessed madman," Jack replies with a grin.

"Now then, there are a lot of melee classes to choose from, I myself am a Warrior, an area of effect based two handed weapon user. The others are the Champion who uses two handed weapons and focuses on single target damage. The Blade Dancer who uses two one handed weapons to attack with a mix of single and area skills. The Assassin uses daggers and stealth to sneak up on their enemies and deal quick high bursts of damage before backing off to repeat the process. The Rogue which is what Daring is, use daggers for fast and precise single target damage along with traps and poisons. The Brawler who uses fist weapons like claws, knuckle dusters, or plated gloves to attack lightning fast and has a high critical chance due to the low damage weapons they use, their skills go for stunning and combo attacks, and the Barbarian who wields a pair of two handed weapons is the slowest but the most brutal melee DPS there is, they can get stronger the more damage they take and have a mix of area and single target attacks," Jack tells them.

They look at each other and Spike speaks up. "I wanna be the Barbarian! Grrrrrrr!" he says and flexes his arms in front of himself with a growl.

"I want to be a Brawler! I'm already pretty good with karate!" Rainbow dash says and throws a few punches.

"And you?" Jack asks Bon Bon.

"I'll take the Blade Dancer please," she calmly replies.

"Alrighty then, here's how you pick them," Jack says and shows them, once done they head for the vault.

Satoshi looks at Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Vinyl. "So you want to be ranged classes. There are a few different types, I'm an Archer who can use both physical and magical attacks, but there are others like the Ranger who uses a shortbow and a shortsword. The Marksman who uses rifles to pick off targets at the longest range possible. The Hunter who uses throwing spears, axes, or javelins as well as a combat pet. The Blitzer who uses a large two handed cannon to bombard an area, and finally the Heart Seeker who uses throwing knives, stars, or shurikens with a high critical hit chance," he tells them.

"What's a rifle?" Vinyl asks.

"It's a long metal barrel with a wooden stock that shoots out small pieces of lead faster than an arrow and has a slower rate of fire, but it also does more damage," Satoshi replies.

"Oh! It's like a boomstick, gotcha," she says with a nod.

"Boomstick huh? Well, these are much more accurate and have an effective range of fifty feet before the bullet deals reduced damage," he tells her.

"I see, and this Blitzer can really carry around a cannon?" she asks next with uncertainty.

"Yes, the cannon folds up to a more compact size so it can be holstered on the Blitzer's back. Again their rate of fire is slow but deals a lot of damage and they can blast an entire area while the rifles are single target weapons," he replies.

"Hmmm. I'll have the hunter class then, I've always wanted a pet," Vinyl says with a grin.

"Alright, what about you, Miss Rarity?" the elf then asks the white unicorn.

"Hmmm, I like the sound of the Heart Seeker, I work with needles and I'm very, erm... good at throwing things when I'm angry, or so I'm told," she replies with a mild blush.

"Alright, Pinkie?" Satoshi asks the pink mare.

"Blitzer please! I'm already quite good with a cannon," she replies and pulls out a small blue cannon on pink wheels out from behind her back and pulls the cord spraying confetti all over Satoshi. "Oops," Pinkie says with a sheepish grin.

He spits out a yellow piece of confetti and stares at her unamused. "Alright, so just copy me and we'll get you all set up," Satoshi tells the the mares, completely ignoring the fact she pulled a tiny cannon out of nowhere.

Once selected, they also head down to the vaults.

"So you want to be magic users then?" Laura asks Twilight, Lyra, and Celestia.

Twilight nodded rapidly, eager to learn new forms of magic. Celestia and Lyra just nodded calmly.

"Alright then, there's a few classes to pick from. I'm a Mage, I use elemental based magic. Fireballs, lightning bolts, ice bolts, and that sort of thing. Then there's the Wizard who uses arcane magic like mana bolt, arcana pulse, intelligence buffs and the like. There's the Gravimancer who can manipulate gravity to damage or to slow down the enemy. The Necromancer can summon undead minions to fight for them and can cast necrotic spells like soul shard, drain life, and miasma," she tells them and they look horrified at that.

"You can be a Necromancer!?" Twilight says in disgust.

"Yes, and before you say anything the undead minions they summon are magical constructs and not actual bodies," Laura tells her.

"Oh... well, be that as it may, it still sounds revolting. I think I'll take the Wizard class please," Twilight replies with a scrunched up muzzle.

"Alright, but there's also the Light Bringer who uses holy magic to inflict damage, this type of magic does a small amount of bonus damage to undead and demon type monsters, and then there's the Dark Mage who uses demonic energies to temporarily become demonic like in appearance to deal heavy damage to the enemy," she finishes.

"I see... Then I shall have the Light Bringer class please," Celestia says.

"And I'll have the Dark Mage," Lyra says and the other two give her surprised looks. "What? It sounds cool," she tells them.

"Okay, do as I do," Laura tells them and they pick their classes before heading down to the vaults.

Everyone is in the vault with Frank in front of the middle vault door. "Welcome to the guild vault, here items will be stored for the members of the guild. To your left is the personal vault where you can store your own personal items for safekeeping, you and only you can access your own vault. Behind me is the guild vault where you'll be able to fill the guild's stock of resources, food, water, equipment, and bits that others can withdraw as needed. There will be limits to what you can and can't withdraw daily. To your right is the officer vault where my friends and I will be storing the important items and such," he tells them.

"Why do you get your own vault?" Rainbow Dash asks them.

"We're the officers of the guild, anything we think is of importance will be placed in there for safekeeping, like dangerous artefacts and the like, this also means once they're in there they can never come out unless one of us gets it out... think of it as the ultimate seal," Jack replies with a shit eating grin.

"Oh..." Rainbow says dumbly.

"Now then, in the middle vault is a bunch of level one equipment we crafted for new members. I want you to step up one by one, place your hand on the door and a screen will appear,” Frank says and explains how the inventory system works. "Then I want you to withdraw a full set of equipment and two HP and MP potions if you have mana for yourselves," Frank tells them.

Twilight steps up and touches the door, the vault screen pops up and she stares at it. After a few seconds she drags over a robe, a staff, boots, gloves, a hood, and two of each potion.

"Now equip them through your inventory and drag the potions to your hotbar," Frank tells Twilight.

She opens her inventory and taps on the robe and then selects equip, she yelps as the white cotton robe replaces her vest but leaves her undershirt in place.

The others gasp and 'oooh' in awe as Twilight puts the rest on. "Next please," Frank says to the others.

One by one they pick up a set of equipment each and equip them. "This isn't real leather is it?" Rarity asks examining the armour she's wearing.

"Sort of, it's generated loot from monsters we've slain or from chests in the dungeon," Satoshi replies.

"I... see," she says with a bit of a wince.

Applejack lifts up her two copper war shields and mumbles to herself. "Things feel lighter than they look."

Rainbow has a pair of copper knuckle dusters on and throws a few punches. "This is sooo cool! When do we get to fight monsters!?" she asks in excitement.

"After we've had lunch, pick out whatever you want to eat from the food tab in the vault, food and water doesn't go off while inside the vault or your inventories, so you could bake a pie and leave it in your inventory for months and when you get it back out it'll be as fresh as the day you baked it," Frank replies and tells them.

"Amazing! Imagine the possibilities if we can spread this power? Food shortages will become less common and food won't be wasted anymore!" Twilight says with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Ahem," Frank says getting her attention. "Didn't I explain already why we ain't just giving anyone this power?" he tells her.

"Oh, right... misuse..." Twilight replies.

Frank nodded at her and looks at the others. "Okay, get something to eat and then form two parties of six members each. We're going to go out and find some monsters for you to practise on after we explain how battles work and what your roles entail," Frank tells them.

Author's Note:

Next chapter will début the two new parties first battles.