• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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Kidnapped "8" 8

Luna trotted into her bedroom, with her mother by her side. It had been a long night so her mother wasn't doing any night duties so Luna got the night off from helping.

Her mother used her magic to make Luna's outfit disappear, she then put her into bed.
"Mother, are you sure we have no duties tonight?" asked Luna.

"Yes, my love," said her mother, "We are both getting the night off, for I'm sure you are as tired as I am."

Luna smiled, "We suppose."

Her mother leaned in and nuzzled her on the nose, Luna nuzzled her back.

"Goodnight, my darling," said her mother.

She walked out of the room and closed the door. Luna snuggled into the blanket to try and fall asleep. After a few minutes she groaned, it was no use, she had never went to sleep this early before she usually stayed up until about 4 with her mother, it was in a night alicorns nature, they only needed about four hours of sleep.

Luna taped her hoof on her head, "come now Luna," she said, "thou can do this!"

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "we feel like we might actually fall asleep."
2 hours later Luna was still rolling around the bed, her blanket was everywhere and at one point she had got so frustrated she had thrown her pillow off the bed.

Luna lay in her bed, she was roasting. "This is pointless!" she shouted, "we are going to be up the wh-"

Luna stopped as she heard something in the hall, Luna shot under the blanket thinking it was her parents to tell her off for shouting. She waited a few minutes, once she thought it was safe she looked up from under the blanket, she could hear ponies mumbling, it sounded like a deep voice, one she had never heard before.

Luna suddenly felt afraid, she went under the covers again and closed her eyes tight. "what are thou doing Luna!" she thought, "we have never felt afraid before!"
Luna pocked her head out from her bed, she could hear them opening a door, Celestia's door!
Luna jumped out of bed going to investigate what it was.
she trotted silently over to her door, she pressed her ear up against it to see what she heard. It sounded like quite a few ponies where entering Celestia's room, to many for it to be normal. Luna felt a shiver go down her spine, they where definitely intruders.
she took a deep breath before slowly opening her door, it made a small creaking noise. Luna panicked, "OH NO" She thought, one was probably going to come and see what the noise was. Luna put her hooves over her head and closed her eyes as tight as she could...no pony came.
She opened one eyes and saw no pony, they mustn't have heard. She gave a sigh of relief. "Right, now to continue the search." she thought.
Luna walked out into the hall, she made sure to stay close to the wall in case one saw her, she very slowly got over to her sisters door. She was about to poke her head in when she gasped, all this time she could have casted an invisibility spell, she tapped herself on the head "idiot!" she thought.
Luna's horn lit up, she focused all her concentration into the spell and suddenly she saw a small flash. She grinned hoping the spell had worked, to check she looked over at the window in the hall and lucky enough she couldn't see a reflection.
Luna walked into the room to see what was going on. she got in and saw a lot of horses backs, she walked a little bit closer and gasped, on two of their backs where her mother and father.
Luna let out a small yelp, she gasped and put her hoof over her mouth. Suddenly all of the horses turned around, Luna stared in horror at them, most of them where soldiers but they where a strange, dull grey colour, every single one of them. Except for one. The leader of them was a tall black unicorn, his eyes shone a terrifying glow of green and he wore a long, red cloak.
He glared at the guards, "Which one of you obnoxious idiots did that!"
They all cowered at his voice, including Luna. It was the kind of voice you would think a monster in your nightmare would have.
All of the guards shook their heads, "It wasn't us your highness." one of them said.
The black king looked the guard straight in the eyes, "Then WHO was it?"
The guard was mumbling some silly nonsense about it being the wind or something when suddenly Celestia groaned in her sleep. The guards and king turned to her.
"Never mind for now" Said the King, "Let's just get Celestia and Luna and leave."
One of the guards walked over to Celestia and inserted some kind of injection into her. Celestia suddenly woke up from the shock, "What in Equestria is going on h-" She stopped in mid sentence as she suddenly passed out.
Luna started to panic, realising she wouldn't stand a chance against them, but if she didn't do something they would take her sister.
The king picked up Celestia and smiled, "hmmm, your even more beautiful up close my dear."
The king and guards started to walk out of the room, Luna looked around for something to do, she smiled as she saw the emergency switch. She ran over and pulled it down with her magic.
The alarms started ringing and the rooms all lit up, the guards looked around panicking.
"I thought we knocked out all the guards!" shouted one.
The king glared at the guards, "you idiots! I told you to take them out."
He started to run, "Forget Luna, she is only a filly! We need to leave!"
He suddenly used a spell to teleport all of them away, as soon as they left all of the alarms turned off.
Luna turned off her invisible spell and fell onto the floor in tears. She felt so hopeless, that crazy king had stole her family and she had just heard they knocked out the guards! All of them where gone, Mum,Dad, Celestia and-!
Luna stood up, "wait a second!" she thought, "they didn't take Discord!"
Luna ran out the door into the hall as fast as she could, she kept running until she got to Discords room. Luna hit his door with her hoof as hard as she could.
She waited...no pony answered. Luna growled under her breath, she hit his door again, at the same time she shouted "Discord get up right this instant, we need you!"

A few seconds later Discord flung the door open, he looked like he was still half asleep. "what! what do you want at 3 in the morning Luna?"

Luna felt her eyes tearing up again, she tried to hold them back while she spoke, "Mum,dad and Celestia have been kidnapped."
A tear slid down her face, "we...we saw some strange unicorn with glowing eyes go into Celestia's room, we were so scared so we turned on an invisibility spell...we knewweI wouldn't be able to take them on by thyselves-"

"Wait a second," interrupted Discord, "Mum dad and Celestia have been kidnapped, how?."

Luna looked at him, "Yes, By a black unicorn."

Luna continued to tell what happened., "H..he had an army with him," Luna was fully crying now, "They inserted some weird injection into Celestia to knock her out. we were s..so scared..so we pulled the alarm...b..bu"

Luna had started to sob uncontrollably now. Discord picked her up and sat her on his bed, he looked straight into her eyes. "Lulu, I know you must be upset but you need to tell me what happened." He used his magic to make a handkerchief appear, he handed it to Luna.

Luna wiped her nose and eyes, she nodded her head. "ok so we pulled the alarm..but he mentioned that thou have knocked out all the guards. Then they teleported away."

Discord kept looking into her eyes, with a serious expression on his face. "What about mum and dad?"

"Two of the soldiers had them on their backs." she said.

Discord looked at the floor, deep in thought. "Hmmm....well I'm guessing if he had an army then he is some sort of king."
He looked at Luna, "Was he wearing a crown?"

Luna nodded her head.

"Ok, that helps us. Do you know anywhere the king and queen may have kept a record of all the royals."

Luna got off the bed, "No, but there is a book in the library about it."

"Great," Said Discord, "Let's go!"
A few minutes later they arrived at the library. Luna ran over to a shelf and started looking at the books. Discord walked over, "Do you
need any help?"

Luna pulled out a big, dusty book. "Nope," she set it on the floor and started flipping through the pages. Discord sat fiddling his fingers. He was terribly worried about Tia and his parents, he had a bad feeling in his stomach that something bad was going to happen to them. But he knew that Luna was equally upset and so he needed to act in charge and keep her hopes up.

He looked at all of the pictured of kings and queens as Luna continued to flick through the book, suddenly she stopped at a specific page and started reading, her jaw dropped open as she read.

"What?" said Discord, feeling even more worried now.

Luna didn't say anything, she just pushed the book over to Discord. He started to read the text.

King Sombra.
King Sombra is ruler of the crystal empire, he overthrew the old ruler many years ago. He is a black Unicorn, age unknown. The crystal empire was always known for spreading love and passion around the world. The Crystal ponies where in charge of powering the crystal heart (see more about the crystal heart at back of book)But since Sombra has reigned they have stopped feeling happy and therefore have stopped powering the heart. They have all been-

Luna slammed the book closed and looked at Discord, "we have heard about him before,"

Discord nodded, "Yes now that I think about it I remember father telling me something about the Crystal Empire."

Luna stood up and headed for the door, "We have no time to lose, We need to get to the Crystal empire now."

She stopped in her tracks, "Wait....The crystal empire disappeared many years ago, We have no way of knowing about its new whereabouts."

Discord smiled, "Well, that would be true, If I hadn't put a tracker spell on Tia,"

Luna looked at him, "What?!"

Discord laughed, "Hey hey calm down," he suddenly appeared beside her tugging at her cheeks, "I have put one on you too LuLu!"

Luna sighed, "Just bring us already!"

Discord snapped his talon and they teleported away to The crystal Empire.

Author's Note:

ta daaaaaa another chapter!

I know that my writing pace is slower then it used to be, I'm terribly sorry about that. But I have had a lot of things going on in life lately and I think if I take my time writing the quality of what I produce is better, don't you?