• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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Discords fan "6" 6

Celestia, Discord and Luna walked into town. It was a bright day so lots of other ponies were walking around town as well, a lot of them waved at them, Luna nodded at them, Celestia smiled and Discord waved at all of them. When the towns folk had first seen Discord a few years ago a lot of them screamed, some even ran away! But after a while they got used to him and accepted him as a normal pony.

"UGH,! said Discord , "Dress shopping!"

"Oh come now Discord." Said Celestia, " It is always fun to get to go into town."

"yea..I guess," said Discord

After a while they got to the middle of town.

"Ok the shop is this way, said Celestia pointing her hoof west, "come on lets go!"

She looked at them, Discord was looking at something.


Discord pointed, "look the sweet mill bakery! Haven't been there in a while!"

"Not now Discord." Said Celestia.

"Oh come on." Said Discord. "Just a Quick visit wouldn't matter."

"We really don't have time to-"

"I'll show Luna your diary." A small pink book appeared in his paw.

Celestia smiled widely, "to the bakery!"

"Great!" Said Discord. He used His magic to summon some money in his talon.

"WHAT!" shouted Luna. "thou can summon money!"

"Ugh..yea, and?" Said Discord.

"Does thee know how much hassle that could have solved on birthdays!" said Luna

Luna stomped up to Discord and used her magic to snatch the money out of his hand, than she teleported into the bakery.

Discord looked at Celestia and gave a confused look.

Celestia giggled , "ha,yea...she...really....likes...buns."

Discord just summoned more money, "I thought all magic folk could do this,"

"No." said Celestia.

"Ok," said Discord, Well you coming?" He started to fly towards the bakery.

"I'm going to wait here." Said Celestia.

"Ok," Said Discord. "Suit yourself."

Discord flew over to the bakery and went inside.

Celestia looked around, she couldn't see a bench anywhere and her hooves where killing her. She couldn't sit on the ground because that was very unladylike for royalty.

She looked around and gave a gasp, she could see four ponies walking towards her. She couldn't make out their faces. But by the way they all whispered to each other and pointed at her a few times she could guess they where trouble.

They finally stopped when they got to her. It took her a minute to realise who they were.They were a gang of four ponies called the Thrash gang. No pony liked to get in their way, they where known around here for being the baddest ponies around.

The leader of the gang was a tall orange pony with blond hair that flopped in his face. He was a pegasus and his name was fire stoned.

The next member was a girl pony, she was an earth pony that was pink with a frizzy green mane, Celestia didn't know her name.

Next was a really big musceley pony. He was white with a silver mane, Ponies called him the ground cracker. Celestia wasn't that fond on finding out why.

And last was a girl pony who was a aqua colour with a short brown mane. Celestia didn't know her name either.

Fire stoned looked at Celestia and gave a smirk. "Hey there Princess."

Celestia smiled, "Why hello ther-" She was cut of as one of them called out.


Celestia looked confused. "A troll, why on earth would they say i'm a troll? I mean...trolls are hideous beats that live under bridges and attack poor in suspecting ponies."

She ignored the comment and continued, "Hello there Slash team."

"Yea sup, said Fire stoned.

Celestia Didn't know what sup meant so she just nodded.

"So how've you been?"

Celestia smiled a bit, "I've been good, we are having a ball soon."

Fire stoned chuckled and said, "Just make sure it isn't ruined by that freak of nature."

Celestia looked at them, "Freak of nature? Do you mean Discord?... He isn't a freak of nature, well he is a bit but-"

"You don't have to act innocent with us Celestia, besides your little sister seems to like him. Can you believe she likes that..that animal experiment gone wrong?!"

Celestia smiled awkwardly, "Heh....yea, I know right!"

Fire stoned grinned, "yea and-"

"Hey you!"

Celestia turned around and saw a police pony running towards her.

"DAMMIT GOTTA GO, BYE!" shouted Fire stoned. He turned around and ran away. The other 3 followed.

Celestia watched them run away,she had alway knew those ponies where nothing but bad news. Suddenly it hit her she had just agreed with them about Discord being a freak,"Oh my, I can't believe I just said that!"

Celestia looked over at them bakery, she sighed "I will try to forget it, she thought, I didn't mean it of course.

Celestia walked over to the bakery and went inside. Discord was looking at the choices.

"Aha!" he said.

Discord clicked his talons and suddenly some weird green muffin appeared in it.

"Perfect!" He said.

Discord put the money on the counter.

"Thank you!" He said. He turned around and left the shop.

The shop keeper looked confused. "um...your..welcome?" He said.

Luna blushed a bit, "Do not mind our friend, she said. "We will just have...a blueberry muffin"

The baker handed it to her. Luna placed the money on the desk.

The baker smiled. "Keep it," He said, "Your friend has already paid."

Celestia walked over, "Thank you sir."

The baker bowed while still smiling, no problem your majesty's.

Celestia and Luna trotted out of the shop. They found Discord with his bun. He ate it in one big gulp.

"Greedy guts." Said Celestia poking him.

"Hey" said Discord.

Luna walked up to them both, "We should really continue, we have wasted a lot of time."

"You're right!" said Celestia. "We had better get a move on."

So the three of them continued there journey to the boutique.


At long last they got to the boutique. Celestia gasped. It was beautiful, it was a big pink building with a light blue roof that was circle shaped. There where windows all over the building and many of them had long pink curtains blowing out of them. In the middle of it there was a balcony, a white unicorn with a curly pink mane was sitting on it. As far as Celestia could see her cutie mark was a dress with something sticking out of it.

The unicorn looked down and saw them, she gave out a high pitched scream before suddenly teleporting in front of them. Celestia could now see it was a sowing needle sticking out of the dress that was her cutie mark.

"Hello! your highnesses!" She said, "My name is Diamond shimmer and I shall be your dress maker!"

She stared at them for a long time smiling. Celestia felt very uncomfortable.

"Ok..."said Celestia, "I'm sure you know I'm princess Celestia and this is my sister princess Luna, and then this is our friend-"

She was cut off as Diamond shimmer shouted, "Discord!!!" I've heard all about you!"

Discord looked confused, "You have?"

Diamond shimmer gave out a loud squeal of excitement, "Yes, I think you are the most amazing creature ever! Me and my friends talked about you all the time, I never thought I'd actually meet you in real!"

Diamond shimmer was slowly getting closer and closer to Discord, Discord flew back a bit as he spoke.
"Yea well, that's great,um.... anyway lets go inside."

Diamond shimmer blushed a bit, "oh yes of course." She opened the door and walked in. They all started to follow her, as they did Luna whispered to Discord.

"It is not like thou to not like being praised."

Discord whispered back, "This dress maker girl is creepy, so lets just get in, get your dresses and get out!"

When they were all in Diamond shimmer tapped her hoof and three other unicorns ran over.

Diamond shimmers voice was suddenly loud and stern, "Right fillies, I want one of you to go get Luna into her dress, and two of you to go get Celestia into her dress!"

Celestia frowned, "Don't you need to measure us and make them?"

Diamond shimmer giggled, "Well when I heard you were getting you dresses made here I went and found out your dress sizes so I could have them ready when you came!"

Luna gave a small chuckle, she didn't know weather to be impressed or freaked out.

"Right well enough chit chat lets go get you mares ready!"

Two ponies ran over to Celestia and pulled her away, while the other one did the same to Luna. They pulled them into dressing booths and closed the curtains.

Discord flew over to a seat in the corner, he sat and listened to Celestia shouting, "ow not so tight!" When suddenly Diamond shimmer walked over to him with a really, REALLY big grin on her face. She sat down beside him and half said half sang, "hiiiiiiii, Diiiiiscord."

Discord gave a small smile, really whishing he could run away, but Diamond shimmer was sitting in front of the door.
So he just replied, "hi".

Diamond shimmer giggled. Then she said, "you and me, we are so alike!"
Discord looked at her, "what?"

"Well," said Diamond shimmer, "we both love having fun, and we both are different looking then everypony else!"

Discord looked at her for a moment then replied. "...I'm sorry, did you just say we're both different looking then everypony else?"

She nodded quickly.


Diamond shimmer giggled, "oh silly me I need to show you." She held up her leg, there was a small birth mark on it.

"yea..." Said Discord, "There is kinda a big difference in have a small birth mark and being a completely different species to everypony else"

Diamond shimmer looked at the floor, "I...I suppose."

Discord sighed, Diamond shimmer looked like she was about to cry, for some strange reason he felt like he had just crushed her dreams or something. He leaned down to her and smiled, "But I guess having a birthmark is pretty special to."

Suddenly Diamond shimmer jumped into the air and started dancing around the room, as she did she kept saying again and again, "Discord complimented me!"

She turned around to him and stared to dance towards him when suddenly Celestia and Luna walked out of their booths carrying large bags.

"At last!" thought Discord. He turned around to leave, "ok lets go!"

Celestia ran in front of him, "Discord you haven't got a suit!"

"What!" said Discord, "When did I ever agree to wear a suit?"

"Oh come on," said Celestia "Mother and father have been working so hard to make this ball perfect, the least you could do is look at least a bit presentable."

Discord sighed, "fine."

He leaned down to Celestia, "But Diamond shimmer is not dressing me."

Before Celestia could answer Diamond shimmer ran over and pushed Discord into a booth.

"Hehe, this is the best day ever! I get to dress Discord," she squealed.

She ran off and came back carrying a big pile of suits.

Discord pocked his head out of the booth, "Wont I need to get mine made? I am a completely different animal to everypony else."

Diamond shimmer threw all the suits into the booth and giggled, I made some suits especially for you to!"

Discord mouthed "help me" before Diamond shimmer pushed him back into the booth and jumped into as well.

All Celestia and Luna could hear were Discords protests like, "Ow that's to small! and Stop that tickles!

Luna walked over to the three unicorns who were putting clothes away, Luna asked them, "How did a pony so young get such a successful business?"

One of the unicorns turned around and answered, "She took over her parents business, they retired.

"Oh, ok." said Luna.

After a few minutes Discord came flying out of the booth carrying a large bag, he flew up to Celestia and said, "Please can we go now?"

Celestia laughed, "Of course, let me just pay." Celestia took out the stash of money her parents gave her and put it on the counter.

"Thank you." said Diamond shimmer, "please come back soon." She looked at Discord and smirked, "very soon."

Discord flew out the door as quick as he could and mumbled, "In your dreams sweetheart!"

Author's Note:

And that's how Trollestia was made. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Anyhow I thought it would be cute to make there be a pony that thought Discord was awesome! Don't know if she will be in the story again. Leave me comments if you want her to be in the story again or if you don't.

And as always please tell me if you see any mistakes because...I still haven't found an Editor!!!!!