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CMC reunion and memories - TheSouthernBrony

Sweetie Belle always had a talent for singing, so why shouldn't she be a singer?

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Reunion and memories

The roar of the crowd, the sound of the music beating in her ears, the harmonious gelling of her voice as she sang, it was all so surreal.
Yet, to Sweetie Belle, it was some of the best sounds she ever heard.

After the song she was singing ended, the crowd erupted into cheers, like they always do. Sweetie Belle raised her hooves in the air and shouted to the crowd, " thank you, everypony, it was an honor to be here; as always, goodbye and love you all"!

One of the stallions in the crowd shouted, " I love you Sweetie Belle"!

Sweetie laughed and walked off the stage to her dressing room where she collapsed into a chair, exhausted from the performance.

As much as she loved doing these things, they drained a lot of energy out of her

Funny, really, now that she thought about it, that all of this began when she found her cutie mark: a microphone with a bunch of musical notes surrounding it.

She looked at it and smiled, remembering all the good times she and her friends used to have before they each found their cutie marks.

later, after Sweetie Belle got home to her mansion, and took a long bath, she found a letter laying on her dinner table.

She picked it up, and it read: Dear Sweetie Belle, from Scootoloo

"Hi Sweetie Belle, do you remember me, your old friend Scootoloo?

I know it's been a long time since we last spoke what with all that's been happening in our lives and everything.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing.

If you get the chance, can you meet me at the Trotingstar café on Mane street?

I'm there on Saturdays at ten in the morning.

Okay, see ya.

love, Scootoloo".

Sweetie's eyes widen with surprise.

One of her friends, here, in Baltimare, it seemed crazy, but Sweetie Belle admitted she did miss her friend a lot and that it would be nice to see her again.

That Saturday, Sweetie took a carriage to the Trotingstar café and when she got there, she was swarmed by fans asking for her autograph.

'Sweetie Belle! OH MY CELESTIA, I am your biggest fan", was a lot Sweetie heard from the crowd of ponies surrounding her.

Sweetie Belle did her best to block it out though, and walked inside the café, the air conditioner soothing her from the heat outside.

"Sweetie Belle, over here", a voice shouted.

Sweetie turned to the voice and sitting at a table was her old friend scootaloo.

"Scootaloo, I'm so happy to see you", Sweetie said.

Scootaloo smiled and hugged Sweetie Belle.

"it's good to see you again", Scootaloo replied.

Sweetie Belle sat down next to Scootaloo and ordered some coffee.

" Apple Bloom will be here soon," Scootaloo said, sipping her coffee.

Sweetie Belle nodded and said, "that's great".

Apple Bloom then walked in the café and for the first time in memory, Sweetie Belle saw her without her pink bow.

" hi guys, ah'm here," Apple Bloom said, smiling.

Sweetie Belle greeted Apple Bloom and hugged her.

"it's great to see your girls again", Sweetie Belle said.

"hah, same to you, Sweetie Belle", Scootaloo said.

It wasn't long before the trio got comfortable and began talking about what their lives were like after they went their separate ways 20 years ago.

"so, Scootaloo, you joined the Wonderbolts", Sweetie asked.

Scootaloo nodded and said, " yes, it turned out there was a medical procedure that could allow me to fly and it was Rainbow Dash who helped me become the best I can be".

"wow, Scootaloo, that's awesome. ah went to college and got a degree in teaching, so now ah teach elementary students in Manehatten", Apple Bloom said.

" that's great. I'm happy for the both of you", Sweetie Belle said, sipping on her coffee.

" I learned how to perfect my singing voice and started doing pop songs, so now I'm famous", Sweetie Belle said.

" I always knew you were a great singer, Sweetie Belle, congratulations", Sccotaloo said.

Apple Bloom nodded in agreement.

" hey, do you guys remember how much fun we had as the Cutie Mark Crusaders", Apple Bloom asked.

" yeah, those were fun times, haha", Scootaloo said, agreeing.

" yep. Remember that time we tried to get Miss Cherliee a special somepony for Hearts and Hooves day", Sweetie asked.

Apple Bloom chuckled.

" yeah, it's kinda funny because Big Mac is actually married to Miss Cherliee now", Apple Bloom said.

" a little ironic, is it", Scootaloo asked.

" Yeah, it is," Sweetie Belle agreed.

A little while later, the trio walked out of the café, and they spend the rest of the day hanging out and talking about the old days, back when they were the cutie mark crusaders and the only thing they had to worry about was what their cutie marks were and of course, Diamond Tierra and SliverSpoon.

"Say, what ever happened to those two", Apple Bloom asked.

" last I checked, Diamond Tierra eventually got in trouble with the law and served time in prison, but her dad bailed her out", Scootaloo explained.

" you serious," Sweetie Belle asked.

Scootaloo nodded and said, " yes, I am. SliverSpoon became reformed long before Diamond Tierra did that stupid thing that got her thrown in jail."

" wow, that's pretty crazy," Apple Bloom said.

As the sun was starting to set in the city, the trio said their goodbyes.

" this was fun, Scootaloo, we should do this again," Sweetie Belle said, hugging Scoots tightly.

Apple Bloom hugged Scoots and Sweetie at the same time before saying, " ah'll miss you girls. It was cool being with you two again".

"the feeling is mutual, Apple Bloom", Scootaloo said, smiling.

" well, I'll see you guys later", Sweetie Belle said and the trio parted ways to their lives again.

Except this time the atmosphere was one of happiness and a feeling of being whole.

It was a day none of them would either forget.

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This is such a sweet story :rainbowkiss:

I loved this! I loved that you made Sweetie Belle a professional singer and that you brought all of the CMC back together after twenty years. Brilliant! Can't wait to read more of your stuff! :twilightsmile:

6295639 Awww, thank you so much. That means alot


You're quite welcome. You're a good writer. I like your stuff. :twilightsmile:

6297604 That's so nice to hear. :twilightblush:


Thank you. It's true. :twilightsmile:

6297971 That means alot, really, it does. Makes me happy to know someone enjoys what I write


Well, from the numbers of followers you've gathered after being here for so short a time it's clear to me I'm not the only one who likes what you write. Apparently a lot of people do. :twilightsmile:

Hey, to everyone here, this is TheSouthernBrony. I loss access to my old account so I made a new one, just a headsup

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