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Fluttershy's Mansion: Dark Moon - Shazam 25

Months after Fluttershy caught the Ghost of Nightmare Moon and save her freinds, she start ghost hunting again.

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Secert Mines Part 2

Fluttershy has warm up and was trying on Rarity new coat and scarf that was made for her. She like them a lot.

"Thank you Rarity, now I won't be so cold." Fluttershy said.

"Your welcome dear." Rarity said smiling.

"Yeah you look cool, no wait, cooler than cool. Just like the weather outside." Rainbow laugh at her own joke.

"Well, do you know where to head to next?" Scootaloo ask after getting full up on what been happen.

"Not really, Ghost Studies?" Fluttershy admitted and turn to Ghost Studies in question.

"I don't have a clue really." He answer.

Then how about this?" Scootaloo ask and pull out a picture.

"Where did that come from?" Rainbow ask.

"Unlike Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, I was able to get away from those Shadowbolts ghosts and found a note say that a fisherman when somewhere and found this picture next to it. I was able to hide it before I got caught." Scootaloo answer.

"Well, let's have a look." Ghost Studies said and nods toward the princesses.

The Picture grew and inside was a few Shadowbolts and a Sneaker, Slammer and a Greenie trap in red crystals. The two Shadowbolts carrying the sack was seen as well.

"What is this? Those Shadowbolts have trap those Ghosts inside the crystals. Who would order a thing like that." Ghost Studies said looking at the picture.

"Hey it those two sack-carry-picture-Shadowbolts again." Rainbow said pointed out the same two Shadowbolts that had the sack.

"They been dragging that picture all over Dark Moon Valley. Whoever behind this, really cares about that picture." Ghost Studies said in agreement.

Then he turn to Fluttershy.

"There only one way to find out and that is for you to go to the Crystal Quarry that underground." He said.

"Not more undergrounds." Fluttershy moan.

"Fluttershy you been underground, like three times already." Rainbow remind her.

"Yes, if you handle those, you can handle this as well." Rarity added.

"Ok." Fluttershy sign.

"Alright Princesses! Send her in!" Ghost Studies said and Fluttershy was send back to the Secret Mines.

Fluttershy appear in the Chalet and land on her flank. She shook her head and wave her flashlight around. Once she saw no ghost around, she relax and stood up. She look around the room and notices that the rocking chair was missing. She shine her Dark-Light and Spirit Orbs appear. Fluttershy caught them and jump when a Shadowbolt appear.

"I'm Shadower. Why must you always pick on me?" He said and disappear.

"I don't pick on other ponies." Fluttershy call out to it before shining her Dark-Light again.

She find the Shadowbolt and stun it. She suck up the tail and once all three bars were full up, she yank back and the Shadowbolt was boucle across the room, then it lay still. Fluttershy suck it up and jump on the hose to get it in. Fluttershy smile and notices she was now closer to the door. She walk out and spotted a frozen picture not to far from her.

She knew it was cover in ice and started to look around. She found a log and a grill next to it. She Bright Flash the grill and lint the log on fire. Then she carry the log to the frozen picture and melt the ice away. She saw it was a picture Gem. She shine her Dark-Light until the Gem was free. She grab it and walk back inside. She walk to the elevator and rode back down to the Airway.

Once there Fluttershy saw a green bulb to her left and Bright Flash it. Thinking that the Zip line can take her back to the rooms she been in before, she suck up one and rode it back to the upper part of the Airway and walk through the door and back into the Terminal room. After collecting a few more Bits, Fluttershy enter the Prospector's Crossing. Turn out this little side trip was good after all, Fluttershy spotted a Gem in the ice.

She walk across it but, discover even with the Ghost Seeker on, she was too light to break it. She walk across the rest of the way and had a thought something was missing on the wall. She shine her Dark-Light and Spirit Orbs appear. Fluttershy caught them and a Pickax appear. Fluttershy made it spin until the wall come out and two logs pop out. Fluttershy place one of the logs on the ice and watch it crack.

She shine and set the other log on it, it broke and the Gem was fling to the door she enter a few seconds ago. She walk across the refrozen ice and grab the Gem. She walk back to the Airway and rode the Zip line back over to the elevator. She walk across the bridge and over some ice and enter the Crossroads room.

Fluttershy turn and saw a strange circle with a green bulb on it. Fluttershy Bright Flash it and the circle spit and a green glow appear in it. Fluttershy walk up to it and point her hoof inside. She pull it out and look a bit worry before sticking her whole hoof inside. When she didn't feel any pain coming from her, she smile and saw her hoof appear from another portal. Fluttershy move it around before waving at herself.

"Hello." Fluttershy said and wave her other hoof, then lean closer to the portal and wave her hoof saying, "Hello."

Fluttershy did this for a while and laugh. Then pull her hoof out, she look at her hoof for a second then smile brightly. She step through the patrol completely and appear on the other side. There was a mine cart that had a key that was frozen. Fluttershy remove the snow covering it and suck up the frozen key. She remember a lantern that had flames around it on the other side of the crossroads. She step though and walk up to it and melt the ice away.

Then grab it and step back though and walk up to the door and unlock it. She walk into the Skip Slope and saw she had to go down another slide just like with the Underground in Old Clockworks. She remove a old paper on the wall and grab some bits and walk up to the slide. She sign and ready herself.

She slide down and saw a key to her right, she move herself over to it and was fling towards the key. After landing she notice that she pass though a giant gear and was heading to another Gem. She grab it and rode down to the end. It wasn't as long as the Old Clockworks so Fluttershy felt more calm than before. She turn to her right and saw some lockers.

"Strange," She said, "No pony here anymore so why are these still here?"

Fluttershy check the barrel close by and saw a small windmill appear out of it. Remembering all the stuff she blew before, she did the same to this one. Soon Fluttershy heard a noise and the lockers rise up to show a hidden door behind it. Once the lockers were locked in place above the door, Fluttershy unlock it and enter the Smuggler's Hideout. She notice a fire and a few thing that was frozen. She suck up one a log that was on fire and melt the ice around the room finding some bits.

She then carry the fire log to the huge ice and started to melt it. She was half way before a wind bust open and a Sneaker appear and scare her. Fluttershy drop the log in the snow that put the fire and two Greenies enter the room. Thanks to Rarity's jacket and scarf, Fluttershy didn't feel any coldness from the window as she ran from the ice wall and ready herself light.

She saw the Sneaker appear and ready itself to attack her. Fluttershy stun and caught it. She turn to see one of the Greenies pick up the log and fly right for her. The other Greenie was getting ready to attack her and she Bright Flash it. That when she notices it was a green shield Greenie. She let two bars full up and broke the shield, then caught it. She stun and caught the other and smile.

"Rarity clothes really help me there, if I didn't wear these when that window open, I be a lot colder during the fight." Fluttershy said before closing the window and sucking up the log and relit it and finish melting the ice. She walk through the door and enter the Shaft elevator. She use the Ghost Seeker to lower the elevator and soon saw Greenie carry a red crystal along with two Slammers behind it. They had a little trouble and almost drop it, but regain their hold and flew off.

Fluttershy lower the shaft elevator again and soon spot a Golden Greenie. She stun and caught it, picking up more bits after words. Fluttershy was wondering what the last upgrade would be and knew to find as many bits as she can. She lower the elevator to the bottom and notices a ball-chain and yank on it. She heard something open above her and move the elevator back up to find a Gem.

She lower it back to the ground and step off and came to a wall with a handle on it. She remove the snow and turn the handle three times, then stop and look at it.

"Why does this feel like something going to happenahhhhhhhhhh!" She said and was spin around to a new room call Coward's Chasm.

Fluttershy stood up and brush herself off before looking over the rope to see a really deep pit. She gulp and look around, but didn't see a beam anywhere. Fluttershy shine her Dark-Light but nothing was hidden. Fluttershy wave her flashlight around a notice her light not shining on one part of the wall. She walk over to it and saw a gasp behind the wall. She walk through it a appear in the other side of the pit.

"I better remember about that when one of my friends come here." Fluttershy said to herself and walk through the door and enter into the Deep Hall. Then her Ghost Looker theme play. "Hello?"

"F_utt_rshy! A_e y_ _ th_r_?" Ghost Studies voice try to say.

"Um, if you ask if I'm almost to Crystal Quarry, then yes." Fluttershy guess.

"I can b_ _ely hear you! You a_e Prob _ bly at the v_ry bo_ _om of the m_ne." Ghost Studies voice try again.

Fluttershy thought about it. She had travel deep underground, so she had to be near the bottom of the mine.

"T_e Crystal Q_arr_ is c_ose by, _ind a way _n in_ide." Ghost Studies said and the view turn off.

Fluttershy put the Ghost Looker away and notices a Ball-Chain. She suck it up and yank it, making one of the metal bars rise. Fluttershy turn and saw another one, but this one was frozen. She walk pass and saw a fire but no logs. She move on and enter into the Pit Mine.

She made the elevator lower to the ground and walk up to a machine that looks like it was suppose to dig in the wall. She made the wheel spin and three coals were dig out of the wall and onto the belt that was close by. Fluttershy walk over to another machine with a rope knot on it. She yank it and the belt move the coals to the portal she saw earlier.

After they went through it, she rode the elevator back to the Deep Hall and saw all three coals appearing out of the portal. She grab one and lit it. Before head over to the frozen Ball-Chain she spotted a Gem frozen in ice. She aim at the Gem and fire the coal and the ice melt away. Fluttershy grab the Gem and suck up another coal.

She lit that one and walk over to the Ball-Chain and shot it with the fire coal. After the ice melt, Fluttershy yank it and the second bar lift. Then she spotted a hole close to the door and peek inside. She saw the room behind the door as well as a another frozen key and a Golden Greenie that steams to be teasing her. Fluttershy back away but did not see a Sneaker behind her and trip over him.

The Golden Greenie enter the room and the fight started. The Golden Greenie started to fly around, but Fluttershy was able to Bright Flash it and catch it and grabbing the bits before the Sneaker appear and scare her. Fluttershy Bright Flash it and caught it as well. The light turn on and Fluttershy walk through the door into the Cinder Mine.

There were a few mice's and a log and the key she spot earlier. Knowing she needs fire to get the key, she use the Ghost Seeker to blow the handle and soon fire appear out of one of the pipes. She grab the log and lit it on fire. But she couldn't reach the key. She look over to a ice wall and melt it. Behind the wall was some sacks of coal. Fluttershy took out a piece and carry it to the log that was still burning.

She lit it and fire at the frozen Key. The ice melt and the key drop to the ground. Fluttershy grab it and left the room. Before using the key, Fluttershy spotted a red hole in the wall and peek in it. She saw the Crystal Quarry though it as well as three imprison ghost. Three Shadowbolts flew around the room for a bit laughing at their work. Fluttershy back away and unlock the door.

Finally, Fluttershy was seen entering the room which was known as the Crystal Quarry, that was the good news. The bad news was, she entered the area where she was almost astounded to see three Shadow Bolts observing three ghost in the red crystals, a Sneaker, a Slammer, and even a Greenie? The Slammer looked around his area while pounding on his surface area, the Sneaker was hanging back, the Greenie was seen pounding to wanna get out of the crystal prison. Fluttershy was carefully sneaking in from watching the Shadowbolts doing something strange with these ghost? But too bad, from one to all three Shadow Bolts noticed Fluttershy standing near.

"Hey you!" One Shadowbolt approached and spooked the pony out.

"Waahh!" Fluttershy yelped to hold up her hoof to protect herself from any surprise actions here. "Hooh?" Then she lower her hoof down when the Shadow Bolt didn't do anything, but instead...

The Shadowbolt laughed at the pony, like it wasn't afraid. "Hahahah, you're too late pony, enjoy the show. Lets fly Shadowbolts!" Soon afterwards, the middle lead the other Shadowbolts to leave upwards to phase out of the area.

"Ahhh...I don't like the way they spoke to me, Ahhaahhaahhh!" Fluttershy was a bit nervous now, Shadowbolts usual disappear & hid to attack her or leave the area to do later, but something in the air told her...this was different in her case. "HAaaugh!?" She looked forward, only to gasp in fright in seeing...something happening.

"GRaguh-ARrrughhhh!" One Slammer was wailing off inside his crystal prison before "Grrr...RUURRAaughhh! RUURRrauaghhh!" He suddenly yelled out while his body flash and was now all...energized with white crack outlines in it's body. And it wasn't him either, suddenly the Sneaker Ghost held itself and exploded off with a wave of energy to have white crack outlines in it's body too. And lastly was the Greenie that grip itself before energy exploded from him to appear with white crack outlines in it's body also.

"Wooh! What happened to you?" Fluttershy yelped off a bit nervous & spooked out from seeing this, not liking it.

"Ah-hahahaaahhh-haaahhh!" The Greenie cackled in gazing at Fluttershy with a seriously new tougher stare in feeling...superior suddenly.

"Ah-hhahahaa..." Fluttershy was seen gripping the Ghost Seeker, and shaking like a leaf in seeing the ghost here suddenly got a strong boost. "Gulp...something tells me this could be tough." She gulped before holding her vacuum, sensing these ghost that were average, are now powered up somehow.

From being cautiously careful, Fluttershy walked over to some steps leading down to where the red crystals lie, as the Slammer & Greenie seem to show more aggressiveness to break out while the Sneaker lie in wait strangely? But from getting closer, the ghost vanished, did they escape, or was it a trick? There was some noises of ghost wail & grudgy sounds, but the pony played it safe, and check their holding prisons.

Fluttershy started with the Sneaker's prison, it sounded like a bulging pulse from within, it sounded so freaky like the thing was alive? Just then, the newly Strong Sneaker appeared, and put on a scare of it's peeking viewer.

"Eeek! I'm so sorry." Fluttershy yelped backwards across the floor, seeing the ghost reappear. "WAAaaughhh!" But then she nearly jumped in fright, as the Strong Sneaker...was burning through it's crystal that dropped like an open hatch, to be outside now.

The other two ghost trapped laugh at this humorist scene. Fluttershy watch as the Sneaker disappear and she look all over for it. It then appear behind her and push her to the ground, hard. Fluttershy stood up and use the Bright Flash it stun the Sneaker and started to suck it up. However this one was a lot stronger than the one she caught at the Clockworks Tower. Fluttershy lost her footing and was drab around the room, but she fought back. Finally she suck it in and climb to her hooves.

"Few, finally got..." Fluttershy was almost about to sigh with relief, but it was cut short. "WAaughh!" Fluttershy yelped from looking over to her right, the now newly Strong Greenie, busted through it's red crystal prison's top that scattered around, almost cutting the pony.

"This is bad." She muttered to herself, but the situation wasn't done yet.

"WAaughh!" She shrieked again, as now the newly Strong Slammer also busted out of it's red crystal prison be stretching it's reflex arms like it was pumped for action with it's freedom.

"This is VERY bad indeed!" Fluttershy squealed to herself in seeing two strong ghost are now out, and that's twice the difficulty she has here then just facing one strong energized ghost from before.

The Strong Slammer flew up to Fluttershy a punch her, hard. Fluttershy drop her flashlight, fell to her knees and grab her sides. She felt like she was going to throw up but, held it back. She look up to see the Strong Slammer laugh at her before the Strong Greenie appear next to her and punch the side of her face. Fluttershy fell to her side and lay there try to get over the pain she just receive.

Fluttershy was able to look up and see the two Strong Ghosts head right for her. She was really, really, hurt from the two attacks alone. Still she pick up her flashlight and Bright Flash both Ghosts. She started to suck up them, but the pain was getting in her way and she barely hold on. She kept going. All three bars full up and Fluttershy yank back catching the Strong Greenie and weaken the Strong Slammer. Fluttershy kept fighting and soon the ghost was caught.

Fluttershy smile and fell to the ground. The two attack did more than she thought. She hear the Ghost Looker theme play and slowly took it out of her saddlebags. "He...Hello?"

"F_tterhsy! What's _oing on in _here..." Ghost Studies started to say but stop as he notices had badly she was hurt.

"Oh m_ G_ _dness! Pricne_ses br_ng her ba_k ri_ht now! She ba_ly h_rt." Ghost Studies shouted off screen.

Fluttershy groan as she try to stand up.

"D_n't w_orry F_u_ter_hy! We'll hav_ you fix up in no t_me!" he said before the view turn off.

Fluttershy stood up painfully as her Mission was complete. She look at the Ghost Looker and saw her score. Then was brought back to the shack.

Fluttershy appear in the shack, but instead of landing on her flank, she landed on her front. Celestia act by using her magic to remove the coat, scarf, saddlebags, and the Ghost Seeker and place her on bed that Ghost Studies ready for her.

Rarity ran up to Fluttershy with a bowl and small towel and started to look for any cuts she had gotten. Rainbow Dash and Applejack help getting Fluttershy comfily as possible. Pinkie work on the 'Get well' cards and Ghost Studies took the time to empty the Ghost Seeker for Fluttershy.

Celestia and Luna both started to talk about what spells will help Fluttershy as she lay in the bed asleep.

Author's Note:

Ghosts Caught: Stronger Greenie, Strong Slammer, Shadowbolt. 973 bits fond. 19,305 bits in all. 10 out of 13 Gems found.

Uh oh! Looks like Fluttershy had a harder time then she thought. Because they are stronger then normal ghosts, they do hit a lot harder. When I first end this chapter I ask people to send their wishes for Fluttershy to get better, so before I put up the rest of this mansion I'll let you decide if you want to send your wishes as well.

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