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Dragons of Hourglass - Rammy

Spike has chosen but now the task of bringing the dragons into harmony must begin and the return of dragon clans seems like a good start

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A Missing Dragon and the Outsider

A red and orange dragon walked into the library. He looked around to see if anyone besides the purple and green dragon was around. “He of Hourglass are we alone?”

The purple and green dragon did not look up from his writing as he responded, “He of Harmony is in the council chambers working on his assignment. So, yes.”

“Golden Heart why do you call him by that honorific? He is an Outsider and…” The rest was cut off by his mouth being shut by a glittering aura. The red dragon went wide eyed for a moment. A boiling inner rage tried to fight its way past the confusion before his brain finally realized it was the odd aura caused by Golden Heart’s magic. The sparkling aura disappeared along with his rage.

Golden Heart put down his quill and pinched his brow. While this reaction to He of Harmony was not unexpected he was still a tad disappointed. “He is a Keeper of Harmony like myself. That alone should be enough for you to use the honorific ‘He of’, Metal Claws. If that isn't enough for you he has passed the Rite of Guardianship.”

Metal Claws’ jaw opened and closed as he struggled to comprehend what was just said. He knew that Golden Heart would not lie about that. No dragon in their right mind would lie about something as sacred as the Rite of Guardianship. “A non dragon passing the Rite?! But that’s impossible.”

“Apparently, not, because he did. Enough of this.” Golden Heart waved his hands in an action that meant to tell his clanmate to let the topic drop. “What is you real reason for being here?”

“I was hoping to meet the other dragon of this clan.”

Golden Heart blinked in confusion. Metal Claws raised an eyebrow at this. Golden Heart knew there was only two dragons but Metal Claws was saying there was another. Even though He of Harmony passed the Rite of Guardianship he couldn’t join a clan because of the inherent magic that was needed. That magic only manifested at a Choosing. Considering he was not a dragon by blood, only by oath that left him out.

Metal Claws saw that Golden Heart was still confused so he tried asking the question a bit differently. “Where is the Secondclaw?”

Golden Heart’s confusion only increased. Now Metal Claws was becoming confused along with Golden Heart.

“You are my Secondclaw.” Golden Heart insisted.

Metal Claws shook his head. ”No, because I received the Clan Heritage Memories at my Choosing.”

“But that is impossible! The first two dragons of any clan never receive clan memories as there is none to give.”

“I know that.” Metal Claw snapped. He immediately regretted his words and flinched at the cross look that his Firstclaw was giving him. “Forgive me, Firstclaw. Its just the absurdity of this situation…”

“No need to apologize Metal Claws. I shall memory-walk though both the Dragon Memories and my Keeper Memories and see if I can find a clue to this problem.”

“Keeper Memories?”

“Similar to Clan Heritage Memories.” Seeing the blank expression on his clanmate’s face he explained further, “It’s something I have due to my destiny as the Dragon Keeper of Harmony.”

Metal Claws shrugged, giving up on trying to understand. The missing Secondclaw, however, made his paranoia of the alicorn pony rise up again. While he was sure the he had nothing to do with the ‘missing dragon’ he just didn’t know if the pony could really be trusted. He wasn’t going to risk dragons questioning the honor of his Firstclaw and his clan. That was all he cared about besides his hoard.

Golden Heart silently watched him. His Harmony magic was telling him that Metal Claws’ heart was in the right place but he was missing the wisdom of empathy that he was going to need. This clan that he started with a unknown dragon –apparently– was founded on the Harmony traits that he possessed. Metal Claws would get there he just needed the right kind of push.

Golden Heart shook his head in amusement as he watched Metal Claws leave in a huff. He went back to his writing as he silently chuckled about what he was sure going to be a humbling encounter. I would warn you not to underestimate him Metal Claws but… this might be the push you need.

Harmony could sense the approach of the red dragon. He slowly put down his charcoal and turned to await his entrance. He could feel the room heat up. Harmony sighed. It seem that draconic rage was also coming.

The doors to the chambers slammed open. Harmony could see the fire in the eyes of the angery red dragon. Yep, rage. I hate it when I am right.

Harmony kept himself stoic as he formally addressed his guest. “Forgive me, but Dragon with scales of Red and Orange of the city of Hourglass I do not know how to address you correctly.”

“He of Hourglass.” The dragon growled in irritation. He was getting tired of this charade. This pony knew exactly how to address him.

“Forgive me, but I can’t speak the necessary nuances correctly. However, I shall endeavor to find a way to use the honorific that you have requested.”

“See that you do... ‘Outsider.’” If the red dragon was trying to get a reaction out of Harmony it didn’t work as he was not going to give him any satisfaction. Quite frankly he had heard more colorful insults in the past.

Seeing that the dragon seemed to have nothing else to speak on Harmony went back to his work. The section he was working on before the interruption was being particularly annoying. Everytime he thought he got it right he would discover another contradiction in the matrix requiring him to start over. He resisted the urge to mutter a few curses as he knew the dragon was behind him.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“It is a spell matrix.” Harmony responded without stopping his latest design attempt.

“You would pollute this city with pony magic!?”

“This city was once the capital city of the Draconequus people. You are going to find a lot of non dragon magic within it.”

“We have claimed it as our own. What ever magic was here before is now ours. I cannot allow yo but I will not allow you muddle it.”

Harmony stopped his drawing. He was so tempted to take the obvious bait. Sadly he knew that it would only end with them in a circular argument leading to a very likely fiery finish. Instead he figured he would nip this dragon’s arguments in the bud. Turning to face the annoyed dragon he asked, “Shouldn’t you be talking to the Dragon of Purple and Green about this?”

“Keep him out of this.” The red dragon jutted his head forward his claws extended in an act of aggression. He was not going to let this nammy-pamy pony dictate the conversation.


“What did you say?”

“I know you heard me. Draconic hearing is legendary.”

The red dragon’s rage nearly boiled over as he got right into Harmony’s face. His growl was feral-like as he tried starring Harmony into submission.
“Is that a Challenge?” Harmony growled back ignoring the nearly overwhelming heat leaking from between the clenched teeth of the red dragon. He suppressed a sneeze as the sulfur tickled his nose.

The red dragon didn’t move as he roared right in Harmony’s face. The blast from the roar pushed him back a foot.

“Very well, then.” Harmony threw the piece of charcoal he was using behind him. Harmony roared and flung his wings open in acceptance of the challenge. He slowly backed up until he had was at a honorable distance.

The red dragon smiled wickedly. This will be easy.

Harmony saw the smile on the face of his opponent and smirked. Overconfident? You really think it will be easy for you? Wrong.

Harmony and the dragon stood eyeing each other for a few moments before a nearly imperceptible nod from them started the challenge.

The red dragon surged forward with a roar, his claws readying to strike the pony. Harmony calmly stood as the dragon rapidly covered the distance between them. The smug calmness only enraged the dragon further. His eyes burned as he added dragon fire to his claws. He would see this pony burn.

If the added fire to the claws concerned Harmony he didn’t show it. The dragon only increased his speed eager to put an end to the fight. As swung his claws Harmony calmly side stepped the dragon. When the momentum pushed the dragon passed Harmony he grabbed the left foreclaw and he spun round. The movement carried the rest of the dragon along. They momentarily exchanged looks as the shocked dragon flew through the air.

The dragon slammed into the wall. The wind temporarily knocked out of his lungs. Harmony charged at him and slammed his hoofs onto the now exposed belly. The force of the impact made sure that he what little air remained left him in a gurgling gasp. Before he could do anything to recover Harmony had his foreleg pressed hard against his windpipe. “Yield.” Harmony whispered as he pushed harder down on the struggling red dragon’s throat. For a moment he was worried that he would not yield.

Harmony resist to urge to sigh in relief as the red dragon stop struggling. Harmony slowly released the dragon. The dragon coughed and sputtered a bit as his breathing return to normal. The red dragon looked surprised as he saw a hoof enter his vision. He reached out and slowly pushed the hoof aside. He had lost the challenge and would not allow the winner to debase him any further. He was still a proud dragon and the Outsider was still an outsider.

Harmony hid his rolling eyes at the expected reaction. While he knew that he now had at least gained some respect it seemed it would be a while before he would have it fully.

The red dragon smirked as he got on to his feet. This pony wasn’t half bad. The least he could do was give him a name to use that wasn’t ‘He of Hourglass.’“You may call me Quartermaster.”

Harmony was going to respond in thanks when he erupted into a coughing fit. Unlike the last time he fell into one this one went straight to the horrible wet hack. The strange ash mixed with phlegm was coming out again. Harmony could feel his strength rush out from him. His knees buckled then collapsed.

Quartermaster looked on as Harmony fell to his knees. This Outsider bested me within seconds but a simple cough does him in? He moved in closer to see why he was coughing. But when he saw what he was coughing it shocked him. He is coughing up ash! How is that possible? I never got the opportunity to use my flame breath much less smoke. The fire on my claws was a clean magic fire it shouldn't have produced this... especially since the fire on my claws was extinguished the moment the Outsider grabbed me during that throw.

“Quartttter…” Harmony looked up to Quartermaster before retching a massive lob of ash.

“He of Hourglass…” Harmony struggled to get the words out. Every intake of breath seem to burn his lungs. “Scorpan…”

Harmony wheezed trying to remain conscious. He needed to just say four more words. But the words seemed to swim about in his head.

Quartermaster was torn. He could either run to get Golden Heart or wait until Harmony got out what he needed to say. Harmony answered his dilemma as he could feel the small tug of magic on his shoulder.

As the red dragon got down on his knees he could just make out Harmony whispering.“Northern Oasis…” Harmony nearly lost conscious as he nearly dry heaved. “Un...tamed... Wilds…” At that his world faded to black as he collapsed.

Author's Note:

Harmony thought he heard metal and claws and now we know his name was Metal Claws... the question is why... Also what could have caused the oddity of the missing Secondclaw?

I still have availability for a dragon OC if you want yours in the story see this blog post or PM me for details.

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