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Dragons of Hourglass - Rammy

Spike has chosen but now the task of bringing the dragons into harmony must begin and the return of dragon clans seems like a good start

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Parting of Ways

“He of Harmony…”

“He of Harmony!”

“Huh? Wha?” Harmony groggily responded. Everything was out of focus and far away. He could see a mass of purple and green covering most of his line of sight.

“He of Harmony are you alright?”

Harmony’s vision finally cleared and he noticed that He of Hourglass was looming over him. “Yes I am… I think. What happened?”

“I was going to ask you that myself.”

Harmony blinked several times trying to figure that out himself. He remembered Rainbow saying something then the world just faded to black after that. The next thing he knew He of Hourglass was looming over him asking him if he was alright. “I don’t remember.”

He of Hourglass eyed him for a moment. Harmony wasn’t sure if he believed him or not. He of Hourglass blinked then backed off allowing Harmony to get up and brush himself off.

“Harmony?” Twilight stepped forward. Harmony waved his foreleg to indicate he was fine.

“Come, let’s return to Hourglass and finish packing your stuff. I also want to give each of you personalized assignments.”

Harmony was getting annoyed at Rarity. Her diva attitude was grating on him and that was the problem. He needed to get through to her about how her diva attitude needed to go. The easiest way was to force her to take a break for a year to get her priorities corrected. The career of fashionista had a tendency to make good mares and stallions to become snobbish. “I watched good friends die because of greed!”

“Please, you need to leave.”

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“You will die if you dont leave! Please!”

Harmony shook off the terrible memories. He didn’t want to break down right now.

Rarity finally recovered from Harmony last retort. ”Well I never! I can help it if ponies can’t see...”

“ENOUGH!” Harmony voice blasted Rarity across the room. Rarity had only a second to recover before he was right in her face. “WAR IS NEVER BEAUTIFUL,” Rarity mane was completely a mess from the close range use of the Royal Canterlot Voice. He lowered his voice just enough so that she could continue hearing him without her ears ringing. “It’s ugly, dirty, slimy, bloody, stinking, and ‘uncouth’ and guess what, sweety, IT’S COMING!!!!”

Rarity broke into terrified, shivering sobs. Harmony anger was terrifying to behold. She tried to hide by curling into a fetal position while slamming her hoofs into her ears and scrunching her eyes. Harmony only rolled his eyes and with his horn aglow with magic he forced her into the air. He slammed her red shot eyes open and glued her hooves to her sides. He wasn’t done and he was going to get through one way or another.

“Nobles! Ha!” Harmony spat. “There is nothing noble about the ‘nobility!’ Nothing but a bunch of dishonest, backstabbing, unkind, greedy bastards. They let good mares and stallions go to their death so they don’t get their manicured hooviesy dirty while drinking tea and munching on biscuits!”

Harmony swung a hoof at Rarity face causing her to flinch. “Your little diva beauty is only my life blah blah blah make you no better than them. You will either learn it now or someone you love will die because of your attitude. Trust me. You want to learn it now.”

Harmony roughly released Rarity from his magic. “Now go wash up and take some time to make yourself presentable then get out.”

Harmony was glad that Pinkie was next. Rarity had drain him emotionally. Before she left he handed her a scroll with a hoof written note from Spotlight. He explained that Spolight had already been made aware of her sabbatical. At that Rarity almost let her temper flare again before a sharp glare from Harmony cause her to epp like Fluttershy and quickly vacate the building.

Pinkie Pie slowly walked into the room her normally puffy mane was nearly straight. Harmony figured it was because of Rarity but decided not to press the issue.

“Bearer of Joy I want...”

“You want me to keep morale up when the big meanies come.”

“Uh… yes.” Again Harmony found himself wondering if there was some connection between Pinkie and Discord. Not that Pinkies odd abilities were a problem. If anything they probably will and have saved lives. It also seemed to help her in spreading her element trait. Still if there was a connection he needed to know. Discord would need to know so that she could learn to use her abilities better and to warn her of some of the more dangerous pitfalls that she most assuredly wouldn't know about.

“It’s just that I need to remind you that parties will not always work. Matter of fact, parties will very likely become less effective. I have complete confidence that you will be able to learn exactly what is needed for all occasions. Let your element and instincts guide you in this.”

Pinkie Pie mane began to become a bit more puffy as she happily nodded. Harmony smiled as he became more sure that Pinkie was up to the challenge. He turned around to face the window. He sadly looked outside through the window at the other ponies mingling outside. “I know not when war will finally break out… but when it does...”

“No worries I will keep them smiling.” Pinkie handed a folded note to Harmony. “Read this after we leave.”

“Will do.” Harmony eyed the note wondering why Pinkie would hand him a note and then ask him to wait reading it until later. Pinkie Pie slowly walked out of the door. Harmony could see her joining the others in laughter. A single tear drop fell down his cheek as he watched.

“Bearer of Loyalty I need you to take a break from the Wonderbolts…”

“Not happening.”

“Will you let me finish!?” Harmony facehoofed. “I need you to take a break while you are undergoing advanced training under the Royal Elite Pegasi Guard.”

“Oh… cool?”

Harmony raise an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t call it ‘cool.’ REPG advanced training will make your time with the Wonderbolts look easy.”

“Trust me. It will be easy peasy.”

“If you think so.”

“I know so.” Harmony facehoofed again, groaning.

“Bearer of Kindness…”

Fluttershy eeped and ran into a corner cowering. Harmony figured she was nervous that he would ‘attack’ her like he had Rarity. In hindsight he should have done her before Rarity.

Harmony slowly walked up to Fluttershy. He slowly sat down and gently moved a strand of her mane away from her eyes. “Relax. I’m not going to bite.”

Okay.” she squeaked out.

“War is scary and it’s okay to be scared…” Harmony soothed. “Listen I know you are not a fighter because for you life is too precious. However, you do want to help your friends. Because of that, I’m sending you to the griffons for three weeks to train as a field medic. I won’t lie to you. It will be hard and scary, but I know you have the strength to do it. Your kindness is very strongㅡ Something that many field medics don’t have.”

Harmony comforted Fluttershy for a few minutes until she finally stop shivering from fright. He helped her get back on her hooves. She slowly walked out. Harmony sighed heavily the mare was still so innocent and yet he knew that if he didn’t act now it…

“Discord, I can’t force you to go, but…”

Discord snapped a claw making himself visible. “I will go. It’s going to be horrendous and she is too dear of a friend for me not to go and give her comfort.”

“Just be careful the griffons haven’t forgiven you yet.”

“Don’t remind me.”

“Give them time, Discord, give them time.”

Twilight walked into the house calmly. Harmony was glad she was the last one as he was tiring out and hers was going to be the most difficult. He didn’t have a chance to give a greeting before a hoof slammed against his cheek.

Harmony rubbed his sore check. Once the stinging left he looked at Twilight. She was shaking in anger. “I stand by what I did.”

“I don’t.”

Harmony shrugged. “Well, on to business…”

“No. You are going to...”

“Not. Now.” Harmony grabbed Twilight’s hoof before she could smack him again. Harmony eyes seemed to grey as he spoke. “War is coming. For the moment Hydro Hourglass is quiet but for how long I don’t know. A week, a month, maybe tomorrow… I have got to get you ready for the horrors of war and that means foalish attitudes like the Bearers of Loyalty and Generosity must stop now if they are to survive.”

“Let me make this clear: I’m not doing this for you sakes or for mine but for Spike’s. I can wield the Elements alone if I must. However Spike considered you six his family as such I will do whatever it takes to protect you even if the means the Bearer of Generosity’s over inflated ego gets bruised.”

Twilight started to tear up at the mention of Spike. Harmony wanted to join in but forced himself to maintain composure. ”Listen. Going home is going to be difficult but I need you to remain strong and have the Dragon Reference Guide read within a week after you get back.”

Harmony lifted Twilight head. “The grief you have begun to heal from will reopen when you return. Remember everything that I have told you about that night and the love Spike had for you. Never forget that and never forget what Golden Heart is to you. He is the gift that Spike left. I suggest that whenever you send official mail to also include a personal letter to him.”

Twilight burst into tears at that and Harmony pulled her into an embrace with a wing. “Can you do that for him. Can you do it for your little brother?” Twilight nodded. Harmony hugged her tighter as Twilight sobbed into his fur. He allowed a few tears of his own to fall.

“Do you think they can handle what’s coming without you?”

“They have for the past fifteen years. They managed to rise above every challenge they faced. Even though this will test them beyond all they ever thought possible I have every confidence in them.”

He of Hourglass turned and flied off, heading for the library. Harmony took the note that Pinkie gave him and opened it.

Hang in there Harmony. You will find your joy again.

Author's Note:

Finally the Mane 6 leave the story... it's not that I don't like them its just they are hard to write for... They might reappear from time to time... Twilight of course will continue to show up (hello she is tagged)

What are Harmony's terrible memories?

Before I get the expose from RadicalDishonesty(I can't wait:pinkiehappy:)... let me just say I don't like Rarity... As long as she's embodying generosity she's fine but the moment her diva comes out I want to kill her with a blast from a BFG9000. She would never make it as a friend of mine IRL... Quite frankly those diamond dogs should have ended her and would have at least attempted in alot of the dark fics that I have read. Okay enough ranting...

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