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Dragons of Hourglass - Rammy

Spike has chosen but now the task of bringing the dragons into harmony must begin and the return of dragon clans seems like a good start

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On the Road

Harmony just loved the smell of a crisp fall morning. There was just something about the chill of the morning that seemed refreshing. And he was going to need it as he had to haul a nearly a ton of ore.

“You are going to have to be a lot better than that to sneak up on me young dragon.”

“How? I was downwind.” Came the voice of the Phantom of Strongberg.

“I may lack the excellent hearing and smell of a dragon but I do have experience on my side.”

“Who or what are you? I smell dragon on you but you are no dragon.”

“I think I’ll keep that to myself for now.” Harmony finally turned around to see an annoyed whelp.

Harmony started to walk in a wide circle around the whelp examining him closely from head to toe. The dragon was white scaled with a cyan under belly and hair spines. His ear frills and spines were teal colored. Harmony couldn’t see what type of ear frill the dragon had as it was hidden by what looked like a headphone band. At the end of his tail was a forked spike. He was wearing a cream colored jacket with yellow scorpion embroidered near the collar. Well now I see why they didn’t see the wings… Wonder where he got the jacket… with minotaurs being somewhat rare in Equestria and even more so in the lands to the north...

The whelp yawned a bit, clearly bored. His black claws flexed into the dirt as Harmony made a second circle around him. Interesting coloration. It also looks like he may been a mix breed. Can’t say for sure… Harmony stopped and took a look at the eyes. Sharp emerald eyes stared back at him. A black triangle under the eyes? Don’t see that too often.

While Harmony was examining him the dragon was examining the cloaked figure. The brown cloak looked torn and tattered from use. Oddly, he couldn’t see into the tears, holes, or even the hood. Must be enchanted... He was getting bored as he really couldn’t get much of out a brown cloak and a dragon smelling non dragon that he couldn't see. He started getting uncomfortable when the figure finally stopped after two circles around him and stared at him. At least he thought he was staring at him he couldn't see the eyes. This guy is creepy.

Harmony walked past the whelp and hooked himself to the loaded wagon. “Come. I would prefer to get to End Junction before the night train leaves.”

“And what makes you think I’m coming with you?”

Harmony turned his head back to face the dragon. “You’re here aren’t you?” The whelp raised a claw for a second then lowered it when he had no retort to give. “I only required you to pay for the damages. I said nothing about you needing to meet me here.”

He turned back around and began to pull the wagon behind him. He wasn’t going to wait for the dragon to decide what he wanted to do. He figured the dragon would decided one way or another and would catch up to him if he was a curious as Harmony thought he was.

Knew it. Harmony smiled as he could hear the dragon running to catch up to him. “Here you may want to wear this. I don’t want to cause a panic.” He threw a black cloak behind him with his magic.

“What kind of town is End Junction?”



“Get use to it. We have to go through the heart of Equestria to get to our destination.”

What did I get myself into!?

The sun was low in the sky when the traveling pair caught sight of the town. It was more industrial than most towns. End Junction was the end of line for trains which normally would mean a small backwater town. But considering its proximity to griffin territory and its mineral riches it was quite the place for the moving of ore and other earthly riches to and from Equestria and nearby griffin eyries

Harmony looked over to his companion as they got closer. The dragon was trying to hide his nervousness but to a keen eye like Harmony it was quite clear. “Don’t worry, we won't be in town very long. Ponies here are all business so you wont need to worry about unwanted attention… unless you keep looking like a reindeer being stalked…” Harmony had to stifle a laugh as the dragon went to the extreme opposite. “Now you're too stiff just relax.”

“Maybe I should have stayed in Strongberg…”


“I am not a wimp!”

“Then maybe you should keep up.” Harmony laughed as he spend up into a gallop.

The whelp jaw dropped for a second before he ran to catch up. He caught up to Harmony at the train platform. Harmony resisted the urge to say something foalish like ‘what took you?’

Harmony disconnected from his wagon to speak to the ticketmaster. “I need a boxcar and I need it taken to Ponyville.”

The pony inside the counter took one look at him and scoffed. He was in no mood to deal with a pair of train hobos. Harmony rolled his eyes at the reaction of the clerk. Not that he was terribly surprised given the condition of his cloak.

“I think this will be more then enough.” Harmony lifted a large bulging sack into the ticket counter. The clerk went wide eye when the bag burst open and bits pour out. Harmony smirked at the greedy glint he saw. “Keep the change.”

“I’ll get you a boxcar right away.” The pony zipped out of the booth so fast that Harmony had to hold the hood to his cloak down from the wind created in the pony’s wake. He could hear the dragon laughing hard behind him. He stole a glance to see that not only was the dragon laughing but was bent over slapping his knees. Harmony just shook his head in amusement.

The sun had fallen by the time Harmony and his companion dragon climbed into a boxcar at the end of the train. Once in Harmony lifted the wagon inside with his magic. The whelp took off his cloak, glad to be finally rid of it for the moment. The engineers were apparently waiting on them because as soon as they got in the train it began to move. The dragon lost his footing with the sudden movement and fell over. A golden object fell out of his pocket.

“A scorpion ocarina?” Harmony eyed the object. It had been a while since he saw one of those.

Don’t touch it.” The whelp growled as he picked it up and began to inspect it for damage. Seeing none he sat down near the door.

“Wouldn’t dream of it young dragon.” This is interesting to say the least. Now I’m sure he is of mixed heritage… Scorpion ocarinas are usually made by dragons in the deserts east of Zebcoria. Of course this one is made of metal not by an actual scorpion.

The whelp eyed Harmony wearily. He wasn’t too sure about the cloaked whatever he was. After a few minutes he shrugged and leaned back against the door jab. He crossed his legs and let his tail wag out of the door to flap in the breeze. He eyed Harmony one more time before he started playing his ocarina.

Harmony laid down a well. With a relaxed sigh he crossed his forelegs together to watch the stars twinkle above. The ocarina music was both upbeat and relaxing. Before too long he could feel the pull. He was more than happy to allow it to carry him along.

Walking in the cool of the night...
Gazing at the lights....
A song so bright...
My fire alights….
As I see the lights...

Twinkling abound...
Flying on silver clouds...
Of light and sound…
Singing aloud...
With joy around...

The dragon stopped playing. His jaw slightly agape at Harmony’s ability to sing those lyrics to his playing so perfectly. It had to be impossible as he never played the tune before. He just made it up on the spot! “How did you do that?”

“You led I only followed.”

The dragon blinked in confusion.

“You led the song I only joined in.”

“Stop. Speaking. Riddles!” The whelp got up, angry at the cloaked figure. His rage built to scary heights as his teeth ground together. “You infuriating, annoying, unspecific…!”

He roared as he stopped thinking and let out a stream of neon blue flames. He smirked as the figure was engulfed. He kept up the flames until he could no longer see him from the brilliant light of his flames. He panted as he tried to catch his breath. His vision cleared up after a few moments.

“You done?” The voice caused the whelp nearly fall out of the boxcar. Harmony walked back into the light. His cloak the same as always. The dragon couldn’t believe it. His jaw dropped at not only seeing the cloaked figure still alive but also not having a trace of smoke or ash upon him. “Good. The music you just played? I’m not sure what dragons call it as I have not heard it done among dragons in nearly… uh… three thousand years take a century or two. It’s known in Equestria as a Heartsongs or Harmony songs. Its an extremely ancient magic.”

Harmony laid back down where he was before glad for the residual warmth from the dragon’s fire. “Normally it can only be done when there is harmony. There are exceptions. Some people are what are known as naturals. Naturals can initiate a song without needing the any of the usual prerequisites to start. I really don’t want to go over that right now. You are probably the only natural dragon there is given that dragons are not harmonious.”

“What? I’m a dragon not some soft and furry bunny wunny!” The dragon’s rage started to climb again as he clenched his claws together at what he thought was a slight against dragons.

Harmony chuckled while shaking his head. “I think you are mixing sunshine, giggles, and softness with harmony… If you are wondering what dragon harmony really is you will need to see the Dragon Keeper.”

The whelp was shocked again, his arms dropping to his sides. “Wait! The Dragon Keeper has arrived!?”

“Let me guess... a bedtime story?” The whelp growled and tried to claw Harmony who slyly stepped out of the way. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… I was on assignment from him in Strongberg.”

“He had you get oscillarium ore?”


“Why? It’s not exactly a very tasty mineral.”

“I take you have had personal experience as I can’t eat rocks. As for the why, I’m not saying.”

The dragon crossed his arms and grumbled, “Fine.”’

For a while neither one talk or did really anything but watch the world go by.

After a bit Harmony’s curiosity got the better of him. “Your ocarina…”

The whelp grumbled a bit before answering, “Yeah what about it?”

“Where did you get it?”

The dragon sighed heavily and turned to look at the scenery flying by. After a while he finally whisper, softly, “It was my mothers. I lost her and my father when I was merely a hatchling.”

“So as I figured, an orphan.” The whelp growled. “Chill, dragon, I too am an orphan. My ‘parents’ were killed by an agent of the ‘Nameless One’ when I was born.”

“‘Nameless One’?”

“The enemy of every living being on this planet and the personal nemesis of the Keepers.”

“I was out playing my mother’s ocarina at the pond near my parents cave.” He stroked the ocarina a bit before continuing, “There was this strange gurgling roar. It didn’t sound like my parents. I… I… froze in fear.”

Harmony stared at the whelp who had stopped talking and was again staring off into the wilderness. A gurgling roar? This story will not end well.

“My parents answered a moment later with roars of their own. I started to run towards my parents. But then I heard my father roar in pain…” The whelp shuttered at the memory.

Harmony knew what must had come next. It was a story he had heard a few times before. Though he couldn't recall anyone of them becoming orphans because of it… This dragon must have got the parents by surprise.

“When I finally got the courage to enter my home… It was horrible… My parents were a bloody broken mess. The dragon that invaded and my father were… were already gone. Mother was barely alive and was fading…”

Promise me one thing my little Nova...

Keep living…


Promise me…

I… I promise...

What the dragon said next came out in an almost indiscernible whisper. “That was twenty years ago…” With that the whelp fell into sobs.

Harmony tried to put a comforting hoof on the crying dragon’ shoulders but was quickly rebuffed. “You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“But I’m crying! A proud strong dragon doesn’t.”

“I would disagree and so would the Dragon Keeper.” Harmony took a calming deep breath. “Your parents died to protect you from the attacking dragon. From what you described it sounded like the dragon was under the Beast growth curse. One of several curses of the ‘Nameless One.’”

The whelp only stared at Harmony in response. For a few moments neither spoke as tears still streamed down the dragon’s face. Harmony slowly turned away. He could see that the dragon needed sometime to himself so he headed to the back of the boxcar where he promptly plopped down emotionally spent.

Harmony laid there for hours sleep never really coming to him as his own painful memories replayed in his mind. He understood the pain of the young dragon. He wasn’t going to push. The dragon would talk if and when he was ready.

It was late into the night when he awoke from the sounds of scraping claws. He looked up the see that the whelp was heading towards him. Harmony slowly got up into a sitting position. Even with the dim light he could see that the dragon’s eyes were dry but blood shot.

The dragon slowly sat down across from Harmony. “Nova Blaze…. My name is Nova Blaze.”

Harmony smiled. He figured that if he waited the dragon would most likely come to him. He doubted the dragon had hardly talked in twenty years so this was a good step. “Well Nova Blaze I think its time I get you caught up on the Dragon Code. But first, to repay for telling me your name. You may call me Harmony.”

“Harmony?!?” Nova Blaze snorted. “Really?”

Harmony groaned. It is going to be a loooong night.

Author's Note:

Say hello to Nova Blaze Frostbite4's(or what ever his name of the week is) dragon OC

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