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Dragons of Hourglass - Rammy

Spike has chosen but now the task of bringing the dragons into harmony must begin and the return of dragon clans seems like a good start

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Dragon Quest

Author's Note:

Yep an AU episode chapter (and very annoyingly hard one to write too...).

** 14 years earlier somewhere on the Dragon Migration route. **

The long flight through Equestria was unusually quiet. He had expected to have to knock some sense into some overly excited whelps. The adults usually had enough sense not to do anything rash while in Equestria. This leg was particularly special this time. The Dragon Keeper lives in a small pony village they passed over two days ago. He of Harmony had sent a letter about a year ago about his hatching. Finally after many millennia the dragons would manifest their keeper. He didn’t have any luck seeing any dragons of the appropriate age in or around the village. It wasn’t like there would be a lot of dragons so close to the ponies.

He wanted to stop there and check but He of Harmony had forbidden it. As He of Harmony was considered the guardian of the Dragon Keeper until he Chose he didn’t push the matter. Also as Equestria was considered by right to be Harmony’s territory entering it without an invite would not be wise.

He gently landed on the ledge. He casually flick a loose stone off. He about to enter the cave in front of him when he could smell an intruder within. A very familiar intruder, “He of Harmony hiding in the shadows again?”

“Sorry He of the Flight,” Harmony called out stepping into the light. He eyed the ancient yellow dragon with a sigh of nostalgia. He remembered when He of the Flight was a young adult dragon just starting the dragon migration seven thousand years ago, “I do not wish to be seen right now as I’m only passing through. I really don’t have the time for the usual festivities at migration stops. To your disappointment I’m sure.”

He of Flight waved his claw, “and yet here you are in my cave. I could press the issue.”

Harmony chuckled, “You can if you wish but I think we both know you won’t. Did the Equestrian leg of the migration go well?”

“You could have sent a letter.” A roar of a dragon distracted He of the Flight for a moment. He turned to look out on the gathering dragons but could see nothing that needed his immediate attention, “There is more going on. Explain.”

“True, I have news.” He of the Flight turned to face Harmony. “The changelings are on the move.”

“Have you ascertained why?”

“Ascertained?! No. And that concerns me.”

He of the Flight seemed to eye him for a bit longer then slowly turned his attention to a gathering of whelps below. “Well this is unusual.”

“Unusual?!” Harmony moved to the front of the cave. ”What do you mean?”

“See for yourself.” He of the Flight bobbed his head down towards the crater floor.

Harmony peered downward and had to look twice. “A hatchling?” He looked back at He of Flight in confusion, “A hatchling on the Dragon Migration!?”

“That would appear to be so.”

Harmony looked down and activated a hearing and seeing spell. He could now make out that the hatchling was purple and green. Purple and green? Why does that seem familiar… Harmony shook his head figuring that answers would come soon enough. First thing was to figure out why a hatchling was at the Migration. He moved his focus towards the group of whelps who were talking to the hatchling.

The purple and green hatchling piped up, “Oh, well, y'see, I live in Ponyville and–”

“Did I just hear what I thought I heard?”

“He of Harmony, I do think things just got interesting…”

“What is the Dragon Keeper of Harmony doing here!?” Harmony angrily ground his teeth. He really didn’t want him here. He knew there was a possibility that the Dragon Keeper would get curious about his people. He of the Flight explained to everydragon about the Dragon Keeper before the dragons went through Equestria in the small chance that if he did show up...

A red whelp called out, ”Who's up for a little belching contest?”

Harmony eyed the red whelp with a curious intensity, “Who is the red whelp? He appears to be the leader of the group.”

He of the Flight eyed the red whelp for a moment taking stock of his features, “Garble,” He finally answered.

Garble?! Sometimes I wonder about why dragons are named they way they are… Harmony noticed that the hatchling belched up a rolled, sealed up parchment. He wasn’t positive but he was sure that the seal was the royal seal.

Garble grabbed the rolled up parchment and quickly broke the seal smirking as he read outloud,” From the desk of Princess Celestia. Dear Spike, please te– Ha! Get this, guys! Spike's pen-pals with a namby-pamby pony princess!”

Harmony facehoffed at seeing Garble nonchalantly throwing the letter into a lava pool. “Garble that wasn’t smart…”

“Wait I see two Crackles.”


“The gem encrusted green dragon.”

Harmony took a look down and indeed he saw two dragons matching that description. The one near the whelps looked off. He cast a different spell and noticed that the second ‘Crackle’ was actually three ponies inside a dragon suit. “That is not a dragon…It’s ponies in a dragon costume!” He suddenly made another connection. “Not only is the the Dragon Keeper here but if I’m not mistaken those ponies are three of my bearers.”

“Are they stupid? It’s extremely dangerous for ponies to be here.”

“They most likely came along to keep Spike safe. I cant see any other reason for ponies to risk life and limb to come here.”


“Spike is not a pony name. So I would gather that it is the one dragon that you don’t know of. The hatchling Dragon Keeper.”

Spike chuckled nervously, “Good old tail wrestling…”

Harmony and He of the Flight could barely make out a pony whispering from within the suit, “We can't let little Spikey-wikey wrestle one of them! He'll get clobbered!”

Another pony whispered, “Let's go!” The voice deepened and called out loudly, “I challenge Spike to a tail wrestle!”

“Bwhahaaha… did a pony in a dragon suit say what I just heard?”

“Ugh.” This only caused more laughter to erupt. Harmony was silently wishing and hoping someone would relieve him of this humiliation.

Spike wrapped his tail around fake Crackle’s tail.

Garble crossed his arms before shouting “Ready. Go!”

Spike started pulling as hard as he could. After a few moments of struggling Harmony and He of the Flight could see a silent nod between two of the mares inside ‘Crackle’. The fake Crackle then promptly collapse in fake exhaustion.

He of the Flight couldn’t believe what he just saw. “Did… Did they just throw the game!?”

Harmony facehoofed, “Yes.”

He of the Flight eyed Harmony, “Remind me again why you think ponies and dragons can get along?”

The sound of Spike’s screaming snapped them from their debate just in time to see Spike hit the the crater wall.

Garble was holding Spike while climbing a pile of gems. “So, Spike, you haven't exactly proven yourself as a dragon yet, have you?

“Ugh, whelps! Think they know everything about being a dragon…”

“Says the alicorn…” Harmony went red in embarrassment which only made He of the Flight roar with laughter.

Garble pushed Spike causing him to tumble down the gem pile. He bellowed out, ”King of the hoard!”

Garble challenged,”whoever makes the biggest lava splash is the ultimate dragon!” He then made a running jump while screaming, “Geronimo!”

Even from the distance they were watching they could see Spike gulp.

The fake Crackle slowly backed away unseen. The other whelps very quickly followed Garble off the cliff into the lava pool. At last only Spike was remaining. He really wasn't sure about jumping from the cliff. It just seem too high.

Garble yelled upward, mocking,” What's wrong, Spike? You afraid the lava will hurt your soft pony hide?”

All of the whelps joined in mocking laughter even high-fiving each other. Spike rubbed his armed nervously. Spike gulped heavily then finally took a hesitate jump. He screamed as he fell. A large thwack sound reverberated the crater as he hit the lava on his belly.


“Okay, ouch.”

Spike, by belly flopping so hard, you have proven yourself worthy. I hereby dub you 'rookie dragon', and will now perform the initiation ritual..” Garble grabbed Spike and gave him a hearty noogie. “Rrrrgh. Now let's party dragon style!”

“‘Rookie dragon’ really?”

“Great? Huh, maybe by Ponyville standards. Stick with us, Spike. We still got plenty to teach you about being a dragon.”

“Which is a big fat zero.” Harmony sarcastically stated getting a rumble of a chuckle out of He of the Flight. Harmony rolled his eyes at that before turning his attention back to the whelp dragons below.

A loud thump woke him up. Harmony groggily got up and yawned heavily. “He of the Flight I see your back. How was the challenges?”

“To be frank boring… And are you sure you will be unable to join in? You were always able to spice up Hoard Challenges.”

“One I have no hoard. Two even if I did no dragon would want my hoard anyway.”

“I beg to differ…. the Elements are a great treasure.”

“Are you initiating a challenge?” Harmony eyed He of the Flight with an upraised brow.

“No. I’m just making a point.”

“Yeah... I know....” Harmony trailed off as he stretched. He wearily took a look at the whelps who seemed to have recovered from their party and were talking excitedly among themselves. What are they up to… “...If it wasn’t for the complication of Spike and the three bearers I would have left already. I really need to figure out what the changelings are up to...”

“Phoenix Raid!” The whelp yelled out excitedly high fiving and taking off. Spike attempted to keep up but tripped over a rock.

Spike called out, Uh, sorry, guys! I guess I'll meet you back here at the crater! After the whole raid thing's over? We'll totally hang then! Whoahoa!”

“Better stop them He of Harmony phoenix fire is similar to a dragon’s fire.”

Harmony took a running jump and flew off in the direction of the nearby forest. He had to be careful as it was too soon to expose himself. He needed to wait until the Dragon Keeper was a whelp. He was already getting the Bearers ready especially the Bearer of Magic and he didn’t want to disrupt that. He was getting tired of this protecting from shadows. Soon, Spike, soon...

“Alright, Spike. Since you're our rookie dragon, you get to lure the parents away from the nest.”

Spike stammered out, “Heh... Lucky me…”

Garble lightly pushed him closer to the tree. “Well, go on then!”

Spike called out, “Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix! I was hoping I could have a word with you? Um, I'd, um, like to ask you some questions actually…”

Garble whispered giving him a small rock before rehiding, “We haven't got all day, Spike!”

“Hey, you bird brains! Come and get me!” Spike yelled before throwing the rock.

The rock arced over and landed on the male phoenix. It cawed angrily looking to see where the rock came from. It didn’t take very long for the phoenix to notice Spike. Both phoenixes cawed angrily then burst into flames taking off after the quickly retreating Spike.

Harmony galloped after Spike staying hidden in the trees and underbrush. He had to think fast those phoenixes were gaining. He also couldn’t reveal that something or someone helped Spike. Sometimes I hate helping from the shadows… The phoenix parents suddenly heard the frantic screeching of the chicks and quickly retreated after them leaving Spike alone. Harmony silently let out the breath he had be holding.

“What happened?” Spike noticed that he wasn’t burnt to a crispy. He wiped his brow of sweat and quickly jogged back to the now abandoned nest. “Huh, what have we got here?” Spike eyed the a yellow and orange egg that was lying on the ground near the phoenix nest. Carefully he picked it up to examine it.

Garble stumbled through the underbrush along with the other whelps. “They got away! Hey! You stole an egg?”


“Well, I guess the raid wasn't a total waste after all.” Garble patted Spike’s back. “Nice going, Spike.”

The large brown whelp eyed him. “Well, what are you waiting for, Spike? Smash it!”

Spike asked. “Smash the egg?”


The purple whelp agreed. “Yeah, throw it on the ground as hard as you can!

The whelps started to chant. “Yeah! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it!”

Spike raised the the egg sweat dripping down his face. He seemed like he was about to do it when his demeanor changed. He slowly lowered his arms looking longingly at the egg. “No! It's just a defenseless egg, like I was! And I'm not gonna let you hurt it!”

Harmony peered through the trees smiling. Courage. Good. Looks like I don’t need to do anything else here.

Garble blinked, confused, “What did you say?”

Harmony was about to walk away when he heard that. He managed to turn around just as Spike repeated, “I said no.”

Garble growled threatening, “No one says no to me.”

He stepped forward with his claws extended and his mouth open menacingly. Spike stepped back as Garble stepped forward. A slightly blinding light could be seen from behind Spike as he suddenly bumping into something. Looking up and back he could see the dragon that the others had identified as a relative of a dragon called ‘Crackle.’ The whelps stepped back in shock.

Suddenly the dragon shed its ‘skin’ revealing that under that was three ponies. If the sudden appearance of the ‘crackle’ dragon shocked the whelps the fact that it there was three ponies under a dragon costume really confused them.

A cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane angrily shouted. “Nopony's gonna lay a claw on him!”

A purple unicorn with a bluish purple mane with a pink streak agreed putting up her hoofs, “That's right!”

A white unicorn with a curly purple mane and tail casually spoke, “Fighting's not really my thing. I'm more into fashion, ” She lightly flicked her mane before furiously adding, ”but I'll rip you to pieces if you touch one scale on his cute little head!

The dragon whelps laughing uproariously. The ponies and Spike looked wearily at each other. Harmony eyed the situation trying to find out if he needed to intervene.

“Ooh, scary, hehe!” Garble jazz handed before pointing, ”Spike, are these namby-pamby ponies your friends?”

Spike shot Garble an angry glance while walking up to threaten him. “Yes, they are. And they're better friends than you could ever be. Now, if you don't back off, you'll see what us ponies do when confronted by a huge group of jerky dragons.”

“Oh, yeah?” Grable snorted. “What's that?”

Spike jumped up then zoomed away as fast as he could screaming, “Run away!”

Garble was initially shocked at the reaction not sure of what exactly transpired. After a second he went ballistic. He lunged at Twilight trying to bite her head off but Twilight had enough sense to duck. At that the ponies turned tail and ran. Garble tried stopping them by blowing a fireball. Rarity who was was the slowest of the pack could feel the heat as the flame managed to singe a bit of her tail. She was pumped up with too much adrenaline to complain about the damage to her perfectly coiffed tail.

Twilight Sparkle grunted a bit trying to get enough concentration to teleport them out of danger. Another flame ball hurled right over their heads before she finally was able to gather enough concentration to teleport them to safety.

Garble in his frustration slashed at a nearby tree knocking it down noisily. He dropping to his knees and punched the ground.

“That was not smart Garble.”

“And what’s that to you?!” Garble turned to see that it was a rainbow alicorn stallion. At the sight he visibly paled and it wasn’t just from the nausea at the shifting color of his coat. He had heard the stories. “He.. he of Har Harmony.”

“Yes, He of Harmony. I can see that my reputation precedes me. Good.”

“As for you.”Harmony put on a face of scholarly boredom. “You are the whelp who nearly sliced and roasted three ponies who guard part of my ‘hoard.’ You also have been hanging out with a very special dragon. Now I do believe that every dragon was briefed before entering Equestria, which you passed through a few days ago, about a certain village. Can you tell me the name of that village?”


“You know its funny. Garble you claim to know about dragons and yet you have twice now stuttered in front of me. Talk about hypocrisy. One a dragon would not do that in front of another. Two for a dragon who thinks that ponies are I quote “namby-pamby” you sure are afraid of me.”

“So tell me Garble do I look namby-pamby to you?” Harmony push his nose to Garble’s snout.

Garble quickly shook his head no. Harmony snorted in contempt and back off from the now shivering whelp.

“Now tell me what is so special about Ponyville?”

Garble mumbled a bit tapping his claws together nervously.

“Sorry can’t hear you.” Harmony mocked.

“That if any pony or-or dragon you run into that is from Ponyville to not harass them and to notify He of the Flight immediately.”

“You are missing a very tiny detail Garble. Shall I refresh you memory?” Harmony smiled evilly. Garble froze not sure if there was a right way of answering.

“THAT THE DRAGON THAT LIVES IN PONYVILLE IS THE DRAGON KEEPER OF HARMONY!” The force from his amplified voice blew back Garble. He tumbled backwards until he slammed into a tree. His head started to spin and his ears rang. A bit of blood dripped out of his snout.

Harmony waited for Garble ears to stop ringing then he got right into his snout leaving nothing in his vision but rage filled eyes. “So tell me why would you take him on a phoenix raid? A hatchling has no business on a phoenix raid.”

“I… Well…”

Harmony back up a bit showing off his mock thinking face, “There is that stuttering again…” He moved back into Garble’s face again, “And tell me why you were stupid enough to attack him and the three ponies with him? What was it you said? Oh, yes, I remember: ‘no one says no to me.’ I have a saying for you. No one steals from another dragon’s ‘hoard’.”

“But yo-you’re not a dragon…”

“Wrong. Thing. To. Say.”

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